(Photographic Supplement, Plate 6)

Borreby Men in Germany and Elsewhere


The Borreby race was a relatively late Mesolithic arrival in Scadinavia; its earlier seat was central Germany, with ramifications both to the east and the west. Today it is probably the one most important racial element in much of northern and central Germany, with wide ramifications elsewhere. Its German form is, however, seldom as exaggerated as that in the north. In this sense it is partly transitional to the Alpine race on the one hand, and to the Ladogan on the other.

FIG. 1 (2 views, Sailer, K., "Die Fehmaraner ," Deutsche Rassenkunde, vol. 4, 1930, Tafel 41, #H-l1, #2193). A concentration of a specialized and exaggerated Borreby type or types is found on the island of Fehmaran, between the Danish Archipelago and Germany. The individual shown has especially heavy browridges and a great nasion depression. Others are often rounder-faced and usually show less exaggerated facial profiles. The browridges on this individual recall Upper Palaeolithic prototypes.

FIG.2 (1 view, C. W. Dupertuis, Century of Progress). A German Borreby type with the excessive head breadth of 175 mm., which must be one of the widest non-deformed head breadths ever measured. This width is greater than the lengths of some heads shown in this section.

FIG. 3 (3 views). A characteristic West-German Borreby type, from Stuttgart. The southwest-German Borreby nucleus has mixed with all invaders from the initial Neolithic onwards. It was with Borreby people from this region that the Bell-Beaker Folk mixed, before their invasion of Britain in the Early Bronze Age.

FIG. 4 (3 views). A metrically typical Borreby specimen, a White Russian from the region of Vilna. The presence of this type to the southeast of the Baltic establishes its
continuity between Germany and Finland.

FIG. 5 (3 views). A North Italian from Lombardy, who, although brunet in hair color, conforms metrically and morphologically to the Borreby standard. He comes from typically Alpine and Dinaric territory.