(Photographic Supplement, Plate 24)

Blue-eyed Atlanto-Mediterraneans


As was seen in the case of the Basque on Plate 23, there is a tendency in the tall, extremely long-headed Atlanto-Mediterranean race toward a combination of black or dark brown hair and blue eyes. The four men shown on this plate all possess this same pigment combination, all are 170 cm. or over in stature, have head lengths well over 200 mm., and form a unit in regard to general anthropometric and morphological position. All come from regions near the sea, and touched by Megalithic navigators.

FIG. 1 (3 views).
A Sicilian from Messina. Aberrant in respect to an excessive mandible width, but otherwise typical.

FIG. 2 (3 views). A Spaniard from Vigo, northwestern Spain.

FIG. 3 (3 views). A black-haired Irishman from County Donegal. The Neolithic invaders of Ireland were apparently all or nearly all of this tall, sea-borne Mediterranean variety. This individual is aberrant in head breadth, but otherwise typical.

FIG. 4 (3 views). A Scotsman from Ayrshire. An excellent example of the British Long Barrow type and a direct Neolithic survival.