(Photographic Supplement, Plate 28)

The Nordic Race: Examples of Danubian Predominance


In contrast to the last plate, the present one shows a series of Nordics in whom the Corded element is notably weak or absent, so that an approximation to the earlier, smaller-headed, mesocephalic Danubian strain is perhaps attained. The reason for qualification on this score is that not enough Danubian crania have been found and described to make this point certain.

FIG. 1 (3 views). A Norwegian from Drommen, near Oslo. The head is absolutely of moderate size, comparable to that of small brunet Mediterranean sub-varieties; the stature and bodily bulk are also small.

FIG. 2 (3 views). A mesocephalic Englishman from Southampton, whose small face, concave-profiled, round-tipped nasal form, and whose lack of angularity or bony extravagance in the cranial and facial skeleton, combined with a high vault, indicate a close similarity to the known skeletal remains of Neolithic Danubians.

FIG. 3 (3 views). A Galician of mixed Ukrainian and Polish parentage; an excellent example of the Danubian type, bound to the soil since the Neolithic, which has reemerged throughout the entire length of the rich agricultural plain which stretches across southern Poland and Russia, while Nordics proper have for the most part moved elsewhere.

FIG. 4 (3 views). A Lithuanian, who although brachycephalic, belongs essentially to the same Danubian type.