(Photographic Supplement, Plate 38)

European Dinarics: III

FIG. 1 (3 views): A Russian nobleman of Polish and Russian descent; although highly Dinaricized, this individual possesses a mandible of exceptional width.

FIG. 2 (3 views, photo F. I. Rainer; from Rainer, F. I., Enquêtes Anthropologiques dans Trois Villages Roumains des Carpathes, Plate V-3, Fundul Moldavii #65). A Rumanian from the Carpathian mountain village of Fundul Moldavii in the Bukovina. A classic example of an European Dinaric.

FIG. 3 (3 views). A Croatian from Istria. Aside from the Carpathians, the greatest concentration point of Dinarics proper in Europe is the mountain zone from the Tyrol to Albania. This predominantly blond Croat is an excellent example of the Dinaric population in northwestern Yugoslavia.

FIG. 4 (3 views). A Montenegrin Dinaric. Many of the Montenegrins are very large-headed and show evidences of unreduced Palaeolithic admixture. (See Plate 8.) The present individual is typical of the more strictly Dinaric element in Montenegro; brunet, like most Serbs; and shorter-faced than other Dinarics as, for example, in Albania.