(Photographic Supplement, Plate 39)

European Dinarics: IV

FIG. 1 (2 views). A Moslem Serb from Dibra, in Old Serbia. This Serb, like most of his countrymen, is tall, brunet, rather small-headed, and brachycephalic. It would appear that a brachycephalization of the "Pontic" Mediterranean type, shown on Plate 26, is involved.

FIG. 2 (2 views). An Albanian gendarme from Puka, in the center of the Gheg country. This individual, like many Albanians when dressed and coiffured in western European style, looks like a Frenchman.

FIG. 3 (2 views). An exaggeratedly tall, lean, and long-faced Dinaric from Klementi, the northernmost bairak of the tribe of Malsia Madh. Northern Albania is probably the most highly Dinaricized country in Europe.

FIG. 4 (2 views). A blond Gheg from Zadrima; a classic Noric.

FIG. 5 (2 views). An extremely Dinaricized Zadrima Gheg; this individual may be considered an example of the ultimate in Dinaricization.

FIG. 6 (2 views). A Dinaric Greek of Epirote stock, from Gjinokaster in what is now Albania. Many Greeks, especially Epirotes, are Dinarics.