(Photographic Supplement, Plate 46)

The Jews: III


FIG. 1 (2 views, photo C. W. Dupertuis). A tall, blond, dolichocephalic Jew from Illinois, whose parents were born in Russia. Metrically Nordic, only the morphology of the nasal tip suggests non-Nordic ancestry. Like many American Jews, this young man has not acquired the "Jewish" facial expression more common among the generation born in Europe.

FIG. 2 (2 views, photo C. W. Dupertuis). An extremely tall, large-headed Jew, also from Illinois, whose father was born in Poland and whose mother was American born. Brunet, brachycephalic, and morphologically within the Jewish range, this individual does not look Jewish in the popular sense for the same reason as in the case of the Nordic Jew shown above.

FIG. 3 (2 views). A Jew from New Jersey, parents from Lithuania and Russia; metrically and morphologically close to the Ashkenazic mean; a central Jewish type.

FIG. 4 (2 views). A Jew from Illinois, both parents from Russia. Although metrically mesocephalic, this individual is morphologically close to the prototype of the Alpine element acquired by the Jews in western Europe before their march eastward.

FIG. 5 (1 view). A Massachusetts Jew of Lithuanian Jewish parentage. Racially he is completely Alpine.

FIG. 6 (1 view). A central Asiatic Jew , from Bokhara; a member of an ancient and isolated Jewish colony. This individual shows unmistakable Alpine characters, no doubt acquired from early Tajik admixture. Few if any of the Bokharan Jews are mongoloid.

FIG.7 (2 views). Another Bokharan Jew, clearly Dinaricized. The old Mediterranean Jewish element in central Asia has been altered by Alpine accretion. Yet the Bokharan Jews, if appropriately dressed, could easily pass in most cases for central European Jews, which shows not only the extraordinary racial continuity of the Jews in widely separated regions, but also their tendency to mix with similar elements in different places. All or nearly all racial types found among whites anywhere may be isolated among the Jews; the majority, however, preserve some inheritable physical evidence of their Palestinian origin.