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  1. Descendants of St. Louis, King of France
  2. Surname Search Engines.
  3. Caribbean Tale
  4. French Surnames of Frankish Origin
  5. The German Coast of Louisiana
  6. US Land Records
  7. The Origin of your Surname
  8. Guess I'll do what I do best:
  9. Do you have family in North America?
  10. New Worlders, any relatives in Europe?
  11. For Brian Foley...
  12. German Surnames - Meanings & Origins...
  13. Family Military History
  14. Ancestral Anecdotes
  15. Pennsylvania German Resources
  16. German and/or Jewish?
  17. [SPLIT] How far back can family history be accurately traced
  18. Not another 'map your surname' thread!
  19. VPRO Backlight: Evolution Revolution
  20. Inter-European breeding [European nation]
  21. Sharing Family Trees
  22. The difference between Ancestry and Heritage...
  23. Website: British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
  24. Help With Prussian Genealogy
  25. Origin of a few German (Jewish?) names
  26. Is it worth paying to trace your ancestry?
  27. Woman with 1400+ descendents dies at age 99
  28. How French Are Acadians?
  29. Kinship and Descent...
  30. Do you have family in Australia & New Zealand?
  31. The surname Cece?
  32. Something I wanted to share
  33. Origin of a name?
  34. Another name origin question?
  35. What does your name mean?
  36. So where to start ?
  37. Anyone know where the name Meeker comes from?
  38. family tree and surname meaning
  39. Tip the heroic canine, a family tale.
  40. Infamous Ancestors and Relatives
  41. Genetic Structure of Europeans: A View from the North–East
  42. Cleopatra's Ancestor Tree.
  43. Did you end up marrying the race/hair color/height/age person you thought you would?
  44. The Welsh Diaspora - Analysis of the geography of Welsh names
  45. Surnames in the Isles - Now & 1881
  46. Help Make Sense of 17th Century Latin Scribblings
  47. Spain's surnames to be in alphabetical order
  48. Can you read this?
  49. My Ancestry
  50. Definitions of terms used.
  51. Jewish DNA markers
  52. Negroes who use the bible to prove that whites are inferior
  53. Any good resources for surname origin research?
  54. Would it be weird if I....?
  55. Post your family coat of arms!
  56. Welsh Mormon Database
  57. What are the origins of these surnames?
  58. Is this a Jewish surname?
  59. Map your surname
  60. Historic Lancashire info?
  61. surname research
  62. Provençals lastnames
  63. Any special meaning behind the name Brest?
  64. DNA from relics
  65. Share stories of your ancestors
  66. What are the origins of these surnames?
  67. Have you researched your genealogy?
  68. Help with some last names?
  69. Surname information
  70. French surname?
  71. Confusion about my past.
  72. Scandinavian Surnames
  73. Scottish surname
  74. Colonial America Naming
  75. Complete Neanderthal Genome Sequenced: DNA Signatures Found in Present-Day Europeans and Asians....
  76. Question about last name.
  77. 10 Surprising Ancestral Origins Revealed by DNA Testing
  78. Psycho in My Family Tree
  79. Out of 32 3Xgreat Grandparents...
  80. German jewish surnames
  81. Czech Surnames
  82. Surname Bochnig from Bochnia (Poland)?
  83. Sad and confused: I've been deliberately left out of the family tree!
  84. Momadevia
  85. Italian surnames of Greek origins
  86. My family at least partially
  87. Coats of Arms
  88. British And Irish Roots
  89. how inaccurate are the ethnic figures from the US Census?
  90. How Accurate are These Royal Lines
  91. The Ghost in Your Genes (BBC Horizon)
  92. The Albanian ( Epirotan) noble Families of Southern Italy
  93. Portuguese Surname?
  94. The Real Eve (Discovery Channel)
  95. Most and least progressive
  96. Famous ancestors or relatives
  97. Closest to Hungarians, Italians or Swedes?
  98. Origins of the Western Syriacs (West of the Euphrates)
  99. How common is your surname in your country?
  100. Slovak Genetics: Abstracts and Summaries
  101. Slovenian Genetics: Abstracts and Summaries
  102. Hungarian Genetics: Abstracts and Summaries
  103. Informations on Dutch surname Kooijman
  104. help with a few surnames.
  105. Spanish Kings Descended from Mixed-Race Egyptian Pharaohs: Descent from antiquity
  106. Is this surname jewish?
  107. Study-Sub-Saharan ancestry of the Italians
  108. Southern Russian / Caucasus names ending in '-bek'?
  109. Põhjamaalane admits that Estonians are closer to Balts and Russians than to Finns
  110. What is the meaning and origin of the name Perepechko?
  111. my ancestry map
  112. History of the Azores and genealogy of some flemish colonists
  113. Kazimiera's Ancestry Map
  114. Here is all Human Races By DNA
  115. New DNA evidence first American may have been Caucasins
  116. are Albanians Africans?
  117. Strange surnames in your family tree
  118. what is the most closest European group to Germanic group?
  119. do you also think r1b is mainly Celtic haplogroup ?
  120. Favourite Coat of Arms
  121. What is the Origin of Surnames Meireles and Bessa?
  122. Genealogy at your country - how far back is possible to go?
  123. Choose your ethnicity
  124. Latin American European Ancestry on Eurogenes K36
  125. To My Polish and/or Lithuanian buddies: Help with a town name?
  126. How far back can you trace your ancestors?
  127. German surname "Roemisch"?
  128. Famous Descendants of Mayflower Passengers
  129. Albanians Israelites
  130. Clan Montgomery
  131. This 'Genome Hacker' Is Building Family Trees With Millions of Branches
  132. Ancestry map of Mikula and his wife
  133. Could anyone tell me what surname does this handwritting spell out?
  134. "Ulten Berger"?
  135. Genocide of white people in Central Asia, by Mongols and Turks
  136. From the first Human on Earth
  137. Slavic(?) last name Gerotski in my family tree
  138. "Pawacki" surname?
  139. What trades and occupations have been in your family?
  140. What is the origin of these names?
  141. The Surname Gomes....
  142. The question of mixed race
  143. Modern-day Middle Easterners are NOT the original inhabitants of Middle east ?? How it's POSSIBLE?
  144. Tips for tracing family tree (Italy)
  145. How can you tell if an ancestor from Czechoslovakia is Sudeten German or Czech ethnically?
  146. Scottish surnames, but Roman Catholic and Irish?
  147. A Beginner's Guide to Understanding a Coat of Arms
  148. What is the origin of my surname, "Montingelli"?
  149. Is it possible to trace one's ancestry back to Cleopatra?
  150. Cousin's DNA testing shows that our shared surname is English, not German in origin
  151. Can someone work out what am I?
  152. Confusion about Great-Grandfather's last name: Karalash
  153. Find "famous" ancestry on my Y side with a genetic test like Geno 2.0?
  154. Better Geno 2.0 or Family Tree DNA 111 markers?
  155. Inspiring Family Trees You Can Create On Your Wall
  156. Does anyone know where Ratzenhagen is?
  157. Maixner/Maixnerin last name
  158. Sámi Ancestry
  159. Uziell/Damen Surname
  160. Ancestors graves
  161. Did the 12,5% admixture really influence the phenotype of someone?
  162. If someone was 1/8 italian, would being northern or southern show that much difference on 23andme?
  163. why Saudi Arabians are the most Purest Middle easterners in autosomal studies?
  164. Unidentified Surnames
  165. Slavic Genealogy: Begin by getting to know these two people
  166. Red haired genes in this picture
  167. How can I find out who my ancestors are?
  168. Richard the thirds DNA and the House of Carpet.
  169. President Obama's Irish Ancestor
  170. Ancestry DNA Test Companies
  171. Orgin of name.
  172. What do think of National Geographic Determined What Americans Will Look Like in 2050
  173. Couple nice findings
  174. Question on name origin?
  175. What explains exotic 23andme "countries of ancestry"?
  176. What do you think a Martian colonist of European descent would look after a few Millennia
  177. Surnames ending in man/mann
  178. Was My Great Grandfather Jewish?
  179. Scandinavian genetic legacy in Normandy in modern times?
  180. Most Nordid (Hallstatt, East Nordid, Corded) places outside of Scandinavia?
  181. Do I look ethiopian/somalian or which place from east africa or from any other place?
  182. Question to all New Worlders:Do you have colonial ancestry?
  183. DNA recovered from underwater British site may rewrite history of farming in Europe
  184. I am part Mi'kmaw
  185. GEDMATCH Eurogenes Hunter Gatherer vs Farmer DNA Test
  186. Help with origin of this surname?
  187. Eurogenes K13
  188. Post pics from the places your european ancestors came from!
  189. Family Secrets, Revelations, Discoveries?
  190. Patterns In Your Genealogy
  191. As of 1400, where were all of your ancestors living?
  192. As of 2600, where will all your descendants live?
  193. Scotch-Irish or Irish?
  194. How to trace my Bohemian family history?
  195. Ellis Island 1910 Races or Peoples List
  196. Generations
  197. Why do many African Americans have Irish surnames?
  198. Most Proto-Indo-European Today?
  199. Rh-negative blood type among European populations
  200. Need a help of Danish\Norwegian members.
  201. Polish and German speakers needed?
  202. Help with interesting surname.
  203. Animated history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade -- Some very interesting facts!
  204. Can someone from Spain help me with some info?
  205. My darker complected English/German mother?
  206. Could someone explain this chart to me?
  207. post Eurogenes K15 Oracle distance of Yamnaya Proto-Indo-Europeans to you
  208. The Saxon found Norman ancestry.
  209. Surprising finds in your family tree
  210. African Americans and Mexicans Are Cousins
  211. Does McCool have Native Murican ancestry?
  212. Who's willing to post all surnames present on you Facebook´s friends list?
  213. My Paternal Line Family Tree
  214. The Plague Known as Over-Identifying
  215. Should I change my surname?
  216. Bedouins: Were/Are they Black?
  217. Your surname distribution
  218. Why don't I have that many Colombian relatives on 23andme?
  219. Need a hand?
  221. Any interesting family histories?
  222. Anyone know the meaning and history of this Surname? Кисель (Kisel)
  223. Tell us about your Barbarian ancestors
  224. Funniest surnames. post the ones in your country/language with translation
  225. Where are your 8 closest surnames (your great grandparents' surnames) highest ranked?
  226. If you didn't know, what would you guess the origin of my surname to be?
  227. Guess origin of my surname
  228. What could my actual ancestry (based on my results)
  229. I2a1b-"Din" - Slavic or Paleolithic Balkan?
  230. Who are your oldest known ancestors?
  231. Connect the dots
  232. Post funny lastnames, what appears in your country
  233. Is this proof I'm part Russian?
  234. Genetic distances between Greece Albania Bulgaria and FYROM based on EUPEDIA data
  235. Genealogy software that underlines call names
  236. Alexander IV wasn't the only child of Alexander: The Great. There were 8 others too.
  237. Dear White People, I found your genealogy
  238. Does your surname has a Coat of Arms?
  239. What could my haplogroups tell me about my genealogy?
  240. Jewish Gattys
  241. Where did your ancestors live in 1914
  242. Info on the surname Kurgas?
  243. Do European White Americans have non european blood on average?
  244. What country is Genetically the purest European or "White"
  245. Is this Name more Likely Ukrainian or Belarusian?
  246. Russians are one of the purest whites or aryans
  247. Asteroid wiped out Dinosaurus, is it needed again, to give another species a chance?
  248. The surname Risberg (Sweden)
  250. Does the 23andme ancestary test WITHOUT health reports give you haplogroups