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  1. Conservatives Form Rival Group to Episcopal Church
  2. Christianity and Racialism
  3. Five Reasons Why Catholicism is not Christian
  4. Are Mormons Christians?
  5. Speaking in Tongues
  6. Happy Easter to all our Christian friends here!
  7. Is the Turin Shroud genuine after all? From beyond the grave, a startling new claim
  8. N. Korea Steps Up Crackdown on Christians
  9. Tony Blair Criticizes Vatican Attitude Toward Homosexuals
  10. Obama’s Christian Appointee: Homosexuality Is ‘Not True’.
  11. Was the New Testament Influenced by Pagan Religions
  12. Atheist Forces Church To Wipe His Baptism Off The Records.
  13. Christian charity worker suspended for saying he did not believe in same-sex marriage
  14. Most Britons 'believe in heaven'
  15. This Easter, Smaller Percentage of Americans Are Christian
  16. @ Absinthe, Hors & Artisch
  17. Conversion of Churches-to-Mosques In England
  18. Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian Sources
  19. Why did blood and water come out of Jesus' side when He was pierced?
  20. Catholic Church shamed by Irish abuse report
  21. Biblemap.org
  22. Christian Murdered for Drinking Tea from a Muslim Cup
  23. Important! You Can Help!
  24. Man refuses to drive 'No God' bus
  25. Doctors want the right to pray for patients without fear of reprisal
  26. Church of England attempts to broaden appeal with songs by U2 and prayers for Google
  27. CofE school bans girl from wearing crucifix
  28. BNP members banned from joining Methodist Church
  29. The Romans, Christianity and the Globalist Agenda
  30. The Lord's Prayer in Old English from the 11th century.
  31. Faith Healers Acquitted
  32. Gallery’s invitation to deface the Bible brings obscene response
  33. Patton Prayer.
  34. Practicing Christian - Yes or No?
  35. Ethical Monotheism.
  36. Early Christians were Communists
  37. The Historicity of Jesus
  38. Ninety-Five Theses on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences
  39. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
  40. Martin Luther on Islam and Jihad
  41. Abrahamic Creation Myths and Related Theological Points
  42. World’s most popular Bible to be revised.
  43. On remote Japanese island, a church forgets how to baptise.
  44. Slavic languages? FUCK YOU!
  45. Umberto Eco: God isn't big enough for some people
  46. Search hopes to find 510-year-old Nfld. church
  47. Pope labels crucified frog sculpture blasphemous
  48. German RomanCatholics: "We are natural allies with Islam"
  49. Row over noisy church neighbours
  50. Sabbath vs Sunday?
  51. Christian hoteliers charged with insulting Muslim guest
  52. The holy inquisition: Myth or reality?
  53. The "Holy" or "Bloody" Spanish Inquisition.
  54. The Protestant Inquisition - "Reformation"
  55. The Protestant Heresy - By Hilaire Belloc
  56. The Scandinavian Reformers
  57. Europe and the Faith - Hilaire Belloc
  58. Do Catholics and Mohammedans worship the same God?
  59. The Holy Eucharist
  60. The Catholic Teaching on Mary
  61. Catholicism in Europe through the ages
  62. Christians and Darwin
  63. How to Become a Catholic
  64. Vatican issues Lisbon Treaty warning to Irish voters
  65. Exposing the Satanic Empire (2008)
  66. Awesome Rant
  67. Evolutionism in Christian patristics and scriptures
  68. Hell Exists And We Might Go There! - by Father Marcel Nault
  69. Queering the Rosary: “Relational Mysteries” Prayed at Berkeley’s Newman Center
  70. Martin Luther and John Calvin - Reformed Reflections
  71. Leading Events in the History of the Church - Sisters of Notre Dame (Cincinnati)
  72. Italian scientist reproduces Shroud of Turin
  73. Top Africa cardinal: next pope could well be black
  74. Church loses noise appeal
  75. Indifference - by G. A. Studdert-Kennedy
  76. Wasting Your Life - Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
  77. How to Improve Your Mind - Archbishop Fulton Sheen
  78. The Devil - Archbishop Fulton Sheen
  79. The Fear of God
  80. **Shocking Message for Christians - Must See**
  81. Queen 'appalled' at Church of England moves, claim Vatican moles
  82. Lutheran Church Allows Gay Clergy Relationships
  83. Catholics: Most Holy Family Monastery
  84. The Heresies of Pope Benedict XVI
  85. The Culdee
  86. To Christ Crucified
  87. Long Live the Pope!
  88. Churches Denounce African Children as ''witches''
  89. Christian (Catholic) Ladies: Do You Veil?
  90. Jesus was put to death on a stake, not a Cross.
  91. Vatican now accepts Anglicans
  92. True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin - St Louis de Montfort
  93. Formal theological discussions about Vatican II will begin later this month
  94. The Forgotten Faithful
  95. Quirks of being a Laestadian
  96. The Law & Christians
  97. Good News About Hell
  98. The Rapture
  99. Death: Its Mysteries Unraveled
  100. Blessed G.K. Chesterton?
  101. Heaven and Hell, Divine Love and Wisdom by Emanuel Swedenborg
  102. Sin-Sinning-
  103. Bulgarian Orthodox Leader Affirms Desire for Unity!
  104. Pope and Anglicans: Cardinal John Henry Newman's Role?
  105. Are the Nazarenes and Ebionites the only TRUE "Christians"?
  106. the sacred made real
  107. Hallowe’en is the devil’s work, Catholic church warns parents
  108. Our Lady of Guadalupe
  109. God & Caesar -- Christ's own words
  110. How many pagan ideas in chistianity would you find
  111. The Amplified Bible?
  112. Future of the Church of England? God knows, says Archbishop Rowan Williams
  113. Convalidation
  114. [SPLIT from "Greetings from Mercia!"] Anglicanorum Coetibus
  115. [SPLIT] Traditionalism and Christianity
  116. Unmasking Catholicism: What Lies Behind the Public Image?
  117. 10 Reasons Why Modernist Christianity Will Die
  118. Irish Catholic Church covered up abuse, report finds
  119. 'Evil' to blame for 14 vicars quitting
  120. Weeping home hailed a Christmas miracle
  121. Jesus turns up in woman's bruise
  122. Christian teacher fired for offering to pray for sick pupil
  123. Traditional Church Hymns Played on Organ
  124. Is Russia more Christian than the United States?
  125. Pope urges annulments crackdown ‘at all costs’
  126. Bible Possibly Written Centuries Earlier, Text Suggests
  127. Pope faces protests on UK visit over equality attack as Archbishop intervenes
  128. Hokey Cokey is ‘faith hate crime’
  129. Fists for Jesus
  130. The Imitation of Christ (By Thomas À Kempis)
  131. A Brief introduction to the book of Concord.
  132. Website devoted to Tolstoy's Gospel in Brief.
  133. Does limbo exist?
  134. Metadiscussion [split from Limbo]
  135. Is Christianity for wimps?
  136. Nail from Christ's crucifixion found?
  137. Clergy could be sued if they refuse to carry out ‘gay marriages’, traditionalists fear
  138. Gay Sex Scandal in Vatican
  139. Pharmacist refuses to issue pill because of her religion
  140. Hundreds die as machete gangs attack
  141. The Russian Orthodox Church And The Nation
  142. Pope in choir boy buggering scandal
  143. Cristiano Viejo is half-African.
  144. Ask A Papist: Questions on Catholic Doctrine and Dogma!
  145. Prank 3:16
  146. The Teutonic Order
  147. The Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal (U.S)
  148. Papal criticism likened to "anti-Semitism" at Vatican
  149. British Atheists Hellbent on Arresting Pope
  150. Deputy Pope: pedophilia caused by homosexuality, not celibacy
  151. Source of Bible Covenant with God discovered?
  152. A Really Nice American Christian Music Web-Site!
  153. @ Christians
  154. The Orwellian logic that's turning the faith Britain was built on into a crime
  155. Catholic Money and Tax Dollars Finance Illegal Alien Rally
  156. PBS Documentary on the Mormons
  157. Ten theological questions
  158. Conversion
  159. Pope to visit mushroom park
  160. Swedish theologist claims Jesus was not crucified
  161. Swedish theologian: j00z better at sex than Christians
  162. Orthodox Christians, Unite!
  163. Does the Catholic Church foster pedophilia?
  164. The Augsburg Confession.
  165. @Tingl Tangl
  166. Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Protestantism
  167. Changes in the Catholic Church
  168. Bashing for hospitals over ban on the bible
  169. Names of Evangelical Churches
  170. God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.
  171. Protestants
  172. SATAN
  173. Bishop Fulton Sheen on False Compassion (YouTube)
  174. Should this papist..
  175. In Defense of H. Belloc
  176. Churches and how to read them.
  177. Catholic church financially/politically supporting illegal immigration/amnesty
  178. Galileo was Wrong!
  179. Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins say Pope should not be given 'honour' of state visit
  180. Pope's visit: Catholic abuse survivors demand justice
  181. Debaptise Yourself!
  182. Only one more Pope to go...
  183. A new MA program at Yale: Religion and Ecology
  184. Most UK Catholics support abortion and use of contraception
  185. The Confession of Father X
  186. How can a covert-Islamic state (Turkey) join the EU?
  187. Mary Mackillop exposed Paedophile priest
  188. Sex Crimes And The Vatican
  189. Should your country continue the Vatican as if it were an independent nation?
  190. Vatican Bank 'investigated over money-laundering'
  191. Vatican planned to move to Portugal if Nazis captured wartime Pope (2009 Article)
  192. Art Museum Shows Jesus in Pornographic Pose
  193. Vatican declares Bart and Homer Simpson Catholic
  194. Pope warms of "virtual reality" mixing truth and falsehood
  195. Does Religion Cause Violence?
  196. Giant Jesus statue completed in Polish town
  197. St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki (Mitrovdan)
  198. US Catholic Church reacts to growing demand for exorcisms
  199. Allah Takes Over Catholic Church.
  200. The Belgic Confession
  201. Heidelberg Catechism
  202. The Canons of Dordrecht
  203. Pope tells new cardinals to be ready to sacrifice their lives
  204. Byzantine Music / Chants / Hymns
  205. Opinion of Christian Atheists
  206. Priest accused in murder-for-hire plot
  207. The early Christians and their persecution.
  208. The Protestant Revolution (BBC4 Series)
  209. Christmas versus Hanukkah
  210. Persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt
  211. Why do Roman Catholics turn to Heathery or Protestantism if they felt RC failed them..?
  212. Benedictus XVI discusses the Big Bang at Epiphany mass
  213. Nicolas Sarkozy says Christians in Middle East are victim of 'religious cleansing'
  214. Which denomination are you?
  215. 340 year old bible found in Wisconsin
  216. The Anvil Of God’s Word
  217. Assailant slips past Swiss Guard and gets to the Pope
  218. Evidence for an afterlife, or that consciousness survives physical death?
  219. Pro Traditio: Catholic Community Forum
  220. Epictetus on the Ideal Stoic/Cynic.
  221. Jesus Camp (2006)
  222. A question for Christians: apostasy, blasphemy, heresy, what are these things?
  223. Hitchens & Harris debate Wolpe & Shavit
  224. Charges initiated against Pope for crimes against humanity
  225. Christians no longer allowed to be foster parents in the UK
  226. U.S. Supreme Court Won't Hear Challenge to 'In God We Trust'
  227. Darwinism refuted
  228. The word God
  229. Mysteries of the Garden of Eden
  230. PETA demands Bible change
  231. Happy, happy, happy!
  232. Jordan battles to regain 'priceless' Christian relics
  233. Epictetus on How the Stoic Sage Loves.
  234. The Stoic Way.
  235. The Cosmic Plenum: God-Imaging, Models, and Science Theory.
  236. Stoics on fate and determinism.
  237. Psalm 50 in Anglican Chant
  238. Values in Classical Stoicism.
  239. Your favourite Christian-based movie
  240. The Holy Prepuce
  241. Orthodox Christianity is not Slavic but HELLENIC
  242. A Christian View of the Ideal Wife
  243. British Israelism: A Mirage.
  244. King James Bible is 400 years old!
  245. Split: Atheism vs. Christianity
  246. The 9 Most Badass Bible Verses
  247. Once a Heathen
  248. Biblic scenes in Google earth
  249. The Crusades: When Christianity Pushed Back after Four Centuries of Being Attacked.
  250. The God of Abraham and the Enemies of "Eurocentrism."