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  1. Geographical Quiz thread
  2. That Other Geographical Quiz Thread!
  3. Botanical Quiz
  4. Church Quiz
  5. That Other Other Geography Quiz
  6. Entomology Quiz
  7. Microbiology quiz
  8. Space Quiz
  9. The Great Big Google Earth Quiz
  10. Traveller IQ Challenge
  11. Palaeography Quiz?
  12. Art quiz
  13. The Film Quiz Thread
  14. How addicted are you to the internet?
  15. Name That Mutant (X-Men quiz)
  16. Which Pope are you?
  17. Interesting test: spot the fake smile
  18. Map Quiz: Identify countries, regions, and cities of the world
  19. Are You Dumb?
  20. Which Westeros House you belong to?
  21. Which Forgotten Realms Deity are you?
  22. The Camarilla Test - An online Vampire the Masquerade personality quiz
  23. Emotional Intelligence test
  24. Hemispheric Dominance Quiz
  25. Solve this, not very hard....
  26. Famous Paradoxes
  27. 2 Eggs and A Building
  28. Deductive logic test
  29. Albert Einstein's riddle
  30. The simple task that hinders most Harvard students
  31. Musical intelligence test
  32. I challenge the Apricity to answer this poll with the required percentages! (fun game)
  33. Are you fool ?
  34. Pick a Swede!
  35. Which European sub-race are you? (based on Hans Gunther)
  36. Look for the 7th dwarf!!
  37. IKEA or Death
  38. What political party are you really?
  39. Fun history test
  40. What's Your Personality Type?
  41. How Rare Is Your Personality?
  42. How Pretentious Are You?
  43. How Stereotypically English Are You?
  44. How Much Do You Hate People?
  45. Are You Cool?
  46. How Lazy Are You?
  47. World's dumbest IQ test
  48. Global 5 personality test
  49. Who is my perfect girl? (guys only)
  50. Are u subconsciously on drugs?
  51. What Disney Character Are You?? (WITH PICS)
  52. ~What colour is your heart?~
  53. How evil are you?
  54. How Bad Are Your Life Choices?
  55. How Good Are You At Sex?
  56. How Well Do You Know European Geography?
  57. How Obsessed With Food Are You?
  58. Which Female Celebrity Should You Have Sex With?
  59. How Many British Movies Have You Seen?
  60. How Gifted Were You As A Child?
  61. How Well Do You Know Basic U.S. Geography?
  62. How Many First-World Problems Do You Have?
  63. What Should You Do After You Graduate?
  64. How Viking Are You?
  65. Who The Man?
  66. Who Should You Marry?
  67. What Super Power Should You Actually Have?
  68. Which U.S. President Are You?
  69. Are You A Hipster?
  70. What Arbitrary Thing Are You?
  71. How Big Of A Dick Are You?
  72. Which Roman Emperor are you?
  73. Quiz: Countries of the World!
  74. Your Psychopathic Traits (test)
  75. Are you a female vampire?
  76. Are you a hot date?
  77. What historical General are you?
  78. Would you have been a Nazi?
  79. The Personality Defect Test
  80. Which Mortal Kombat Character Are You?
  81. "Personal DNA" Test
  82. How Difficult Is Your Life?
  83. Are you a man of honor? QUIZ
  84. Are you a loser? QUIZ
  85. Your Real Inner Self QUIZ
  86. Test your logical thinking!
  87. How much do you know about the post-Soviet world
  88. Franz Kafka: put your knowledge on trial
  89. A FunTrivia Mixed Quiz
  90. The Hardest True Or False Quiz Of All-Time
  91. Which National Park Should You Visit This Summer?
  92. How Gen X Are You?
  93. How Bad Are Your Manners?
  94. Would You Pass English At School Now?
  95. Are You The Worst?
  96. Would You Pass School Physics Right Now?
  97. Can We Guess Your Real Age?
  98. Which Norse God Are You?
  99. Which Philosopher Are You?
  100. Quiz: A Medieval Who Said That?
  101. Which ancient empire are you? (Quiz)
  102. The Story Behind The Web's Weirdest, Hardest Riddle
  103. Which French Word Describes You?
  104. Why Are You Single?
  105. Where Do You Belong: City, Suburbs, Or Country?
  106. What Kind of Beauty Do You Have?
  107. Anxiety Screening Quiz
  108. Psychopathy Quiz
  109. The Loneliness Quiz
  110. Schizophrenia Screening Test
  111. Interpersonal Communication Skills Test
  112. Your Emotional Type Quiz
  113. Personality types (simple, but great one)
  114. Which side of your brain is more dominant?
  116. That's how old you really are!
  117. Big Five Personality Test
  118. Cattell's 16 personality factors
  119. Political Spectrum Quiz
  120. Introvert or Extrovert: Test Yourself With Our Personality Quiz
  121. Big 5 Personality Traits Test
  122. The Asexuality Quiz
  123. Can We Guess What You’re Really Attracted To?
  124. Which Famous Scientist Are You?
  125. What Kind Of Person Should You Date?
  126. What Were You in a Past Life?
  127. Which Classic Literature Character Are You?
  128. How Interesting Are You?
  129. How Millennial Are You?
  130. The Devotion Test
  131. How Sassy Are You?
  132. How Drunk In Love Are You?
  133. Which European City Should You Pick Up And Move To?
  134. Can You Beat This Mega-Tough General Knowledge Quiz?
  135. How Good Of A Lover Are You?
  136. Which Famous Author Should Write the Story of Your Life?
  137. Where Will You Meet Your Soulmate?
  138. Am I Manic? Quiz
  139. Grief Quiz
  140. Do I Need Therapy? Quiz
  141. Nerd quiz
  142. Romance language quiz
  143. Which Silmarillion character are you
  144. Which European Country Do You Actually Belong In? (Quiz)
  145. Can You Solve Einstein's Riddle?
  146. Take the Science Quiz - The average American can only manage a “C.”
  147. How Artistic Are You?
  148. Which religion(s) are your beliefs closest to?
  149. What God/Goddess Are You?
  150. 96% Of People Can't Pass This Color IQ Test
  151. What Is Your Age Based On How You See Colors?
  152. What Kind of Royal Are You?
  153. What Are Your 5 Dominant Personality Traits Based On Your Visual Preferences?
  154. What Is Your Actual Religion According To Your Subconscious?
  155. What Villain Are You Like When You're Angry?
  156. What Era Do You Belong To?
  157. This Test Will Determine if You Are a Man or a Woman Based on Your Answers
  158. Which Time Traveler Are You?
  159. Which Bible Figure Are You?
  160. Who Is Your 'Game Of Thrones' Husband?
  161. What's Your Biggest Love?
  162. Are You Gay, Straight, or Something in Between?
  163. What Are Your Chances Of Survival During An Apocalypse?
  164. Can the Test Guess Your Name?
  165. Can We Guess How Old Your Soul Is Based On The Things You Love?
  166. How Long Will You Live?
  167. Solve this puzzle if you can!
  168. Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer ?
  169. Alpha ? Beta ? or Omega ?
  170. Your Emotional Type Quiz
  171. 2016 US Personality Candidates Quiz
  172. Girls Only: Your Type Quiz
  173. Are You Addicted...
  174. Can you solve the 'hardest logic puzzle ever?' The 'three gods' riddle asks you to appease alien ove
  175. Your Emotional Type
  176. Can you spot the sleeping sheep?
  177. In which European country you should live?
  178. What kind of potato are you?
  179. Cybersecurity
  180. What Percent Nerdy Are You ?
  181. Which murderous villain are you?
  182. Which World War II Leader are you? (Hitler, Roosevelt, or Churchill?)
  183. What Obscure World War I Army Would You Belong In?
  184. How Much Do You Know About Autumn?
  185. What Shakespeare character are you?
  186. Which Random Historical Figure are you?
  187. Which World War II General Are You?
  188. What is your moral alignment? (In-depth Quiz)
  189. Which Slavic god are you?
  190. Which U.S. President are you most similar to personality wise?
  191. Which Murderous Villain Are You?
  192. Who's Your Celeb Doppelgänger?
  193. Which Roman Emperor are you?
  194. Which Egyptian Pharaoh are you?
  195. What Stephen King character resembles you the most?
  196. Political Coordinates Test
  197. Geek Things...Most Powerful Sci-Fci Beings-Downstreamers from Manifold Trilogy
  198. 82 British islands are larger than 5km2. Can you name them?
  199. What kind of car should you buy Quiz (its short)
  200. Discover Your Reasoning Style - Rationality test
  201. Racism Test
  202. Can you name the UEFA Champions League (European Cup) winners?