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  1. Mentioning the Unmentionable
  2. World Haplogroups Map
  3. Thirty Years of Research On Race Differences On Cognitive Ability
  4. Ethnic Genetic Interests
  5. The evolution of blond hair and blue eyes among Nordics
  6. SNPA
  7. Race, Evolution, and Behavior by Rushton
  8. March of the Titans
  9. The Racial Compact
  10. Genetic Similarities Within and Between Human Populations
  11. Psychology and White Ethnocentrism
  12. Frank Ellis on political correctness
  13. The Races of Europe by Carleton Stevens Coon
  14. Learn Scots Gaelic
  15. The Mesolithic Origins of Northen Heathen Literature
  16. The Genetic Map of Europe
  17. The Fjordman Files
  18. The Social Contract
  19. Anarcho-Tyranny—Where Multiculturalism Leads
  20. The Lebor Feasa Runda
  21. Imperium, by Ulick Varange
  22. CELT...Corpus Of Electronic Texts
  23. Kalevala, English Translation.
  24. Old Norse For Beginners
  25. Charlemagne..Translated Sources
  26. Alfred the Great - The Geography of Europe
  27. Latvia in the Wars of the 20th Century
  28. The Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant
  29. Genome-Wide Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Uncovers Population Structure
  30. Erectus Walks Among Us
  31. Jewish Supremacism by Dr. David Duke [Audiobook]
  32. The Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell
  33. The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology, by Joseph Campbell
  34. The Power of Myth, by Joseph Campbell
  35. Myths to Live By, by Joseph Campbell
  36. The Road to Hel by Hilda Roderick Ellis
  37. Thus Spake Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche
  38. Grimm's Teutonic Mythology
  39. Myth & Religion of The North by Turville-Petre
  40. The Story of the Middle Ages by Samuel B. Harding [Audiobook]
  41. Gun Facts
  42. Open Library
  43. Twilight Over England by William Joyce
  44. The Danish History Book I-IX
  45. The Nibelungenlied
  46. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.
  47. Culture of the Teutons by Vilhelm Grönbech
  48. Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy
  49. Hakon the Good's Saga
  50. The Call of Cthulhu
  51. The Song of Roland
  52. On the Duty of Civil Disobedience by H.D. Thoreau
  54. Laxdaela Saga
  55. Halfdan the Black Saga
  56. Harald Harfager's Saga
  57. King Olaf Trygvason's Saga
  58. Magnus Barefoot's Saga
  59. Magnus Erlingson's Saga
  60. Saga of Hakon Herdebreid ("Hakon the Broad-Shouldered")
  61. Saga of King Harald Grafeld and of Earl Hakon Son of Sigurd
  62. Saga of Magnus the Blind and of Harald Gille
  63. Saga of Magnus the Good
  64. Saga of Olaf Haraldson
  65. Saga of Olaf Kyrre
  66. Saga of Sigurd the Crusader and His Brothers Eystein and Olaf
  67. Saga of Sigurd, Inge, and Eystein, the Sons of Harald
  68. The Life and Death of Cormac the Skald
  69. The life of king alfred
  70. The Saga of Grettir the Strong
  71. The story of the volsungs
  72. Ynglinga Saga
  73. Edward Bulwer-Lytton- England and the English
  74. Edward Bulwer-Lytton - A Strange Story.
  75. Edward Bulwer-Lytton - Eva - A true Story of Light and Darkness.
  76. Edward Bulwer Lytton - The Coming Race.
  77. Edward Bulwer-Lytton - Zanoni
  78. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  79. Gustave Le Bon - Psychologie des foules
  80. Friedrich Nietzsche - The Antichrist
  81. Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche
  82. Friedrich Nietzsche - On the Genealogy of Morals
  83. Friedrich Nietzsche - Twilight of the Idols
  84. Julius Evola - Men Among the Ruins
  85. Alain de Benoist - On Identity
  86. Alain de Benoist - What is Racism?
  87. Alain de Benoist - Democracy: Representative and Participatory
  88. Alain de Benoist - A Brief History of the Idea of Progress
  89. Alain de Benoist - What is Sovereignty?
  90. Alain de Benoist - On Politics
  91. Alain de Benoist - Nazism and Communism: Evil Twins?
  92. Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race by Thomas Rolleston
  93. On Friedrich Nietzsche
  94. A Jewish Defector Warns America
  95. Harrison Bergeron
  96. Ship of Fools
  97. Aesop’s Fables.
  98. The Canterbury Tales (by Geoffrey Chaucer)
  99. Manifesto of the Communist Party
  100. The Prince
  101. Immanuel Kant- Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Sketch
  102. Capital (Das Kapital)
  103. Benedict de Spinoza's Political Treatise
  104. John Locke- An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
  105. Adolf Hitler- Mein Kampf
  106. Voltaire- Letters on the English or Lettres Philosophiques
  107. The Essence of Christianity by Ludwig Feuerbach
  108. Principles of Philosophy of the Future by Ludwig Feuerbach
  109. Practical Campbell Essays..
  110. Wilberg, Peter - Black Sun - The Occult Power within All That Is [EN] (2004)
  111. The Watch-Tower (Lord Dunsany)
  112. The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce
  113. Marxists Internet Archive
  114. Pieter de la Court- Interest of Holland
  115. The Story of Nations - Holland (1886)
  116. SS Ideology
  117. Adam Smith- The Wealth of Nations
  118. Nietzsche and Jung: The Whole Self in the Union of Opposites..
  119. The Influence of Low Dutch on the English Vocabulary
  120. The Social Contract- Or principles of political right (J.J. Rousseau)
  121. Discourse on Inequality (J.J Rousseau)
  122. Bios and Mythos by Joseph Campbell..
  123. Barack Obama's Mythic Hero Image - An Appraisal..
  124. The Balts (1963)
  125. Sophie's World (by Jostein Gaarder)
  126. War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy)
  127. The Freedom of the Seas (Hugo Grotius)
  128. The Meditations (Marcus Aurelius)
  129. The Republic (Plato)
  130. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
  131. The Gallic Wars (Julius Caesar)
  132. An Interpretion of the Ideals of Sovereignty, Wholeness and Becoming What One Is..
  133. Philosophical Fragments (Sören Kierkegaard)
  134. Cultural Revolution, Culture War.
  135. Hemingway's Libidinous Feast
  136. The Children of Odin by Padraic Colum
  137. Hamlet's Mill..
  138. Chronicle of the Early Britons
  139. Vikings in Russia: Yngvar's Saga and Eymund's Saga
  140. Ian Heath, Angus McBride - The Vikings
  141. The Truth About Mohammed (Robert Spencer)
  142. Books in assorted Germanic languages
  143. The Communist Manifesto
  144. The Wealth of Nations
  145. Two Concepts of Rules by John Rawls
  146. Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review--new journal
  147. What is Enlightenment? - Immanuel Kant
  148. Timaeus - Plato
  149. Protagoras - Plato
  150. Euthyphro - Plato
  151. Philebus - Plato
  152. Phaedo - Plato
  153. Alexander the Great: historical texts in translation
  154. Myths and Legends of our Own Land - Charles M. Skinner
  155. The Long Lost Friend/Der Lange Verborgene Freund - John George Hohman
  156. The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
  157. The Scarlet Letter - Nathaniel Hawthorne
  158. On the Road - Jack Kerouac
  159. The Routledge History of Philosophy..
  160. Philosophy: 100 Essential Thinkers..
  161. Missionary Activity in Early Medieval Norway (Skre)
  162. The Breakdown of a Society: Finland in the Great Northern War 1700-1714 (Kujala)
  163. Provisioning of the Russian Army in Finland During the Occupation 1713-1721 (Kuvaja)
  164. Cultural Traffic in Lübeck and Danzig in the 16th and 17th Centuries (Cowan)
  165. Norse Settlement of the Outer Hebrides (Sharples and Pearson)
  166. Sacrifices of Raw, Cooked and Burnt Humans (Oestigaard)
  167. Balcanica XXXVII (2007)
  168. Balcanica XXXVI (2006)
  169. The Peoples of the North in the Eyes of the Muslims of Umayyad al-Andalus, 711-1031
  170. The Small Towns of Roman Britain (Todd)
  171. Batavians and the Roman Conquest of Britain (Hassall)
  172. The Veneration of Heroes in the Roman Army: The Evidence of Engraved Gemstones
  173. The Roman Army in Britain and Britons in the Roman Army (Dobson and Mann)
  174. The Revolt of the Long Swede - Transatlantic Hopes and Fears on the Delaware, 1669
  175. The Specter of Old Age: Nasty Old Men in the Sagas of Icelanders (Jakobsson)
  176. Celtiberian Ideologies and Religion (Sopena)
  177. Celtic Gods of the Iberian Peninsula (Pedreno)
  178. Celtic Legacy in Galicia (Alberro)
  179. Ottoman Rule in the Balkans
  180. The Condition of the Working Class in England
  181. "The vampire of the continent"
  182. The Life of King Alfred
  183. Asterix Books
  184. The German Problem of Colonial Pennsylvania (Rothermund)
  185. Late and Peaceful: Iceland's Conversion Through Arbitration in 1000 (Jochens)
  186. Choosing the Avenger: Some Aspects of the Bloodfeud in Medieval Iceland and England
  187. Early Germanic Warfare (Thompson)
  188. The Taverns of Colonial Philadelphia (Graham)
  189. Shamanism in the Old Norse Tradition: A Theory Between Ideological Camps (Schnurbein)
  190. The Free Library
  191. Would banning firearms reduce murder and suicide ? (Harvard study)
  192. De Re Militari (Flavius Vegetius Renatus)
  193. Progress and Poverty
  194. Claretta Petacci'd diaries , letters with Mussolini
  195. On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History
  196. The Deities are Many: A Polytheistic Theology
  197. Indo-European Linguistics: An Introduction
  198. Secret Freedom Fighter: Fighting Tyranny Without Terrorizing The Innocent
  199. Beliefs and Superstitions of the Pennsylvania Germans
  200. Pennsylvania Dutch and Other Essays by Phebe Earle Gibbons
  201. The Folklore of the Pennsylvania German by John Baer Stoudt
  202. Can Someone Who Owns 'The Way Of Wyrd' Do Me A Favour?
  203. Freyja: Great Goddess of the North - Brit Nasstrom
  204. The Grand Chessboard (Zbigniew Brzezinski)
  205. The Internet Classics Archive
  206. Any Calvin and Hobbes fans here?
  207. Coexistence of Saami and Norse culture – reflected in and interpreted by Old Norse myths
  208. The Western and Eastern Roots of the Saami
  209. Essays on the Hessians
  210. The Defences of Philadelphia in 1777
  211. Pennsylvania German Essays
  212. Early Pennsylvania Essays
  213. Books and Articles by Dr. Judith A. Reisman
  214. Incest and the Medieval Imagination (Archibald)
  215. Dictatorship in History and Theory
  216. Race in Early Modern Europe
  217. The Land Beyond the Forest: facts, figures and fancies from Transylvania
  218. The Tao of Physics (Frifjof Capra)
  219. Joyce's "Ulysses" comic book adaptation available online
  220. Yorkshire Folk-Talk
  221. Fiction, Folklore & Epic Poetry Audiobook Selections
  222. Ancient History Audiobook Selections
  223. Philosophy Audiobook Selections
  224. HARRISON BERGERON by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr
  225. Books by David Irving
  226. Ebook Resources
  227. Medieval Sourcebook
  228. Sir John Glubb: The Fate of Empires
  229. Oswald Spengler - Man and Technics
  230. The Scriptorium
  231. The Incoherence of the Incoherence (Averroës)
  232. On Airs, Waters, and Places
  233. Harry Dresden books
  234. Reflections on the Revolution in France
  235. Audio Books
  236. Books by Earnest Sevier Cox
  237. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake
  238. Madison Grant's 'The Passing of the Great Race'
  239. Sir James George Frazer: The Golden Bough
  240. Osweo
  241. 53 free full issues of Playboy magazine, from 1954-2006
  242. March of the Titans - debate
  243. New edition removes Mark Twain's 'offensive' words
  244. Edred Thorsson - A Book of Troth
  245. Thomas Paine's Common Sense
  246. Lighthouse Literature
  247. The Goth and the Hun (1851)
  248. Captain Alatriste.
  249. "Max Havelaar" - by Multatuli.
  250. Plain Truth: A Rebuttal to Paine's Common Sense by Candidus (James Chalmers)