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  1. Night or Day,wich one do you prefer?
  2. Are you more racist,sexist or homophobic?
  3. War between gypsy gangs in Hungary (VIDEO)
  4. What is Success?
  5. Gaze or stirr in you city what will happend?
  6. Anyone got The Division from Clancy?
  7. Am i a cynic & rebel?
  8. Today I sucked a guy that I do not even know
  9. Anyone plays Magic: The Gathering?
  10. What do you tink of my model collection :D
  11. Nasty, antisocial things you did as a kid/teen
  12. The den of malware?
  13. Portage
  14. I rage quit Instagram
  15. How do you make friends, as an adult?
  16. Flirt ... Do you get it or not?
  17. Put a photo of a famous character that identifies the user above
  18. How to be less autistic?
  19. How to diminish loneliness?
  20. Autists and Sonic
  21. Would you date a muslim person?
  22. Journalists
  23. Jews and other ethnicities
  24. Do you agree with my thought?
  25. Gujarati weedings
  26. Is it gay?
  27. Did you drink alcohol while underage?
  28. What other social forums do you use apart from TA?
  29. How Do You Usually Begins your Conversations?
  30. What Do You Do In The New Year Day?
  31. How to get people to talk to you
  32. How to know if you’re bad at social cues or autistic?
  33. association on the basis of europioid subrace
  34. Sudden urge to be social
  35. Is There A Problem If I Want To Quite My Job?
  36. Did anyone notice how back in highschool
  37. 30 years old
  38. How would those black guys react ?
  39. Does my friend look like Gal Gadot?
  40. Phenix
  41. Harrison Ford lookalike?
  42. Most Gypsies live in Tribalism system?
  43. Screw psychoactive drugs - legalize performance enhancing drugs
  44. If you want money, write about Armenians or Chechens :)
  45. [Poll] Who do you kneel for?
  46. Police appreciation thread
  47. Wierd Indians
  48. Most badass/good sounding surnames of celebrities from each countries?
  49. Are Amish amoung with Chechens the last white chads?
  50. [Poll] Who is the greatest Martyr of the 21.Century
  51. How gay is it?
  52. [Poll] Biggest nordicist on TA
  53. Biggest Australoidicist on TA
  54. TA's laugh thread.
  55. Is it rare to be right wing but not patriotic?
  56. What celebrities have you ever come across on the street?
  57. How dumb i look?
  58. What's your favorite social media website/platform?
  59. How did you come to TA?
  60. I think I am getting haunted by ghost
  61. Daily life of Chinese livestream stars