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  1. Security services monitoring 'thousands' of terrorism suspects in London
  2. To my British Brothers and Sisters
  3. Labour face battle to save heartlands from SNP surge
  4. K's 'Greatest Geosites' announced
  5. 'Secret' terror trial begins at Old Bailey
  6. How Romanian criminals terrorize our streets.
  7. Romanians top UK crime list...before they've even arrived!
  8. Romanian prostitution out of control, girls sold as sex slaves aged 14
  9. Student Union motion to condemn Isis fails amidst claims of islamophobia
  10. UK: Six months after Islamization of state schools reported, nothing has changed
  11. Welfare minister apologises for disability pay comments
  12. Mancunian is voted the most attractive accent.
  13. would you class this site worth joining :
  14. Owen Jones: Scottish Labour face existential crisis.. they can stand up for working people or die
  15. Internet trolls face up to two years in jail under new laws
  16. Would you regard a school that is 95% Polish as just as reprehensible as one that is 95% Pakistani?
  17. Taxi firm in Rochdale offers white (non-Muslim) drivers on demand after 2 Pakistanis were jailed
  18. Are you gonna bang?
  19. Chief Rabbi gives his blessing to Holocaust centre plans
  20. Migrationwatch's Analysis of Immigration Policy at Party Conferences
  21. UK told to pay £1.7bn extra to European Union budget
  22. The England That Is Forever Pakistan; Multiculturalism and Rape in Rotherham
  23. Gordon Brown tipped as a new leader of Scottish Labour. But Anas Sarwar is the favourite
  24. Downton Abbey spoof featuring Adolf Hitler as an ‘eligible bachelor’ sparks outrage online
  25. Nigel Farage (leader of UKIP) on dealing with idiots joining ISIS - good advice!
  26. What do make of Britain first group good or bad?
  27. what do you think of Celtic first
  28. Petition for a Constitutional Convention
  29. London Student Union Refuses to Commemorate Holocaust
  31. £20k boost to memorial for Nazi-fighting bear
  32. 75% of rapists in West Midlands (England) are "Asians" and 82 % of their victims are underage
  33. STV poll: SNP at 52% as Labour face general election meltdown
  34. RT launches dedicated UK news channel – RT UK
  35. 84 English Heritage archaeology monographs free to download
  36. Scots want to stay in EU, as the rest of Britain wants to say goodbye, says new poll
  37. Rochester Citizens do battle with Britain first
  38. Miliband: Tackling anti-Semitism would be a priority of Labour Government
  39. What was the best time for the UK
  40. Happy Guy Fawkes/Bonfire/Fireworks Night to everyone!! 05/11/14
  41. UK makes €25 billion profit from EU migrants
  42. English town to burn Salmond effigy
  43. 10 Most influential political blogs in the UK
  44. Mixed-Race family representing “modern Britain” given a statue
  45. Salmond ‘plotting to take Danny Alexander’s seat’
  46. How Cambridgeshire police told Anne Feast to remove knitted gorilla from window of Ely home - becaus
  47. English inventions and discoveries
  48. Scots war hero Sir Tommy Macpherson dies at 94
  49. Guernsey
  50. Returning Islamist fighters offered ‘jihadi rehab’ instead of prosecution
  51. Video: UK Muslims attack police with rocket fireworks in East London
  52. Britain is now the most violent nation in Europe - worse than South Africa and the US.
  53. To Rent - Muslims Only!
  54. Massive US spy base in the UK to spy on Europeans emails - Brits protest for independence from US!
  55. Fury as council paints patch over racist graffiti
  56. Cameron the Euro Demagogue Creates Own Nightmare
  57. Britain first vs Anti fa Battle for Rochester Round Two 15th of November
  58. Belfast gang Brick polish woman's window
  59. Anti-Whites admit it: “Boosting our economy” is just a White Genocide justification
  60. How British Police Cozy Up to Extremists in the Name of 'Islamophobia Awareness'
  61. Chaos as Ukip promises three million European migrants they can STAY in Britain if we leave the EU
  62. Many White British Children Hate Themselves and Their Culture
  63. If you’re under 30, old people have stolen your future already.
  64. SNP membership now exceeds extraordinary 90,000
  65. Man from the UK shanks a police officer in his face with a motorbike key.
  66. British Media is Openly Enabling Mass Child Rape
  67. £14bn plan to share Scots water with England
  68. General Election May 2015
  69. The singers in the new Band Aid 30 single
  70. Massive Anglo Saxon Treasure Hoard Is On Display In A New Gallery
  71. Man, 80, accused over acid attack on ex-partner, 20
  72. England’s awkward answer to the West Lothian Question
  73. British Future Report Says 25% of British Adults Want All Immigrants Repatriated
  74. VIP paedophile ring 'abused teenage boy INSIDE Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle'
  75. Immigrants in the UK complaining about immigrants - the hypocrisy!
  76. Desperate Immigrants Risk Their Lives By Smuggling Themselves In Containers Into The UK.
  77. Why British People Maintain The Custom Of Driving On The Left Side Of The Road.
  78. Scotland’s Feudal Shame
  79. Dundee awarded UK's first Unesco City of Design status
  80. TOP 10 Baby Names in the UK (2013)
  81. Someone Made A Map Of Every Rude Place Name In The UK
  82. A long list of sex acts just got banned in UK porn
  83. Hundreds of British women want to be jihadi brides, warns Islamic State researcher
  84. British males drawn away from ‘macho’ professions, don’t ‘feel man enough’ – study
  85. Women: you're working the rest of this year for free
  86. 'We have everything we want here!' Slovak mother of 11 who gets handouts of £430 a WEEK says she won
  87. Outrage as Scots 'rob' the Queen of £2.1 million
  88. Champagne wars grip Parliament as peers slam Commons' vintage
  89. The young people going hungry in the UK this winter
  90. Roma from Eastern Europe who go to UK
  91. Porn protest to shock Westminster with mass ‘face-sitting’ and fake sex
  92. David Cameron remembers victims of Holocaust in first ever visit to Auschwitz
  93. Human Traffickers face life imprisonment
  94. Slavery reintroduced to UK by Muslims and possibly some other barbarians
  95. One in seven people arrested in Britain last year was FOREIGN
  96. Poll shows voters believe Ukip is to the left of the Tories
  97. A question for British users
  98. Tri-City refugee resettlement concerns appear to be unfounded
  99. UK: Culturally Enriched Thieves steal Christmas money from elderly couple
  100. Rape reports at highest ever level in the England ever - Majority of Rapists in The UK Non-White Men
  101. paedophile ring inside Buckingham Palace
  102. When will the english people disappear?
  103. Undercover Mosque across UK
  104. How the UK SHOULD look: my wet dream
  105. British rock musician turned ISIS extremist is luring teenage girls to Syria through Twitter with th
  106. Deportation story: One man's journey from London to Zimbabwe
  107. Do you support the conquest of England by a joint coalition of Scots, Irish, and Welsh?
  108. First Halal Only Butchers in Lincoln
  109. Donald Dewar consulted Queen over Catholic monarchy ban
  110. Crazy Man In Wales Rams His Car And Crushes The Top Of A Police Car With A Policeman Inside It
  111. British Tourists Stranded In New York After A Baby Is Born Prematurely Resulting In A £130,000 Bill.
  112. British School Pupil Who Stabbed His Teacher To Death Sentenced To Life Imprisonment.
  113. My gratitude and friendship to British
  114. Ukip will get rid of foreign NHS workers who 'can't speak English properly'
  115. UNITED KINGDOM - Two men arrested in England on suspicion of "terrorism-related offences
  116. Labour Councillor Suspended Over Nazi Parody
  117. chav culture in uk
  118. Internet data plan back on political agenda
  119. Nick Clegg promises to protect Holocaust education funding
  120. Disgusting.
  121. Teen creates Nazi Holocaust in Lego for history project
  122. Ed Miliband calls for Facebook to enforce anti-Semitism rules
  123. ‘Liars’ and ‘killer’ daubed on Holocaust Memorial Day posters
  124. Trial latest: Sheffield killer husband ‘had four wives’
  125. British police arrest man over Christmas Xbox, Playstation hacks
  126. Our four-star hotel was turned into a 'soup kitchen': Anger of guests whose 'luxury' stay was ruined
  128. Northerners Have Bigger Brains And Eye Sockets According To Science Researchers At Oxford University
  129. Sun newspaper drops Page Three topless pictures - Times
  130. What social class are you? Take the quiz?
  131. Prince Andrew sex claims: Fresh documents filed in US court
  132. Germanic and Nordic Ancestry in the British Isles
  133. UK store Argos criticized for racism: ‘Nasty’ economic system slammed
  134. Tory slams Saudi flags 'nonsense'
  135. British DNA gets new Germanic injection
  136. Muslim gang barred from gathering in large groups and burning flags after violent outbursts at ralli
  137. UKIP voters wouldn’t accept a Jewish prime minister – poll
  138. Ban Hitler’s Mein Kampf to stop race hate, urges MP
  139. Working for MI6
  140. Multi-Culti Fail - Muslims Piss Off Blacks In UK
  141. £50m for new memorial as thousands mark holocaust anniversary
  142. UK stars from Sting to Emma Thompson call on PM to help Syrian refugees
  143. UK: Muslim leader: 'Teaching British values in schools creates atmosphere of suspicion'
  144. School forced to apologise after hundreds of pupils were shown slide that listed UKIP as Racist
  145. UNITED KINGDOM - Man jailed over laptop terror links
  146. Prosecutors encourage hate crime victims to come forward after Gateshead Rabbi attack
  147. Libertarian/contrarian online magazine "Spiked" looks at university censorship
  148. The British Army is Creating a Battalion of "Facebook Warriors"
  149. British National Party - ideology, policies, etc
  150. Public outrage mounts amid plans for Stamford Hill anti-Jewish rally
  151. 'Outrageous' Hitlers Walk path to be renamed in council U-turn after pressure from Jewish community
  152. Can You Speak Geordie?
  153. Rotherham Victim Says Abusers 'Untouchable'
  154. PEGIDA UK plan march in Newcastle on 28th Feb
  155. Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs — on The Glazov Gang
  156. Extreme-right anti-Semitic group calls for march in London against ‘Jewification’
  157. Anti-Islam group's first British march could attract thousands of protesters
  158. Vince Cable proposes cutting Holocaust compensation scheme in austerity drive
  159. Longest domestic railway to be built in the UK in more than 100 years
  160. Sharia UK: Charlie Hebdo's UK distributor gave police list of stockists who investigated customers
  161. Must Watch: Britain First Party asks the Rotherham Council questions regarding Muslim Rape Gangs
  162. #AsylumForAderonke
  163. British Media Propaganda - UK TV Show Portrays Post-Ukip Win As Akin To Apocalypse
  164. Students' union branded "insensitive" over Facebook advert featuring NAZI SS emblem
  165. New British TV Show "Indian Summers" A Giant Anti-White Post-Colonial Cliche
  166. Recording feminicide
  167. Eastenders; Who killed Lucy Beale?
  168. Big Small Penis Party
  169. Satanic Pedophile Ring in Britain?
  170. Anti-White's campaign to force white mum out of home
  171. UK: First Muslim woman in Cabinet gave official roles to terror-linked Muslims
  172. ISIS executioner Jihadi John identified as a Londoner
  173. Doctor found with hoard of bomb-making ingredients and instructions (video)
  174. Forget all our other troubles – the Russians are coming!
  175. ​‘Pegida not welcome here!’ Newcastle counter-protest to reject ‘twisted prejudice’
  176. The Future Is down to Us
  177. Union Jack flags and slogan 'Funded by UK Government' to be posted in Scotland
  178. UK: Nurse Fired For Speaking The Truth About Muslims
  179. Immigration is now on the verge of destroying UK, blasts LEO MCKINSTRY
  180. dispatches - inside Britain's Israel Lobby
  181. English Supermodel's Half-Brother Cleared Of Muslim Terror Plot
  182. Racist British Tram Woman Moves To USA satire
  183. UK ministers reject call to ban ‘halal’ slaughter
  184. Diane abbot on Finnish nurses
  185. Immigration is now on the verge of destroying UK
  186. Nigel Farage would axe 'much of' race discrimination laws
  187. Legendary presenter of Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson suspended,social media explodes in support.
  188. Why are the British Isles Mentioned Separately from Europe?
  189. UN has denounced a new UK immigration bill
  190. Sir Oswald Mosley
  191. Welcome to the EUSSR: Christians In Contemporary Britain Face Widespread Discrimination
  192. BNP Victory as Mosque Plans Denied
  193. Muslim Political Candidate Exposed By The EDL Trying To Bribe Them For Political Capital
  194. Far Right Group Britain first gets into major punch up with Antifa and trade unionists
  195. Haplogroup I1 in the British Isles
  196. New research maps the personality of 380 places in Great Britain
  197. Voters from ALL ethnic groups want fewer foreign migrants to Britain
  198. Holocaust memorial project boosted by £1.5m from Government
  199. Britain - taken for a free ride?
  200. Joey Essex: I did not know who the PM was three months ago
  201. Check your MP's voting record
  202. The rise of DIY dentistry: Britons doing their own fillings to avoid NHS bill
  203. Pro-immigration campaign in UK
  204. Billions of barrels of oil discovered near Gatwick airport
  205. Brits, your opinion on native English-language accents?
  206. BNP Day of Action - Rotherham TOMORROW
  207. Britain Discovers Mega-size Oil Basin in Southeast England
  208. BNP Chairman will save the British tax payer £13 billion a year!
  209. Great Britain (A Nation Where Rabies Is Virtually Extinct) Now Risks Rabies Due To The EU Laws
  210. 'Syrian-born former imam' found shot dead in car
  211. Paul Golding from Britan first in trouble for posting defametry material on company employees
  212. Your British & Irish Surname Place Origins
  213. BNP Bristol Day of Action
  214. Why are English-sounding Welsh people much more commonplace than English-sounding Scots?
  215. National Action in the UK -- What do you think of them?
  216. Biggest Theft of UK Jewels in London's Jewellery Quarter District of Hatton Garden (April 2015)
  217. UK socialist party comments on game of Game of thrones
  218. English Rose's The UK Is Awesome Thread
  219. Why are Anglo Leaders Bitches
  220. Prince Charles and Prince Harry: Sorry...!
  221. Oldest Footage of London Ever
  222. Adam takes up Marlene's fight
  223. Which British Party do you usually vote and explain why please
  224. Cameron: Conservatives will have first black or Asian PM
  225. UK Bill: Risk of being drawn into terrorism
  226. Australian Expert: UK Experiencing A Decline In Civilisation Similar To The Fall Of Rome
  227. Migrant baby boom that's cost 80,000 British children school places
  228. Tommy Robinson launches new anti-Islam group
  229. Are British just Iberians without Moorish admixture?
  230. Chemical castration used to treat record number of UK sex offenders
  231. Video shows anti-Tory protesters clashing with police near Downing Street
  232. New £500,000 Holocaust centre to be based at University of Huddersfield
  233. Muslim Intolerence And Sex Crimes Force Indigenous Britains To Take To The Streets In Mass Protests
  234. Britain Now Has More Openly Queer Legislators Than Any Other Country
  235. UKIP: 'descends into civil war'
  236. Scotland Yard sees terror threat as hundreds of Britons return from Syria
  237. 'Take us with you, Scotland' say thousands in North of England
  238. UK to ban free speech
  239. Inequality Street: UK most unequal country in EU, worse than US
  240. Racism row diversity officer could be FIRED after she tweeted 'KILL ALL WHITE MEN'
  241. Almost a third of school pupils believe 'Muslims are taking over our country', study claims
  242. Jews pick up mops and brooms to defend There synagogue in London from neo nazis
  243. 'Madness in the London housing market': Tiny ex-council flat on the market for £1.15 million
  244. A polish ultra-nationalist Zjednoczeni Emigranci Londynt party attacks featival
  245. Council denied black pupils free buses
  246. The Second Language Of England Is Now Polish - 500,000 Polish In The UK.
  247. EU to block David Cameron's plans on internet porn crackdown
  248. Hasidic sect tells London mothers to stop driving
  249. Oxford Union accused of racism over 'Colonial Comeback' cocktail
  250. JAILED: Bullying Muslim dad who racially abused white teachers in row over pupils' beards