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  1. British is Now a Racist Term
  2. Do You Like Having A Monarchy?
  3. Prince Charles Bows down to Multicults...
  4. State Persecution of BNP Continues
  5. Oops...That`s Careless....
  6. T.V Licence and how to avoid paying for it.
  7. What if the Russians HAD invaded us?
  8. Cornish agree on how to speak their language.
  9. British Comedy Heroes
  10. Britain on the brink of an economic depression, say experts.
  11. Financial crisis: UK job losses.
  12. My fury at selfish Britain, by woman forced to give birth on Tube.
  13. UK parliament calls off screening controversial film
  14. Economic Crisis Merely The Birth Pangs of a New World Order says PM Brown
  15. Britain's Muslim Population hits 2.4 Million
  16. Taking photos of police officers could be considered a crime
  17. Calls for BNP ban on CoE clergy
  18. BNP forges new links with South African ex-pats
  19. IQs drop for Britons
  20. "Britain bars entry by anti-Islamic Dutch lawmaker" Geert Wilders
  21. British bobbies could become off limits to photographers
  22. Radical cleric to be deported from the UK
  23. British Muslims 'providing Taliban with electronic devices for roadside bombs'
  24. Shock BNP victory as far-right candidate takes council seat in Kent
  25. Media Lies....Again!
  26. Fears of Forthcoming BNP Success
  27. BNP Member Attacked with Hammer
  28. Britons who HATE Britain: The Muslim extremist.
  29. Plans for minimum alcohol price UK
  30. More than three-quarters of Britons want to see jobless immigrants forced to leave UK
  31. More than three-quarters of Britons want to see jobless immigrants forced to leave UK
  32. British soldiers abused by Muslims in Luten parade.
  33. 100 stabbings a week under Labour demonstrate scale of Britain’s knife culture.
  34. Britain's naval bases around the world should be 'Europeanised'.
  35. ID cards 'a step closer'
  36. Tories call for inquiry into NHS cash overpayments to Ireland
  37. Why British Rail Privatisation Has Failed
  38. Cornish Independence: Mebyon Kernow
  39. Ombongo's brother in UK sex assault
  40. Gordon Brown's Slave Nation.
  41. Another bleeding heart liberal signs up to transform Britain
  42. The BNP is Britain’s Only True Green Party
  43. Where was Hengestesdun?
  44. Who Controls Cornwall's Cash?
  45. The Cornish: A Neglected Nation?
  46. Witches of Cornwall
  47. Take A Tour Of Cornwall By Car.
  48. The Blood Of The Isles
  49. British Justice
  50. The theft of Cornish culture
  51. Sikh Police Demand Bulletproof Turbans
  52. Speaker Michael Martin resigns over MPs' expenses
  53. Could the Queen really dissolve Parliament now?
  54. Archbishops unite against the BNP
  55. Labour beaten in St. Ives by...?
  56. The Cornish are Anglo-Saxons
  57. The difference between the English and the Scottish.
  58. (Oh no!) 'The English are suppressing us'
  59. Cornish bay that inspired Virginia Woolf's novel sold for £80,000
  60. Cornwall, not Scotland, is touted as No1 in renewables
  61. Lords call for end of Barnett formula
  62. Look at this-Pagan police officers in Great Britain get solstice leave
  63. Speculations on the Cornish Links in the Arthurian Legend
  64. ID cards will not display Union Jack
  65. Brit Doctors to Get £27,000 Flu Bonuses
  66. UK national ID card cloned in 12 minutes
  67. Infighting Among British Nationalists
  68. Michael Savage: Banned in Britain
  69. A land of liberty destroyed by stealth
  70. BNP In Need of Donations
  71. UK CPS Will Take Kids if Parents Seen Arguing
  72. British National Party: Mad as well as bad
  73. British Nationalist Reading List
  74. What should be done with Gibraltar?
  75. Let's organise a boycott of The Daily Mail
  76. White Mischief, British Love.
  77. Britain takes more tithe to pay the master.
  78. Britain wants UK break up, poll shows
  79. The EHRC has walked into the BNP's trap
  80. Should the regions of the United Kingdom be granted Independence?
  81. Another happy moment in Premier league football
  82. More BBC cover up bullshit.
  83. A 'Constitutional Sovereign' and the real truth about the Bill of Rights 1689.
  84. UK population now more than 61m
  85. Have we forgotten why we fought in world war two?
  86. Census 'must let Cornish record their identity'
  87. The Celtic Cornish – Persecuted, mocked, reviled and ignored.
  88. 50 interesting facts about the Cornish and the Constitutional Status of Cornwall.
  89. Rothschild pitches motorway privatization plan
  90. McBrooon pledges £665 million pounds to Pakistan
  91. bank holiday monday
  92. [SPLIT from Flag Burning] The UK, the EU and English Independence
  93. A Paltry £200 Fine For List Leaker!
  94. New map of the nations in Britain.
  95. BNP Has to Adapt or Die
  96. British National Party Forced To Admit Non-Whites
  97. Muslim community leader arrested for 'making up BNP kidnap story'
  98. London Mayor Johnson calls for a day of fasting to 'help understand Muslims'
  99. The immigration revolution
  100. Eligibility criteria to be changed for international representation.
  101. BNP gets a slot on BBC's Question Time
  102. So there was a "deal"?
  103. Save the mother, and you will save the generations to come
  104. The Cornish: They revolted in 1497, now they're at it again
  105. BNP welcomes chance to appear on BBC's Question Time
  106. How to successfully emasculate youth.
  107. Could the UK drive on the right?
  108. British Legion accepts BNP gift
  109. When panic shapes policy
  110. Cameron calls for 10% cut in number of Scots MPs
  111. Britain's Deadliest Men
  112. The shocking truth behind the European Union
  113. Mohammed is most popular name for baby boys in London
  114. The Women of Britain Aren't as good-looking as their European sisters
  115. British expats fear losing homes in Goan land grab
  116. Destruction of Britain's families by NuLabour & replacement of fathers by The State
  117. Broadband tax on the way?
  118. Mandelson, Blair and a sordid little ploy
  119. Money Saving Expert
  120. Radical Routes - A Network of Radical Co-ops
  121. God Bless the Queen!
  122. The Left’s war on Britishness
  123. Cameron's Latvian liaison
  124. Britain's most unlucky thief nabbed by Dutch soldiers
  125. Race Doesn’t Exist? The UK Border Agency Says It Does
  126. Zeropean celebrity campaigning for clemency for North London dope pusher in China
  127. U.K. Faced ‘Bank Runs, Riots’ as RBS and HBOS Neared Collapse
  128. Wilders Wins Appeal of Entry Ban
  129. The Anglo-Saxon 'invasions' of Britain?
  130. Nick Griffin versus Bonnie Greer
  131. BNP members challenged on beliefs
  132. Tesco Boss complains about low educational standards in the UK
  133. Cambridge cancels videolink debate with anti-Islamic speaker, 'legal concerns' cited
  134. Cornish 'terrorists' declare war on students
  135. Channel 4: Is IQ linked to race?
  136. Britons feel neglected and betrayed.
  137. Iraq sends back UK asylum flight
  138. One eyed, Jock puppet thanks the black community for destroying our inner cities.
  139. Jews and Muslims method of slaughter does hurt animals
  140. Undercover - Hate on the Doorstep
  141. Spectator: Race is not an issue in the UK anymore
  142. Influx of 1m migrants will cripple public spending, warn MPs
  143. BNP ballerina Simone Clarke now teaching children aged 3
  144. Holocaust survivors will confront BNP on Question Time
  145. The BNP and the Liberal Fin De Siecle
  146. BNP hit by second leak of 'members database'
  147. BT Call Centre Worker: 'I'll blow your house up'.
  148. Nick Griffin on Sky News
  149. Leicester Statue Petition
  150. Booze Fuels 80% Rise In Female Violent Crime
  151. "I wanted to slap him"
  152. BNP Support Rises After Question Time Appearance
  153. Cowardice on immigration has allowed the BNP to flourish
  154. Zimmer-frame nation: a vision of Britain in 2083
  155. The Gordon Brown Musical Appreciation Thread.
  156. Britons Sick of "Surveillance Society"
  157. Cat's out of the bag: nuLiebour's deliberate demographics engineering exposed
  158. Queen fury at BNP
  159. The truth about immigration: Citizenships granted fall by 35,000 in a year
  160. Middle classes leading the flight as 250,000 quit London
  161. Don't listen to the whingers - London needs immigrants
  162. Islamic extremist group given £113,000 Government grant to 'teach five-year-olds their ideology'
  163. Vin de Pays de scouse?
  164. Prince Phillip: 'There's a lot of your family in tonight'
  165. BNP supporters call on Nick Griffin to quit as leader
  166. Secret plan for Euro Income Tax.
  167. Britain pays child benefit for more than 50,000 children living abroad
  168. Your Parents Are Perverts!!!!!111!!!
  169. Remember remember the 5th of November
  170. Britain makes 'sex education' mandatory including 'homosexual tolerance'
  171. Hols fiend gives 6 girls HIV
  172. Ministers cancel 'Big Brother' database
  173. Woman Violently Sexually Assaulted During Cricklewood Burglary
  174. 'This Isn't the Britain We Fought For,' Say Britons of World War II
  175. I'm gonna be sick...
  176. Millionaire who fought off a knife-wielding burglar is jailed (while the intruder is let off)
  177. Josef Meier's herbal liquor
  178. Snow gives parts of UK first white Christmas since 2004
  179. Happy New Year, Scum
  180. Britain's imperialism is the same as ever, but now with Islamist undercurrents
  181. Panic-buying as heavy snow hits
  182. Wanted, for chicken rustling
  183. BNP crisis as Nick Griffin faces jail over whites-only policy
  184. Vote for your favourite Union flag.
  185. UK to ban controversial 'Islam4UK' group.
  186. Scotland-England tie 'may return'
  187. Scottish Parliament costs taxpayers £72 million per year
  188. You've been Cromwelled
  189. Liars, Buggers and Thieves
  190. Hey kids, look at me...
  191. The Poles are coming.
  192. Yet more healthcare apartheid.
  193. Muslim police officers warn that anti-terrorism strategy is 'against British values'
  194. The Polish didn't go home afterall.
  195. Advice to young British nationalists/racialists
  196. Devolution in the British Isles
  197. Regional accents and dialects of the British Isles.
  198. Waving Goodbye To The Handshake
  199. Cornwall fights to be represented at Commonwealth Games
  200. Most Britons Would Ban Burqa
  201. It's OK to insult the Cornish because they don't exist
  202. The BNP don't consider the Cornish as indigenous?
  203. Three-quarters of Britons 'suffer from depression'
  204. Immigration Is Destroying Britain’s National Identity, Townswomen’s Guild Survey Says
  205. Interracial Britain: Interracial Relationships in the UK - Highest Rate in the World
  206. BNP votes to ditch whites-only membership rule
  207. Nick Griffin says ejecting Dominic Kennedy proves party is not 'soft'
  208. Muslims and the British Underworld
  209. Falklands II?
  210. While 20 million watch and worship X factor...
  211. £60m bill for the CO2 of our political class
  212. How can it be possible?
  213. The world has gone mad
  214. British Defence League?
  215. Traitors one and all.
  216. Crime map of the UK.
  217. Uk in decline under labour
  218. 7,000 win squatters’ rights to live in uk
  219. Labour say we are all racists
  220. Why britain is spongers' heaven
  221. Council tax ‘£300 less in scotland’
  222. British Islamist Anjem Choudary
  223. 'Benefits a lifestyle choice' for single mums
  224. 'We can't take any more people'
  225. Islamic radicals 'infiltrate' the Labour Party
  226. Short Video: Nick Griffin Predicts Race Riots
  227. I am the slime oozing out of your TV set
  228. Cornwall joins British-Irish Council
  229. Elgar £20 note no longer legal tender
  230. Britain Before the Ice
  231. Judges fear prisons will burst under new rules
  232. They can't read, can't write and think the world owes them a living
  233. Americans and the UK
  234. Are You Pro-UK or Anti-UK?
  235. Judge closes BNP books over race bias
  236. The UK's weirdest place names
  237. How the baby boomers bust Britain
  238. Edukation, Edducation, Educcation
  239. Schoolgirl, 13, found hanged amid claims she was bullied because she was pretty
  240. ASDA: 'No job unless you're Polish'
  241. British inventions have been exploited overseas
  242. Undercover with Britain's violent Left
  243. Is Boudicca a poster girl for intolerance and British nationalism?
  244. Gordon Brown admits: I was wrong on defence spending
  245. Unemployment falls as 'economic inactive' hits record
  246. Army denied vital equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan, claims former SAS head
  247. Only BNP Can Save Britain from the “Terror” of Islamist Colonisation and Protect British Identity
  248. Boss would rather employ child molesters than ex-servicemen
  249. Four million expats want to come home as savings and income plunge along with the pound
  250. Breaking news!!!!!1111