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  1. Internet use 'good for the brain'
  2. Faecal bacteria join the commute
  3. Bee Gees song could save your life
  4. Migraines 'mean less cancer risk'
  5. Waist Fat Raises Death Risk
  6. Obese people entitles to two seats for the price of one
  7. The Risk Of Nanoparticles
  8. Do you have a beard?
  9. Scotswoman`s Plea For Assisted Suicide
  10. Dirty Phones!
  11. Falling in love may be as easy as popping a pill
  12. Great Depression II
  13. Aspartame, The Silent Killer
  14. Healthiest Oil
  15. Artistic Nudity
  16. Showing Up For Life
  17. UV Vision in Some Humans
  18. Why do some people never seem to get fat?
  19. Nursed Babies less prone to abuse.
  20. Being Positive
  21. Kids report warns of 'too much TV'
  22. Melatonin, The Dream Hormone
  23. RFID Chips And Cancer Raises Concerns
  24. Genetic Trait Boosts AIDS Risks in Blacks
  25. When dreaming is believing
  26. Study finds behavioral link between insomnia and tension-type headaches
  27. K*I*S*S*I*N*G
  28. Get off Facebook and get a life
  29. Your Ideal Quality of Life
  30. Camping
  31. I Need Advice
  32. Drinking two cups a day can 'help ward off ovarian cancer'
  33. Infant disorders: biological clock ticks for men too.
  34. How has the Economy effected us Personally
  35. Ovulation
  36. Night shifts spark cancer pay-out
  37. Suicide: Yes or No?
  38. GAPS:Gut And Psychology Syndrome
  39. Iodine deficiency
  40. Boxers or Briefs?
  41. Lacto-Fermentation:Stretching Your Foods Nutrition
  42. Piping Hot Tea Can Give You Cancer: Study
  43. 6 Natural Tips for Deep Sleep
  44. Grapefruit 'link' to blood clots
  45. Aircraft Cabin Fumes To Be Investigated
  46. 5 cm. fir tree removed from patient’s lung
  47. Home births as safe as hospital
  48. Dad drinks daughter's breast milk!
  49. Meteopathy
  50. Your worst experiences affecting your look on life
  51. # Gonorrhea & Sexual Promiscuity Increase Prostate Cancer Risk
  52. Warning: laptops can affect your sperm count.
  53. The science of voodoo: When mind attacks body
  54. # Darker Skin Linked to Nicotine Dependence
  55. abusive behavior infuriates me!
  56. New viral weapon in fight against cancer
  57. Genes link gum disease to heart attacks
  58. Addictive gene makes quitting challenging
  59. White tiger kills a black man
  60. Treatment for common cancer can make fingerprints disappear
  61. Do you want iron filings with that?
  62. Smoking rates by Nation -- The hardest smokers on Earth? The Greeks
  63. What are your opinions on IVF treatment?
  64. The body simply does not lie!!
  65. How do you stay cool during the hot weather?
  66. Swine flu parties 'a bad idea'
  67. Things We Wish We Didn't Know
  68. Alcohol-related deaths up by 40% in ten years
  69. `Super` Honey Kills Superbugs
  70. True Friends?
  71. Memory Training
  72. Doctors: Swedish snus cut risk of cancer
  73. Pelvimetry and Palpation vs. Ultrasound in Pregnancy
  74. Human body literally glows in the dark
  75. Hibernation Prevents Aging
  76. 'No doubt' sunbeds cause cancer
  77. GMO Scandal: The Long Term Effects of Genetically Modified Food on Humans
  78. New York Times: Children Bad for Environment
  79. Obama Health Care Adviser: “Doctors Take the Hippocratic Oath Too Seriously”
  80. Venezuela bans Coke Zero, cites "danger to health"
  81. Downing Effect and Illusory Superiority.
  82. Vaccinations: Do You Support Their Being Mandatory?
  83. How predictive texting takes its toll on a child’s brain
  84. Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America
  85. Abortions (most recent) by country
  86. Health Food “Obsession” Seen as Mental Illness
  87. Euthanasia advocates authored part of Obamacare
  88. Obamacare: Once Upon a Time It was Called Coercion and Theft
  89. Our Starting Weights
  90. Scientist Tells Swedish TV: WHO Pandemic Criteria Lowered to Benefit Big Pharma
  91. Doctor admits euthanizing patients during Katrina
  92. 'Health risk' from low-carb diets
  93. Planned home birth with midwife as safe as hospital delivery: study
  94. 'Many girls' abused by boyfriends
  95. Mercury Mischief
  96. That Late-night Snack: Worse Than You Think
  97. Can Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle Can Change Your Life at the Genetic Level?
  98. The Idunn Project
  99. Premature baby allowed to die by the medical profession.
  100. Aging Muscles: 'Hard To Build, Easy To Lose'
  101. Taking showers 'can make you ill'
  102. Is Canola Oil Actually Healthy, Or Is It Bad For You?
  103. e-cigs
  104. Recent News: IVF goes wrong.
  105. Clues To Reversing Aging Of Human Muscle Discovered
  106. Internet Addiction Disorder
  107. Women's education affects lifespan
  108. EU Officials Urge People To Take Their Death Shots
  109. You're too Fat! You're Fired!
  110. Health Link RFID Mircochip
  111. US govt could relax restrictions on 'healthy living' insurance incentives
  112. Make Me White
  113. your initial reaction and, then (more productively), the result of actually thinking about it
  114. Find your place to live
  115. Pregnant woman gets pregnant (again)
  116. Kellogg's claims sugary "Cocoa Crispies" cereal can boost your child's immunity
  117. Eating junk food can make you depressed
  118. Two-Fingered Salute from the Womb
  119. Wireless Phones Can Affect The Brain, Swedish Study Suggests
  120. Sex, then amnesia...and it's no soap opera
  121. 'Hoovering can lower sperm count'
  122. 800-Pound South Carolina Man Dies After Getting Stuck in Recliner for 8 Months.
  123. "Viagra for Women"?
  124. How do you fight fatigue, depression & other winter ailments?
  125. Black Lung Deaths Doubling Every Two Weeks Throughout Europe
  126. Man thught for 23 years to be in a coma was actually conscious
  127. 200 Canadian people dead from Pandemrix Vaccine, Reports Euro News
  128. Anorexia?
  129. Important Underwear Announcement
  130. Dementia drug use ‘killing many’
  131. Newborn DNA Samples Being Stored on Federal Database
  133. Do you hang left or right
  134. When showering..
  135. Cancer Cells?: Brain Tumor Numbers Steady Despite Increased Mobile Phone Use
  136. Flouride, Asparame Makes You Stupid
  137. EPA Says Breathing Is Deadly, But Radioactive Drinking Water Is Good For Us
  138. Food, Inc.
  139. Police Taser Man For Refusing Medical Treatment
  140. Can’t Find The G-Spot? You’re Not Alone: The Science of Sex
  141. People who look young for their age 'live longer'
  142. FoxNews - Mass Drugging Of Society
  143. Man Quits Job Over Water Fluoride
  144. Sorry, Vegans: Brussels Sprouts Like to Live, Too
  145. G-spot 'doesn't exist', claim scientists after location hunt
  146. The Effect of Sexual Deprivation on Women
  147. Cell phone exposure may protect against and reverse Alzheimer's disease
  148. 48% of Fast Food Soda Fountains Contain Bacteria that Grew in Faeces
  149. Legal Highs
  150. Over 7,000 women a year get false breast cancer alert
  151. World's Second Pregnant Man Ready to Give Birth
  152. Kicking the sugar habit: has anyone here done so?
  153. Smokers at Risk from Their Own 'Second-Hand' Smoke
  154. Drug could turn soldiers into super-survivors
  155. Is Aging a Disease That can be Cured?
  156. Inked or not?
  157. Moderate drinking may help build bone density
  158. Teenage girls 'live on junk food', survey finds
  159. 'Primitive' Cancer Gene Discovered in Ancestral Metazoan
  160. 25 Killer Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence
  161. Proof: Women Smarter than Men
  162. The Union
  163. Chinese Flouride
  164. Four cups of coffee a day 'could protect the heart'
  165. 'Extra Small' Condoms for 12-Year-Old Boys Go on Sale
  166. For a long life, smile like you mean it
  167. Obesity: The killer combination of salt, fat and sugar
  168. Tongue device helps blind soldier
  169. Bananas could be key to stopping spread of Aids, say scientists
  170. Rise in marriages between cousins 'putting children at risk of birth defects', warns Baroness
  171. Seaweed to Tackle Rising Tide of Obesity
  172. Top five cancer controversies explained by experts at cancer research uk
  173. Man flu does exist, scientists say
  174. SuuT! I require your knowledge!
  175. Drinking too much cola could lower men's sperm count
  176. Women are happier than men
  177. Pilates
  178. Baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion
  179. Milk consumption and growth of school children (1929 report)
  180. How does one justify smoking to themselves internally?
  181. Toddlers and TV: Early Exposure Has Negative and Long-Term Impact
  182. Pig's milk?
  183. Mobile Phone Use and Brain Cancer Risk: Inconclusive Results from International Study
  184. Over 50 is best time of your life
  185. Laugh for health: A gag a day keeps the doctor away
  186. Diet: Should you eat like a tudor or a caveman?
  187. Dopamine System in Highly Creative People Similar to That Seen in Schizophrenics
  188. AIDS
  189. Only 8% of Sunscreens Are Safe and Effective
  190. Beetroot juice boosts stamina by making muscles 'more efficient'
  191. I rescued baby who suffered 40% burns in the sun
  192. Indian hermit stuns doctors by surviving without food
  193. Coffee consumption unrelated to alertness
  194. Taking art too far?
  195. Love hormone Oxytocin
  196. Anti rape device: a condom with teeth!
  197. The Protective Effects of Childbirth
  198. Choosing healthy foods now called a mental disorder
  199. BMA declares that 'conversion therapy' for gays is harmful
  200. Genetic Signatures of Human Exceptional Longevity Discovered
  201. Brain Structure Corresponds to Personality
  202. Size of Brain Region Affects Video Game Performance
  203. Household cleaners may double risk of breast cancer
  204. Eating Dirt: The Latest Culinary Trend
  205. Rise in male infertility linked to plastic food and drink cartons
  206. Why Can't You Pay Attention Anymore
  207. Do you smoke?
  208. Scientists make link between brain acid and cognition
  209. The diet/cancer connection
  210. Alcoholics
  211. Allergies...
  212. Eye disorders
  213. Amazed Boffins Probe Ozzy's Genetic Code
  214. dietary supplementation - your recommendations
  215. It's good to think - but not too much, scientists say
  216. 'Artificial Ovary' Develops Oocytes Into Mature Human Eggs
  217. Obesity Virus?
  218. To a European CDC?
  219. A cure for the common cold at last?
  220. San Francisco Bans Toys in Happy Meals
  221. World-Renowned Doctor Disappears
  222. NHS fares best on free access to healthcare
  223. Cigarettes 'to be sold in plain brown packs'
  224. Biotech company secretly releases millions of GM mosquitoes in Cayman Islands
  225. New Study Shows Why The Rich Are No Good At Empathy
  226. Passive smoking 'kills 600,000' worldwide
  227. Can being too clean make you sick?
  228. Monsanto & Cancer Milk
  229. Things you thought made you fat… but don’t
  230. How to Live to 101
  231. Fasting
  232. London vs New York
  233. Danes Have Small Testicles
  234. Sugar: The Bitter Truth - Robert H. Lustig
  235. Ethnic groups battle varying health issues
  236. RIP Jack Lalanne
  237. William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?
  238. Blocking Rogue Gene Could Stop the Spread of Most Cancers
  239. "Iron and the Soul" by Henry Rollins
  240. Non-surgical autopsies on the horizon
  241. Study: Fatty acids can help ease PMS symptoms
  242. For women: Fannying Around
  243. 14th Century toilets in London
  244. Morbidly obese man dead after 2 straight years in same chair
  245. Things "good" parents do that screw up their kids
  246. Classic kids games like kickball deemed unsafe by state in effort to increase summer camp regulation
  247. Bacterial Ecosystems Divide People Into 3 Groups, Scientists Say
  248. Does depression serve a biological and/or spiritual purpose?
  249. Extra pair of wisdom teeth?
  250. The Dirty Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup-Also explains Europe vs America weight & drink sizes