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  1. The Yowie
  2. 'Yeti hairs' belong to a goat
  3. 'Creepy gnome' back on prowl
  4. Chinese man displaying telekinesis?
  5. Do you believe in reincarnation?
  6. The Gnostic
  7. Ozark Avalon, Church of Nature
  8. Was Jesus Christ a magician?
  9. Was Jesus crucified on Wednesday or Friday?
  10. Any opinions on Ancient Aliens?
  11. Landscapes of Terror
  12. Diamonds produced from tequila
  13. Four very interesting and informative links!!!
  14. Museum of Hoaxes
  15. Shadow People
  16. Satanism and Vampirism
  17. Black-eyed Children
  18. El Chupacabra?
  19. Top 10 Fascinating Secrets Taken To The Grave
  20. Kobolds
  21. Scientific causes for a Zombie Apocalypse
  22. 10 Inventors Killed By Their Inventions.
  23. Not Quite White: When Racial Ambiguity Meets Whiteness
  24. Salamander Tumour
  25. Dyaltov Pass Incident
  26. Out of the well...
  27. The Hound of Mons
  28. The Curse of the Crying Boy.
  29. I guess this falls under "weird" in a sense..
  30. UFO proof "irrefutable": former defense minister
  31. The Rendlesham Forest incident
  32. Swiss Watch Found in...?
  33. Do you believe in UFOs?
  34. About dreams, and feel free to post some of your dreams aswell...
  35. Shag Harbour UFO incident
  36. The Ghosts of East Berlin
  37. Déjà vu: Where fact meets fantasy
  38. Ghost Caught on Film at Scottish Castle
  39. Remote Viewing
  40. UFO sighted in Moskow
  41. Does a cat parasite that has infected half the world change human personality?
  42. There is a Satan in our neighbourhood
  43. Mantras, Chants, and Recitations: Mind Clearing, and Mind Cleansing Devices
  44. Astronomers Detect Unknown Signal
  45. Have you heard 'the Hum'?
  46. Heavy rainy days in 2011
  47. Other forms of Esoterica
  48. VERY big bears of Chukotka
  49. Breathing Effects
  50. Morals and Dogma of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by Albert Pike
  51. 'Vampire' discovered in mass grave
  52. 'UFO' lights move across the sky
  53. Ghost caught on tape in Chile
  54. Strange Military UFO Incident.
  55. Power Of The Mind - Your Experiences?
  56. Bigfoot: The Patterson-Gimlin film
  57. UFOs: record number of sightings forecast for 2009
  58. Ghosts: Do you believe they exist?
  59. The Keith Richards Crop Circle..
  60. Do you believe in Alien abductions?
  61. Alien baby in Mexico?
  62. Welcome to The Apricity Shrinkers!
  63. Ways To Incorporate Extra Movement
  64. The Challenge Thread
  65. Tickers
  66. Proof That the Loch Ness Monster Exists?
  67. Progress Reports
  68. Diets that didn't work
  69. Pervert yeti stalked bikini girl
  70. The Rollright Stone Circle.
  71. FEMA prepares for UFO attack
  72. When You Are Threatened Magically
  73. Odd Coincidence?
  74. Thinspiration
  75. Aleister Crowley
  76. The Bermuda Triangle
  77. Rosalia Lombardo
  78. Simple aerobic yoga
  79. 21 th century mysteries.....
  80. Gettysburg Ghosts
  81. Can animals see what we cannot?
  82. Hypnosis & Mind Control
  83. Britain's Roswell
  84. What do you think about these videos?
  85. Quran texts appear on baby’s body in Dagestan
  86. Eighth severed foot washes up on Canada's Pacific coast
  87. The Mothman
  88. Running... from couch potato to 5k a week!
  89. Photo of 55ft snake shocks China
  90. Vatican looks to heavens for signs of alien life
  91. Orbs on Samhain
  92. Mysterious Orang Pendek apeman spotted by British expedition
  93. Bizarre Calf Mutilations Found On San Luis Ranch
  94. Mysterious Giant Spiral Dominates Norway's Sky.
  95. How that full moon really can turn you into a werewolf
  96. Weird picture of the surface of Mercury
  97. Boy Remembers Being Shot Down In WWII
  98. The unclear Mistery of Anneliese Michel´s Death
  99. Sheep gives birth to human-faced lamb
  100. Remains of Emperor Julian's "Against the Galileans"
  101. Fleet of Three UFO In Moscow Filmed
  102. History Channel: The Lost Book of Nostradamus
  103. Death of UFO expert Paul Vigay 'a mystery'
  104. Moving Martian rock
  105. Do you believe in ghosts or spirits?
  106. Creation of thought-forms
  107. Scientists say alien life could already be lurking among, or even in, us
  108. Lord Maitreya Steps Forward
  109. The Mental Tragedy
  110. Bizarre 'Flower' Seen Above Oz - Satellite Pics
  111. UFO sceptic has close encounter with 'alien' on bowling green
  112. Riddle of the 'Windermere Triangle', where cars mysteriously refuse to unlock
  113. Spring Heeled Jack
  114. Punch Hole Clouds & Other Rarely Seen Cloud Formations
  115. Hubble shows Pluto "turning red"
  116. UFO 'was spotted above Michael Howard's home'
  117. Newly released UFO files from the UK government
  118. UFO 'had near miss with Boeing 737
  119. Prehistoric UFO and ET images found in remote cave in India
  120. Builder Snaps "Ghost" Boy
  121. Local UFO Sightings on the Rise
  122. Boy develops fish scales at 14 months old
  123. The Truth About 2012 Doomsday Hype.
  124. French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment
  125. Water
  126. Man marries pillow.
  127. Area 51 vets speak up
  128. Help, with diet
  129. Time traveller caught in 1940 photo?
  130. UFOs Hovering, Darting & Dancing In Night Sky Over Geelong, Australia
  131. New Stephen Hawking Documentary!
  132. The Mothman Prophecy
  133. Fruit cake of ideas
  134. UFO's: The Secret Evidence (Oct. 2005)
  135. The Illusion of Reality
  136. Theory: planet Nibiru, AKA Eris, and its arrival on Dec 21, 2012
  137. Clothing and Accessories of the '70's
  138. Viking Serpents
  139. Russian lake monster investigation demanded
  140. Top 50 Diet Tips
  141. Iran: West taints cigarettes with pig blood,
  142. Strange Disappearance Of The Anjikuni Village People
  143. Phenomenal Sailing Stones in Death Valley
  144. Google Earth Pictures: The Most Mysterious Sightings Ever (PHOTOS)
  145. 'Satan' appears in bathroom tile
  146. Digimon, Real or Not?
  147. Person falls from sky, then vanishes say witnesses
  148. UN to appoint Earth contact for aliens
  149. Former Air Force Officers: UFOs Tampered With Nuclear Missiles
  150. Setting History Free: Graham Hancock & David Wilcock
  151. The Great Vampires
  152. Manchester Dogs' Home operates on hermaphrodite dog
  153. China to Search for Elusive 'Bigfoot'
  154. Baby dies after hysterical people jump from Paris flat to 'escape the devil'
  155. Charlie Chaplins Time Traveler
  156. My regimen is working - please comment!
  157. Mind Control - America's Secret War
  158. Fátima's 'Miracle of the Sun' visions: real or not?
  159. New study ’proves’ that we can see the future
  160. The Kolbrin.
  161. new test
  162. Savitri Devi Prophetess Of The Saucers.
  163. The Prophecies of Merlin.
  164. Lemuria
  165. Foods that affect thyroid function
  166. Divination Tools
  167. Okay, getting started ...
  168. Near-Death Experiences
  169. Alright
  170. On quiet beginnings
  171. The dream thread
  172. Father left his 4 year old son home alone to play Ninja
  173. Super Moon on 19th March 2011
  174. The memo that 'proves aliens landed at Roswell'... released online by the FBI
  175. U.N. Prepares to Debate Whether 'Mother Earth' Deserves Human Rights Status
  176. Ghosts of the Underground
  177. The Boy Who Lived Before
  178. The Hessdalen Lights Phenomenon
  179. NSA released a file about a serie of alleged extraterrestrial messages
  180. Mongolian Death Worm: Legendary Creepy-Crawly Desert Killer
  181. Scariest creature?
  182. Mount Everest's Death Zone
  183. The Voynich Manuscript
  184. The Vril Society
  185. The Aldebaran Mystery: The Nazi/ET UFO Connection
  186. Child's Memories Prove Reincarnation
  187. Do You Believe in the Paranormal/Supernatural?
  188. The Dyatlov Pass Incident (February 2, 1959)
  189. Psychic abilities
  190. Low-carb ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet
  191. Yeti: Scientists set off to find the abominable snowman
  192. The crooked forest of northwestern Poland
  193. Do you believe in ghost?
  194. Strange trumpet sounds in the sky ?
  195. 'Ghost Train' (BBC, 1989)
  196. Welcome!
  197. Ancient Giants and Cosmic Wars
  198. Astrology
  199. mymy's chart
  200. AussieScott's Chart
  201. Second Sight
  202. Crystals and gemstomes
  203. Medicinal Herbs and daily life use
  204. Mystery Sounds Haunt The Paranormal Community (VIDEO)
  205. Team to investigate underwater 'UFO' - is it sunken ships or Millennium Falcon?
  206. Strange noises in the sky worldwide !
  207. Do You Believe in the Fey?
  208. “Woolly Mammoth” Spotted in Siberia
  209. Iceland River Monster
  210. Florida Sea Monster
  211. Survivorman Les Stroud Has Seen Bigfoot
  212. Mountain of the Dead The Dyatlov Pass
  213. Billy the Kid Survived???
  214. UFO falls from the sky and lands in Siberia.
  215. Astral Projection
  216. R we really approachin' the Mayan doomsday or what?
  217. Paranormal, folktales and White people
  218. High Intensity Interval Training
  219. Bigfoot and Yeti DNA Study Gets Serious
  220. Strange sounds heard worldwide 2012
  221. The Reptilian Conspiracy theory
  222. Gnome appears in Argentina
  223. Guy actually makes it into area 51 main gate
  224. Project Montauk.. interview with three ex-government scientists who worked there
  225. The Reptilian Conspiracy Theory
  226. Will the JonBenét Ramsey Case ever get solved?
  227. Do Jinxes Really Exist?
  228. Underground Civilisations - Ancient Man-made tunnels
  229. Does this ‘Nessie’ photo show the real Loch Ness Monster?
  230. Demon possession: The Story of Annelise Michel and some thoughts on the matter
  231. Inquiring Minds weight thread
  232. Monster Quest: Devils in New Jersey
  233. 13 Signs You Live In A Haunted House
  234. Demonic possession: Real or not real?
  235. Kazimiera's chart
  236. 3D Without Glasses - Crossed Eyes Method - Try it out!
  237. Fat again - Broccoli and Tofu awaits...
  238. Ghost Car
  239. Tree Ghost
  240. Medvedev Aliens are among humans
  241. Petrol Station Ghost
  242. Ghost Behind ABC Reporter
  243. Swedish Twins On The Motorway
  244. Something very strange!!!
  245. Spirits On Tape
  246. Did NASA delete evidence of UFOs from its photo archive?
  247. Have you ever been abducted by aliens?
  248. Weird & Paranormal: which is your favourite?
  249. The UFO thread
  250. Cryptozoology