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  1. Albanian Women/Femrat Shqiptare
  2. Vetem Shqiptaret
  3. Hungary's 'Slavic-Looking' Skanderbeg Shocks Albanians
  4. Albanian Orthodox Chants/Hymns
  5. Muzik Shqip
  6. Traditional Albanian Cities/Architecture
  7. Whats that albanian dish
  8. Nora of Kelmendi - The greatest woman warrior in the history of Albania.
  9. Beautiful Albania's Mosques
  10. Do Foreigners Care More About Albanian Religion than Albanians?
  11. Muzik atdhetare - Patriotic music
  12. Lol..avete preso Panucci come nuovo CT dell Albania
  13. Veshje kombetare - Traditional clothing
  14. Albania To Adopt Law Boosting Minorities' Rights
  15. Albanian Y-DNA Project
  16. Albanians who haven't tested their YDNA
  17. For Albanian Trolls around here
  18. Albanologist Robert Elsie passes away
  19. Who Owned Albania? (350 BC - 2017)
  20. Anceint Illyrian names that somehow survived
  21. Humor shqip
  22. North Albanians( Ghegs)/ Illyrian/ Dardanian prototypes and images.
  23. America’s Eisenhower Inspires Albania’s First Woman General
  24. Four Albanian commandos VANISH on a Nato training mission in UK
  25. Nikollė Nikprelaj thread
  26. Poezi dhe Letėrsi - Poetry and Literature
  27. Kosovars Remain Faithful to Old Albanian Flag
  28. Does Albania have a high amount of Gypsy/Roma?
  29. The Labs (by Ibrahim Manzour, 1827)
  30. Bulgaria has delivered relief supplies to the flood-stricken Albania
  31. Worst Albanian member on TA?
  32. Illyrian Albanians
  34. Average Albanian Phenotype
  35. Albanian language an elective in turkish schools
  36. Flying Shoes in Albanian Parliament
  37. Chinese-woman-laundered-1-8-million-in-drugs-money-for-alb an ian gang
  38. Difference between Albanians and Greeks?
  39. Ethymology of the medieval Albanian ethnonym
  40. Undan Laberia!
  41. Albanian Clan arrested by the Spanish Police in Madrid
  42. A question that baffles me a little
  43. Edi Rama: Fal Detin, Mbolli Varreza Greke Gjithandej Shqiperise Dhe Ne Fund Shan Camet.
  44. What is this Serb saying...w/Albanian Flag?
  45. Albanian name meaning
  46. What is this guy saying?
  47. Do Albanians have territorial pretensions on Slavic territories?
  48. Could someone translate this
  49. The new President of Laberia
  50. The Albanians: Europe's Original 'White Muslims'
  51. Ancient Albanian alphabet
  52. Nikola Tesla in Albanian national coustume?
  53. Fighting the cannabis mafia - Albania's drug cartels
  54. Gjurmė Shqiptare - Lekovo nė Greqi, ku shqipja nuk ka humbur
  55. High Greek/Italian % on Albanian results (MyHeritage)
  56. Most Albanian looking member on this forum?
  57. Remains of 108 WWII Greek Soldiers Found in Albania
  58. Most Albanian-looking member
  59. Alexander on Albanian coins
  60. Albanians are a Cypriot Population that migrated from Tilliria
  61. Albanian Nordicism Debunked / Gheg Pigmentation
  62. Why Islam is not compatible with Albanians
  63. The Polak invasion of Albania
  64. Identity crisis in Albania: the Greeks of Albania
  65. Most beautiful Albanian race?
  66. What is Northern Albanian men traditional head covering origin?
  67. 1417: First Turkic massive conquest of Albania
  68. Half Albanians / Gjysem Shiptaret
  69. Albanian Soprano greeted personally by Russian Prime Minister after the Musical .
  70. Albanian Traditional Light Music
  71. Albania ranked second among nations with citizens getting EU citizenship
  72. Serb racists and Albanians
  73. Russian Patriarch Historical Visit for 3 days in Albania.
  74. Gheg Albanian Women > Others
  75. Albanians: Post your MDLP World results
  76. "Albania’s drug crime is now a European problem"
  77. Three Albanians in Eurovision Song Contest 2018: Ermal, Eugen and Eleni
  78. Karl Topia, the Albanian Prince with '' french'' blood. a short history of the 14th century Albania.
  79. Albanians, if you have to pick, who do you (in general) like more - Greeks or Serbs?
  80. Albanians, if you had to choose, what would you (in general) pick? A Turk or your nose?
  81. Any good reads about the Koman culture
  82. Albanian kickboxer defeates serbian guy in 90 seconds.
  83. Polish scientists uncover ancient Illyrian city near Shkoder
  84. Found: An Untouched 2,000-Year-Old City in Albania
  85. Xhaka and Shaqiri face 2 match bans over 'eagle gesture'
  86. Crazy Albanian commentator!
  87. Zura dhromn, song in arvanitika.
  88. Albania rejects refugee camps building on her soil
  89. Serbian actor ‘interested’ to play Kosovo hero Adem Jashari
  90. Do they look Albanian?
  91. Where did all the Albanians go?
  92. “Emigration, not a solution for Albanians”
  93. Ambassadors: Albania has made little progress in arresting crime bosses
  94. classify average albanian phenotype
  95. Mrizi Zanave - BBC Documentary
  97. The Mountain Gheg Phenotype by Carleton Coon
  98. Turkish actors of Albanian Origin
  99. Albanian Muslims who rescued Jews
  100. successful / famous Albanians
  101. Albanian Language / Words with incredible meaning.
  102. The Jasharis were Muslims
  103. Am I the only Albanian here who doesn't consider Skanderbeg a national hero ?
  104. Myth of Skanderbeg as an Albanian hero
  105. Skanderbeg and Albanian Rebellion DOCUMENTARY
  106. To the Albanian members here
  107. I don't hate Skanderbeg
  108. Clans of Albania
  109. Albania - Croatia relationship
  110. Albanian traffic
  111. J2b2-L283 and Ilyrian colonisation of the Balkans
  112. Old Albanian language
  113. Albanian Trinity
  114. Ancient settlement discovered in Albania
  115. In Albania, new Turkish mosque stirs old resentments
  116. @Albanians
  117. Albanians: post your skin , hair and eye colour breakdown from 23andme
  118. Ethnography and Political context of the 9 malet e dibres region
  119. Albanian Polyphonic Music - 3 Different Styles
  120. Ethnic Greek man reported killed by Albanian police in shootout
  121. Greek Foreign Ministry summons Albanian ambassador over shooting, to lodge demarche
  122. Western Shift in NW Albanians
  123. Ottoman Wars: Skanderbeg and Albanian Rebellion DOCUMENTARY
  124. ALBANIANS: What is your religion?
  125. Ndarja tosk dhe geg na e rrun trapin
  126. Looters plunder Albania's sunken treasures
  127. Entire Balkans called Skanderbeg - 1445 Vatican Map of Europe
  128. Albanian nationalists vandalise Greek monument in Northern Epirus
  129. What do Albanians think of Romania?
  130. Poezia dhe Letėrsia - Poetry and Literature
  131. Illyrians (an interesting find)
  132. Trump thanks Albania for expelling Iranian diplomats
  133. Turks Fleeing a Crackdown Find Haven in Albania
  134. Immigrants into aLbAnIa?
  135. Himariot letters(for history fans).
  136. Bukurite e tokave shqiptare - Albanian beauties
  137. Ndryshimet demografike nė Shqipėri
  138. Greek President Pavlopoulos threatens to block Albania’s EU accession
  139. Pigmentation of Albanians
  140. Sub Eng - The Albanians of Sandzak
  141. Why Albanians believe in ‘besa’?
  142. Albania - Eurovision 2019
  143. Would you visit Albania ?
  144. Albanian Pop/Dance/Club music
  145. Why do Albanians love guns so much?
  146. Ilyrian Sica
  147. The Albanians (Including the diaspora)
  148. Famous Albanians and their Y-DNA haplogroups
  149. Skanderbegs letter to Taranto
  150. Vlachs are the same people as Albanians
  151. Albanian gangsters
  152. sub eng - The tears of Chameria
  153. Why did I move to Albania ?
  154. Is this typical albanian song?
  155. Albanians are hellenic?
  156. Albanian population
  157. Albania travel tip
  158. Traditional Albanian Music
  159. Im very pro albanian for a former serbian citizen
  160. Lyrics translations (Albanian music)
  161. Miss Universe Albania 2019
  162. Ask Albanian members about Albania
  163. Kuēi Dhe Vasojeēi
  164. Zot Perandori i serbise=Jovan Deretic
  165. Kosovo Signs Second US Lobbyist for $50,000-a-Month
  166. "Murdered man in Nijmegen is Albanian politician Festim Lato"
  167. How much Albanian are Aromanians and how much Aromanian are Albanians?
  168. Is someone a honorary Albanian
  169. Why do macedonians in east NM wear albanian-like dress?
  170. Schools a New Tool of Turkish Influence in Albania
  171. Lillium
  172. On the origin and history of the Albanians and Vlachs - 1744 Johann Thunmann
  173. Ancient ivory tablets reveal high status of Illyrian women
  174. Catholic Church in Albania
  175. Janissaries were mostly Albanians
  176. Battle of Galipoli was led by Albanian-Ottoman officers and German officers
  177. Sisters of the Blood Feud: Revenge killings in Albania
  178. Illyrian and Albanian
  179. Arnavut Tarihi / History of Albanians
  180. History of the Illyrians
  181. Arvanite Music
  182. Albanian rap
  183. Albania through the eyes of a foreign citizen
  184. Would I pass in Albania?
  185. Is everyone okay?
  186. Ēmenduri! Polici zbarkon ēantat me ndihma pėr tė prekurit nga tėrmeti dhe i ēon nė shtėpi
  187. Truth about death of Bip bip.
  188. List of Albanian words that derive from a PIE cognate and the Indo European connection.
  189. The Pyramid Scheme that Collapsed a Nation
  190. A Dictator's Birthday Present to Himself
  191. The 750,000 Bunkers of Albania
  192. Zog: King of the Bloodfeud
  193. What It Takes To Be A Saint
  194. How do the word "Albanian" translate in our native language?
  195. How does the word "Albanian" translate in our native language?
  196. Alright I'll apologize to you guys.
  197. Tahiraj Kukes/Borje who are they?
  198. Imagine a video game in which..
  199. How do I look 😂
  200. This is the reason why I get mad at my people sometimes.
  201. 29-year old Croatian student tracking the roots of the Albanians
  202. albanian morph
  203. What does it mean that Albanian is a language isolate within the IE family?
  204. Could there be haplogroup O in Albania?
  205. Sipas nje analize gjenetike del se
  206. Hiking trough Albania
  207. Origin of R1b>BY611>Z2705?
  208. Ask Albanians Thread
  209. TA Albanians: Unexpected positive change
  210. Marko Boēari / Marko Botsaris (sub eng)
  211. Albania drone 4k
  212. What happened to albobalboa?
  213. Old pics of Albanians
  214. Pictures of Albania