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  1. "I can't trust Obama ... he's a ... he's an Arab"
  2. Obama: Shoeshine boy
  3. Your thoughts on Obama
  4. TOQ: Obama will help white nationalism
  5. Obama the Antichrist?
  6. Not Every European Politician Has Obama Fever...
  7. USA: End of White Guilt?
  8. David Duke on Obama
  9. Obama has more threats than other presidents-elect
  10. Priest Calls Vote for Obama a Mortal Sin
  11. Do you belong to a political party?
  12. Death Penalty...for or against?
  13. The Marxist Origins of Political Correctness
  14. Doug Stanhope: 'Go Home'.
  15. What's Your Political Ideology?
  16. New European 'No' party
  17. Triumph des Willens
  18. UN bans criticism of Islam
  19. Speculation: what will be the shape of nations to come?
  20. Multiculturalism and Marxism
  21. The Political Compass
  22. Most Brits `still oppose Euro`
  23. PC parents ditch 'offensive' traditional fairy tales
  24. The 'European New Right': Defining and Defending Europe's Heritage
  25. What is the difference between socialism and communism?
  26. "I'd rather have a debauched pound than a dysfunctional euro"
  27. The Naivety of Mongolia's Nazis.
  28. Abortion?.
  29. The Proof at last: McCarthy was Right.
  30. 10 Reasons the Nazis were left wing.
  31. Edward de Bono's Marmite Plan
  33. House Resolution Bill 645
  34. Conservatism is Dead
  35. Albert Einstein, Civil Rights activist.
  36. The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy (Documentary)
  37. A brief political philosophy test.
  38. Ex M15 Boss Speaks Out Against UK/US
  39. Turkey as an EU Member
  40. How do you see your country, ideally ?
  41. The last days of Europe...
  42. National Socialism
  43. Please listen to me, or you'll get something much worse.
  44. 'Anti-Fascism' Is The New Fascism
  45. Unite Against Fascism: Philosophy, Purpose and Methods.
  46. Does Obama hate the British?
  47. Tradition and Revolution: Collected Writings of Troy Southgate
  48. The Obama File
  49. What To Expect From Obama
  50. Are there any lefties/liberals you respect?
  51. Ron Paul predicts 15-year depression
  52. Ideological Compatability.
  53. National Anarchism
  54. Greater Netherlands
  55. Rivers of Blood
  56. Is the BNP Nazi? No, it’s Worse: It isn’t
  57. Marx vs. Germanomaniacs
  58. Who rules, or how we are ruled?
  59. Nationalism rising across Europe
  60. To All My English Friends...
  61. Islamization of the West continues.
  62. The 910 Group
  63. Pentti Linkola "Can Life Prevail?"
  64. Islam and Anthrax
  65. Why we need a British football team
  66. Do we really need 646 Members of Parliament?
  67. Air travel 'as bad as stabbing person in the street', says MEP
  68. Islamic Crusades Episode 6 - India's Millenial Burden
  69. Is this the future of National-Socialism?
  70. Wilders Plans Sequel to "Fitna"
  71. Ten steps that would improve your homeland
  72. Labour Minister PHIL WOLLAS: I want you to vote Tory
  73. 2009 European Parliament Elections - EU Profiler
  74. Game taken offline after Islamic group complains
  75. Is Jared Taylor an ADL agent?
  76. The Nature of Liberal Morality
  77. BNP race row with Dr John Sentamu over 'spear-thrower' comments
  78. 'Best way to beat the BNP is to vote Green'
  79. "Lily-livered Europe has surrendered to Islam"
  80. Natural Aristocracy
  82. My avatar
  83. Politics and Ideology explained
  84. The Underlying Reasons for Big Brother's Present Triumph
  85. BNP European Elections Broadcast 2009
  86. BNP Website Under DOS Attack
  87. Geert Wilders Up Close
  88. Do we still have faith in our political system ?
  89. Nick Griffin on Sky News 2009
  90. Letter from Political Prisoner Ernst Zundel
  91. BNP grossly exaggerates DOS attack
  92. Bush sees parity with 'brother' Clinton
  93. Iran Secretly Helped U.S. War Against Taliban
  94. Facebook, YouTube : How social media outlets impact digital terrorism and hate
  95. Nick Griffin talks to the Scotsman.
  96. MPs to debate immediate election
  97. The moral politics test
  98. Big losses predicted for left wing parties in Euro elections
  99. [SPLIT] M'Bala M'Bala
  100. Russia plants flag on North Pole seabed
  101. Leading historians on whether fascism is on the march again
  102. Hope Not Hate
  103. Monarchy Vs. Republic, By Otto Von Habsburg
  104. Study finds right wingers more likely to view other side's media
  105. Alexandr Dugin's "Eurasian Theory" in 4 maps
  106. The 2009 EU election results in sum - "European Socialism Suffers Body Blow"
  107. Bill will ban 'white-only' BNP
  108. The immigration debate is not a right-left issue
  109. The most important question of our time...what do you think?
  110. "Martyrdom Recruitment as Children's Entertainment"
  111. BBC admits falsifying photo captions
  112. Ron Paul speaks out against "meddling" in Iran and against anti-Iran hysteria
  113. Latvian Nationalist Party makes coalition with British Tories in EU parliament
  114. Nationalism: A Destructive Force
  115. Micael O'Meara: Benoist's Pluriversum - an ethnonationalist critique
  116. Heil, Obama?
  117. Ethnic Nationalism or Civic Nationalism?
  118. Pan-European Nationalism
  119. John Rhys-Davies Speaks On Alex Jones' Radio Show
  120. Global Governance
  121. Bill Maher: Obama needs to be more like Bush
  122. An Open Letter to the Obama Administration from Central and Eastern Europe
  123. Are Jews the new master race?
  124. Whats your political orientation?
  125. Controlling the Global Economy: Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Federal Reserve
  126. EU equality law is an ‘instrument of oppression’, Roman Catholic bishops warn
  127. Nazi thugs' threats won't stop protest at BNP hate-fest
  128. To Break the British Army... Nick Griffin Speaks.
  129. Capitalism or Socialism?
  130. Political Leaders for 911 Truth
  131. Our man at Bilderberg: in pursuit of the world's most powerful cabal
  132. British 'careless' with liberties
  133. A possible North American Union: What would be the benefits (if any) of such?
  134. 120 Labour MPs plan to stand down at next general election
  135. Female Suffrage
  136. Would you emigrate?
  137. Has the left blown its big chance of success?
  138. Monarchy - Yes or No?
  139. Supporters of European integration are just like communists of the Soviet-era
  140. The Reality of Ideals
  141. Freemasons
  142. Anarchism
  143. Political protest: would you burn your country's flag?
  144. A speech by Václav Klaus
  145. U.N. Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds
  146. A state church ?
  147. For You, What is Best in Life?
  148. The BNP Will Have to Adapt or Die, Warns Party Leader
  149. "The beauty and the beast: race and racism in Europe", by Tom Sunic
  150. What are the most inspirational things you have ever seen?
  151. Israel launches ad campaign warning against marriage with non-Jews
  152. The Truth about Israel and Zionism
  153. What is your allegiance?
  154. Mediocracy
  155. Homosexual Activists Intimidate American Psychiatric Association.
  156. World's Shortest Political Quiz
  157. Cognitive Dissonance Theory
  158. Colonialism. What do we think of it ?
  159. NO MEANS NO! Yes to Europe! No to the Lisbon Treaty!
  160. Everything Is OK Montage
  161. The bloody history of communism
  162. Post-Lisbon EU: Appoint War Criminal As President
  163. Would you die for your country?
  164. Obama Zombies (LOL!!)
  165. How to be a good citizen (lol)
  166. Social role determines political views
  167. Teachings of the Frankfurt school and their impact on our societies today
  168. Why Are Jews Liberals?—A Symposium of prominent writers
  169. The Power of Nightmares
  170. Isolationism: Your thoughts?
  171. Obama Supporter Spazzes Out (LOL)
  172. Office of The Pres: Ties That Suprise
  173. Even Hitler is disappointed in Obama
  174. White Nationalism?!
  175. War Criminals Are Becoming The Arbiters Of Law
  176. NWO annoyed and bored with their old Afghan puppet
  177. Danger from within
  178. Police searching for immigrant's bodies
  179. Traditionalist, New Right and Conservationist texts
  180. European nationalist parties form alliance
  181. Diversity a strenght or a weakness?Taylor against March
  182. Blessed are the Placemakers
  183. Direct Democracy - Why the American People must disband Congress
  184. Nationalism & Free Thought
  185. Trotsky, Obama And The Black “Vanguard Of The Revolution”
  186. List of White Nationalist forums, got any more?
  187. Nigel Farage reprimanded for criticising new EU foreign minister
  188. Lou Dobbs for President? Maybe Senator First
  189. Racial tragedy?
  190. Clown Brown setting "targets" for Afghanistan
  191. Terry Tremaine
  192. BNP to betray the people of Gibraltar?
  193. Affirmative Action/Employment Equity/Positive Action schemes: Have they outlived their usefulness?
  194. John Pilger - Obama and Empire
  195. The politician
  196. Left/Right Paradigm
  197. For The Record
  198. Last Things: Democracy, or “Whatever the Majority Approves”
  199. Secret Neo-Nazi Documents Published
  200. Copenhagen Was Global Success?
  201. [SPLIT] Uyghurs in China
  202. Threats to our European heritage
  203. Serbia to formally sue Croatia for genocide
  204. What kind of system do you prefer?
  205. This says it all
  206. The Last Message From A Dead President
  207. Cartoon predicts the future 50 years ago. This is amazing insight!
  208. Democracy's Wane
  209. Avatar - Racist toward everyone?
  210. "The middle class is in search of an identity...
  211. Greece's incapability, Europe's burden
  212. Now Australia Is Banning Small Boobs.
  213. 'The Creed of a Nationalist' by John Tyndall
  214. Obama Espoused Radical Views in College
  215. Aristotle On the Maintenance of Tyranny
  216. The European Tea Party Movement
  217. Jewish Lobby Controls Obama. Brzezinksi Laments
  218. What is "ethnicity"?
  219. Totalitarian Collectivism
  220. The Counter Intelligence Program
  221. Multiracialism and Democracy
  222. Clerical Fascism
  223. Why is Marxism wrong? And how are its theories flawed and dangerous?
  224. Poll: Independence movements around the world
  225. Independence movements
  226. The Nature of Liberal Morality
  227. Whither republicanism?
  228. The point of age restriction on drinking and cigarettes?
  229. Saudis fund Balkan Muslims spreading hate of the West
  230. Ford and Hitler---Animals, Slavery, and the Holocaust
  231. Jerusalem - something for the Tories
  232. Phillip Blond
  233. National Day of Prayer
  234. Far right online radio in Europe?
  235. A Free Home?
  236. A new (to me at least) category of thought crime: "hate facts"
  237. Is this for real?
  238. The Return of Hitler
  239. UK without a government
  240. Should there be a new Balkan League?
  241. Hacking Democracy
  242. Best Politician in History?
  243. Detroit documentary
  244. Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard
  245. Soros and fake democracy
  246. Preliminary results of the Dutch General Elections
  247. Obama under "massive assault" from U.S. environmentalist left
  248. President Chavez's socialist world vision
  249. A Better Future For Humanity
  250. congressman assaults student questioning him