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  1. Recession blocker
  2. Markets hold breath as $360bn Lehman swaps unwind
  3. What Killed The Banks?
  4. The $50 Billion Madoff Fraud
  5. The European economy
  6. Is Jaguar next for a bail-out?
  7. The World Currency is....
  8. Madoff Victims May Have to Return 6 Years of Profits
  9. The Economy Using Cows
  10. Beyond The Age Of Usury
  11. Will the economic downturn help "our" cause?
  12. Stock indexes for the last week
  13. Why we shouldn't ever adopt the euro.
  14. 80 per cent of bank lending 'went overseas'
  15. Strike; British jobs for Bristish workers.
  16. Who Owns Who?
  17. Protectionism would be a sure-fire way of turning recession into depression."
  18. The economic case for doing nothing.
  19. Stocks: New month, more fears
  20. Global CEOs pessimistic for 09'
  21. Global Financial crisis sparks unrest
  22. General Motors to Use Bailout Billion to Invest in Brazil
  23. Free market or protectionist?
  24. Charting the Recession
  25. Minister fears rise of fascism amid economic gloom
  26. EU-French protectionism row.
  27. Michael Moore to make film about financial crisis
  28. US, UK ratings "being tested" by crisis
  29. Europe's economic slump deeper than expected.
  30. Bankers pull another fast one.
  31. What was the US Congress so Spooked about in Sep.'08? Revealed at Last.(Bank Holiday)
  32. Goldman Sachs: War on Greed.
  33. US is bankrupt (rant video)
  34. Greenspan Suggests Bank Nationalization
  35. On Gold Backwardation
  36. Gold tops $1,000 an ounce
  37. Will they ever learn?
  38. Soros sees no bottom for world financial "collapse"
  39. E.U. Feels Baltic Banking Woes
  40. US Bank Nationalization: Who Would Bear the Pain?
  41. Goldman Sachs estimate market to drop further
  42. Eastern European banks given €24.5bn aid.
  43. The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class
  44. Economic crisis threatens the idea of one Europe.
  45. Canada's banks: Admired worldwide for their management - and cash
  46. Worst crisis since 1930s says Fed
  47. Madoff 'expected to plead guilty'
  48. Islamic Finance, coming to an Ivy League school near you
  49. U.S. Treasury teaches 'Islamic Finance 101'
  50. RBS makes £1.7bn mortgage promise.
  51. World economy to shrink in 2009; first time since 1945
  52. As Britain slides into depression, the EU insists on TREBLING maternity pay
  53. US Federal Reserve Bank to buy $1 Trillion of Debt
  54. Everything You Love You Owe to Capitalism
  55. Russia backs return to Gold Standard to solve financial crisis
  56. Obama baffled by financial question
  57. Doubling of financial sector blamed for crash
  58. US Government concealing bank information to prevent stock market crash
  59. Video of one trillion dollars
  60. Job Losses Hurt The Regions
  61. Biggest drop in U.S. industrial output since World War II
  62. The Interview That'll Bag a Job
  63. UK keeps EU working week opt-out
  64. Italian-owned Fiat ready to jump start bankrupt Chrysler
  65. Checking Your Change
  66. The Myth of the Scandinavian Model
  67. The Social Welfare State, beyond Ideology
  68. Study finds tall people at top of wages ladder
  69. GM receives $4B in aid amid bankruptcy fears
  70. World Bank warns of loomng 'social crisis'
  71. Maryland taxes millionaires, millionaires leave, tax revenues fall
  72. UN : lingering global recession possible
  73. General Motors to file for bankruptcy
  74. US embassies are being urged to buy local currency to last a year (Bob Chapman)
  75. Politics of debt: Seeing red
  76. Swedish housewives and Bulgarian Greens.
  77. ‘Legacy of Debt’ Gives Fiscal Stimulus Bad Name
  78. Unsolved Madoff mystery : Where did all the money go?
  79. An attack or a defense of capitalism.
  80. GM Running Out of Trucks and SUVs
  81. The ONE MILLION people who haven't worked since 1997
  82. Dr. Richard Ebeling explains free-market economics, ...
  83. Tax law changes driving companies from the UK to Switzerland
  84. Unemployment jumps by record 281,000
  85. Dow tops 9,000
  86. Extra £50bn pumped into economy
  87. Cuba running out of toilet paper, may privatize economy to improve productivity
  88. France and Germany exit recession
  89. Is a Bank Holiday Imminent?
  90. Ben Shalom Bernanke to be reappointed
  91. U.S. Helps Spanish Company to Buy Texas Bank
  92. Fed: "Truth would destroy U.S. economic system"
  93. Harley Davison will try to crack India's huge market.
  94. Americans are $2 trillion wealthier
  95. "The Ghost Fleet of the Recession..."
  96. The Recession has Technically Ended: Surely You're Joking, Mr. Bernanke!
  97. The Season of the Witch
  98. A Flaw in Capitalism
  99. Why Capitalism has failed
  100. 'Capitalism: A Love Story'
  101. Waiting for the Americans…
  102. The Economic Recovery is an Illusion
  103. Russia Today: The Dollar Is Finished
  104. Gold rallies to new record high on rising investment demand
  105. Whodunit? Sneak attack on U.S. dollar
  106. Arabs Plot To Drop Dollar
  107. Gordon Brown: we're out of money, selling the country to private corporations
  108. Dollar facing ‘power-shift’
  109. Dutch central bank takes over DSB
  110. 10% unemployment, but the recession is 'over'?
  111. Shooting of Prominent IMF Economist Baffles Police
  112. Dollar loses reserve status to yen & euro
  113. Corporations vs Capitalism, and the rise and fall of American capitalism
  114. Dutch DSB Bank Declared Bankrupt
  115. European milk farmers protest low prices/subsidies
  116. Nassim Taleb
  117. Rockefeller & Co's CEO commits suicide
  118. Economy Grows But Jobless Number Still Soars
  119. Nine More American Banks are Closed
  120. Global Markets Could Soon Crash
  121. European Economic Forecast
  122. CFR forecasts declining dollar and pushes for a global currency system
  123. Americans on food stamps tops 36 million
  124. US foreign aid to Israel benefits her enemies. American military aid to Israel is not critical.
  125. Bankers a Character Study
  126. What is Austrian Economics?
  127. Customers angry as banks win battle over overdraft charges
  128. Gold rallies to $1,180 mark
  129. U.S Debt Clock
  130. US Dollar Index at 74.25
  131. Dubai Debt Drags Down Markets
  132. Map of Unemployment in USA
  133. Glenn Beck on the Economy, New World Order
  134. Max Keiser, Russia Today on 'Tsunami alert': Dubai debt crisis awakes storm?
  135. Gold Price to Double in Coming Months
  136. 2010 Will Result In Complete Crash of the Dollar
  137. Article claims US economy will come to resemble Greek economy
  138. Catalonia, the 4rth wealthiest country in Europe
  139. Gold, dollar drop against pirate futures
  140. Food Stamps Go to a Record 37.2 Million, USDA Says
  141. Food Stamp Usage Across the Country [interactive map]
  142. Muslims will Punish Swiss by Emptying Bank Accounts: Turkish Minister
  143. 50% of Detroit Unemployed
  144. Majority of Americans believe U.S. in decline
  145. Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Increase
  146. U.S. growth prospects deemed bleak in new decade
  147. Euro Zone Grapples With Debt Crisis
  148. Hiring outlook for 2010 is grim
  149. National Irish Bank Moves to Cashless Banking
  150. "Obama-Bernanke "Economic Recovery" is Actually Dangerous Bubble"
  151. EU Costing UK £18bn a year
  152. Bernanke Knew Financial Crisis Was Coming
  153. Tired of Low Quality?
  154. Money As Debt
  155. Dow Down 4% for 2010 After Brutal Selloff
  156. Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem
  157. True Cost of Labour Lies on Immigration and Climate Change
  158. Bulgaria to Overcome Economic Crisis in 9 Months
  159. Greek math: public sector employees receive 14 monthly payments
  160. How Milton Friedman Saved Chile
  161. Iceland rejects Icesave repayment deal
  162. If the Euro collapses, what effects would it have on the US dollar?
  163. The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
  164. Capitalism- A Love Story (2008)
  165. Bulgaria Euro Adoption Likely in 20 Years - Analyst
  166. Bulgaria to Implement "Luxury Tax"
  167. Hellenic Post Bank (TT) bet against Greece
  168. Portugal's bond rating cut to AA
  169. From Wall Street to Skank Street
  170. Health care costs to rise 17-50% for young adults under Obamacare
  171. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on doing business in Africa (2007)
  172. Food, Inc.
  173. What's in your Wine
  174. NBA player went from 87$ million to -4.7 million in debt....
  175. The Future Economic Collapse Of Europe
  176. Economic Hitmen
  177. The Love of Money
  178. The U.S. Economy's Lost Decade: 2000-2009
  179. Peak Phosphorus : A threat to the human race?
  180. Spain downgraded, Europe debt crisis widens
  181. Bulgarian Bank System Stable Despite Global Crisis
  182. Greek Deal May Collapse as Crisis Tests Euro
  183. Dow plunges 1,000 points!!
  184. Will Greece leave the Euro?
  185. EU Agrees on Euro Stability Package
  186. $955 Billion Bailout Plan for Euro Members Is Crafted; ECB Intervenes in Bond Markets
  187. WalMart a flourishing conduit of poor quality products (2007 article)
  188. Convergence Report 2010
  189. Using Debt to Fuel Growth
  190. Wealthy Getting Out of Fiat Money
  191. Could Sovereign Default lead to Depression (includes debt comparions by country)
  192. Commission wants EU states to submit their budgets for ‘review’
  193. UK budget deficit 'to surpass Greece's as worst in EU'
  194. Estonia shows euro is not doomed project
  195. Greece: Party's over, what happens now?
  196. What things the US can do to strengthen the dollar vs the euro?
  197. The Future Of Food
  198. How low can the euro go? Very.
  199. Analysts suggest Greek debt defaut
  200. Bolivia: Between Mother Earth and an ‘Extraction Economy’
  201. Whatever Germany does, the euro as we know it is dead
  202. EU Bailout "Rescuing Banks And Rich Greeks"
  203. Nouriel Roubini said the bubble would burst and it did. So what next?
  204. In graphics: Eurozone in crisis
  205. "US money supply plunges at 1930s pace..."
  206. Ezra Pound on Money
  207. Ever watched Russia Today and the "Keiser Report"?
  208. Malnutrition killing elderly in U.S.
  209. Euro 'will be dead in five years'
  210. Socialist Yugoslavia and the EEC
  211. US geologists find $1trillion of mineral reserves in Afghanistan
  212. As eurozone crisis bites, newcomer Estonia urges austerity
  213. European Economic Sustainability Index
  214. Martin Helme: the fall of European socialism
  215. Shut Down the Central Banks?
  216. The G8 and G20 Summits
  217. Italy Is the Ticking Time Bomb: Economist
  218. Portugal Feels Austerity's Bite
  219. The World's Biggest Debtor Nations
  220. Moody's downgrades Ireland rating
  221. Young European farmers are a dying breed
  222. Estate tax/inheritance tax ??
  223. How Goldman gambled on starvation
  224. Paul Craig Roberts: "Economics in Freefall"
  225. Jim Rogers predicts a new recession in 2012
  226. On European standards
  227. The greatest charity giveaway in history? 34 billionaires pledge half of their fortunes
  228. Chinese "Straddling" Bus Offers to Alleviate Traffic Congestion
  229. Russia grain export ban sparks price fears
  230. The Secret of Oz
  231. Is Your Favorite Ice Cream Made With Monsanto's Artificial Hormones?
  232. Sweatshops and the Global Economy (1999)
  233. Top 6 Most Indebted Countries (And Why)
  234. BP ultimatum: Let us drill or funds will dry up
  235. Castro: " 'Cuban (Economic) Model Doesn't Even Work For Us Anymore' "
  236. IMF fears 'social explosion' from world jobs crisis
  237. Without Hope?
  238. Parents won't have wealth to pass on, report
  239. Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis
  240. "The Dangers of Agricultural Speculation"
  241. Walmart - High Cost of Low Prices
  242. Super Size Me (2004)
  243. Australian Dollar Almost at Parity with U.S. Dollar
  244. Super Rich: The Greed Game
  245. Victims of the hunger for land
  246. Is Selfish Capitalism Driving Us Mad?
  247. Europe should become more self-sufficient
  248. Crude oil prices and its influence on economy
  249. Sepp Holzer - Permaculture - Farming with Terraces and Raised Beds
  250. Gold bullion – coming soon to a vending machine near you