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  1. Happy Chinese New Year,Apriciters!
  2. What some ancient Celts eat
  3. Do Brunns even exist? The Beaker People totally wiped out and replaced the natives ..
  4. Which Balkan nation is the most legitimate Illyrian successor?
  5. Which country is more racist nowadays: the United States or Mexico?
  6. Wrong national appellations.
  7. What percentage of Algerians can pass as Iberian?
  8. Serbs vs Croats, who do you support ?
  9. Are Germans still hateful towards Slavs?
  10. Are Austrians more slippery than Germans because of their stronger Slavic/ Mediterranean admixture?
  11. Which Balkan nation is the most legitimate Thracian successor?
  12. Ottoman/ Near Eastern influence in Balkans, from Least to most by country
  13. What does Nazi Ideology teach about Armenians?
  14. The Demographic Future of Europe by 2050
  15. Map of Indigenous New World Languages & Territories
  16. Who has more Ancient Greek ancestry: West coast Turks or North Europeans?
  17. Most normies in the Northeastern US call Hispanics "Spanish" now
  18. France has to decide what they want. Almost 10% of the country is Muslim
  19. For Non Italians: Why do you want to be Italian?
  20. What happened to Roman Aquileia?
  21. [POLL] Are you Tribal, Religious or Globalist?
  22. Country more "arab" which not "arab" ?
  23. "French Is Now the Fifth Most Spoken World Language—Thanks to Africans"
  24. Map of Vlach Migrations
  25. British will soon be colonized by india
  26. [POLL] Who would you like to Represent FUTURE EUROPE?
  27. indus valley civilization had direct relation with oman
  28. Do welsh feel closer to english than scottish and irish ?
  30. Kazakh language (Kek)
  31. What Y-DNA this INHUMAN guy?
  32. A study of the ethnic struggle in Bohemia and Moravia
  33. Untold West Slavic History
  34. The History of Germany: Every Year
  35. which country appeals more to you, Slovenia or Czech Republic ?
  36. Vandal ancestry of the Polans
  37. Will Hispanics Become “White” in the US in the Near Future due to Intermarriage?
  38. Celts in Poland
  39. Balkan definition
  40. Your favorite southern European country ?
  41. Albanians and South Slavs: identity partitions comparison
  42. russians and indians had common origin. proof !
  43. Which is your favourite ex austro-hungarian country?
  44. Panonnian Basin Appreciation thread
  45. Aromanians /Vlachs in ex-Yugoslavia
  46. Who's the most Slavophobic of them all?
  47. Should Middle Eastern Christians Be Given Priority Over Muslims (Immigration to the West)
  48. Italian members,how do you think about Spartacus?
  49. Illegal Migrants procured by EU Organizations
  50. Should Germany and Prussia unite again?
  51. What's the most misrepresented ethnic group in the anthrosphere?
  52. There were 15,000 Slavic people in Medieval Spain
  53. Why Georgians do not look Asian?
  54. Small white (Spanish) population still in the Philippines
  55. the region/state of your country you dislike/hate the most and why
  56. The Fall of Neolithic Europe
  57. What language do Kurds speak?
  58. Afro-Asiatic people and Arabs?
  59. How do Circassians feel about Russians?
  60. Are Chechens pro-Russia nowadays?
  61. Who do you prefer, Poles or Russians ?
  62. Bulgarians vs Romanians
  63. French vs English ?
  64. Trump threatens EU with Customs and Tariffs (Sanctions)
  65. Did you ever felt discriminated due to your ethnicity or origin place?
  66. 1826 map of World Population
  67. If your neighbor countries were others, other ethnicities
  68. Big Religion May Have Gotten Too Much Credit for the Evolution of Modern Society
  69. Should the Eastern Euro countries be ruled by a Western elite to improve it?
  70. What's your favorite Baltic country ?
  71. Was Saint Sebastian a Celt?
  72. Are Slovaks closer to Czechs or Hungarians ?
  73. Ask Bosniaks a Question about Anything!
  74. Origins of Hittites?
  75. Meta-ethnicity of Armenians?
  76. Which is the more intimate relationship, Brit Isles/Germany Vs Brit Isles/India?
  77. Controversy who is white
  78. EU's mission to Destroy Europe
  79. Migrant in Bosnia said "We are preparing for War"
  80. Fitness Expert Photoshopped Herself to Show Different body Standards Througout History
  81. Most MURDEROUS people of all time revealed in ancient DNA
  82. NAZI-Germany was destroyed because of this...
  83. Who are Middle Easterners?
  84. A Falcon Flies
  85. Genetic determinism is extremely real, and culture counts for almost nothing!
  86. Caucasus Turkish?
  87. Southslavs
  88. Northwest Europe vs Southeast Europe. Where would you rather live and where you were born?
  89. Within Europe would you prefer
  90. P. Van der Auweraert - A Man who fights for Migrants against Europeans!
  91. Map of ethnic Poles in 1918 compared to pre-1772 borders of Poland
  92. Nobody Visits This Country...Find Out Why
  93. Is it realistic for marriage to be a lifelong commitment/contract?
  94. Dutch, Germans building Houses for Pakistani Migrants in Bosnia
  95. watch a documentary about my ancestors!
  96. Map of Roman Genetic Legacy
  97. Roman Tunic preservation
  98. Armenians?
  99. Late arrival of Finnic-speakers to the Baltic Sea
  100. india will lead the world to greatness soon
  101. International Organisation for Migration in Bosnia ordering Rifles for it's Crews
  102. Surnames of Lusatian Sorbs of Germany
  103. Are Poles Central Europeans, North-East Europeans or they are just East Europeans?
  104. Found Krivich video on Youtube
  105. Entire Mediterranean World came with Anatolians (Turks)
  106. Judeo-Christian world. Which one is closer to you?
  107. No whites or men allowed! (Marvel said so)
  108. [POLL] ]Should Bosniensis Emigrate to Asia (Turkey) ?
  109. Masaman's Ultimate Ethno-Racial Map of 2019
  110. do you see northern half of France as NW Europe ?
  111. Why the first name 'Dick' is so popular in anglo world ?
  112. What is the situation of gypsies in Turkey
  113. Does living at southern latitudes impact the European diaspora's pigmentation & DNA?
  114. Neo-Ottoman European Muslim UNION
  115. East Germans returning to their Slavic Roots
  116. Can the Dutch be Re-Germanized?
  117. Who loves his mommy?
  118. British Isles
  119. Meet your hunter-gatherer ancestor
  120. Should America promote White South Africans immigration ?
  121. Jesus Christ is the Lord
  122. SOS... Jews need to understand one thing !
  123. Genetic determinism is true and cultural differences can be genetic
  124. In Israel, are European-looking Jews generally seen as more attractive than MENA-looking ones?
  125. Consolidated Origin Hypothesis of Western Balkan people
  126. Supernatural beings in Slavic religion
  127. Closed
  128. Is it wrong from me to wish the U.S was a Hispanic country?
  129. Marriage in Australian Aboriginal Communities
  130. [POLL] Which is the most irritating nation on Balkans?
  131. Are Ethiopians and Somalians considered as Arabs?
  132. Wich one nation is the most powerful in the Balkan Peninsula?
  133. New Persian Empire?
  134. Illyrians are forefathers of I2 Slavs
  135. New Military Alliance on Sight
  136. Alpine Empire - alternate history vision
  137. Why did Nietzsche claim to be Polish?
  138. What are the Mediterranean countries, in your opinion?
  139. stronger Balkan influence, Slovenia or Hungary ?
  140. Thracians, what country assimilated the highest %?
  141. Which is your favourite neighbour country?
  142. Are the Serbians and Romanians cultural genetical anthropological brothers ?
  143. Serbian and Albanian Eurovision 2019 participants: the day and the night
  144. Why do mixed & 'sudaca' people (Brazilians, Colonial Latin Americans) obsessed with whiteness?
  145. Who had the greatest impact on Western Civilization?
  146. Weakest race of the XXI century?
  147. France doesn't belong to French! ? O.o
  148. stronger Germanic influence, Finland or Slovenia?
  149. [Alternate History] Ethnography of Eastern Europe Without Slavs
  150. Do Turks feel more cultural comradery with Levantines/Arabs or Central Asian Turkics?
  151. Eastern European Dna in the Iberian Peninsula, From the Goths ?
  152. Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania - more east or north Euro ?
  153. Spaniards feel more affinity with Cubans or with British islanders?
  154. Do Anatolian Turks feel more related to Kurds or Kazakh?
  155. Uralic masterace
  156. Ethnic conflicts?
  157. Which nation in the Balkans do you hate?
  158. Are Asians more intelligent?
  159. People with Gypsy roots?
  160. The Domination of Turkey and Their Delusional StolkhomeSyndrome
  161. How different would the world be if the Spanish had not discovered America?
  162. What do Turks think of Genghis Khan?
  163. POLL: Who is more Southern European?
  164. Romer's 1921 Ethnographic Map of North-Eastern Poland
  166. Ethnic Structure of Finland, Estonia, Latvia in 1834-1861 - German data
  167. British and Dutch opening hundreds of new Camps for Migrants
  168. Why do people still think Indians and Pakistanis are the same people/race?
  169. conquistador era iberian dna vs that of the modern spaniard
  170. Latvia or Estonia, which country has stronger Russian influence
  171. Apricity nation
  172. Muslim Circassians, who were they?
  173. Historical accuracy in HBO's "Chernobyl"
  174. Are Northern Macedonians mostly of Bulgarian origin?
  175. POLL!! What type of girls are the most dominant and independent?
  176. Germanic Build examples
  177. How are gypsies treated in Turkey?
  178. How do Turks feel about their history compared to their neighbors
  179. So Iranians feel closer Arabs or Indians ?
  180. Potatid + Steroid = Gorilla aesthetics
  181. Is Trump considered as a true american by US nationalists ?
  182. Pick your TRIBE (based on your dominant phenotype).
  183. How do Bulgarians and Romanians perceive each other ?
  184. Is Street Preaching more unique to the United States?
  185. What % should determine your ethnic identification?
  186. Fearful elderly people carry 'anti-euthanasia cards'
  187. So what are the Turks?
  188. delete
  189. Dutch court allows family to euthanize incapacitated 80-year-old woman against doctor’s protest
  190. ITALY-DALMATIA-SPAIN-GREECE-PORTUGAL (Proud of South Europe)!!!
  191. Why were the Vikings strong in the British Isles but not in continental Europe?
  192. Irish and East Slavic - a secret connection (+ Irish/English comparison from my own eyes)
  193. Civic honesty around the globe 2019 study
  194. Which European empire had at the historical level more wars / battles won?
  195. Origin of Koreans?
  196. Language
  197. Im against Gender equality
  198. Northwestern European Populations G25 Results
  199. Is it hard for European men to date Muslim Arab women?
  200. Everybody blames the Jews but not the Britons
  201. What's More Important: Paternal Line or Majority Ancestry?
  202. Is White Genocide really a thing?
  203. Indians- Who were the worst rulers? Brits or the Mughals ?
  204. We must fight against the sionists
  205. The video that the sionist hate
  206. Great medium of your country..
  207. Which Germanic grouping is the best?
  208. (POLL) Which is the most badass balkan nation?
  209. "In many ways, France has acted as a bigger check on UK/US power than the USSR ever did". Discuss
  210. (POLL) Who's the LEAST aggressive Balkan nation?
  211. On scale 1-10 how important it is for you to be considered "White"
  212. Salty Albanians
  213. Ethnic map of the Balkans 1861
  214. Why do blacks talk back to the movie screen?
  215. Which European country is the most influenced by Greeks, in the cultural sense?
  216. Conditions to become an ethnic group?
  217. Upper Kolpa River Valley People.
  218. WHG, EEF, Natufians, CHG, ANE vs. modern populations
  219. Most Negroes seem to have English surnames...
  220. For those of mixed ancestry
  221. Could you classify fitness model Steve Cook?
  222. Classify Frenkie De Jong
  223. Where did the steppe admixture in ancient Greeks come from?
  224. Some Finno-Ugric Questions
  225. What are some personality traits of Lithuanians?
  226. How The North American Continent Would Be if it was Colonized by Spaniards?
  227. To whom do you feel closest, personally? Belarusians/Lithuanians or Greeks/Armenians?
  228. Lithuanians trying to save their culture...
  229. Greater old Slavic influence - Montenegrins or N. Macedonians ?
  230. Poles or Belarusians - who is closer to Balts?
  231. True Albanian patriot
  232. How to break down MENA ?
  233. Question to Western Slavs
  234. Humans are not meant to be monogamous
  235. I explain why genetic determinism is scientifically real
  236. West vs East vs North vs South Europe
  237. Which culture and lands interest you more ?
  238. Do you feel closer to Finns or Sicilians
  239. Germans lead the way in bodybuilding
  240. Do you feel closer to Han Chinese or Arabs?
  241. Which of these two groups are British Isles closer to?
  242. Which Indo-European group do you feel closer to?
  243. Why Romance speaking Europeans here don't call themselves Latin?
  244. Most quietly romantic countries?
  245. Is east Germany mentally and politically eastern european ?
  246. Do slavic looking people stare at each other abroad?
  247. Ethnic Map of Ancient Europe
  248. Map of Roman Europe 180 AD
  249. To Greek users: which of these periods do you prefer?
  250. Latin Europeans, who do you feel closer to?