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  1. Author of anti-Barack Obama book detained in Kenya
  2. Scandinavia vs. Norden
  3. Game Delayed Over Koran Phrases
  4. Attachment by Alexis
  5. Swedish inventions
  6. What is your take on the miscegenation in 'Lord of the Rings'?
  7. What Sort Of Government Do You Wish Your Country Had?
  8. European Commissioner: “Islam Is Welcome. Immigration Is Moral Necessity”
  9. The Eurabia Code – 2008 Updates
  10. Proposed European arrest warrant
  11. Transition to Black Rule?
  12. SOS Europe: Outsourcing Democracy
  13. Where Do You Get Your News?
  14. Society and Miscegenators
  15. Somali pirates, what would YOU do?
  16. Europe’s Multiculturalists: Reaching for the Marmalade Skies
  17. Law prof to geneticists: keep racism out of science
  18. Race and culture are not the same thing, but culture should be race-specific, discuss
  19. The Health Consequences of Race Mixing
  20. Wikipedia on Race
  21. Nannie Helen Burroughs: "12 Things The Negro Must Do For Himself"
  22. Death of a Noble Woman, The Birth of a Dis.
  23. Pat Condell: Freedom go to hell
  24. What conditions to you set for your loved one?
  25. How do you survive a disaster?
  26. Behave!
  27. American Pit Bull: "The Nanny Dog"
  28. Banned in Britain
  29. How to Escape The Matrix: A Manifesto For Personal Secession
  30. Jive-talking twin Transformers raise race issues
  31. Crime compensation slashed if victim has been caught speeding
  32. Senegal's youths dream of Europe
  33. The Free Press - Hilaire Belloc
  34. An interesting letter from my local paper
  35. We will never stop the bombers while we treat all passengers as terrorists
  36. John de Nugents speaks
  37. Passengers left stunned after Muslim bus driver pulls over and begins praying in the aisle
  38. The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9/11 Truth Movement.
  39. Neo-con Dutch government collapses, preservationist Wilders poised for breakthrough
  40. Historians allege Dresden deathtoll "exaggerated"
  41. The Case For Open Borders: Foreign Replacements for American Women
  42. Voting and gender
  43. Sexual Liberation & Racial Suicide
  44. The Myth of "Judeo-Christian Values"
  45. Is this doable?
  46. Is proportional representation and coalition governments really better?
  47. Analysis claims majority of babies born in Paris are black
  48. 3rd World poverty: "Moonshine or the kids?"
  49. : New webstore for New Right / Identitarians / Nationalists
  50. Crusading for Poverty, Disease, and Death [Paul Driessen]
  51. Should People Be Paid to Stay Healthy?
  52. Jews in their own words
  53. "Holocaust denier" found dead in parking lot
  54. The world’s most complex border?
  55. Revolt of the Country Class
  56. 9/11 Koran Burning
  57. 9/11 was successful
  58. The Equality Myth
  59. Time for Change (Bregtje van der Haak)
  60. Bill Clinton goes vegan
  61. 10:10 What's going on here?
  62. Disfigured Afghan woman gets prosthetic nose.
  63. Jewish Legislator Advocated Assassination of Iranian President
  64. Study: Gay parents more likely to have gay kids
  65. Rabbi: "Gentiles Exist Only to Serve Jews"
  66. Another Rabbi Encourages Jewish Soldiers to Use Palestinians as Human Shields
  67. The role of Jews in Western Societies by David Duke - as a short movie clip
  68. Ze Germans: “Only The IMF Can Help Greece”
  69. American view required - Walt & Mearsheimer
  70. Iran rounds up Christians in crackdown
  71. Exploring antisemitism through the eyes of Jews - Defamation movie
  72. Doggerland
  73. New Video of David Duke about the European Heritage
  74. London imam threatened after telling Muslims to grow up and accept evolution
  75. Britain or America? Which country is more influenced by one other?
  76. If you had a chance to redraw Europe's borders... how would you do it?
  77. The State of White America (class stratification appearing)
  78. Terminator, President of Europe?
  79. Is Power a flimsy concept nowadays?
  80. Murcia = Rome ?
  81. Baby to be raised without gender
  82. Which city do you consider to be the capital of the Balkans?
  83. Abkhazia President Sergei Bagapsh dies at 62
  84. Money or Homeland?
  85. Which city do you think could fit the bill of Fourth Rome?
  86. India: Rajasthan in 'cars for sterilisation' drive
  87. Kurdistan and Scotland stengthen ties
  88. Reason for mass immigration
  89. How similar is Estonian culture to Swedish or Finnish culture?
  90. NPI: 'Towards a New Nationalism' conference.
  91. What if it's already over?
  92. Is it already over? John Bagot Glubb
  93. Will huge cities take over large areas of NW Europe?
  94. Lost in translation. Americans vs the rest of us
  95. The 7 Objectives of EUROPEAN ACTION
  96. Integrity of The Word - Ezra Weston Loomis Pound, 1939
  97. Celente : Muslims in Europe, pack your bags and run. You are not safe anymore!
  98. The earth has its limits
  99. Time to jettison Europe
  100. The European Declaration (Oswald Mosley & BUF)
  101. Schröder: ‘Germany can’t play alone against US and China’
  102. Serbian girl kept as sex slave and imprisoned for one year in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  103. It is spreading to Serbia as well...
  104. Press TV censored in the UK
  105. Most Powerful City
  106. Yes, The US State Department Is Probably Supporting Russian Protest Groups
  107. For or Against? I stole this from ABF
  108. Couple Celebrate Birth of Their 100th Grandchild
  109. Anonymous "Nazi Leaks"
  110. America's "Grand Strategy"
  111. SOPA/PIPA
  112. Why Britain Can Never Accept German Leadership
  113. Is Israel a European country?
  114. Russia’s Concern over the West’s Alliance with the Islamists.
  115. The twelve biggest US lies of 2011
  116. Stephen Hawking interviewed on "Yair Lapid"
  117. Nagorno-Karbakh Republic
  118. Death Toll Grows for African Albinos Hunted for Witch Doctors’ Brews
  119. Pets used as pawn in domestic violence‎
  120. Real Madrid removes cross from logo for Muslims
  121. Nomadic Tribe of Amazon Facing Extinction
  122. Jerome Corsi: Oil creation process discovered by Nazi's kept hidden by US Govt
  123. Gulf Arab States And Foreign Workers
  124. Why Liberals Are Terrified By Anders Breivik
  125. Girl, 11, is shot in eye while playing
  126. Modern and Ancient Warriors
  127. Muslim Brotherhood's Desire to Global Caliphate
  128. Are Jews superior to Europeans?
  129. The General Amnesty
  130. Interesting documentary: Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgystan
  131. Death by Demographics & Mass Immigration
  132. Foundations of the Twenty-First Century (Michael O'Meara)
  133. Married Olympians: We Can’t Live Together During Games, But Gay Couples Can
  134. Male And Female Circumcision
  135. Does Batman inspire Terrorism?
  136. Berlin - Failed Hitler Assasination Remembered In Ceremony
  137. Empire : What future for 'Greater Israel'?
  138. BBC - How Safe Are Our Skies? Detroit Flight 253
  139. The Neoconservative War Criminals In Our Midst
  140. Blacks pummel white guy for 'fun of it
  141. Germany's Merkel to Visit Greece Next Week
  142. Gypsies descendt of Low Caste Indian Tribals from Central-South of India=Dravidoid
  143. Is the border vanishing as the Mexican population pushes further North?
  144. David Duke: Obama craven puppet of racist Israel
  145. Islamic politics and human rights
  146. Do you love your country ?
  147. Gun Control Topic
  148. Castro-yet another elite puppet
  149. Crimes that Would not Have Been Prevented by Gun Control Laws
  150. science or humanities: which did you choose?
  151. Tactics to gain white sovereignty
  152. The Greek-Cypriot-Israeli alliance
  153. Recorded rape offences across the globe
  154. Freedom of Speech
  155. All Americans to be microchipped soon
  156. How do these people make you feel?
  157. Arizona women threaten all Mexicans - Video
  158. European on European racism - how common is it?
  159. It's Time Jews Forgave (Today's) Germans For The Holocaust
  160. White House: Rodman's North Korea trip was "inappropriate"
  161. Moldovan patriot groups supporting autonomy for Székely Land
  162. Is it time for a Greater Albania?
  163. Bioshock Infinite White Eutopia
  164. Game: Sell One Country For EU Prosperity. Which One?
  165. The Balkan Enigma
  166. Obama
  167. USA vs North Korea
  168. International students flock to Greece to study crisis
  169. Should Islam be Banned in the West?
  170. Should gypsies be banned from the West?
  171. Russia not to 'risk' Turkey for Cyprus
  172. Should fat people banned from the West?
  173. Hostage crisis: Taliban capture seven Turks, two Russians
  174. Researchers Call Out Twitter Celebrities With Suspicious Followings
  175. Do you also think that its time for Prussia to secede from Germany?
  176. What should happen to Subkarpatia?
  177. First World, Second World, Third World.
  178. Boston: Muslim Students Arrested Trespassing at Drinking Water Reservoir (Another Terror Plot?)
  179. Plz dont vote for Nordics in EURO Vision song contest
  180. Germany´s vietnamese vice chancellor.
  181. London killing. Esoteric ritual angle.
  182. Does anyone else think there's too much hate on here sometimes?
  183. Mind control in Swedish film production.
  184. Should we let those people rule over us?
  185. Swedish vigilantes start to hunt.
  186. Obama is an actor, revealed.
  187. PC MADNESS: NY BLACK Spanish Teacher Fired For Using the Spanish Word For Black; "Negro"
  188. Which European countries is it easiest for Americans to emigrate to?
  189. Geert Wilders Predicts a "European Spring" (eg Revolution)
  190. Confidence of United States customers falls to lowest in over a year
  191. What is East Asia's greatest power?
  192. Did Magic Mushrooms Play A Crucial Role in the Evolution of Human Consciousness?
  193. Morsi Decides to Stay
  194. Poll: Should Turks have to return to Central Asia and Arabs to Arabia?
  195. Western Spring
  196. Man hurls egg at Polish president during Ukraine visit
  197. "This is why we tried to kill you" Taliban letter to Malala Yousufzai
  198. VICE documentary on US/Afghan war "This is what Winning looks like"
  199. 13 Year Old Black Teen Murdered By 75 Year Old White Neighbor
  200. So mass immigration has ruined europe, now what? Your suggestions please.
  201. Pennsylvania police chief: Fuck all you libtards out there, you take it in the ass
  202. The massive raping in a gypsy ghetto in Pazardzhik
  203. Glenn Beck makes redicolous but funny rant about the Future
  204. FRY-UP
  205. Migrants die in Italy shipwreck off Catania
  206. Abandoned Babies Given Away on Pakistani TV
  207. The Moral Case For the British Empire
  208. Car bombing rocks Hezbollah bastion in Beirut
  209. Gigolo: The Saviour of Europe
  210. Syrian Jihad Fatwa: Sheikh Saalih al-Fawzaan.
  211. Checkpoints Make Arabs' Lives Misery
  212. Egyptian Jews: We Support Military’s Fight Against ‘Terrorism’
  213. Population Growth of Muslims compare to Others
  214. Oswald Spengler: The Decline of the West
  215. If you want to understand Kurds, watch this.
  216. Forget Sharia, Jude Law Should Rule Europe
  217. Mother Kills 9-Year-Old Son For Having Small Penis In Indonesia
  218. Peace plan for balkans!!!!
  219. Egyptian Newspaper Claims It Has Proof Obama is a Muslim Brother
  220. If there is a regime change in Syria, will the Christians be massacred?
  221. Is miscegenation inmoral?
  222. Why People Born After 1995 Can't Understand the Book '1984'
  223. Disgusting FILTH!! Americans use the Internet to abandon children adopted from overseas
  224. Conservatives Hurt Themselves With This “Just Leave” Attitude
  225. More than 1 million Catalans form human chain to promote their bid to break away from Spain
  226. Police Raid Golden Dawn Office in Athens After a Killing
  227. Hiding the Evidence Of Mass Immigration; UK Government Scraps The Census!!
  228. Bacha Bazi - The practice of sex slavery of little boys
  229. As A Jew I'd Like To Apologise For Multiculturalism, Mass Immigration and Political Correctness
  230. Anglojew's Solution to Welfare Reform
  231. Europe soon needing american Oil too to sustain their economy?
  232. Netanyahu Fear Mongering Over Iran to Mask Israel’s Lack of Legitimacy
  233. Heikal: All Arab Countries Have Chemical, Biological Weapons; Nazi Scientists Helped Produce Them
  234. News from my great aunt in Damascus
  235. 10 Topics Guaranteed to Start an Argument
  236. "Islamophobia Dictionaries," New Mega-Mosques and Other Recent Events
  237. Syriac Orthodox Monastery Mor Gabriel sued by Kurdish peasants
  238. Mental Retardation=IQs 75 And Less, So Is The Average African Entitled To Go The Special Olympics?
  239. Ben Needham, the 22 year case of a missing boy in Greece
  240. Poll: Multiculturalism, For or Against?
  241. Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan: Trilateralism and the Future of Black Sea Regional Geopolitics
  242. We Have Very Sophisticated Big Brothers in the World Now
  243. Google 'outraged' by government snooping; NSA chief denies claim
  244. The Education Bubble
  245. Iran's Rohani not 'optimistic' about nuclear talks
  246. The great question
  247. An embarrassingly ethnocentric blog by an American expat in South America
  248. Do you support non-independent states in the Europe?
  249. Consequences of Nuking Mecca
  250. Do you like George Bush?