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  1. Racial & Ethnic Distribution of ABO Blood Types
  2. Lactose Intolerance World Map
  3. Lactose Intolerant: Are You Or Is Anyone in Your Family?
  4. Population Structure in Northern Europe
  5. Ancient iceman probably has no modern relatives
  6. Polygamy Left Its Mark on the Human Genome
  7. Blue eyes are increasingly rare in America
  8. Ancestral DNA tests
  9. Human genes in kangaroos' pouches
  10. Genetic HIV Resistance In Northern Europeans
  11. Investigation of the fine structure of European populations...
  12. Anthro Community; Joined effort
  13. Finnic arrival
  14. Study Exposes Spain's Jewish and Muslim Roots
  15. Genome-wide study uncovers an increase of genetic distances towards Northern Europe
  16. Evolution stops here
  17. Study: 60% of Icelanders' Maternal Genes from Scotland
  18. Sandra Laing
  19. Gene Abnormality Protects Amish from Heart Disease
  20. White does not seem to be dominant.
  21. Scientists discover the gene that makes some drinkers violent
  22. Why Does War Breed More Boys?
  23. Second Set of Black and "White" Twins Born to Couple
  24. Phenotypes and Genotypes for human eye colours.
  25. Genetic evidence suggests European migrants may have influenced India's caste system.
  26. Cavalli-Sforza II: Seven Dumb Ideas about Race
  27. The Value of Knowing Where You Come From
  28. Viking Age DNA in Northwest England
  29. HIV Infection Risk May Depend On Blood Type
  30. French DNA Database
  31. Russian DNA
  32. Humans have spread globally, and evolved locally.
  33. Blood of the Vikings.
  34. Historian Claims Mengele Created Town's Twins
  35. Galileo DNA to solve astronomical riddle
  36. Mutations and mutation rates
  37. Cystic fibrosis: the Celtic connection.
  38. Light eye colour linked to deafness after meningitis.
  39. 'Ten Commandments' of race and genetics
  40. A genome-wide genetic signature of Jewish ancestry: Separates Jews from non-Jews.
  41. How Danish sperm is conquering the world
  42. Genes from Wales
  43. Non-coding RNA study.
  44. Celtic gene 'behind Irish blood disorder'.
  45. The Hunnish Genetic legacy in Europe
  46. More Evidence That Intelligence Is Largely Inherited.
  47. Anglo-Saxon Apartheid: Genetic evidence
  48. [SPLIT] Genetic tests (moved from 'Italians' thread
  49. Intercourse and Intelligence
  50. DNA Evidence of Irish Migration to Scotland
  51. Schizophrenics see through hollow-mask illusion
  52. My DNA test and a map
  53. Did the Romans destroy Europe's HIV resistance?
  54. Racial differences only skin deep?
  55. Supplement on Global distribution of genomic diversity (Auton et al. 2009)
  56. Brainy men may be healthier men
  57. New high res DNA study
  58. Genetic Structure of Europeans: A View from the North–East
  59. Men are smarter than women!!!
  60. The Genetic Link of the Viking–Era Norse to Central Asia: An Assessment...
  61. North Europe, genome study
  62. Speculation on the "Evolutionary Impact of Alcohol"
  63. 16-Year Old with Body of a Baby
  64. Scientists create artificial sperm cells from human embryonic stem cells
  65. Artistic tendencies linked to 'schizophrenia gene'
  66. Party people: Gregarious types may have more oxytocin receptors
  67. DNA can be faked, and planted at crime scenes, warns scientists.
  68. Modern genomics and race
  69. The Origins of Lactase Persistence in Europe
  70. Europe's first farmers replaced their Stone Age hunter-gatherer forerunners
  71. Admixture between Ashkenazi Jews and Central Europeans
  72. Some Politics May Be Etched in the Genes
  73. Should we bank the genes of extraordinary people for cloning?
  74. Spindle Replacement Therapy Prevents Transmission of Inherited Mitochondrial Diseases
  75. Scandinavians are descended from Stone Age immigrants
  76. Aryan-Dravidian divide a myth: Study
  77. Could Thomas Jefferson's DNA Trail Reveal Middle-Eastern Origins?
  78. By how many markers do you differ from the Cambridge Reference Sequence...
  79. Infidelity - It may be in our genes.
  80. European, or not?
  81. Indian high-caste have Indo-European influence?
  82. Ethnic liver cells help drug race
  83. The "ginger" gene
  84. Estimating A Child's Haircolor
  85. What is your most defining physical trait.
  86. Ancient Penguin DNA Raises Doubts About Accuracy Of Genetic Dating Techniques
  87. Phenotype Handed Down Gender Lines?
  88. "Fat/Stretchy Cheeks" or better described as a "Full face"
  89. Can genetic mutations produce positive changes in living creatures?
  90. mtDNA evidence for Europoid-Mongoloid admixture in Xinjiang 2,500 years ago
  91. Why Are Most Geniuses European Men?
  92. DNA analysed from early European
  93. How European Is Turkey?
  94. Pashtun clue to lost tribes of Israel
  95. Mythbusting-Myths about Finnish genes
  96. Most British men are descended from ancient farmers
  97. New Fossil Study Rejects "Eve Theory" And Supports Diverse Ancestry Of Modern Humans
  98. Possibly Interesting.
  99. Europe's conquering heroes? Likely farmers: study
  100. Global genetic distances (graph map).
  101. Study : Spaniards not darker than other europeans
  102. DNA Testing on 2,000-Year-Old Bones in Italy Reveal East Asian Ancestry
  103. What colour are my wife's eyes? (pics)
  104. Genetic material concerning Ossetians and other groups
  105. Archbishop Tutu's DNA helps show African diversity
  106. How accurate are the Eupedia articles ?
  107. Obesity? Big Feet? Blame Darwin
  108. Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ.
  109. A gene for Alzheimer's makes you smarter
  110. Greenland Vikings ‘had Celtic blood’
  111. Are people of European origin genetically prone to nicotine dependence?
  112. DNA identifies new ancient human dubbed 'X-woman'
  113. My DecodeMe results
  114. Genetic studies of Russian
  115. Neanderthal Genome Sequencing Yields Surprising Results and Opens a New Door to Future Studies
  116. Neanderthals not the only apes humans bred with
  117. Genetic ancestry tests imperfect, say researchers
  118. Immaculate creation: birth of the first synthetic cell
  119. Neanderthal genome shines light on human evolution
  120. dna-worldwide
  121. Why Are Italians So Smart?
  122. Norwegian BGA
  123. How religion made Jews genetically distinct
  124. The British origins in (Northern Spain)
  125. Genetic Secrets That Allow Tibetans to Thrive in Thin Air Discovered
  126. The Gulf Stream and its role in skin depigmentation
  127. The genome-wide structure of the Jewish people
  128. Why the FDA Is Cracking Down on Do-It-Yourself Genetic Tests
  129. Malyarchuk: Differentiation of Mitochondrial DNA and Y Chromosomes in Russian Populations.
  130. Population structure in Ireland and Britain (2010)
  131. Study on mongoloid admixture in Eurasia
  132. Human Sperm Gene Is 600 Million Years Old, Scientists Discover
  133. My Oxford Ancestors Y chromosome results
  134. DNA Test Question
  135. [b]Genetic Landscape of Eurasia and “Admixture” in Uyghurs[/b]
  136. Iceman genome mapped
  137. Evidence of a Germanic presence in eastern Europe
  138. TV-Channel ARTE recognizes racial differences in sports
  139. Nice Rats, Nasty Rats: Maybe It’s All in the Genes
  140. Gene Map to Give Insight into 5,200-year-old Iceman
  141. What colour do you tan?
  142. Hi! New to forum with an mtdna question..
  143. Analysis of Ashkenazi Jewish Genomes Reveals Diversity, History
  144. [SPLIT from 23andme] Info on Basque genetic distributions
  145. "First Irish Genome Sequenced"
  146. The Genetic Link of the Viking – Era Norse to Central Asia
  147. What Would Have Been The Genetic Impact Of The Greater German Reich?
  148. Genetics of the Jews
  149. Result of research of University of Kiel?
  150. Is empathy genetic?
  151. I didn't know this was a genetic condition
  152. DNA of the First European Farmers
  153. Working together: Is it really in your genes?
  154. The love-cheat gene: One in four born to be unfaithful, claim scientists
  155. A genome-wide analysis of Finnish Saami
  156. The phenotype and genetic closeness of Balticoids
  157. Genetic history of an archaic hominin group from Denisova Cave in Siberia
  158. Do certain European ethnic groups act differently?
  159. Your Genome in Minutes: New Technology Could Slash Sequencing Time
  160. Mongol's view on genes
  161. An interesting observation among Acadian genetics
  162. Genetic Study Uncovers New Path to Polynesia
  163. Are interests and talents genetic?
  164. Plummeting cost of genome sequencing
  165. Canadian Talk Show on the Pros and Cons of Home Genetic Tests
  166. Do Romanians differ in genetics from her Slavic neighbors
  167. Iceland and Greenland Vikings had Celtic blood
  168. Out of South Africa
  169. how must be read schemes as this one?
  170. Y chromosomes and Origins of Cretan and mainland Greek Neolithic
  171. Identical twins not actually identical, shocking research finds
  172. Are We Still Evolving?
  173. In celebration of World DNA Day, Ozzy Osboune gets sequenced
  174. dna testing agencies
  175. do you think we could replicate the dna of extinct species and clone one?
  176. The History of African Gene Flow into Southern Europeans, Levantines, and Jews
  177. My Doug McDonald results.
  178. How Turkish are Anatolians?
  179. Mitochondrial haplogroup N1a phylogeography, with implication to the origin of European farmer
  180. My 2nd Doug McDonald results
  181. Do Basques always cluster as an outlier?
  182. Mtdna of Europe - which haplogroups are Paleolithic and which are Neolithic?
  183. My Doug McDonald results
  184. Trying To Figure Out What This Map Means?
  185. Barreldriver got new Dr. McDonald Results
  186. All Blue-Eyed People Are Related
  187. Genes and Languages in the Caucasus
  188. My third result from Doug McDonald
  189. Your Ancestry finder data
  190. Irish - Finno-Ugrian Connection
  191. Finding the founder of Stockholm
  192. Oxytocin Hormone Connection with Xenophobia
  193. Can two blue eyed people have a brown eyed child?
  194. "Stay with your own tribe".Human genetic variation
  195. Philtrum?
  196. Online genome analysis
  197. Is it normal..
  198. Recommend to Me One of Those DNA Heritage Tests
  199. Serbs are Slavs, Illyrians, Celts, but also Teutonics and Vikings
  200. Italian genetics
  201. Mcdonald charts of origin
  202. Phenotype vs Genotype
  203. Inference of human population history from individual whole-genome sequences
  204. Psychological/behavioral differences between europeans and other populations genetic or cultural?
  205. Europeans may be genetically programmed to consume fatty foods and alcohol, Scots scientists say
  206. boadicea's results from Mcdonald :)
  207. Red hair recessive gene
  208. Face surgery?
  209. British Isles
  210. Genetics forum - suggestions
  211. are genotypes and phenotypes always related together?
  212. Intelligence is in the genes, researchers report
  213. How do European sub-races relate to the LGM refuges?
  214. Pre-Indo-European genetics?
  215. Northern Europeans Differ from Southern Europeans
  216. hard question
  217. 12 % of the DNA Differs Amongst Human Races and Populations
  218. How much of personality and intelligence is genetically inherited?
  219. Bulgarians are between Slavs and Mediterraneans, turkic genes not found, gene study
  220. Genetic Links between Three SNP Based Regions in Europe
  221. Frankish DNA
  222. Native Australian genome decoded
  223. East Asians in Hungary, 8000 years before present!
  224. Why are WE so diverse??
  225. Which Matters More?
  226. Pigmentation game
  227. The LWb blood group as a marker of prehistoric Baltic migrations and admixture.
  228. genetic divisions of europe
  229. Post your interpretome similarity (Identity By State)
  230. Has Any Study Concretely Placed Different Physical and Genetic Qualifiers for the Race of Europe?
  231. Indo-European replacement?
  232. What is the Haplogroup of the Greeks, in particular Dorians?
  233. Question about genes and 23andme
  234. Oxford Ancestors.
  235. Blood Type Diversity Europe
  236. Who Is Closer genetically: Italians (All of them)/Croatians or Poles/Eastern Russians?
  237. DNA Tribes SNP Analysis
  238. ASI Genetic Component
  239. My DNA results
  240. Hockey player Mats Sundin got a DNA test
  241. Jews cause cancer
  242. Genetic makeup of Western Balkans
  243. "35%-55% Ashkenazis are of European Descent"
  244. Lactose Intolerance in Europeans
  245. In the Genes, but Which Ones? Studies That Linked Specific Genes to Intelligence Were Largely Wrong,
  246. East European Percentage Question in DIY Dodecad.
  247. Anatolian Turks are Turkified ancient Anatolians?
  248. Conflicting DNA Results
  249. Name some DNA projects
  250. Why do Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews cluster with Greeks and Southern Italians?