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  1. Beautiful women programmed to be unfaithful?
  2. What is the worst thing you've done to a woman ?
  3. What harms a relationship more: jealousy, or indifference?
  4. Relationships with the woman being significantly older than the male
  5. How picky are you in relationships?
  6. Interracial relationships
  7. What is your marital status?
  8. 'Will anyone sleep with my Down's syndrome son?'
  9. What to do when people fall in love single sided???
  10. The Institution of Marriage
  11. Racially Correct Couples
  12. What was your first kiss like
  13. What was your most intense expression of love.
  14. How many kids do you have / Do you think you will have ?
  15. Things you learnt the hard way with the opposite sex
  16. Would you marry someone for...
  17. How to Read a Woman's Eyes
  18. True love is a 1-in-285,000 chance
  19. Singles thread - do not be shy!
  20. Age Difference within Relationships
  21. Typically, what gift do you buy for a girl who you like?
  22. England's map of infidelity
  23. Would you let your woman learn Belly Dancing?
  24. Race-mixing?
  25. How Are European Women in regards to race/romance/sexuality?
  26. Interracial dating ads
  27. ‘cuddle’ spray to make men more loveable
  28. Why men just need a millisecond to chose the right girl for them
  29. Why marriage matters
  30. Marriages that last and ones that don't
  31. Have you ever been crazy in love at least once in your life?
  32. A White Woman Explains Why She Prefers Black Men
  33. Why would you marry someone?
  34. Online daters are racist!!! Whites Prefer Whites When Dating Online
  35. Ppl who say they are strongly against abuse in relationship,cheat and emotionally torture partner?
  36. Being in love.
  37. Is Monogamy Unnatural?
  38. Pick up lines.
  39. I want to marry an European girl
  40. Picture of someone you would like to breed with
  41. Is casual sex race mixing?
  42. Women Aren’t Having Enough Sex, Says Science
  43. Would you ever give an ex a second chance?
  44. 11 Key Insights from Men About Women
  45. What European Combinations Make the Nicest Children?
  46. Has anyone here ever had a foreign boyfriend/girlfriend before?
  47. I am starting to find all white women disgusting
  48. Teachings of the Kama Sutra
  49. How to get a girlfriend
  50. I need advice on online dating....
  51. Do Slavs stink
  52. Might as well
  53. Looking for a Rimjob
  54. Arranged marriages
  55. Looking for a boyfriend
  56. Where can you meet people?
  57. How to tell if a woman is interested in you.
  58. Hawt Girlz VS Heritage (thread mainly for guys)
  59. Female mate value
  60. Would you leave your partner if they got Medical Problems
  61. Male mate value
  62. ♥ SR's Lounge- Tips and Ideas for Dating (for boys and gals!) ♥
  63. Have you cheated?
  64. The Mysterious O – Getting There
  65. Love between people of different backgrounds
  66. Men, which singer of European descent would you rather date?
  67. How many relationships did you have?
  68. Is religion the new "I have a headache"?
  69. The Law of Attraction
  70. about men and women sex drive
  71. How important is male on female anal sex in a relationship?
  72. MBTI & Single/Married/Other
  73. How do you leave someone you Love....
  74. Beating your woman
  75. Have you ever been in an interracial relationship?
  76. Would you date fat girls/guys?
  77. Should your husband or Bf hit another man who cracks on to you in an inappropriate way?
  78. Boys, what traits do you desire in a woman when you commit to her?
  79. Who should pay on dates?
  80. On the Traditional roles of the genders
  81. How white would a men or women have to be for you to date/marry/ procreate with?
  82. What Europoid groups have you dated?
  83. Do you consider virgin women in their early 20's normal?
  84. Getting back with an ex?
  85. Would you date a partner which had relations with another race? Or damaged Goods?
  86. How would you react...
  87. The Gypsy Bride Market in Bulgaria
  88. Be the Warrior not the Waif
  89. A woman's poem
  90. Men, do you prefer gracile girls or more robust ones??
  91. Pick your theme
  92. Women that expect men to chase them
  93. Is "dating" moral in your opinion?
  94. "We should get together soon" followed by ignore
  95. Should a woman take her husband's name?
  96. Seduction is a myth
  97. Fake boobs
  98. Would you consider a Man who's in their 20s and a Virgin pathetic?
  99. A woman who ends a discussion ...
  100. Can you be Racist and a "Race Mixer"
  101. Girls, would you want more than one man in your relationship?
  102. There's somebody for everybody is a myth.
  103. Who wants Ashley Holton?
  104. Dating w/ Age Differences
  105. POLL: Should Men show their emotions?
  106. Do Men That Have Been Cheated On In A Previous Serious Relationship Use Extra Precautions?
  107. Just friends,or more?
  108. Your secret Desires&Fetishes
  109. Races in thy Bed?
  110. Girls what's more important for you...
  111. How much do you spend on your SO?
  112. Mate poaching
  113. Would you marry an infertile person?
  114. Unspoken Puzzle?
  115. What ethnicity is your SO?
  116. Fat Guy Sex Machine - Jerry Springer
  117. Do we have a golddigger bubble?
  118. Who would you prefer your daughter to date?
  119. Predict your Babies Eye Colour
  120. How important is it that your partner and you share the same political views?
  121. Did you ever registered on a Dating Website
  122. Girls, would you put up with your BF or husband paying webcam whores?
  123. Fer all the donies/lassies: Country beau or urban beau?
  124. For the females, urban or rural partner?
  125. for the Guys, did you ever cried over a girl?
  126. The sex drive thread.
  127. When enough is enough
  128. Is it possible for you to be attracted to another race?
  129. Is married life more beneficial to men or women?
  130. for the ones of us who are less succesful with the other gender
  131. did you ever used sexuality as a weapon
  132. what do you prefer as a partner?
  133. what was your first time like?
  134. is it unnatural, and/or immoral
  135. Are you a Virgin?
  136. Sex: How politics affects the way you see sex?
  137. Wanna Cage Mary....
  138. Chris Rock
  139. The Official Love Thread.
  140. I Am A Closet Romantic Thread.
  141. I'm/I was in love with ..... Thread
  142. Little sweet nothings whisperd in your ear.
  143. Sexiest Male Professions?
  144. The 5 languages of love: which one do you speak?
  145. Where are the sweet, lovely ladies of the times past?
  146. What are you into
  147. Boys, what do you prefer your SO to wear to show that you are together?
  148. Relationships
  149. Ali G on dating ...
  150. Exchange your Info
  151. The Official Sex Tips Thread.
  152. The Soulmate Thread
  153. Gays and Girls
  154. Better of alone?
  155. @ Mary: your best friends?
  156. Ladies this is all you!
  157. 2 guys 1 girl, would you have a relationship?
  158. Has anyone tried speed dating?
  159. Gents This Is All You!
  160. What is the single most important thing that attracts a woman to a man
  161. Which one would you pick for dating or a relationship
  162. For the Guys....
  163. For the Girls...
  164. So I just got rejected for being "too short"
  165. I hate my countries women, any alternatives?
  166. If you could change a thing about you. What would it be
  167. A woman with a pedigree.
  168. Emotional Intimacy
  169. Religion and dating?
  170. Would you date a geek or a nerd?
  171. Should a man be allowed to have sex with his wife if she is in a coma?
  172. Blind Love?
  173. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  174. Girls
  175. Would you prefer monogamy or variation?
  176. Boys, would you swap your woman?
  177. Would you befriend a Russian Spy or a none white
  178. What country has most people with your ideal partner's phenotype?
  179. Are Women the selectors in the dating game?
  180. Would you date/marry someone of a different religion?
  181. are Serbs and Swedes free to marry whoever they want?
  182. Would you marry your Cousin?
  183. Your Parents.
  184. Would you date/marry
  185. Arranged Marriages
  186. You must choose
  187. Which European sub-race have the largest penis size on average ?
  188. Have you or would you celebrate your first fart?
  189. Which non-European Caucasoid has the smallest penis
  190. This Will Never Happen
  191. Old Couples look alike
  192. What Ethnicity/Race Do You Intend on Marrying Into?
  193. Which chicks of ethnicity/stereotype do you love the most?
  194. Prostitution
  195. Remarriage after death of spouse
  196. Boys, would you pimp your woman?
  197. Would you like to be abused?If yes,anyone here you would like to abuse you?
  198. Racial Conscious Dating
  199. How did you meet your partner?
  200. Did you ever...
  201. Girls, if your man left you for another woman?
  202. I don't want her
  203. Should you flirt with other women
  204. Strange guy?
  205. dating a black girl
  206. Why are lower class women mostly fat/obese?
  207. Webcam
  208. would you go out with a hoe
  209. Ladder Theory
  210. IM message to the Girlies of TA
  211. Can I ask the Girls something?
  212. Why so many Russian women marries Chinese men, Turkish men, Asian men?
  213. can you be a bit racist but date other races?
  214. do you like 'white' pakis/indian girls
  215. Do women attempt to restric each other's sexuality?
  216. would you date .....
  217. Russian man fights for male right
  218. My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings
  219. Women- God's best creation
  220. create your own love anectode
  221. What did you learn from your last relationship?
  222. Words of wisdom by Ush & Reg
  223. do hot serb girls mix with niggers
  224. question for nothern euro girls and guys
  225. are turkish girls white supremacists like turkish guys
  226. Blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women
  227. Different social and political background
  228. If someone is interested and you are not
  229. would you date her
  230. Do CM people prefer each other ?
  231. question for the girls, interesting
  232. What women REALLY want in a man
  233. whats your favourite racial type when dating?
  234. your favourite nation when dating
  235. What would make you break up with someone?
  236. Guys asking girls?!
  237. Gentlemen: Do you dislike it when a girl pays for you?
  238. Girls asking guys?!
  239. Have you ever been in love?
  240. what was the most exotic type you ever scored with
  241. favourite "sex encouraging" videos,pictures, comments
  242. degrading or worshipping
  243. can you picture yourself
  244. Would you date an obese woman or man
  245. ask a question
  246. Should I have a girlfriend?
  247. love over the internet
  248. do you remember your first love?
  249. Relationships And Technology: Is Texting Ruining Romance?
  250. why i never had a girlfriend, analysis