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  1. Map of Germanic ethnogenesis
  2. Exposing a Viking Myth
  3. 'Hidden' Iron Age fort uncovered
  4. How warfare shaped human evolution
  5. Meta-Ethnicity and the French
  6. Aunjetitz Culture
  7. So where do you consider Europe?
  8. Linear Pottery
  9. Rössen culture
  10. Michelsberg Culture
  11. The earliest stage of the Corded Ware culture
  12. How do you think the world would've been if Hitler had won WW2?
  13. The Eternal Shouting Match Between Arminius and Flavus
  14. Ethnic Flags
  15. Maps of Europe.
  16. Historical Maps of Europe
  17. Peoples of Britain.
  18. How Can We Be Tribal Again?
  19. What constitutes an Ethnogenesis & an Ethnos?
  20. Gregory of Tours - History of the Franks
  21. Paul the Deacon - History of the Lombards (1907) [EN]
  22. The Origin and Deeds Of The Goths
  23. Sagas reveal Vikings were 'first oceanographers'
  24. Irish History: "Land Ownership in Irish History"
  25. Irish History: "Irish Independance"
  26. Irish History: "Cork - The Rebel County"
  27. Irish History: "Flight of the Earls"
  28. Irish History: "The Brehon Laws"
  29. Irish History: "The Norman Invasion"
  30. 1946: Hitler's Europe, what could have been
  31. May 29, 1453: A sad anniversary, the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks
  32. History And The Politics Of Blame
  33. Your opinions of Rome...
  34. Criminalizing the Natural and Naturalizing the Criminal
  35. The Idea of the Good.
  36. Journey of Civilisation.
  37. Hippie history.
  38. WWII Soviet sub discovered by divers
  39. Power and Conversion.
  40. Would Axis have won WWII without US intervention?
  41. The Deficient African Psyche
  42. 1967: Dagen H: Switch to the Right
  43. Alexander the Great's long-lost descendants.
  44. Breakaway cultures and independence movements in Europe
  45. Alba > Albion > Albany
  46. Who is European?
  47. Turkish Invasion and Cyprus Occupation
  48. On Estonian Swedes and forced assimilation campaign of the Republic of Estonia
  49. The Ham Laws
  50. Documentaries about people of the ancient times
  51. September 16: Mexican "Independence"
  52. ‘Early man used crude version of sat-nav system’
  53. Geographica by Strabo
  54. Personal appearance of famous Medieval Rulers
  55. Who were the Ancient Egyptians?
  56. Any information on Basque History and their connection with other Pre Indo Europeans?
  57. Fresh doubts over Hitler's death
  58. The Peopling of Europe
  59. Indo-Germanic
  60. Gladiatrix Documentary
  61. Is there a larger divide between Western/Eastern Europe or Northern/Southern Europe?
  62. The first recorded Viking attack: Lindisfarne
  63. UNRV History
  64. Free History Documentaries
  65. Rich 'may evolve into separate species'
  66. Europe-then and now [SPLIT from Intro thread]
  67. Why is knowing our ancestry important?
  68. American Exceptionalism Reconsidered: Anglo-Saxon Ethnogenesis in the United States
  69. Southern Netherlands, Celts or Teutons?
  70. Historical model of settling and spread of Bell Beakers Culture in the mediterranean France
  71. Euro-criteria for founder-settler countries
  72. Atlantis and its location?
  73. Black Soldiers At The Danube - Myth?
  74. Russian "Old Believers" in Brazil
  75. Germanic tribes in Europe
  76. Ethnogenesis can only make sense with National Statehood
  77. What Ethnic Group do you relate the most with?
  78. The Ending of the Celtiberians
  79. [SPLIT from what ethnic group do you relate the most with?]Your Familiarity/Relatedness Map
  80. Contested signs of mass cannibalism
  81. Was Ancient Historian One Of The First Spin Doctors?
  82. Culture destruction could lead to an Apocalypse of a nation
  83. How the duchess Romilda (Ramhilde) was impaled by the Avars
  84. On Belarusian identity
  85. Humans Took Care of the Disabled Over 500,000 Years Ago
  86. Ancient Macedonians and Aeolians, carriers of the R1a haplotype ?
  87. Lascaux caves
  88. History of Conflicts Interactive Map
  89. Ethnogenesis of the Vikings
  90. Heligoland - Holy Island of the North Sea
  91. Judea declares war on Germany
  92. Cajun "tribe"
  93. Ethnic/political map of Britain, AD 700
  94. The Holy Roman Empire (documentary)
  95. The popular 'Katana' bias against European Longswords
  96. Paleolithic Continuity Theory ?
  97. The Ancient Cultures of...
  98. Feudalism- what is it? Why is it degenerate?
  99. The Worst Jobs In History
  100. The Confusing Use of the Term Saxons
  101. How accurate is this map?
  102. Mothers of the 3 races of mankind - Oera Linda Book confirmed by science (sort of)
  103. Beliefs of Mesopotamia
  104. Are Jews Middle-Eastern?
  105. 12 Byzantine Rulers
  106. Men owe women for 'creating beer'
  107. Mad concept automobiles: the Ford Nucleon
  108. Jesus Was Caesar: The Julian Origins of Christianity
  109. Dragon Symbolism in Worldwide Cultures
  110. What is the Secret of Jewish Success?
  111. Irish Slaves in the Caribbean
  112. Six Easy Steps to Avert the Collapse of Civilization
  113. Serbs and Croats are not Europeans!
  114. The Acadians of Haiti
  115. Decisive Battles of the World
  116. Holocaust - The Righteous
  117. Primary sources for your nation's earliest history
  118. The good and bad in Adolf Hitler
  119. Historical Santo Domingo - oldest continuously inhabited European settlemnt in the New World
  120. European Route of Industrial Heritage
  121. 'Oldest leather shoe' discovered
  122. Questions
  123. Answer to Asegas questions on Germans in Haiti
  124. Russians blames Stalin for heavy WW2 losses
  125. Baby deaths link to Roman 'brothel' in Buckinghamshire
  126. What the Balkans might have looked like if the Ottomans never came
  127. "Female gladiator's" grave found in Herefordshire
  128. Where were the slaves of ancient Romans from? Some anti-holliwood historical facts.
  129. Italian Middle Age: invasions of Italy.
  130. Remains of Stone Age "terraced cottage" discovered in southern Finland
  131. King Tut’s DNA is Western European
  132. The Prussian Spirit by Gunther Bardey
  133. Last Veterans of World War I
  134. Are Danish people considered Germanic?
  135. Jews As Neanderthal Survivors?
  136. What is this girl's origin?
  137. Who were the Sea Peoples?
  138. Japanese and Koreans [split from some troll's intro thread]
  139. Volcanoes wiped out Neanderthals?
  140. Did the German invasion of Yugoslavia doom Germany to inevitable world war defeat
  141. American vs. Canadian Ethnic Origin
  142. "Plot to Attack European Cities Foiled ..."
  143. Dr. Roberts "How Europeans survived
  144. Osweo was right! (x2)
  145. Rise of Greek Tyrannies
  146. Lima in the 30's and 40's: The gem of South America
  147. The Aesirs Came from Asia
  148. Was Greek Culture Stolen from Africa?
  149. Chetniks in WWII V.S. Tito Communism dictatorship,Secrets of Serbian history
  150. How Islam Destroyed the Literary Inheritance of the Classical World
  151. The decline of the Arab civilization
  152. My theory on the origins of the Proto-Germanic people...
  153. Who are the purest Aryans?
  154. scandinavia
  155. Proto-Celtic/Celtic ethnogenesis?
  156. Am I a viking? The modern Viking myth
  157. Periodis Web - A Historical Atlas and Gazetteer of Europe from Year 1 to 2000
  158. Migrations amongst Europeans
  159. The Sami - When did they become Sami?
  160. North Wales hillfort test of Iron Age communication
  161. Pagan Customs Practiced By Cultures of the Former Yugoslavia
  162. Ancient Tablet Found: Oldest Readable Writing in Europe
  163. The Greenlanders
  164. What race were Proto-Eurasiatic speakers?
  165. How to find classifications
  166. Has the mystery of Easter Island finally been solved?
  167. The Haemus Revival
  168. The Resurgence of Haemusans
  169. Bjarmaland
  170. Alexander - Great or Not?
  171. Edwardians In Colour
  172. Aromanians, indigenous of the Balkans
  173. Oldest ethnicity in Europe?
  174. Youngest ethnicity in Europe?
  175. Bede's voice regarding the settlement of England.
  176. Why isn't there an American or Australian (etc.) ethnicity?
  177. The most boring ethnicity in Europe?
  178. Most successful ethnicity in Europe?
  179. Land areas which should not belong with certain countries
  180. What does English sound like to foreigners?
  181. Official division of the Italian regions
  182. French Huguenots in Germany
  183. The American Roots of Fascism
  184. Map of European Peoples - 2000 AD
  185. Just how destructive were the Germanic invasions?
  186. Charlemagne - Karl der Große
  187. Why did Athens lose the Peloponnesian War
  188. Confederados
  189. A new theory for European populations and languages genesis .
  190. Britain Is More Germanic than It Thinks
  191. The Arab connection of the House of Windsor (British Royal Family)
  192. History of communism
  193. Issues of Łódź and Zamość
  194. Comparing and Contrasting: the Swiss Confederation and Yugoslavia
  195. Origin of Hungarians?
  196. Traditional Sicilian Costumes
  197. The Native American Heritage Obsession in the States
  198. The Norman Conquest question
  199. States that have been reduced in size
  200. Cultural Map of the World
  201. The Multicultural Cult
  202. Infographic: Crime & Punishment Through the Ages (and Modern US)
  203. Indo-European Tribes and the Great Flood.
  204. The Oldest Alliance In The World - The Anglo/British-Portuguese Alliance
  205. Political borders of Europe
  206. The migration of the Belgae (Gallic-Germanic tribes)
  207. Atlantis in Spain
  208. Where do you think Atlantis was located?
  209. East vs. West
  210. Who are the Romanians?
  211. Who are the Slovaks?
  212. Really what was wrong in the Earth 10.000-12.000 years ago?
  213. Is Romania a Balkan Country?
  214. Prussia, and the Old Prussians
  215. The Tocharians - Indo-Europeans of the East
  216. the last German Jamaicans
  217. 3 most important inventions
  218. The Conquest of Siberia
  219. Fascinating documentary on Otzi the Iceman
  220. Who are the HunGayrians ?
  221. Who are the FYROMians?
  222. Who are Montenegrins
  223. What did you hate and like about the Nazis?
  224. Scythians and other "Iranian Nomads" - European?
  225. Question about Name
  226. Giant Race
  227. White Slavery
  228. WW2 (the Civil War)......Europe, America and Japan.
  229. Hittites - Discussion
  230. Indo-European common Arch-Types
  231. who is closer: Celts and Germanics or Slavs and Balts?
  232. When was the apex of American power?
  233. Jews, who are they closer to: Germanics or Slavs?
  234. Are Volga Bulgars/Tatars European?
  235. From pagan to christian.
  236. Women during the Dark Age migrations
  237. Three waves of Celtic migration to Britain
  238. Africans aren't pure human either
  239. Scottish Origin
  240. The slavic tribes on st. Eusebius' map
  241. Anglo-Saxons: the most successful and productive race in history
  242. Are White Americans and White Anglo-Canadians part of the same ethnic group?
  243. Can anyone tell me about BMAC and Andronovo cultures?
  244. Has Islam been breeding a violent and congenitally retarded race for 1400 years?
  245. Identity of the Pechenegs.
  246. Slovenes
  247. Guns, Germs, and Steel thesis
  248. Who are Serbs?
  249. Gothic history - by Herwig Wolfram
  250. Does your country believe in the EVIL EYE?