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  1. Hot drinks promote warm feelings
  2. Weird Dreams
  3. Depression Hits Most Working Moms
  4. Myers-Briggs
  5. Is Sexual Orientation Related to Mental Health Problems & Suicidality in Young People
  6. Schizotypal traits and dimensions of religiosity
  7. Where/when do you do your best deep thinking?
  8. The Financial Crisis Is Driving Hordes of Americans to Suicide
  9. Schizotypal Personality Disorder: General information
  10. Depression
  11. 10 ways to beat the blues?
  12. Genes 'have key role in autism'
  13. Intelligent soldiers most likely to die in battle
  14. The Ten Most Revealing Psych Experiments
  15. GI suicide rate higher than civilians
  16. Tourette's most common in white kids, boys
  17. Suicide rate rises in hot weather
  18. Rain cuts down on murder rate
  19. Why an outburst of F-words can help reduce pain
  20. Nudity does us all good
  21. Has anyone else been diagnosed with a health/mental disorder?
  22. People 'get happier as they age'
  23. Personality Traits Associated With Stress And Worry Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
  24. My worst trait.....revenge.
  25. Key to subliminal messaging is to keep it negative, study shows
  26. Minnesota man suspected of encouraging suicides
  27. Musical Tastes: Do They Tell Everything About Us?
  28. When was the last time you cried and why?
  29. Somalis develop autism because of colder climates?
  30. How to spot and remove a 'frenemy'
  31. Black peopleand mental health hospitals
  32. "Sexting" leads to suicide
  33. Is synaesthesia a high-level brain power?
  34. Teen Marijuana Use Might Have Lasting Effects on Mood, Anxiety
  35. US youth have serious mental health issues than previous generations
  36. Five emotions you never knew you had
  37. Your IQ.
  38. Stopping Schizophrenia Before It Starts
  39. Study links excessive Internet use to depression
  40. The ego epidemic: How more and more of us women have an inflated sense of our own fabulousness
  41. Girls and boys being sexualised at early age, report warns
  42. Learning Keeps Brain Healthy
  43. Psychopaths' Brains Wired to Seek Rewards
  44. Wish you were a genius? Just practise!
  45. Anxiety Management?
  46. Why do people bully?
  47. Empathy for one's own race neurally distinct from empathy from mankind
  48. 6 New Personality Disorders Caused by the Internet
  49. Sorry, men ARE more brainy than women (and more stupid too!)
  50. Now independent thinkers are considered diseased by psychiatry
  51. Faux Friendship
  52. Men tell more lies than women, research shows
  53. Obituary for Child Psychiatrist Sula Wolff
  54. Evolution of Asperger's Syndrome Diagnosis
  55. I'm an....
  56. How close is your MBTI to your true self?
  57. Teen Depression Linked to Internet Overuse
  58. To what extent (if any) is a person's health or illness REALLY determined by his/her mental state?
  59. Now closed so we can really chat about ourselves! :P
  60. Autism’s First Child
  61. Solved at last: The mystery of why other people's phone conversations are so annoying
  62. The KISA test--Quick and easy online MBTI test
  63. Your KISA results here!
  64. The Nationality Attraction Test
  65. Eating bacon makes babies smarter!
  66. Why do smart kids grow up to be heavier drinkers?
  67. Music and intelligence: A guide for the science-minded parent
  68. So let's discuss these "angel of death" type killer nurses
  69. Portrait of a murder groupie
  70. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  71. My Anger Fits
  72. Cognitive Processes
  73. Caught in the Web: how does the Internet affect the way we think?
  74. Intro from David Keirsey's "Please Understand Me II"
  75. Keirsey's Description of for knowledge. Some of them are so relentless in their searcRationals(NTs)
  76. Are ADD, AD/HD, and ASD overdiagnosed?
  77. Serial killers and IQ
  78. The Psychology of Changing Your Opinions
  79. Jouve-Cerebrals Test of Induction (JCTI)
  80. What's you Enneagram type?
  81. Physical traits corresponding with psychological traits?
  82. Do perfect grades denote intelligence? Is this a society of smart idiots?
  83. Study Proves: This Everyday Drink Lowers Your IQ
  84. Mental disorders affect more than a third of Europeans
  85. Narcissism (Self-Esteem, Envy, Overcompensation, Denial, ect)
  86. Do psychiatrists take it TOO far with children?
  87. She-devils: the enigma of women who kill
  88. Nearly 20 Percent of US War Vets Have Mental Health Problems
  89. Does Mental Illness Exist?
  90. Beautiful people are more intelligent
  91. What goes on in the mind of a sniper?
  92. Nomophobia -- fear of being without your phone -- is on the rise
  93. Clockwise or counterclockwise
  94. What you can learn from the jerks at work
  95. Walking could be a useful tool in treating depression
  96. Girl age 4 with 159 IQ
  97. Want to cheer yourself up? go for a walk in a cemetery
  98. Fear of Holes: Do you have trypophobia?
  99. Loneliness and intelligence
  100. Is your brain male or female?
  101. Welcome and the rules!
  102. The Six Types of Anxiety
  103. Crazy idea, but it worked for me!
  104. What do you do to make it better?
  105. Breaking the Cycle
  106. Breathing techniques
  107. Visualisations for Anxiety
  108. EMDR: Rapid Eye Movement Therapy
  109. Online anxiety test.
  110. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  111. Herbal teas that can help with anxiety
  112. Eating right to help reduce anxiety levels
  113. Which of the following things are you scared of?
  114. Social anxiety/phobia and self-help
  115. Internet addiction and anxiety
  116. What is your IQ level ?
  117. Smartest man in America, what do you think of him?
  118. What do you want out of life?
  119. The Guilt thread.
  120. Aromatherapy and Anxiety
  121. Do you have dreams?
  122. IQ of famous people
  123. Feelings and Emotions.
  124. 'Cat ladies' more likely to commit suicide, scientists claim
  125. How should children be encouraged to deal with bullies?
  126. Internet Forum Personalities!
  127. Are you a sociopath
  128. Are you a ,glass half full, person or a ,glass half empty, person?
  129. Brain Typing, MBTI, and classifying people by mental/motor skills
  130. Cognitive Functions Test
  131. A Synthesis of Research on Psychological Types of Gifted Adolescents
  132. Gender, Height, And IQ
  133. Are Women More Intelligent?
  134. Why Do People Snap?
  135. Mind Control - Warning Graphic Video!
  136. Narcissists- documentary
  137. BBC Horizon: Why do we dream ?
  138. The power of introverts
  139. Personality vs. Intelligence - A litterature review and future study proposal
  140. Theory of Mind
  141. Your thoughts
  142. Subconscious mind.
  143. What job would have dreamed to do in life?
  144. Apricity's Anxiety Group
  145. Bipolar Mood Disorder - The causes
  146. Detailed information on Bipolar Mood Disorder
  147. Self-help tips for Bipolar Mood Disorder
  148. Caring for a family member or loved one with Bipolar Disorder
  149. Electro-convulsive therapy
  150. Apricity's Bipolar Disorder Group
  151. Medical treatment of Bipolar Disorder
  152. What is the difference between manic depression and bipolar disorder?
  153. Famous people with Bipolar Disorder
  154. Understanding Schizophrenia
  155. Treatment for schizophrenia
  156. Living with Schizophrenia
  157. Hints and tips for family of people suffering from schizophrenia
  158. Apricity's Schizophrenia Group
  159. Schizophrenia and Psychosis
  160. Delusions and Hallucinations
  161. Sub-types of Schizophrenia
  162. Causes of schizophrenia
  163. Serial Killers - Real Life Hannibal Lecters
  164. The Mind of a Visual Thinker
  165. The Woman who thinks like a Cow - Temple Grandin
  166. Psychopaths: Good or Evil
  167. How long can you stay awake?
  168. Arcticwolf vs Stefan. Battle of the Mental Giants!!
  169. Do you have Synaesthesia? (take the test)
  170. Obsession
  171. Self Harm: people who deliberately hurt themselves
  172. Are you happy???
  173. Sudden feelings of emptiness..
  174. Brain plasticity and homosexuality
  175. Borderline Personality Disorder Group
  176. Detailed information about Borderline Personality Disorder
  177. The 7 Most Obnoxious Fake Online Personalities
  178. Night owl vs early bird
  179. How strongly do you experience emotion?
  180. Are the bullies to blame?
  181. How nerd are you?
  182. The 3D Humour Test: which one are you?
  183. Gray Matters: Brain Science in the 21st Century
  184. Creativity 'closely entwined with mental illness'
  185. Racial Memory
  186. Fears
  187. Trauma Model Of Mental Disorders
  188. Depression = Better Leaders in Times of Crisis?
  189. Spatial Aptitude Test
  190. National Geographic - Strange Behaviour: Tourettes And Other Disorders
  191. Are you a appeaser or a marcher?
  192. Which temperament corresponds to your personality
  193. You think your first name is rarer than other people do
  194. What would you do?!
  195. Friends who let you down
  196. Do you have any phobias/irrational fears?
  197. THC - The Stoned Ages
  198. BBC Documentary - Stupidity
  199. Depression and Anxiety
  200. The average person's mind
  201. Pessimism vs Optimism
  202. Describe Yourself In 5 Words
  203. What would you do?
  204. Phobias & disorders
  205. name things you hate the most about yourself
  206. name things you Love the most about yourself
  207. paranoid Shitzophinia, over eatting...
  208. Porn, Novelty and the Coolidge Effect
  209. Are you Shy or Outgoing?
  210. ''Symptoms'' of a Serial Killer
  211. Asperger's not in DSM-5 mental health manual
  212. Female Serial Killers
  213. Do you lack the desire to go out?
  214. Judge yourself!
  215. Body dysmorphic disorder - common in "anthronerds"?
  216. Do you have real friends?!
  217. Sex is for not for bears on unicycles
  218. Brain sex I.D quiz
  219. Latin Americans Happiest in The World
  220. Disgusted people have enhanced ability to spot dirt
  221. How happy are you in your career/job?
  222. Death: is it so Bad?
  223. Are you vain
  224. The 150 Things the World's Smartest People Are Afraid Of
  225. Male vs. Female suicide rates in England
  226. When should people leave their parents' homes?
  227. Think you can multitask? Congratulations, you’re probably living a lie
  228. Ten Figures
  229. Co-dependency - What is the solution?
  230. Aspergers...?
  231. Teenage cannabis use linked with anxiety disorders in late 20s
  232. Which leader you are?
  233. Empathy and psycopath tests - Post your results
  234. Narcissistic Personality Disorder test - Post your results
  235. Borderline Personality Disorder test - Post your results
  236. Depression test - Post your results
  237. TEST: Which personality disorder do you have - Post your results
  238. Insanity, genius and mediocrity
  239. The Psychological Reasons For Racism: "Black People Look Dirty"
  240. the reasons for bullying, being bullied, being a bullie
  241. Ruf Estimates of giftedness
  242. Your Personality
  243. Are most of the people attracted to similar looking or the is the opposite?
  244. Stayin’ alive & well: Holocaust survivors’ disco therapy
  245. At what age did you learn to read?
  246. Most conflict can be blamed on the male sex drive
  247. The roots of all our inferior complex
  248. Socionics test
  249. Mensa Marvel: Two-Year-Old Girl's 156 IQ
  250. I feel like crap...