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  1. Sicilian people.
  2. Rosalia Lombardo (1920)
  3. Should Sicily receive independence from Italy and join with Malta?
  4. Sicilian cuisine
  5. Most likely explanation for presence of light pigmentation in Sicilians?
  6. Tunisian-born Sicilians -- how many were they? Did most of them return to Sicily?
  7. Sicilian subforum
  8. Binvinutu a tutti i siciliani! [Welcome to all Sicilians]
  9. La st˛ria dÔ Sicilia
  10. Sicilian Apricity Members' Autosomal, Y-Chromosome, and mtDNA results
  11. Learning Sicilianu
  12. What are the differences between main land and Sicily?
  13. M¨sica siciliana
  14. Banneri dÔ Sicilia (Flags of Sicily)
  15. Today in 1229 - King Fidiricu of Sicily takes Jerusalem for Catholicism, has himself crowned King.
  16. Scacchi / Chess
  17. Cartini e immaggini dÔ Sicilia [Maps & Images]
  18. Ponti di Missina [Strait of Messina Bridge]
  19. T¨nnilli sutta u Strittu di Sicilia [Strait of Sicily Tunnel]
  20. Sicilian Poetry Recitations
  21. Can you tell Maltese/East/West Sicilians apart, or do they strongly overlap?
  22. Tancredi d'Autavilla, Re di Sicilia (1135-1194)
  23. Semu mediurienti? [Are we Middle Eastern?]
  24. Mt.Etna Ejaculated
  25. Philadelphia Sicilian restaurant to introduce horse meat
  26. Do Jewish American stereotypes fit Sicilians and Sicilian Americans?
  27. Siciliani - the origin of names in your family?
  28. Innu di Sicilia [Song of Sicily]
  29. Today in 1266 - The End of the Sicilian Empire - Battle of Beniventu
  30. Analysis of the 2013 Italian election from a Western Sicilian perspective
  31. Frederick II the German emperor from Sicily
  32. The Catholic legacy of Sicily
  33. Sicily's left-wing government approves legislature to abolish the provinces
  34. Quotes About Sicily
  35. "Shakespeare was Sicilian" / "Shakespeare era siciliano" movement
  36. 730th anniversary - 30 marzu - vespiri siciliani
  37. Sicilian genetics.. why no east/west genetic division, but a phenotypical one?
  38. Sicilian, Italian, and Greek 23andme AC Results (Speculative) and Haplogroups.
  39. Sicilian haplogroups by province according to Sicilian DNA Project.
  40. Post pictures of non-Sicilians who "look" Sicilian.
  41. Who is the most similar CULTURALLY to Sicilians?
  42. The 25 official Sicilian tourist dictricts
  43. Which Sicilian Aprician is the Most Typically "Sicilian-looking" Sicilian?
  44. Anthony Bourdain is Your Guide to Sicily
  45. Post people who look like the different "historical" groups of Sicily.
  46. The International Influence of Sicilians
  47. Fýmmini siciliani / Sicilian women / Donne siciliane
  48. Most common surnames in Sicily by town.
  49. How much Arab influence is there in Sicilians?
  50. Should Sicily go back to the traditional Vallum divisions?
  51. Mt. Etna to become UNESCO World Heritage Site in June
  52. The History of Sicily in 100 Seconds / La storia dÔ Sicilia in 100 sicunni
  53. Which Language is Closer to Sicilian? (Maltese, Italian, Romanian, and Spanish)
  54. Which provinces of Sicily have the most Ancient Greek input/the strongest Hellenic legacy?
  55. Sicilian was the main language of the island even under maghrebi domination.
  56. Normans of the South
  57. Canadian gangsters killed in Palermo
  58. Yesterday was a very important date in our history.
  59. Lombards of Sicily
  60. Who's your favorite Sicilian on TA?
  61. Is US Navy satellite system spreading cancer in Sicily?
  62. Figurative description and comparison of Italic to British lands/Islands.
  63. Sicilian and Calabrese folk music: What other folk music does it sound the most similar to?
  64. Nordic elements in Sicily: How much of it is Norman, how much is ancient Italic Indo-European?
  65. Sicilian Autusomal Scores by Region -- West, South, and Center.
  66. Idyllic Italian town protests US army base
  67. Sicilian phenotypes BY REGION.. my comprehensive guide to the island and its types!
  68. Giulia Arena, 19, of Messina, wins Miss Italy
  69. WHICH Greeks look the most similar to southern Italians and Sicilians?
  70. Opinion: addiopizzo
  71. How would you perceive these accents (Sicilian, Calabrese) in English hearing them in your town?
  72. What are Sicilians genetically? (Vote, too).
  73. Spanish cultural influences in Sicily and Calabria; what are they?
  74. The original Sicilians were Irish-like, not Cypriot-like according to new "World Ancestry" site!
  75. Whose genetic influence was stronger in Sicily: Phoenicians or Normans?
  76. Groups of Sicilians
  77. Sicilian nun from Ragusa wins Italian "The Voice"
  78. Messina, ritorna il mistero dei roghi
  79. STRUĎGNULI - Stromboli. The Volcano. Not the guy from Pinocchio. Or the pastry. Not the film either.
  80. Where in Independent Sicily would you have lived?
  81. Two Sicilian Champions
  82. Two Sicilian songs; which other country's music sounds closest to the style?
  83. Another Sicilian song; which music style is closest to this one?
  84. Sicilians and Italians enraged at the rise of Palermo's new Facebook-era mafia.
  85. Which of these phenotypes do you associate the most with people from Sicily?
  86. For sale at one euro: a house in an idyllic Sicilian village
  87. What is the cultural origin of this type of music?
  88. Post famous non-Sicilians who look Sicilian.
  89. Walter
  90. Albanians vs. Sicilians: Who is whiter?
  91. Summer skiing in Etna
  92. Norman-Arab-Byzantine culture
  93. -------------
  94. Apology to the Sicilian/Italian users here.
  95. Mussolini vs. the Mafia
  96. Sicilian night clubs Facebook links (the sources of my photos) provided right here.
  97. Arbereshe del sud Italia
  98. Palazzi storici e nobiliari in Sicilia / Nobiliary and historic palaces in Sicily
  99. Monumenti romani in Sicilia/Roman buildings in Sicily
  100. Does this style of music have Greek influence?
  101. The Greek cities and building in Sicily
  102. Sicilian mountains / Montagne siciliane
  103. Proposed new flag of Sicily
  104. English families in Sicily in 1700-1800
  105. Colonie Romane di Sicilia / Roman colonies of Sicily
  106. Palermo, muore un 25 enne Era stato trovato davanti discoteca
  107. Merchant families who settled in Palermo in the Middle ages
  108. QUESTION TO THE SICILIAN MEMBERS: who do you feel is more friendly to you?
  109. Does this Sicilian song sound stylistically similar to Ashkenazi/Yiddish music?
  110. VERY interesting Sicilian GEDmatch result.
  111. Where can the Sicilians pass??
  112. Anyone familiar with the area of Naso and Capo d'Orlando?
  113. Who were Sicily's Sicanians? Were they Indo-European, Afro-Asiatic, or Basque like?
  114. Could the Doric vs Ionic divide in ancient Sicily explain some of the genetic differences today?
  115. Who were Sicily's Elymians? Where did they come from?
  116. Sicily travel - Sex and Romance Dialectal Slang
  117. Sarno et al 2014 study on Sicilian y-dna and mtdna: key information.
  118. Arab architecture of Sicily
  119. Which MENA group has the most overlap phenotypically with Sicily?
  120. Sicilian Actor/ress and Famous tv personalities
  121. Sicily -images capturing the essence
  122. Wander through the Sicilian Village in a Cave, Frozen in Time
  123. Sikeliot's guide to Sicilian phenotypes UPDATED.
  124. If Mycenaeans are West Med shifted, then Sicilians/Cretans must have genuine Levantine DNA.
  125. Citazioni sulla Sicilia
  126. Exotic Good Looking South Italian Men
  127. Sicily votes 81% against the EU Status Quo ľ It Begins!
  128. For you sicilian friends............
  129. Is Sicily part of Southwestern or Southeastern Europe?
  130. A Phallic Bar in a quaint Sicilian Town
  131. The Terrifying Catacombs of the Capuchin Monks
  132. Help with another Sicilian music style?
  133. Should Greek input be considered "native" to S. Italy when assessing extent of foreign input?
  134. Do you see Arbereshe Shqiptars as being Albanians or true Sicilian Italians?
  135. Sicilians from Menfi (Agrigento) - VIDEO
  136. Gela - the Italian city with extreme climate records
  137. Did the ancient Greeks genocide, or assimilate, the Siculi of Sicily?
  138. How earthquakes in Messina, and Mt. Etna's destruction in Catania may have changed Sicilian DNA?
  139. Il mio viaggio in sicilia
  140. Why is there a city in both Sicily and Croatia called "Ragusa"?
  141. South Italian/Sicilian master thread -- which countries, regions, ethnicity do they fit in?
  142. Sicily MyHeritage results: is "Greek" pinpointing ancestry from outside of Greece?
  143. sicilian phenotypes
  144. Italian houses for sale 1 ú
  145. Questions about Corleone
  146. Italy's Proposal for a Bridge to Sicily