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  1. Swedish archaeologists uncover Viking-era church
  2. The survival of Celtic (Brythonic) words in England and Scotland
  3. 700-year-old coins found in field
  4. A temple discovered below Romuliana
  5. Archaeologists unearth 3rd to 2nd century BC Celtic village in Poland
  6. Archaeologists Find Celts In Unlikely Spot: Turkey.
  7. Archaeologist joins call to save unique Roman Villa
  8. Remains Of Gallo-Roman Vineyard Discovered In Gevrey-Chambertin‏
  9. Scythian Gold From Siberia Said to Predate the Greeks
  10. Humans Ate Neanderthals
  11. Scientists Unveil Missing Link In Evolution
  12. New Forest discovery thought be one of oldest ever made in UK
  13. Ancient Mass Grave Found in England
  14. Rare ancient jewels found
  15. Roman military camp sites found
  16. Archaeologists find suspected Trojan war-era couple
  17. The Oldest Lunar Calendar on Earth
  18. Has the original Labyrinth been found?
  19. British holidaymaker discovers lost underwater 'city'
  20. Ancient Astronomical Artefact found in the North Caucasus
  21. A Lost European Culture, Pulled From Obscurity
  22. Lost city of Atlantis 'could be buried in southern Spain'
  23. Archaeological 'Time Machine' Greatly Improves Accuracy of Early Radiocarbon Dating
  24. Neanderthal Seafarers' Artifacts Found On Crete?
  25. First Minoan Shipwreck
  26. Islam’s Golden Age: An Archaeological Nonentity
  27. Archeological dig reshaping human history
  28. "Stunning" Viking treasure found in Ireland
  29. Europe's 'oldest swastika' unearthed
  30. Exciting Roman military archives discovery!
  31. Ancient temple complex discovered near Le Mans
  32. Asia: Archaeologists Discover Most Valuable Gold Coin Ever Found in Israel
  33. A forgotten European civilization
  34. Turks to destroy the archaeological site of Allianoi
  35. Researchers: Ancient human remains found in Israel
  36. Celts in Germany
  37. 6,000 year old winery unearthed in Armenia
  38. Grave of "gay caveman" found
  39. Early Bronze Age battle site found on German river bank
  40. A computer dating revolution (of the archaeological kind)
  41. More old condoms found
  42. Treasure unearthed at Indian temple could be world's largest
  43. Homo Erectus travelled the high seas
  44. Ardnamurchan Viking boat burial discovery 'a first'
  45. What's your favorite archaeology finds?
  46. Archeologists Find Central Europe's Oldest Painting
  47. A pyramid of mummies
  48. Archaeologists Return to Investigate Viking Period Site in Gotland
  49. Pictures: Mysterious Viking-era Graves Found With Treasure
  50. Kennewick Man - Discovery Magazine Full episode
  51. Underwater Pyramids and Sunken Cities
  52. Heathen Temple Discovered, Faces Destruction
  53. Last Neanderthals near the Arctic Circle?
  54. Did the Bell Beaker Culture evolve into the Celts?
  55. Piltdown Man: British archaeology's greatest hoax
  56. Iberian Neanderthals, the first world painters?
  57. Ancient Poop Science: Inside the Archaeology of Paleofeces
  58. Archaeologists Uncovering Legendary Lost City of Poseidon
  59. Stunning Face Hidden for Thousands of Years: Wooden Sarcophagus Is Unearthed at Egyptian Necropolis
  60. Mummy Pictures: Secrets of Stunning 19th-Century Heads Revealed
  61. Unique runestone included in UNESCO list
  62. Lead poisoning in Rome: The skeletal evidence
  63. Earliest farming site in Europe found in Albania
  64. Viking-Era 'Piggy Bank' Yields Silver Treasure
  65. Runestone
  66. The Revelation Of The Pyramids
  67. So you want to be an archaeologist: Ten top tips for getting into archaeology
  68. Tongwancheng, The Ancient Capital Of The Huns
  69. Monumental effort to save the threatened Viking treasures of Oseberg
  70. Scientists have unearthed ancient artifacts that are upending the history of mankind
  71. Legendary Viking town unearthed
  72. Archeological find of Vikings in England
  73. X-rays reveal secrets of Roman coins
  74. Flying Lasers Reveal Buried Historical Structures
  75. Cities Of The Underworld - Tomb of the Lost Mummies
  76. A Roman shipwreck in the ancient port of Antibes
  77. Archaeologists dig to find site of Battle of Bannockburn
  78. Europe’s ‘oldest town’ found near Bulgaria’s Varna
  79. Greenland’s viking settlers gorged on seals
  80. Orion - oldest European calendar
  81. First Souvenirs: Enamelled Vessells From Hadrians Wall
  82. Urumchi: The Ancient Nordic Mummies of China
  83. "Arab" Found in Danish Iron-Age Grave
  84. Archeologists revise image of ancient Celts
  85. Sicilian Mummies Bring Centuries to Life
  86. Pottery grave goods tell us about life
  87. Half-Million-Year-Old Human Jawbone Found
  88. B&B owner finds stuffed cat hidden in his attic is a 2,000-year-old EGYPTIAN MUMMY
  89. Battered Skulls Reveal Violence Among Stone Age Women
  90. Man in the New World 250,000 years ago?
  91. 14 000 year old hungarian runic script in ethiopia?
  92. Pre-Viking tunic found by glacier
  93. Swedish archaeologists find Thor's Hammer
  94. Fossils from South Africa show ‘weird’ mosaic of chimp-human traits
  95. Previously Unknown Ancient Civilizations Are Still Being Discovered
  96. New excavations indicate use of fertilizers 5,000 years ago
  97. New Ice Age museum for Germany
  98. Moles unearth Roman artefacts at Epiacum's ancient fort
  99. Rune stone rediscovered after 300 years
  100. New excavations to find lost Pictish kingdom
  101. Secret Streets of Britain’s ‘Atlantis’ Are Revealed
  102. Plague Helped Bring Down Roman Empire, Graveyard Suggests
  103. Elephant’s Tomb in Carmona May Have Been a Temple to the God Mithras
  104. A Brazilian Atlantis?
  105. Archaeologists uncover Pagan skeletons at housing development near Stonehenge
  106. The Gryniv Scabbard
  107. Archaeologists find underground Medieval refuge
  108. Ancient Egyptians wore jewellery made from 5,000 year old meteorites
  109. Eastern Celtic Helmets
  110. Dug out canoes were Bronze Age Britons’ ‘run-abouts’ of choice, say archaeologists
  111. Norway archaeologists find ancient coin in Trondheim
  112. The Neanderthal With the World's Oldest Tumor
  113. Which Area Of Europe Received Agriculture Last?
  114. Archaeologists use new study to slam idea that mankind was quick to get out of Africa
  115. Long-lost stone found in stream by archaeologists
  116. Ancient Siberians may have rarely hunted mammoths
  117. Serbia: ancient tombs discovered from 2,500 years ago
  118. Did Humans Really Eat Neanderthals?
  119. Ancient Kangaroo Teeth Reveal Australia’s Tropical Past
  120. Why leprosy died out: Europeans developed mutations
  121. Horsing around 800,000-years-ago: DNA of prehistoric stallion unveiled
  122. Royal Rhynie focus of Pictish excavation
  123. Ancient horse bone yields oldest DNA sequence
  124. Treasures of the Peruvian royal tombs
  125. Human skull found in Manning River casts doubt over claims Captain Cook was first to the east coast
  126. Ancient Anchors from Punic Wars Found Off Sicily
  127. Archaeologists find ancient stone head which could be Roman Geordie god
  128. Neanderthals were a house-proud race who liked creature comforts
  129. Israeli archaeologists uncover base of 6th Roman Legion in Galilee
  130. Illyrian-Albanian Archeology
  131. Mysterious Toe Rings Found on Ancient Egyptian Skeletons
  132. Volunteer army drafted to map every ancient hill fort
  133. Egyptian Pharaoh Sphinx unearthed by country
  134. Richard III Grave Reconstructed in 3D
  135. Pharaoh's Sphinx Paws Found in Israel
  136. Anglo-Saxon coin found in Mildenhall area declared treasure
  137. 'World's oldest calendar' discovered in Scottish field
  138. Have Egypt's long lost pyramids really been found?
  139. Watch Archaeologists Explore a Gulf of Mexico Shipwreck
  140. Xishuipo M45 Tomb
  141. 10 Most Mysterious Burial Sites
  142. largest Hellenistic mosaic found in Calabria
  143. Anglo-Saxon gravestone is found in garage
  144. Archaeologists discover a 72million-year-old dinosaur tail in Mexican desert
  145. Viking Jewelry Unearthed in Denmark
  146. Mystery deepens in coffin-within-a-coffin found at Richard III site
  147. Humans evolved to be monogamous to protect children being killed by rival males
  148. How woolly mammoths could roam Earth again
  149. Incan child sacrifice mummies found, drugged before death
  150. Archaeologists claim to have discovered piece of Jesus’ cross in Turkey
  151. Did archaeologists find a piece of Jesus' cross?
  152. A comet did wipe out first North American prehistoric humans
  153. Bulgarian Archeologists Uncover Large Votive Relief of Zeus
  154. Medieval boat discovered on River Chet, Loddon
  155. Megaconus: Furry Proto-Mammal Stuns Paleontologists
  156. Dinosaur Eggs Found In Portugal Linked To Rare Jurassic-Era Torvosaurus Nest
  157. Analysis of ancient glass beads from cult site in Germany
  158. Neandertals made the first specialized bone tools in Europe
  159. Ancient Anchors from Punic Wars Found Off Sicily
  160. Ancient Toilet Reveals Parasites in Crusader Poop
  161. Handaxe design reveals distinct Neanderthal cultures
  162. 14th-century poison ring found near Bulgaria’s Kavarna
  163. The Vikings were not the first colonizers of the Faroe Islands
  164. Newly unearthed ruins challenge views of early Romans
  165. Tomb of Alexander the Great Unearthed?
  166. Feasting and fighting: the long-lost secrets of Beowulf
  167. Attila the Huns grave
  168. Bulgarian archaeologists find Roman-era frigidarium in Bourgas
  169. Pico: New archeological evidence reveals human presence before Portuguese occupation – Azores
  170. First Scottish Iron Age ‘loch village’ found in Wigtownshire
  171. Discovery of 5,000-year-old skull 'in fabulous condition'
  172. Mystery Settlers Reached 'Step to Americas' Before Vikings
  173. Oldest 'Bog Body' Found with Skin Intact
  174. Far Out: Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Came from Outer Space
  175. Early Humans Lived in China 1.7 Million Years Ago
  176. Humans Landed on 'Treasure Island' Earlier Than Thought
  177. Neanderthals Died Out Earlier Than Thought
  178. Infected and Hunched: King Richard III Was Crawling With Roundworms
  179. First pharaoh ruled Ancient Egypt 500 years LATER than first thought
  180. Discovery of 5,000-year-old skull 'in fabulous condition' on side of river sparks mystery
  181. Çatalhöyük, Turkey
  182. The Roman Empire's OTHER Hadrian's Wall?
  183. Scorpion Is Gondwana's Oldest Land Animal
  184. Gruesome glimpse of Iron Age massacre where 'thousands' were slaughtered, chopped up and dumped in
  185. Secret 'Slave' Tunnels Discovered Under Roman Emperor's Villa
  186. Animal Sacrifice Powered Ancient Jerusalem's Economy
  187. Flag Fen Bronze Age boats older than was first thought
  188. Archeologists date human femur found in northern Britain to 10,000 years ago
  189. Study: Men with smaller testicles make better fathers
  190. New passage-tomb discovery near Newgrange
  191. Trajan Column
  192. Dig uncovers lost army tribute buried in Staffordshire
  193. Dating of Beads Sets New Timeline for Early Humans
  194. Ritualistic Bronze Age Dog Sacrifice: Initiation into a Warrior Caste?
  195. Neanderthals' Last Stand = Urals?
  196. Archaeologists Suspect Vampire Burial; An Undead Primer
  197. Fossil Insects Tweak Date of Deadly “Atlantis” Eruption
  198. Oldest Evidence of Cooking With Spices Found, Scientists Say
  199. European Hunter-Gatherers Had Domesticated Pigs Earlier Than Thought
  200. Culture Clash and Cultural Genocide: the case of the Bamiyan Buddhas
  201. Was Jesus here? Biblical-era town discovered along Sea of Galilee
  202. Siberian Princess reveals her 2,500 year old tattoos
  203. Village Of Cannibals: Herxheim, Germany
  204. Subaquatic pyramidal shaped structure found
  205. Head of Goddess Aphrodite Statue Unearthed in Turkey
  206. Crazy Archaeology files: did cannibal migrationss end all the ancient civilizations in the Americas?
  207. Skeleton of Ancient Prince Reveals Etruscan Life
  208. Discovery of sacred Roman well amazes archaeology team
  209. Mold gold cape: Bronze Age site’s ‘exciting’ new finds
  210. Nomads, Tatoos, and Gold: Sarmatian Kurgan Burial Excavation
  211. Arkaim
  212. Megalithmania. Balbec, Malta, Atlantis, 200 sunken cities in mediterranean, phoenician mooring in AU
  213. Sintashta: Harnessing Horse Power
  214. Six medieval bridge crossings were discovered in Mazury
  215. Oldest Objects Ever Found
  216. 6,000-Year-Old Wine Found In Greece; Ancient Samples May Be Oldest Unearthed In Europe
  217. Engraved Penises Reveal Birth Date of Italian City
  218. Hard Times Followed Booms for Europe's Ancient Farmers
  219. London Dig Uncovers Roman-Era Skulls
  220. Hobbits Were A Real Species
  221. Gravetop Sundial Reveals Lost Civilization's Tech Savvy
  222. Horse Domestication and its Archaeological Origins
  223. Remains of Upright Horses Discovered in Thracian Tomb
  224. Golden Sacrifices
  225. 10 Mummies With Mysterious Stories To Tell
  226. Frogs' legs may have been English delicacy 8,000 years before France
  227. A little closer to simply "there was no out of africa" being finally admitted as reality
  228. Neanderthal women were the greatest artists of prehistory
  229. Chinese Mummy Unearthed But Then Suddenly Vanishes
  230. Etruscan Warrior Prince Actually A Princess, Bone Analysis Reveals
  231. Preserving a 4000 year-old artefact
  232. 10 Awful Ways Bog Bodies Died
  233. Exceptionally rare Roman statue unearthed in City of London building site
  234. Aphrodite head found in ancient Hiérapolis
  235. We ARE all 1 species?
  236. The Bog People Were Waiting
  237. Archaeological site revealing 6000 years of occupation
  238. Older split between "modern" humans and neanderthal?
  239. Neanderthals survived longer on british isles than thought
  240. People of levant came from europe?
  241. Excavation of Human Ancestor Fossils Begins in South African Cave
  242. London Dig Uncovers Roman-Era Skulls
  243. Mummy's Colorful Collar Found in Egyptian Tomb
  244. An Imperial Underworld
  245. Discovery Of Alaska Spear Points Raises New Questions About Human Arrival In North America
  246. Lice Reveal Clues to Human Evolution
  247. The “Aryan Invasion” Controversy (PDF of talk)
  248. Man Domesticated Cattle in Ancient Northwest China 10,000 Years Ago
  249. Ancient naval battle rises above the waves
  250. Neanderthals (probably) domesticated dogs in europe