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  1. 115 immigrants rescued off Malta
  2. Pictures from Malta
  3. Malta goes to the polls in general election
  4. Malta records highest number of asylum seekers per capita
  5. Operators trying to lure assets from Cyprus to Malta
  6. Malta looks to improve ties with post-revolution Arab states
  7. Sunny Malta hopes to dispel economic gloom as ‘Europe’s Dubai’
  8. The bizarre banking loophole that has opened up in Malta
  9. The European Union is funding us
  10. Ninety-nine people convicted of blasphemy in Malta last year
  11. Viva Malta!
  12. Nisa maltin / Maltese women
  13. Malta, tourists' views
  14. Malta to place citizen at centre of EU - Louis Grech
  15. European Commission says Malta judicial reform must be made a priority
  16. Is Maltese closer to Arabic or Sicilian?
  17. The Two Best Climates on Earth
  18. Revealed...the face of a Maltese woman 5,600 years ago
  19. Malta PM Joseph Muscat dismisses bailout fears
  20. Malta in the maps
  21. Malta becomes signatory to declaration to combat discrimination against LGBT persons
  22. 300 migrants intercepted near Malta
  23. Sweden can have our migrants, Muscat suggests
  24. Muscat: We made Europe wake up and smell the coffee
  25. Whenever I invite Maltesers
  26. What's the difference from a Malteser and a Bosniak?
  27. Origin of 10 most common Maltese surnames.
  28. Who are the primary ancestors of the Maltese?
  29. Should Malta become part of Sicily, yes or no?
  30. Maltese 23andme Results! Since no one on here has seen one before.
  31. How long ago did the Maltese actually arrive in Malta from Sicily?
  32. Oh btw
  33. Russia, Malta ready to expand ties - Foreign Ministry
  34. Exorcists wanted in Malta after 'spike in devil-worshipping practices'
  35. Malta is not an independent country, Icelandic MP claims
  36. Maltese may have been descended from Slavs
  37. The incredible sound effects of Malta’s Hypogeum Hal Saflieni
  38. Maltese are literally Sicilian transplants, nothing more.
  39. My Island - In Minecraft
  40. [WATCH] Meet the patriots who fear Muslim takeover of Malta
  41. Malta needs to prepare for migrant arrivals upsurge as Libya situation worsens - UNHCR representativ
  42. Malta: Illegal aliens create NGO to push for citizenship, benefits
  43. Sicilian origin of the Maltese reflected in top 10 surnames.
  44. How much of Maltese ancestry is Sicilian?
  45. average Maltese phenotype
  46. Do you consider the Maltese to be Arabs?
  47. The oldest Maltese surnames: a window on Sicily's medieval history (link)
  48. Malta: Libyan plane hijacked
  49. Parliament pauses to remember the Holocaust
  50. Early European Farmer Admixture as in Maltese
  51. Do you consider Maltese to be Arabs?
  52. Do you consider the Maltese to be Semites?
  53. Genetically, should Malta be considered part of the Sicilian population?
  54. Two Saudi families buy 62 Maltese passports
  55. Has anyone been to Malta?
  56. maltese morph
  57. maltese morph
  58. Napoleon letter detailing Malta invasion arrives, to be exhibited during Public Service week
  59. .....
  60. maltese phenotypes