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  1. Feathered Dinosaurs
  2. Fossils push animal life back millions of years: study
  3. Some Dinosaurs Survived the Asteroid Impact
  4. A skull that rewrites the history of man
  5. Tiny Tyrannosaur
  6. Skull Fossil Challenges Out-of-Africa Theory
  7. Cro Magnon skull supports theory that human brains have begun to shrink
  8. New dinosaur species found in China
  9. S.Africa officially announces new hominid species, A. sediba
  10. Dinosaurs
  11. Human-sized Tyrannosaurs!
  12. Evidence of widespread cannibalism among T. Rex uncovered
  13. "Monstrously Big" Ant Fossil Found in Wyoming, USA
  14. The Dinosaur That Died In Its Tracks
  15. Dino-era Mammal the "Jurassic Mother" of Us All
  16. Oldest Fossils On Earth Discovered
  17. Ancient Humans Made Stone Axes 1.76 Million Years Ago, Reveals Study
  18. Old Thunder Thighs: T. Rex's Weight Topped 9 Tons
  19. Archaic human ancestry in East Asia (Skoglund and Jakobsson 2011)
  20. Meet the world's smallest fossil, an ancient mite less than two millionths of a millimetre long
  21. Canadian researchers discover prehistoric Komodo-dragon-like ‘hypercarnivore’
  22. Oldest predator Anomalocaris had super sight
  23. Dinosaur skull dismissed as 'rubbish' for 90 years is new species - a 'missing link' in the tricerat
  24. Prehistoric bear skulls found underwater in Mexico
  25. New Species of Ancient Crocodile, Ancestor of Today’s Species, Discovered by MU Researcher
  26. T. Rex Bite Strongest Ever on Land—Ten Times Greater Than Gator's
  27. Dinosaur's Flashy Feathers Revealed
  28. Ancient Ichthyosaur Mother Did Not Explode, Scientists Say
  29. The amazing ginger mammoth: Ice Age creature killed by cavemen is found perfectly preserv
  30. Egg-Laying May Have Caused Dinosaur Extinction
  31. Prehistoric bird splashed down in Saskatchewan
  32. New Species: "Rebel" Coelacanth Stalked Ancient Seas
  33. Dinosaurs' Gaseous Emissions Warmed Earth?
  34. Identification of the world's smallest mammoth
  35. Evolution of Birds Is Result of a Drastic Change in How Dinosaurs Developed
  36. Dinosaurs 'much lighter than previously thought'
  37. "World's first mammoths' graveyard" found in eastern Serbia
  38. Turtles fossilised in sex embrace
  39. Pleistocene rewilding
  40. Dinosaur coldblooded theory gets dash of cold water
  41. "Beautiful" Squirrel-Tail Dinosaur Fossil Upends Feather Theory
  42. How Dinosaurs had sex
  43. A mammoth find in France provides evidence of a savage demise
  44. Oldest panda fossils ever are found — and not in China
  45. Volcano Eruption Baked Rare Rhino Fossil
  46. Oldest Dinosaur Found?
  47. Researchers Find First Evidence of Ice Age Wolves in Nevada
  48. Jurassic Dino-Bird Discovered, Named Eosinopteryx
  49. efossils.org
  50. Dinosaur Did Not Walk Upright -- Even Though Majority Believe it Did
  51. Palaeontologists discover giant camel species that lived in the High Arctic
  52. Remains of huge fossilised flying reptile displayed in Rio
  53. Daisy Morris, 9, Discovers New Dinosaur And Has It Named After Her
  54. Dinosaur Sex Study Answers Prickly Question About How Spiked Dinos Reproduced
  55. Prehistoric Dog Lovers Liked Seafood, Jewelry, Spirituality
  56. Albertadromeus – Smallest Plant-Eating Dinosaur Known from Canada
  57. Scientists poke frozen mammoth, liquid blood squirts out
  58. Archaeopteryx restored in fossil reshuffle
  59. How countries of today would look 300 million years ago
  60. 20-Million-Year-Old Koala Discovered, Named after Australian Philanthropist Dick Smith
  61. Giant 'lizard king' that roamed the Earth 40 million years ago has been named after The Doors' front
  62. Triceratops Skeletons Found In Wyoming May Shed Light On Horned Dinosaurs' Behavior
  63. Legendary Giant Oarfish that grows up to 50ft long and lives nearly a MILE undersea recorded
  64. English Flying Reptiles Had Brazilian Relatives
  65. Lost World Locked in Stone at Fossil Lake
  66. Fossils Explain 'Six Pack?' Ancient Fish Helps Show Evolution Of Abdominal Muscles
  67. Bizarre 500-Million-Year-Old Creature Unearthed
  68. Ancient Odd Couple Discovered in Fossilized Burrow
  69. Knobby-Headed Beast Roamed Ancient Desert
  70. Ancient Dinobird Wore Black and White
  71. Paleontologists Observe Psittacosaurus Growth Through Fossil Studies
  72. Lizard Fossil Found: 23-Million-Year-Old Remains Preserved In Amber In Mexico
  73. Fossils suggest T. rex was, indeed, king of the food chain
  74. New Big-Nosed Horned Dinosaur Found in Utah
  75. Dinosaur teeth reveal feeding habits
  76. Fossilized Elephant Tusk Found on Seafloor
  77. Who Would Win In A Fight, A Cold-Blooded Dinosaur Or A Warm-Blooded One?
  78. Dinosaur remains found in Mexico - video
  79. Rare full Hadrosaurs dinosaur tail unearthed in northern Mexico
  80. Study Confirms Head-Butting Behavior in Dome-Headed Dinosaurs
  81. Gigantic, Ancient Turtle Sucked up Prey with its Long Snout
  82. New Fossils Challenge Marsupial Evolution Theory
  83. Giant 52-Foot Fish That Lived 160 Million Years Ago Discovered, Mesozoic Leedsichthys a Prehistoric
  84. Feathered dinosaurs had 'flight-ready' brains
  85. Tips on How to Become a Fossil
  86. Psittacosaurus Dinosaur Skull Study Reveals Three Species Are Actually One
  87. Ancient fossils could give us an incredible insight into our origins
  88. Fossil Reveals Long-Lived Mammal Group's Secret
  89. Rare Skull Fossil of Miocene Ape Lufengpithecus Found
  90. Ancient Crocodiles Ran Like Dogs and Hunted like Killer Whales
  91. Dinosaur in a wind tunnel tests feathered flight
  92. The Earliest Britons Hunted And Ate Elephants
  93. Rare upper jurassic dinosaur skeleton found – Portugal
  94. How Cute! Trilobites Curled Up in Self-Defense
  95. How Cheeky: Fossil Fish Is Oldest Creature With Face
  96. 2500-Year-Old Horse Remains in Bulgaria Suggest Creatures Were Buried Upright
  97. Transitional fossils in evolution
  98. Scientists Find 12-Million-Year-Old Fossils of Sea Cow
  99. Prehistoric elephant had giant spoonbill instead of trunk which had in-built 'scythe' used to cut
  100. Fossilized, Blood-Engorged Mosquito Found By Smithsonian Researchers
  101. Paleontologists Find Rare Fossil of Young Dinosaur Parasaurolophus
  102. Australia’s Oldest Bird Footprints Discovered Dating Back to 100 Million Years
  103. Monster dinosaur skeleton brought to life in computer simulation
  104. Kraken theory resurfaces with new 'evidence'
  105. Giant platypus once roamed Australia
  106. What killed megalodon, Earth's largest shark?
  107. All Hail the "Gore King"
  108. Scientists Unearth Oldest Fossil of Mating Bugs
  109. Remnants Of Complex Ecosystem Found In A 3.5 Billion-Year-Old Sedimentary Rock Sequence in Australia
  110. Oldest Big Cat Fossils Discovered in Tibet
  111. Newfound Giant Dinosaur Ruled Before T. Rex
  112. A possible cause of the end-Permian mass extinction: Lemon juice?
  113. Baby Dinosaur Skeleton Unearthed In Canada
  114. Giant prehistoric toilet unearthed
  115. Did ancient cockroaches eat all the dinosaur poo?
  116. Ancient Fig Wasp that Predates Fig Baffles Scientists
  117. Pure, Thoroughbred Neanderthals?
  118. 'Animal Pompeii' wiped out China's ancient creatures
  119. Construction Workers Unearth Ice Age Mammoth Tusk in Seattle
  120. Oldest Sea Monster Babies Found; Fossil Shows Reptiles Had Live Birth
  121. Fossils Found in Portugal Belong to Largest Carnivore Dinosaur to Roam Europe
  122. Meet T. Rex’s New Pygmy Cousin: 'Nanuqsaurus Hoglundi,' Who Roamed The Arctic
  123. Los Angeles subway dig finds prehistoric objects
  124. Giant “Chicken From Hell” is New Dinosaur Species
  125. Scientists reunite turtle fossils found at least 160 years apart
  126. Why woolly mammoths became extinct? Cervical ribs may hold the answer
  127. Ancient 'Shrimp Cousin' Filtered Food like Modern Whales, Researchers Say
  128. Have humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time?
  129. Humans and saber toothed tiger met at Schoningen 300,000 years ago
  130. Dinosaur 'Chase' Seen In 112-Million-Year-Old Footprints Reconstructed In 3D
  131. Leafcutter Bee Fossils Found at La Brea Tar Pits Offer Clues about Ancient Climat
  132. 500-million-year-old embryo fossils a rare and mysterious find
  133. Fossils suggest modern sharks are better predators than ancestors
  134. 100-Million-Year-Old Assassin Flies Found in Burmese Amber
  135. Pinocchio rex: new dinosaur species discovered in China
  136. 'Biggest dinosaur ever' discovered
  137. 'World's largest dinosaur' discovered in Argentina
  138. Meet Kryptodrakon: Oldest Known Pterodactyl Found in China
  139. Earliest Bird Pollinator Found in Germany
  140. Ichthyosaur Graveyard Found Under Glacier In Chile
  141. Ancient reptile fossils shed light on how mysterious pterosaurs nested like modern-day birds
  142. Remnants Of A 66-Million-Year-Old Forest Fire Found Preserved In Stone
  143. Newly Discovered Paddle Tracks Reveal How Ancient Reptiles Swam in the Sea
  144. New fossil find pinpoints the origin of jaws in vertebrates
  146. Warm-blooded or cold-blooded? Dinosaurs were neither
  147. How Neanderthals invented the Screw
  148. Say Hello to a Horned Dinosaur With 'Wings' on Its Head
  149. Bachelor Party Stumbles Upon Huge Fossil Skull
  150. 120 mln old skeleton of dinosaur found in Russia's Kemerovo region
  151. Fossil Study Confirms Archaeopteryx Flew Like a Bird
  152. Pelagornis Sandersi: World's Biggest Bird Was Twice as Big as Albatross with 24ft Wingspan
  153. Researchers Find Remains of Ancient Tiny Hedgehog Species in Canada
  154. Remarkable New Dinosaur Tracksite Discovered in Alaska
  155. Elephant Ancestor Might have Lived Longer Than Previously Thought
  156. These Baby Woolly Mammoths Have Scientists Going Gaga
  157. Four-Winged Fossil Sheds Light On Dinosaur Flight
  158. New fossil discovery reveals giant shrimp's tiny brain
  159. T-Rex 'Gangs' Hunted in Packs
  160. Earliest dinosaurs may have sported feathers
  161. Dinosaurs 'shrank' regularly to become birds
  162. Venezuelan Relative of Triceratops Was No Bigger Than a Fox
  163. Middle Palaeolithic carcass processing site in France
  164. Ancient Butterfly-Headed Flying Reptile Discovered
  165. No hallucination! Weird fossil worm Hallucigenia descendant found and it's ALIVE
  166. The Oldest Muscle-head: Fossil Discovery
  167. Supermassive dinosaur found in Argentina
  168. Rediscovering Spinosaurus: First Semiaquatic Dinosaur
  169. Jurassic squirrels: Fossils shed light on early mammal evolution
  170. Enigmatic fossils could be oldest known animals
  171. New Species Of Armored Dinosaur Found In New Mexico
  172. Feisty Little Dinosaur Discovered In Venezuela
  173. Oldest genitals found. Went out of fashion for eons
  174. Bizarre dinosaur reconstructed after 50 years of wild speculation
  175. Volunteer Discovers 70,000-Year-Old-Mammoth In Idaho Reservoir
  176. Scientists in Madagascar discover a comparatively giant prehistoric mammal
  177. New fossil is missing link in ichthyosaur evolution
  178. Photos: 9,000-Year-Old Bison Mummy Found in Siberia
  179. Ancient Animal Footprints Found at Diamond Mine in Angola
  180. Oldest Known Horned Dinosaur in North America
  181. Rods and cones preserved in ancient fossilized fish eye
  182. The world's oldest known snake fossils: Rolling back the clock by nearly 70 million years
  183. Long-necked Jurassic 'dragon' discovered in China
  184. Biggest rodent 'fought with teeth' like tusks
  185. Fossils found in Amazon may be the first primates to cross the Atlantic from Africa
  186. Dinosaurs 'got high on psychedelic fungus', fossil discovery reveals
  187. Fossils show earliest mammals that lived in trees and below ground
  188. Crocs Rocked Pre-Amazonian Peru
  189. Madagascar cave is a graveyard for extinct giant lemurs
  190. Famous Stegosaurus Weighs Staggering 3500 Pounds
  191. Ancient Sea Monster Was One of Largest Arthropods
  192. Giant walking crocodile terrorised Earth before dinosaurs
  193. 'Monster salamanders' found in fossilised mass grave
  194. New lobster-like predator found in 508 million-year-old fossil-rich site
  195. Llallawavis scagliai: New Terror Bird Discovered in Argentina
  196. Neogene Period cars
  197. Secrets of stones of Iki
  198. Mexican dinotopiya
  199. City in China, ‘Home’ of Dinosaurs, Adds 43 Dinosaur Eggs To Guinness World Record Collection
  200. The weirdest dinosaur ever? T-Rex had VEGETARIAN cousin
  201. Australian Farmer Was Killing Weeds on His Property When He Made Discovery of a Lifetime
  202. Feathery fossils peg early birds to even earlier date
  203. Dinosaurs May Have Been Warm-Blooded After All
  204. New species of dinosaur, the regaliceratops, discovered in Canada
  205. Gigantic 20-Foot Shark Unearthed in Texas
  206. Were dinosaurs caring parents? Fossils suggest ancient reptiles lived in families and cared for thei
  207. Red Blood Cells Found in Dinosaur Fossils
  208. Hallucigenia: Significance of bizarre extinct creature revealed as it finally bares its teeth
  209. Video: Research team discovers plant fossils previously unknown to Antarctica
  210. 30-Legged Prehistoric Worm Among First to Sport Spikes
  211. Fossil Discovery Could Be Missing Link In Mystery Of Turtle Shell Evolution
  212. Babibasiliscus alxi: New ‘Jesus Lizard’ Species Identified from Wyoming Fossil
  213. Wendiceratops dinosaur had "extravagant" halo of horns
  214. Fossils of 400-million-year-old sea creatures found
  215. A four-legged snake from the Early Cretaceous of Gondwana
  216. Paleontologists Find Earliest Example of Reproduction in Complex Organisms
  217. Grapevine Lake's receding high water reveals fossilized dinosaur tracks
  218. World’s Oldest Sea Scorpion Found, Measuring Nearly 6 Feet Long
  219. Fossil Finder lets armchair archaeologists search for dinosaur bones in Africa
  220. Knobby-Faced Beast May Be Earliest Known To Stand Tall On All Fours
  221. Africa's earliest known coelacanth found in Eastern Cape
  222. Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis: New Duck-Billed Dinosaur Species Discovered in Alaska
  223. Paleontologists Announce Discovery of 4-million-year-old Whale Fossil in Santa Cruz County Area
  224. Giant killer lizards roamed Australia alongside Aborigines during the last Ice Age
  225. Evolution of mammals and their dispersal
  226. Facts about everyone’s favorite fossils: Trilobites
  227. Brazil's biggest dinosaur found after 60 years in storage
  228. Dinosaur footprint among largest on record found in Gobi Desert
  229. Fossil sheds light on evolution of birdsong
  230. Dinosaur-era 'swordfish' discovered in outback Australia
  231. Scientists unearth new species of titanosaur that roamed Australia 95 million years ago
  232. First-Ever Dinosaur Brain Tissue Found
  233. The G Ice Mother?
  234. New species of 'weird bird'-like dinosaur discovered in China
  235. The fossils that rewrite the history of the dinosaurs
  236. Ancient Melanosomes, Beta-Keratin Found in Fossilized Feathers of Early Cretaceous Bird
  237. 🐚The World Heritage Jurassic Coast Showing 185 Million Years Of History
  238. 255-Million-Year-Old Tumor is Oldest of its Kind
  239. Scientists find a feathery dinosaur tail trapped in amber
  240. New prehistoric bird species discovered
  241. Limusaurus: Beaked, Bird-Like Dinosaur Species Had Teeth as Juveniles, Lost Them as They Grew
  242. How long did it take to hatch a dinosaur egg? Study says 3-6 months
  243. An Ancient Groundcherry That Proves Nightshades Are Older Than We Think
  244. Scientists Identify Bizarre 500 Million Year Old Sea Creature
  245. Fossils found reveal unseen 'footprint' maker
  246. Paleontologists classify mysterious ancient cone-shaped sea creatures
  247. Wow! Fossilised trilobite eggs!
  248. Meet the meanest mammal from the Age of Reptiles
  249. New ancient otter species among largest ever found
  250. 80-million-year-old dinosaur collagen confirmed