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  1. Expedition set for 'ghost peaks' in Antarctica
  2. Mountain named after Obama
  3. Supervolcano
  4. The Snowball Earth Theory
  5. The Size of our World
  6. NASA, Japan Release Most Complete Topographic Map of Earth
  7. Son of Krakatoa.....coming soon.
  8. 7.9 magnitude quake hits off American Samoa
  9. Are Earth's Oceans Made Of Extraterrestrial Material?
  10. Greenland ice loss 'accelerating'
  11. Magnitude 5.8 Quake Hits Cayman Islands
  12. Yellowstone's Plumbing Reveals Plume of Hot and Molten Rock 410 Miles Deep
  13. Planet Earth
  14. Most of central Europe will soon be covered in ice
  15. Earthquake in Chile sparks Tsunami watch off Australia's East Coast
  16. Chile quake may have tipped Earth's axis
  17. Mount Thor -The Greatest Vertical Drop on Earth!
  18. Earth's north magnetic pole racing towards Russia due to core flux (2009 article)
  19. Gigantic Volcanic Eruption 74,000 Years Ago Almost Led to Extinction of Human Species
  20. Icelandic Eruptions
  21. Odds Are About 1-in-3 That Mega-Earthquake Will Hit Pacific Northwest in Next 50 Years
  22. If the Earth stood still.
  23. Earth: The Power of the Planet
  24. Ops , it seems that the Gulf Current...
  25. Dead zone as big as Massachusetts along coast of Louisiana and Texas, scientists say
  26. Much Gulf Oil Remains, Deeply Hidden and Under Beaches
  27. Rising sea levels and European nations
  28. Most accurate world map
  29. World's largest super-volcano about to erupt?
  30. The Lost World Of Lake Vostok
  31. Adjust your compass now: the north pole is migrating to Russia
  32. New Geological Epoch: The Anthropocene
  33. Major 7.3 magnitude earthquake rattles Japan
  34. MASSIVE tsunami hits Japan - Hawaii next
  35. Japan quake shifts planet's mass, shortens day by 1.8 microseconds
  36. Powerful magnitude 7.8 quake off New Zealand triggers tsunami
  37. Huge Rivers of Ice Are Found Flowing Seaward from Continent's Deep Interior
  38. Globe for 600 Million Years
  39. BBC 'Brinicle' ice finger of death filmed in Antarctic
  40. Big Question for 2012: Will We Find Earth 2.0?
  41. Something strange at the bottom of the Baltic Sea
  42. Russian scientists reach buried Antarctic Lake Vostok
  43. America and Eurasia 'to meet at north pole'
  44. Survivors in the Sand
  45. Reborn beaches are tsunami’s silver lining
  46. Vast cosmic event leaves record in ancient trees
  47. Greenland Ice Not A Reliable Model For Younger Dryas Period
  48. Mystical marks in virgin forest explained
  49. Young Earth Creationism
  50. What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Deep-Drilling a Supervolcano
  51. London’s volcanic winter
  52. Belgium-sized mass of volcanic rocks floating off coast of New Zealand
  53. Hollow Earth Theory
  54. National Geographic: Colliding Continents
  55. Visit mount Everest through 2-billion-pixel image
  56. Russia: Sonic Boom Rips Through Town, Windows Blow Out
  57. Challenger Deep: Exploration in the Marianas Trench
  58. Earthquakes Facilitate Formation of Gold Deposits Faster Than Assumed
  59. Door to Hell still burning after 42 years.
  60. Iran struck by major earthquake - tremors felt as far as India
  61. Earthquake in China has claimed 157 lives, with more than 5,700 injured
  62. Ancient continent hides beneath Indian Ocean
  63. Atlas 4D | The Mediterranean
  64. Down To The Earth's Core
  65. The Growing Earth Theory
  66. Are These Fragments From The Mysterious Forest-Flattening 1908 Tunguska Explosion?
  67. What's The Earth Worth
  68. Water on Earth and Moon Came From the Same Source
  69. Mystery Eternal Flame Reveals New Gas Source
  70. Here's what Pangea looks like mapped with modern political borders
  71. Crack on Earth's crust could pull Europe and North America together
  72. New Evidence: Antarctica’s Ancient, Ice-Covered Lake is Full of Life
  73. Alaska's Redoubt Volcano 'Screamed' Before Exploding
  74. Where all the gold on Earth came from
  75. Ancient Greening of Earth Pushed Back to 2.2 Billion Years Ago
  76. Magma Zoomed Along 'Highway from Hell' in Costa Rican Volcano Eruption
  77. Earth will turn into a Venus-like hell earlier than previously thought
  78. Ice core data supports ancient space impact idea
  79. Huge Plume of Iron Billows for 1,000km Below Sea
  80. Kelimutu Lakes, Indonesia (tourist attraction)
  81. 466 mile-long canyon discovered under a Greenland ice sheet
  82. 'Grand Canyon' of Greenland Discovered Under Ice Sheet
  83. Geological Hazards and Monitoring at the Azores (Portugal)
  84. Fracking Practices to Blame for Ohio Earthquakes
  85. Largest Volcano on Earth Lurks Beneath Pacific Ocean
  86. 7 Most Dangerous Places on Earth
  87. Are You Safer From Tornadoes In A Valley?
  88. Bermuda Triangle Earthquake Triggered 1817 Tsunami
  89. Amid Drought, Explaining Colorado’s Extreme Floods
  90. Incredibly Colorful Rock Formations In China
  91. The Forgotten Climate Apocalypse Of 1783
  92. Does gold come from outer space?
  93. Ice caves
  94. Venice's Gradual Sinking Charted by Satellites
  95. Pyramid found near Greenland using Google Earth.
  96. Top 10 Theories on How the World Will End
  97. Mystery AD1257 eruption traced to Lombok, Indonesia
  98. ESONET: The Azores
  99. Geological Wonders you didn’t know existed
  100. Highest Peaks in the World
  101. 10 Hot Facts About Volcanoes
  102. The Cave So Huge It Has Its Own Ecosystem
  103. Maps are lying to you
  104. What the world would look like if all ice melted
  105. Unique Sighting of Lava Solves Mystery
  106. Pakistan’s new quake island emits methane gas
  107. World's Rarest Gemstones
  108. 7,700 feet from the sea level - Pico rocks
  109. Caves below the Azores: Lava Tubes lead to an amazing new world
  110. Ocean's Huge Hidden Waves Explained
  111. Spectacular blue lava flows at this Indonesian volcano
  112. Deep-Sea Expedition Could Reveal How Continents Form
  113. The Planet Screams Before Every Volcanic Eruption
  114. The Bizarre Island That Maybe Didn’t Exist
  115. Source of Galapagos Volcanism Not Where Scientists Thought
  116. 15 Awesome Caves Around The World
  117. 15 Most Unusual Lakes in the World
  118. Shrinking Greenland Glacier Smashes Speed Record
  119. Is there an ocean beneath our feet? Ocean water may reach upper mantle through deep sea faults
  120. Los Angeles would experience stronger-than-expected ground motion in major earthquake
  121. Large, deep magma chamber discovered below Kilauea volcano
  122. Opals are some of the most unique and diverse gemstones
  123. Confirmed: Oldest Fragment of Early Earth is 4.4 Billion Years Old
  124. New Evidence Suggests Earth Has Vast Subterranean Oceans
  125. 2.7-Million-Year-Old Forested Landscape Discovered under Greenland Ice Sheet
  126. Your favourite gemstone?
  127. Putnisite: New Mineral Discovered in Australia
  128. April 2014: the month that shook the world
  129. Planet Earth 100 Million Years In The Future - What will happen to our world?
  130. Gold Documentary
  131. Most Abundant Mineral Finally Gets a Name: Bridgmanite
  132. The Difference Between Rocks and Minerals
  133. Texture of Igneous rocks
  134. Eruption at Bardabunga Volcano
  135. Eruption Of The Sinabung Volcano
  136. Amazing and Mysterious Natural Places On Planet Earth
  137. Major California Faults Ready To Rupture
  138. Beautiful and Mysterious Grottos.
  139. Kawah Ijen, The Volcano That Spews Blue Flames
  140. Killer Minerals: The world's 10 Most Deadly Minerals
  141. Pick a Gemstone According Your Birth Month
  142. Diver finds 10,000-year-old FOREST which originally stretched as far as Europe hidden under the Nort
  143. The Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Mineral Show,
  144. Scientists discover an ocean 400 miles beneath our feet that could fill our oceans three times over
  145. South Pacific islands rocked by strong earthquakes; No immediate damage reported
  146. Powerful quake hits Taiwan and Japan, tsunami warning lifted
  147. What's At The Bottom Of The Deepest Hole On Earth?
  148. Most beautiful gemstones
  149. Happiness Map
  150. Morphology and mineralogy of weathering crusts on highly porous oolitic limestones
  151. 250 Million-Year-Old Piece Of Africa Found In Southeastern US
  152. Atlantropa a new continent
  153. RETARDATION OF MODERN ERA - "Flat Earth" Supporters, what would you do to them for their STUPIDITY?
  154. Europe according to...
  155. How would you describe this landscape
  156. Arcana of Europe division
  157. The Vivid Blue Mineral That Grows on Buried Bodies and Confuses Archeologists
  158. East Asia Geography Quiz
  159. Europe Geography Quiz
  160. Africa Geography Quiz
  161. Did China discover America?
  162. Guess the Country/Region/State/City
  164. Watch a Destroyed 17th Century Map Get Painstakingly Restored
  165. Poland is the Roundest Country in Europe
  166. Oceania geography quiz!
  167. Which country is the most similar to yours?
  168. Would you support Balkan Union?
  169. Oymyakon , the coldest permanently inhabited place on Earth
  170. Best and worst immigrants in your country...
  171. Supervolcano 'Worse Than Vesuvius' That Could Kill MILLIONS Across Europe 'Ready to Blow'
  172. Watch as 1000 years of European borders change timelapse map!
  173. Do you live on the Great European Plain ???
  174. Which Drainage basin, your home, belongs to?
  175. The oldest terrestrial globe – Erdapfel /Earth Apple, made in 1492
  176. Most Expensive Gemstones in the World
  177. Famous natural landmarks that have disappeared from the face of the earth
  178. Hereford Mappa Mundi: Legendary Cities, Monstrous Races, and Curious Beasts in a Single World Map
  179. A Map That Fills A 500-Million-Year Gap In Earth’s History
  180. Phantom islands recorded throughout history
  181. Leo Belgicus: the map in the shape of a lion that symbolized the Low Countries
  182. My morphes by Latitudinal Clines
  183. Strange Cliff Face Appears To "Lay Eggs" Every 30 Years
  184. The Ancestral Myth of the Hollow Earth and Underground Civilizations
  185. ‘Britain’s Atlantis,’ the lost world at the bottom of the North Sea
  186. What the planet Earth looks like during an ice age
  187. "This Is Crazy" - Antarctic Supervolcano Is Melting The Ice-Caps From Within
  188. Library of Congress Obtains Mesoamerican Map from the Dawn of the Americas
  189. Is the Universe Only 6,000 years old? Young Earth Creationists Say Yes!
  190. Via Egnatia – The ancient Roman road that connected Rome with Constantinople
  191. Japanese map of Europe from 1939
  192. A Mysterious Volcanic Eruption in the Middle Ages
  193. Post your favourite map(s)
  194. Can you divide Europe in 4 ?
  195. Where would you draw the Europe-Asia border?
  196. Can you divide Europe in to 4? I have made a new classification related to that?
  197. Geographic mistakes: Xinjiang , Tibet is not East Asia and was never part of China
  198. Geography hw help..
  199. Classify half Mexican half Russian
  200. What part of Italy do you think Georgia looks like most.
  201. The Controversy of Splitting Asia
  202. Is this location in Geneve or it's in France border with Switzerland?
  203. Disputed Borders
  204. Land cover of Europe
  205. Which countries are part of Northern Europe?
  206. If you were to be born in another modern-day country; what would you choose ideally?
  207. Northern Ireland ?
  208. A perfect world
  209. Would Iran be considered as Central Asian or considered as South Asian if we divide Asia in to 3?
  210. 25 Proofs Earth is Young - Dr Grady McMurtry - 6,000 Year Old Earth?
  211. Fake Towns and Trap Streets were Purposefully Inserted into Old Maps
  212. Greenland’s Hand-Sized Wooden Maps Were Used for Storytelling, Not Navigation
  213. This 11-Foot ‘Ribbon Map’ Puts the Whole Mississippi River in Your Pocket
  214. How a Fake Mountain Range Slowed Down Arctic Exploration
  215. The Cartographers Who Put Water Where It Didn’t Belong
  216. Which o'clock is it now in the place you live?
  217. What Did Ancient Civilizations Believe Lay at The Edges of the Earth?
  218. An Ancient Supervolcano That “Exploded People’s Skulls and Evaporated Their Bodies” is Ready to Blow
  219. Love's like a river flowing forever along
  220. Spain possible future?
  221. The Iberian System (Spain)
  222. North Africa = desert ?
  223. Eurasian steppe belt
  224. The Beach That Nobody Can Touch
  225. 'Firefall' in Yosemite National Park stuns visitors
  226. How would you divide Europe into an eastern and western half?
  227. Is Zealandia Earth's 8th Continent?
  228. Oceans are Deserts
  229. Where is Santa Claus?
  230. Post videos of cities you would have liked to live
  231. Historic Top 10 most populous metropolis
  232. Northwest Asia?
  233. How can Baku be so beautiful?
  234. What to call the 'British Isles'?
  235. Where does Sydney fit in Europe? Classify and pass the city!
  236. Northernmost countries and autonomous regions of Europe
  238. Maps of European ecoregions/biomes
  239. Frequently Asked Questions About The Northern Lights
  240. Halley VI Research Station In Antarctica
  242. Countries Where The Capital Is Not The Largest City
  243. Do you know where Vilnius is?
  244. Linking the Elbe, Oder and Danube
  245. Building A Dam Around Europe
  246. The Caucasus Thread
  247. A question to the Iranians
  248. What is your ancestral latitude?
  249. List of the world's 41 landlocked nations
  250. How far do you live from neighbour countries?