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  1. Genetic study on Jews reveals close links to Palestinians and Italians
  2. Plans underway to extract aDNA from Poland's earliest rulers and their knights
  3. Oetzi the Iceman: Proof of Ancient Sardinian Civilization?
  4. Y-DNA haplogroup R1b among the Bell Beakers
  5. Prehistoric Swedes genetically most similar to modern Poles
  6. Mesolithic Iberians
  7. Ancient Admixture in Human History [Nick Patterson et al].
  8. Native Americans and Northern Europeans more closely related than previously thought
  9. Y-Chromosome of Ramesses III
  10. Khazar origin of the European jews has been confirmed by a study in John Hopkins university
  11. Filipino Negrito mtDNA and Y-DNA
  12. Saami and Berbers - an unexpected mitochondrial DNA link.
  13. YDNA, mtDNA Middle Eastern populations study
  14. Ancient DNA Reveals Prehistoric Gene-Flow from Siberia in the Complex Human Population History of No
  15. Effects of insufficient sleep on genes and health
  16. Y chromosomes of Corded Ware at Wroclaw-Jagodno (SW Poland)
  17. Genomewide diversity in the Levant (Haber et al. 2013)
  18. A Genome-Wide Analysis of Populations from European Russia.
  19. Ancient mtDNA from Unetice Culture remains + genetic origins of modern Central Europeans
  20. Hundreds of prehistoric Scandinavian, Polish and German skeletons to be tested for Y-DNA, mtDNA and
  21. mtDNA haplogroup H and the origin of Europeans (Brotherton et al. 2013)
  22. Neolithic mitochondrial haplogroup H genomes and the genetic origins of Europeans....
  23. DNA reveals origin of Greece's ancient Minoan culture
  24. Recent gene flow from Africa and Near East into Europe
  25. mtDNA from Nepal and Tibet (Gayden et al. 2013)...
  26. New insight on the Eurasian Steppe Civilisations - paleogenetics study
  27. Ancient steppe populations...
  28. Uniparental Genetic Heritage of Belarusians
  29. Uzbekistan: GENETICS of Uzbeks and Tajiks and ethnic Turks Mongoloid and Caucasoid groups.
  30. consanguinity/inbreeding in muslim populations
  31. Etruscans (maybe) not from Anatolia
  32. The milk revolution
  33. The First Peopling of South America: New Evidence [...] Haplogroup Q (Vincenza Battaglia et al.2013)
  34. An Asian Trace in the Genetic Heritage of the Eastern Adriatic Island of Hvar
  35. Chromosome test reveals genetic causes of autism
  36. Common Variants in Left/Right Asymmetry Genes and Pathways Are Associated with Relative Hand Skill
  37. A genome-wide analysis of population structure in the Saami
  38. Ashkenazi Jewish matrilineages mainly of European origin
  39. Ancient central European mtDNA across time (Brandt, Haak et al. and Bollongino et al.)
  40. Dr. Bryan Sykes: Yeti Is a Polar Bear / Brown Bear ..
  41. Jewish mtdna not middle eastern
  42. Ancient DNA Links Native Americans With Europe
  43. Afghan mega-paper (Di Cristofaro et al.)
  44. Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphisms Shared between Modern Humans and Neanderthals
  45. Dual Ancestry Of Native Americans
  46. 400,000 year old Spanish Bone traced to Siberia
  47. Phylogenetic applications of Y-DNA and the Near Eastern origin of Ashkenazi Levites
  48. DNA debunks "Out-of-Africa" theory of human evolution
  49. The complete genome sequence of a Neanderthal from the Altai Mountains
  50. Inbreeding in Neanderthals
  51. a cause of aging that can be reversed
  52. The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings
  53. Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europeans(Lazaridis 2013)
  54. E-V13 in Spain and by proxy Latin Americans Origin
  55. Cryptic Admixture, Mixed-Race Siblings, & Social Outcomes
  56. Late Iron Age Viking DNA from Flakstad
  57. late Hallstatt/early La Tène mtDNA
  58. Neanderthal DNA in Native Americas
  59. No Evidence from Genome-Wide Data of a Khazar Origin for the Ashkenazi Jews
  60. Genetic Make up of some European populations
  61. Clovis People Are Native Americans, and from Asia, not Europe
  62. Population History of the Baraba Forest Steppe from the Neolithic-Iron age
  63. Towards a new history and geography of human genes informed by ancient DNA.
  64. Short IBD segments shared between Humans, Neanderthals and Denisovans in Africa and Eurasia
  65. East Asians have Neanderthal sunlight adaptations
  66. Genetic continuum of Swedish hunter gatherers from the Mesolithic to the Neolithic
  67. Investigating the Uniparental Genetic Structure and Population of Sicily and Southern Italy(2014)
  68. Study demonstrates women's diets affect DNA of offspring
  69. A shift in the nuclear genetic ancestry of a South American population isolate
  70. Strong genetic admixture in the Altai at the Middle Bronze Age[...] Hollard et al.2014
  71. 8.2% of the Human Genome Is Constrained.
  72. The life in the napoleonic army - interdisciplinary investigation of a mass grave from Kassel, Hesse
  73. “Out of Africa” Theory Officially Debunked?
  74. The Geography of Recent Genetic Ancestry across Europe
  75. Analyses of Iron and Bronze Age Bulgarian(Thracian?) genomes
  76. Hallstatt Y-DNA from Mitterkirchen, Upper Austria(Kiesslich et.al)
  77. Ancient DNA from Iron Age Britain and Anglo-Saxon England, Hinxton
  78. Turkic expansion DNA paper 2014
  79. Latest Latin American admixture study from 5 countries published from PLOS genetics
  80. New Paper: Corded Ware Culture = Population Turnover/Migration
  81. Genetic Differentiation and Origin of the Jordanian Population: An Analysis of Alu Insertion Polymor
  82. Genome sequence of a 45,000-year-old modern human from western Siberia
  83. More Hunter (PWC) & Farmer (TRB) aDNA
  84. Genomic structure in Europeans dating back at least 36,200 years
  85. Identification of the remains of King Richard III (E.King et.al 2014)
  86. Khoisan hunter-gatherers have been the largest population throughout most of modern-human history
  87. Mitochondrial DNA variation in the Viking age population of Norway
  88. Genetic ancestry of different ethnic groups varies across the United States
  89. The African Genome Variation Project shapes medical genetics in Africa
  90. Legit question, do I have Sephardi jewish ancestry? How could I know?
  91. Genetic Studies on Roma People
  92. Primitive hominin IBD segments in Euros
  93. DNA analysis of an early modern human from Tianyuan Cave, China
  94. Genetic study on North Africans
  95. Tired of being a brown eyed untermensch brah? This is your lucky day
  96. Early Back-to-Africa Migration into the Horn of Africa
  97. Saudi Arabian Y-Chromosome diversity and its relationship with nearby regions
  98. Genome-Wide Diversity in the Levant Reveals Recent Structuring by Culture
  99. Genetic study on Afram.
  100. First DNA tests say Kennewick Man was Native American.
  101. African Genome Variation project paper
  102. Amerindian DNA in Iceland
  103. ~55 thousand year old modern human from Manot cave in Israel.
  104. Sousse: extreme genetic heterogeneity in North Africa
  105. Introducing the Algerian Mitochondrial DNA and Y-Chromosome Profiles into the North African Landscap
  106. Extensive Female-Mediated Gene Flow from Sub-Saharan Africa into Near Eastern Arab Populations
  107. Jomon are in between Australoids and Southeast Asians and related to Denisovans
  108. Genetic study on Southern Italains and Sicilians
  109. Massive migration from the steppe is a source for Indo-European languages in Europe
  110. Ancient R1a1 and N1c from western Russia
  111. Isolates in a corridor of migrations: a high-resolution analysis of Y-chromosome variation in Jordan
  112. Y-chromosome diversity characterizes the Gulf of Oman
  113. British origins (Leslie et al. 2015)
  114. New genetic evidence resolves origins of modern Japanese
  115. DNA study tracks ancient U.K. immigrations
  116. Presence of three different paternal lineages among North Indians: A study of 560 Y chromosomes
  117. Traces of forgotten historical events in mountain communities in Central Italy: A genetic insight
  118. Y Chromosome of Aisin Gioro, the Imperial House of Qing Dynasty
  119. Y-Chromosome and mtDNA Genetics Reveal Significant Contrasts in Affinities of Modern Middle Eastern
  120. Hunting for the LCT-13910*T
  121. AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate White Paper
  122. Suicide and Trauma May Be Woven in DNA for Native Americans
  123. Default Population genomics of Bronze Age Eurasia
  124. The genetics of East African populations: a Nilo-Saharan component in the African genetic landsca
  125. 8,500-year-old Kennewick Man has haplogroups X2a & Q-M3
  126. New phylogenic tree of haplogroup E.
  127. New paper! Greek DNA outside of Greece.
  128. Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon genomes from East England reveal British migration history
  129. New studies on the autosomal make-up of Native Americans
  130. Can you help me by recommending wich population genetics and statistical methods should I use?
  131. The Bronze Age BATTLEFIELD in the Tollense valley, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Northeast Germany
  132. 60,000 years of interactions between Central and Eastern Africa documented by major African mtDNA L2
  133. Are northern Russians genetically the same as Finnish people?
  134. 300000 to 400000 years old autosomal DNA: Sima de los Huesos nuclear DNA sequences
  135. Are modern humans really losing DNA?
  136. 14 alleles which predict intelligence and their racial distribution.
  137. Origins, admixture and founder lineages in European Roma
  138. Localizing Ashkenazic Jews...
  139. The Genetic History of Ice Age Europe
  140. A genomic history of Aboriginal Australia
  141. David Reich's summary of the population history of Europe
  142. Familial migration of the Neolithic contrasts massive male migration during Bronze Age in Europe
  143. Race and IQ: Genes That Predict Racial Intelligence Differences
  144. Ancient Hunnic chieftain had Y-DNA haplogroup L
  145. Multi-layered population structure in Island Southeast Asians
  146. Admixture patterns and signs of selection in Island Southeast Asian populations
  147. Roman era York 3DRIF-26 is J2b1-M205 and likely Middle Easterner
  148. Recent genetic study on the Druze populace.
  149. Indigenous Arabs are descendants of the earliest split from ancient Eurasian populations
  150. Viking DNA Results In Normandy
  151. Genetic evidence for an East Asian origin of Chinese Muslim populations Dongxiang and Hui, R1a-M17
  152. Genetic research claims to trace mysterious origins of Israel’s Druze
  153. A working model of the deep relationships of diverse modern human genetic lineages outside of Africa
  154. Irish DNA originated in Middle East and eastern Europe
  155. Genetic data show mainly men migrated from the Pontic steppe to Europe 5,000 years ago
  156. The Genetic History of North-Eastern Europe
  157. Ancient Egyptian Mummy Genomes
  158. The Genetics of Bene Israel from India Reveals Jewish and Indian Ancestry
  159. The Greeks in the West: genetic signatures of the Hellenic colonisation
  160. Ancient Egyptians less Sub-Saharan than modern-day Egyptians
  161. The degenerating Y-chromosome
  162. Genetic Stratigraphy of Key Demographic Events in Arabia
  163. Largest study of Bell Beaker aDNA coming
  164. New Bell Beaker papers
  165. Ancient and recent admixture layers in Sicily and Southern Italy
  166. A study on Karlal tribe of Pakistan who claim European ancestry
  167. Canaanite genomes (Haber et al. 2017 preprint)
  168. Ancient Egyptian mummy genomes (Schuenemann et al. 2017)
  169. Question about the paper on Ancient Egyptian mummy DNA
  170. Science of attraction is based more on personal experience rather then genes, study finds
  171. Military Drones Market Shares and Sector 2016 Analysis and Forecasts 2022
  172. Cana'anite DNA
  173. Neanderthal and Denivosan admixture estimates for modern populations (Sankararaman et al., 2016)
  174. Early history of Neanderthals and Denisovans
  175. New finding extents source of origin of Roma to Pakistan
  176. A Genetic Study on Turkic peoples
  177. Ancient genomes from Neolithic North Africa (Fregel et al. 2017 preprint)
  178. A Genetic Study on 16 Turks from Different Parts of Turkey
  179. Shovel-shaped incisors in the Black Sea region population of Turkey
  180. North European admixture in the Han Chinese (Charleston et al. 2017 preprint)
  181. The Genetic study of Peloponnese is a pseudoscientific study.
  182. The Irish DNA Atlas: Revealing Fine-Scale Population Structure and History within Ireland
  183. The kinship of two 12th Dynasty mummies revealed by ancient DNA sequencing
  184. pheonician mtdna from sardinia
  185. new paper Mitogenomic data indicate admixture components of Asian Hun and Srubnaya origin in the Hun
  186. Europeans diverged from East Asians in ∼41,000 years ago
  187. Ancestry of Norwegians
  188. Between Lake Baikal and the Baltic Sea: genomic history of the gateway to Europe
  189. Pleistocene North African genomes link Near Eastern and sub-Saharan African human populations
  190. The fine-scale genetic structure and evolution of the Japanese population
  191. A population genomic history of the Eurasian steppe
  192. The genetic prehistory of the greater Caucasus
  194. The genetic heterogeneity of Arab populations as inferred from HLA genes
  195. Indian genomics explained by four-way population structure, not two way population structure
  196. Danish DNA key to happiness?
  197. CRISPR gene editing is not quite as precise and as safe as thought
  198. Exploring Cuba’s population structure and demographic history using genome-wide data
  199. Prehistoric migrations through the Mediterranean basin shaped Corsican Y-chromosome diversity
  200. Peruvian GEDmatch kit numbers?
  201. O’Sullivan et al 2018 Alemmani paper. Possible Romans?
  202. 300 Million Chinese Men Are Descended From Just Three Stone Age Grandfathers
  203. Paleolithic DNA from the Caucasus reveals core of West Eurasian ancestry
  204. Late Pleistocene human genome suggests a local origin for the first farmers of central Anatolia
  205. Ancient genomes of Srubnaya, Cimmerians, Scythians and Sarmatians(Science, 2018)
  206. Making Sense of the Mental Universe
  207. The Genomic Formation of South and Central Asia
  208. Box shaped head -- Neanderthal mutation
  209. A western route of prehistoric of prehistoric human migration from Africa into the Iberian Peninsula
  210. Costa Rica Last DNA Study (2018)
  211. First Anatolian farmers were local hunter-gatherers that adopted agriculture
  212. Population history from the Neolithic to present on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia
  213. New Paper: Megalithic Atlantic Facade. (Sanchez-Quinto et al 2019)
  214. Evidence for Recent Polygenic Selection on Educational Attainment and Intelligence..
  215. Corded Ware barbarians
  216. Fulani have Iberian ancestry
  217. Genetic history of the population of Crete
  218. Proto Slavs? Globular amphora culture
  219. Y-chromosome diversity of the three major ethno-linguistic groups in the Republic of North Macedonia
  220. American Indian sailed to Europe with Vikings?
  221. (map) PROTO-INDO-EUROPEAN genetics
  222. Distinct genetic variation and heterogeneity of the Iranian population
  223. Guess the percentage of these Brazilians
  225. The Jesus Strand: A Search for DNA
  226. ERC Synergy Grant Awarded for Study of Medieval Populations of the Carpathian Basin from 400–90
  227. Bronze Age Dalmatia
  228. Human origins in a southern African palaeo-wetland and first migrations
  229. Heterogeneity in Palaeolithic Population Continuity and Neolithic Expansion in North Africa
  230. The genetic imprint of Palaeolithic has been detected in North African populations
  231. Zebu cattle are an exclusive legacy of the South Asia neolithic, intricately tied with Hindu history
  232. Y-chromosome haplogroups from Hun, Avar and conquering Hungarian
  233. Genome-wide sequence analyses of ethnic populations across Russia
  234. The GenomeAsia 100K Project enables genetic discoveries across Asia
  235. The Khazars. A new genetic study
  236. The Neolithic Transition in the Baltic Was Not Driven by Admixture with Early European Farmers
  237. The Arrival of Siberian Ancestry Connecting the Eastern Baltic to Uralic Speakers further East.
  238. Megalithic tombs in western and northern Neolithic Europe were linked to a kindred society Supplemen
  239. The genomic ancestry of the Scandinavian Battle Axe Culture people and their relation to the broader
  240. Ancient Fennoscandian genomes reveal origin and spread of Siberian ancestry in Europe
  241. Pre-Scythian from Hungary
  242. Genetic analysis of male Hungarian Conquerors: European and Asian paternal lineages of the conquerin
  243. Upcoming Balkan Roman aDna paper by Reich’s team
  244. Genetic of France
  245. X-chromosome SNP analyses in 11 human Mediterranean populations show a high overall
  246. The Genetic Structure of Norway
  247. The Spread of Yamnaya and Farmer in Different Parts of Europe and Changes in Vegetation
  248. SLAVcentric K8 Unscaled
  249. Ancient DNA shows the Sámi and Finns share identical Siberian genes
  250. Ancient genomes from present-day France unveil 7,000 years of its demographic history.