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  1. Can anyone interpret Autosomal DNA?
  2. Eurogenes Biogeographic Ancestry Project
  3. Fennoscandia Biographic Project(Scandinavian genetics)
  4. Dodecad Ancestry Project
  5. Swedish Population Substructure Revealed by Genome-Wide SNP Data
  6. Dienekes' analysis of 1,000 Genomes Project + HapMap 3 Data
  7. Artemis Project
  8. BGA Projects
  9. Interpretome
  10. Harappa Ancestry Project
  11. GEDmatch Admixture Proportions Utility (Beta)
  12. GEDmatch Eye Color Predictor
  13. DNA Results from DIY Dodecad.
  14. Eurogenes Project: West Central Asian component?
  15. How accurate is the MDLP??
  16. Dodecad "K10a" Calculator
  17. Post your Gedmatch Eurogenes K12 results.
  18. Inheritance Calculator
  19. Dienekes EuroDNACalc
  20. What is your favorite genetic admixture calculator?
  21. New Eurogenes PCA plot
  22. Dodecad 'globe4' calculator
  23. Dodecad Globe10.
  24. Post your MDLP World-22 Results
  25. Oracle-4 on Gedmatch
  26. GEDmatch Phased Data Files
  27. Dodecad Africa9 results
  28. Gedmatch Eurogenes - Hunter Gatherer vs. Farmer Admixture Proportions
  29. Post your EUtest & Jtest results
  30. Eurogenes K13
  31. Gedmatch Eurogenes K12b Admixture Proportions
  32. Gedmatch Eurogenes K10 Admixture Proportions
  33. Gedmatch Eurogenes K11 Admixture Proportions
  34. what's a good autosomal match
  35. Oracle -X- Gedmatch
  36. Post Your GEDmatch Dodecad V3 Results
  37. Dodecad K7b and K12b for Northern Europeans
  38. Post Your Eurogenes K10 Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  39. Post Your Eurogenes K11 Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  40. Post Your Eurogenes K12 Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  41. Post Your Eurogenes K12b Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  42. Post Your Eurogenes K13 Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  43. Post Your Eurogenes Hunter_Gatherer vs. Farmer Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  44. Post Your Eurogenes Jtest Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  45. Post Your Eurogenes EUtest Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  46. Post Your Dodecad V3 Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  47. Post Your Dodecad World9 Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  48. Post Your Dodecad K7b Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  49. Post Your Dodecad K12b Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  50. Post Your Dodecad Africa9 Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  51. Post Your HarappaWorld Project Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  52. Post Your MDLP World-22 Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  53. Post Your MDLP World Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  54. Post Your MDLP K=5 Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  55. Autosomal STR Profile
  56. Post Your MDLP K=6 Reduced Size Chromosome Painting
  57. Dodecad Oracle K12b results of a few Jewish groups (Ashkenazi, Sephardic, etc)
  58. Dodecad Oracle k12b of a few Italian groups
  59. Post Your EUtest 2D PCA Plot
  60. Post Your Jtest 2D PCA Plot
  61. J-Test
  62. Dodecad build37
  63. Post your results for Eurogenes K36
  64. Ancestry of Afrikaners (Boers)
  65. Eurogenes: Looking for the K36 files
  66. Eurogenes North Sea and North Atlantic?
  67. Crimean Tatar autosomal DNA
  68. Eurogenes K36 Components With the Most Mesolithic European Alleles
  69. Eurogenes K36 Fennoscandian Component Origin
  70. Modern European ADMIXTURE components = Neolithic ecological zones (+ post-Neolithic in-situ expansio
  71. Eurogenes' Gedmatch ADMIXTURE ancestry test guide
  72. Best GEDmatch ADMIXTURE Analysis For Those Of European Ancestry
  73. North European ADMIXTURE Component From Eurogenes And Dodecad
  74. Dodecad Project Atlantic_Baltic Component
  75. JAX's Paternal Grandfather's GEDmatch Autosomal Results
  76. How Does the Phased Data on Gedmatch Work?
  77. what is the oracle x from gedmatch
  78. MDLP World-22 North-European-Mesolithic Component Distribution
  79. How do I contact GEDmatch?!
  80. Where do you cluster? Post pics!
  81. Post your Eurogenes k12 & K12b results
  82. Gedmatch Homozygosity Test (Are your parents related?)
  83. Post Your Dodecad World9 Results
  84. EUTest and Jtest Oracle 4 + 2D Pca Plot
  85. Greeks, Balkaners, Italians, Turks: What did you get on Eurogenes k36?
  86. gedmatch calculators which one is best for jewish ancestry
  87. New MDLP Calculator
  88. Prof Doug McDonald [PHOTO]
  89. GEDmatch Neandertal&Denisov Compare
  90. Best GEDmatch Autosomal Calculator For West Eurasians
  91. New map of East Asian DNA in Europe
  92. Japanese are not Jomon / Ainu descendants but diluted Okinawans and Yayoi.
  93. Felix Neanderthal Calculator
  94. DIY Dodecad 2.1 Wrapper
  95. European admixture
  96. Help! Am I european enough according to all these calculations?
  97. Sikeliot and mother's Dodecad K12b Results.
  98. Geno 2.0 says I am 5% Native American, 3% sub sahra, 2% Oceania
  99. Bosnians & Croatians most Slavic in all of the Balkans
  100. On the Africa9 Dodecad calculator why is my NW African so high?
  101. Geographic Population Structure (GPS) prediction
  102. Do these seem accurate?
  103. Are Sardinians autosomally the closest to the original Haplogroup I carriers?
  104. Ötzi the Iceman's Autosomal Dna
  105. Post your Eurogenes K9b results
  106. Moroccan Autosomal DNA from Eurogenes MDLP K27 By Region.
  107. On the Eurogenes SPA map why do I have a half in Poland?
  108. Post your Dodecad K7b results
  109. Balkan countries genetic distances from MDLP
  110. Post Your Eurogenes K9 Results
  111. Greek Results for Eurogenes K13 (North Indian Admixture)
  112. JAXMAN's Mother's Autosomal Results From GEDmatch, 23andme and McDonald...Does She Look British?
  113. Post your DNA TRIBES analysis (15 autosomal "FBI markers")
  114. Post your DNA TRIBES Analysis (Autosomal SNP)
  115. Post your SNP McDonald' Analysis
  116. Dodecad Globe13 Calculator
  117. Post your Eurogenes EUtest V2 K15 results
  118. Are Belarusians more Baltic than Slavic?
  119. Ok, so me, my mom, her sister, and her mother have all tested with 23andme...
  120. Can a person who has a few Mideast segments in a Dr. Mcdonald chromosome painting still be German?
  121. Are Georgian Jews converts?
  122. Eupedia east-Asian admixture map revised
  123. Accurate Neanderthal DNA Test
  124. Am I part Gypsy?
  125. Post Your Gök4-related ancestry
  126. What Do The Eurogenes And Dodecad ADMIXTURE Components Truly Mean?
  127. Are Roma People Eastern European Genetically?
  128. Eurogenes EUtest V2 K15 Says I'm Serbian
  129. Eurogenes EUtest V2 K15 Says my mom is German
  130. Post your AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate
  131. My Ancestry? Eurogene EUtest V2 K15n says i'm Romanian
  132. Noise Threshold On Autosomal DNA IBD Segment Matches
  133. What Exactly Is The North European Component Made Up Of?
  134. Best Dedmatch Test for Native American
  135. How come my Paternal Phased Gedmatch results seem more like they would be for me vs my father?
  136. Post Your Dodecad V3 Results
  137. McDonald Results Post your McDonald' Analysis
  138. Which country was most impacted by Arabization, genetically?
  139. Proto-Germanics were genetically Finnish ?
  140. Which Oracle-X makes more sense considering my ancestry?
  141. How come on the DNA Tribes Admixture Analysis my highest population is Ukraine?
  142. 7eleven's New McDonald Results
  143. My EUtest 2D PCA Plot
  144. My Jtest 2D PCA Plot
  145. New DNA Tribes Map: Neolithic & Kurgan STRs
  146. Genotype vs. Phenotype
  147. How legit are Geographic origin DNA tests?
  148. The peopling of the Americas (2012 study)
  149. Help needed: Interpretate my Ancestry DNA Results!
  150. DNA analysis of a Chinese from 40000 years ago...
  151. How much genetic Greek ancestry do Cypriots have?
  152. Is this a real East Asian segment?
  153. Is French Basque the same as Irish genetically?
  154. Post eutest results from Greece,Italy,Balkans
  155. How to quantify Italic and Greek ancestry in populations?
  156. Turkish DNA vs. Armenian DNA - Compare and Contrast these Genotypes
  157. A black Dominican's DNA results
  158. Updated Eurogenes PCA Plot for Eurasian populations!
  159. Post your revised Eurogenes K13 model results (rev 21 nov 2013)
  160. Best calculators and tools/programs
  161. IBS-comparison
  162. Kazimiera: Where does such a large portion of North Atlantic come from??
  163. What is your EUtest PCA Plot?
  164. Can I have my ancestry autosomal raw data rechecked ?
  165. The Genetic Map of Europe
  166. Cluster analysis of West Eurasia: 13 clusters from 18 dimensions
  167. Denisovan calculator
  168. What's a good population distance on calculators?
  169. Zeph's DNA Tribes SNP Update Results
  170. the southasian in me
  171. my eurogenes results
  172. How Iberian are you?
  173. Eurogenes K36 for Afghan Pashtuns
  174. Why is "West Asian" considered white in Europeans but not Hispanics?
  175. Eurogenes K13 Says I'm part Jewish
  176. Can someone who is smart help estimate what % West European my grandfather is on DodecadV3?
  177. EEF-WHG-ANE test for Europeans
  178. Oracle X From Eurogenes
  179. New Harappa admixture results for Afghan Pashtuns!
  180. Gedmatch Oracle Poll
  181. ZephyrousMandaru's Family Finder Results
  182. Fst distances for populations and admixture graph
  183. My MDLP results
  184. How do I have to interpetate my FTDNA's Family Finder ( Population FinderBeta ) results.
  185. calculate how much AJ you are
  186. How would you rate Family Tree DNA Population Finder?
  187. My Autosomal map
  188. My new Mc Donald results after I send my raw data from FTDNA build 37
  189. DNA results for Snooki! She tested.
  190. My mum's Gedmatch and 23andme results!!
  191. MDLP Iberian percentage (post yours)
  192. Post your Eurogenes K12b Western European, Mediterranean and North European scores
  193. Post Your GEDmatch Eurogenes K12b Finnish Scores
  194. Post your North west african results
  195. My new AC with split version
  196. Why does FTDNA says I have paternal haplogroup R1b-M269 ...
  197. Valerio Tadici DNA
  198. My 23andMe + GEDmatch results
  199. Valerio Tadici 23andMe + GEDmatch stuff.
  200. Puerto Rican oracle x results
  201. South Europeans = mix race Caucasoid
  202. what percent of your DNA comes from sub saharan areas in your 23andMe ancestry composition?
  203. Greetings.
  204. Mysterious african genes in my DNA..
  205. My DNA tribes results
  206. Is this just noise (African Admixture)?
  207. Reconstructing Native American Migrations from Whole-Genome and Whole-Exome Data
  208. What do you think about my ancestry?
  209. Post your Dodecad K12b Atlantic Med , North European and Caucasus scores
  210. Native American/East Asian and Oceanian results
  211. How Mediterranean are you?
  212. Why are Slavic people so moley?
  213. 12% African on 16th Chromosome
  214. MDLP: What is Bra1?
  215. MDLP: Your paleo-balkanic percentage
  216. Eurogenes: How Much European?
  217. What is your NW/NE euro ratio?
  218. What is your North/South ratio?
  219. Post your "Warrior Gene" results
  220. Africa9 Mix-up (White Guy)
  221. Accuracy
  222. Greek K13 results
  223. Post your MC1R SNPs - Do you have the Ginger Gene?
  224. DNA: Turkmen is closer to Armenian? Central Asian more similar to Caucasus
  225. My new DNAtribes results
  226. New Tool on Gedmatch Oracle Population Search Utility
  227. Post Your AncestryDNA Results
  228. Australoid mixed: South Asian, Southeast Asians, Afghans and Iran
  229. Maternal Douglas McDonald Results
  230. Strong genetic relationship: Caucasus and Southern European
  231. My grandfather's Ancestry Composition
  232. In what country my 23andMe value fit better?
  233. My mum's Mc Donald results!
  234. All Europeans share common genes. Agree or disagree?
  235. Wondering about my EUtest
  236. Can a Personal Phylogenetic Tree be used to measure deep racial admixture?
  237. Why Eurogenes ignores Germans?
  238. Are Cornish related to French?
  239. Need ideas to convince my dad...
  240. Caucasian & South-Asian genes in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Mongolians
  241. North/East Euros with Mongoloid and South Asian genes in percent
  242. Am I Descandent of Arabian Converts to Judaism?
  243. Non-Euro genes in south Europeans (percent of West Asian, South-west Asian, and North African)
  244. AncestryByDNA African ancestry results for Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Cape Verdeans, etc.
  245. Why all admixture calculators ignore XDNA?
  246. In what part of Italy my results fit better?
  247. Possible demostrate an allele frequency on a segment originated first among Pygmy populations?
  248. Ethiopians = triracials??
  249. Doug McDonald vs 23andMe for African
  250. Analysis of Eurogenes global Mclust run with mesolithic Iberian La Brańa and ancient Siberian MA-1