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  1. World Haplogroups Map
  2. SNP's and Haplogroups
  3. Got my yDNA results, I am very confused! Help..
  4. mtDNA V. Y-DNA
  5. need some help with subclade test results
  6. Illyrian haplogroup...
  7. Y-chromosome link to Cro Magnons?
  8. J2 - in Caucasus
  9. Is there such a thing as a cheap haplogroup test?
  10. Haplogroup predictor how to use it?
  11. European haplogroups
  12. Will more haplogroups be created as we evolve?
  13. How can you be related with someone on Chromosome X while not bearing same maternal haplogroup?
  14. Does your Paternal lineage determine your tribe?
  15. mtDNA and YDNA lines in RF.
  16. Post your top 5 yDNA and mtDNA haplogroups in your 23andme DNA Relatives list
  17. Y DNA,mtDNA, Hair color, and Eye color and ethnic groups of pre Indo European Europe 6,000-8,000 ybp
  18. Y DNA, mtDNA, hair color, eye color of ancient Indo Iranians from 3,800-1,900ybp
  19. Middle to late Neolithic 6,625-4,025 year old mtDNA and Y DNA from German
  20. Iberian DNA haplogroups from 20,000-4,340 years ago exactly like modern Europeans
  21. Are you happy with your haplogroups?
  22. 10,300ybp Y DNA and and other DNA from North America shows they are native Americans ancestors
  23. Classifying Y-DNA into races and ethnic groups
  24. Y-DNA haplogroups of Tuvans?
  25. R1a and R1b came from this man
  26. Maternal - R2
  27. Overview of Indo-European & Türkic genetics (new insights)
  28. R1b: a convoluted story
  29. Near Eastern origin of R1a in Ashkenazi Levites
  30. Actual Importance of Haplogroups
  31. The Lost Continent of Mu; The Origin of Haplogroup Q?
  32. Any websites that tell you your haplogroup?
  33. Issue between 23andme and FTDNA haplogroups
  34. Y-DNA J2a vs J2b .. did they enter Europe at different times, from different places?
  35. mtDNA X2f
  36. Have you found the haplogroup of some of your family lines on the internet?
  37. First haplogroup human. What did he look like?
  38. Albania haplogroups 2012 Atlas of Genetic Genealogy
  39. Could there be Haplogroups not yet found?
  40. R1b1a2 and R1b1a2a1a1
  41. J1 in France from Inquisition?
  42. Turks African admixture ( The result of mixture with slaves? )
  43. Which countries have the most People of what Haplogroup? Map shows
  44. I2a Sephardic/Jewish?
  45. Haplogroups and the ethnogenesis of the Sami people
  46. Venetian Haplogroups
  47. How Specific are Haplogroups
  48. Haplogroups associated with the spread of agriculture in to Europe
  49. I2a in Greece from Slavic Slave Trade
  50. Finns 40-50% Y-DNA I
  51. African and East Asian admix in Portugal
  52. Cro-Magnon I or R1b ?
  53. best way to know your R1b U-152 subclade with 23andMe raw data?
  54. Australoid haplogroup C among ancient Cro-Magnon Europeans
  55. Mal'ta man closest to Central Asians
  56. Iranians are NOT indo-Europeans
  57. J2 Haplogroup
  58. Finns are Germanic race and not any Finno ugric or Uralic
  59. Guess that haplogroup
  60. What Is The Superior Combination Of Haplogroups Required To Be An Übermensch?
  61. Guess that Haplogroup: THE RESULTS ARE IN!
  62. Why are Bosniaks so swarthy?
  63. r1a1a KURDS unite now even with India !!
  64. R1c? Exist?
  65. How far back do matches go?
  66. I2a came to the Balkans with the Indo-Europeans
  67. Question about R1b ?
  68. Questions about my 23andme results
  69. Grandfather from sicily's haplogroup
  70. Does Hitler's Y-DNA Haplogroup Imply Jewish Ancestry?
  71. Haplogroups are deceiving
  72. I2a Dinaric came to Central Europe from the Balkans
  73. Assign Haplogroups to a Founding Ethnic Group/Prehistoric Culture
  74. Reich: Yamnaya brought R1b to Europe
  75. R1b-M269 Phylogenetic Tree (Updated February 9,2015)
  76. Y-DNA of ethnic Poles from Greater Poland (West-Central Poland)
  77. Viking haplogroup
  78. Scandinavian team looking for Indo-Europeans in Kazakhstan
  79. 2nd oldest R1a1 (after Haak's 5500 BCE Karelian), 4000 - 3000 BCE, Smolensk area
  80. I got my DNA result from 23andme
  81. People who think i2a-''din'' is ''illyrian'' are delusional
  82. DNA Results! Need some info on X2D
  83. Haplogroup I and height
  84. PCC between Y-DNA haplogroups and autosomal admixture components
  85. Ancient Clade of an Ancient Haplogroup
  86. Haplogroups in Ancient Chinese Caucasians
  87. Just how Turkic are Turks?
  88. My tree of R1 haplogroup (with a timeline and ethno-linguistic data)
  89. Haplogroups of American members
  90. Guess Haplogroups Based on One's Look
  91. Question about my Haplogroup.
  92. Haplogroups in Sicily, by region
  93. What is the most controversial haplogroup?
  94. What is Elon Musk's Y-dna?
  95. R1b-L23>GG400 a brand new (!) branch of L23, brotherly to L51 and Z2103
  96. 23andme mtDNA update: T2a1b
  97. Several I y-dna found in europe up to 35k years ago!
  98. The Germanic marker is I-M170
  99. Explain this: Kyrgyz 70-80% Mongoloid autosomal DNA, Y-DNA ( 25.5% C3, O3 8.5%, 55.3% R1a )
  100. What's the most dominant haplogroup of your ethnicity?
  101. Most likely haplogroup of Abraham?
  102. Choose a symbol or sigil for each haplogroup...
  103. Ashkenazi haplogroups
  104. Y-Haplogroup I2a2a1c1b
  105. Two "most Polish" Y-DNA subclades do not belong to R1a
  106. R1b-M343 Negroid origin , Genghis Khan, Mongoloid origin ? R1b spread by rape during Mongol empire
  107. Central Asian paternal Y-DNA mtDNA ( Turkish chart ) Mongoloid Caucasian Turks haplogroups
  108. R1a1 found in Bronze age warrior from Poland
  109. Post your WeGene haplogroup results!
  110. Origins of European y-dna and mt-dna discussion thread
  111. Y-DNA Movement In Europe Through Ages Illustrated In Maps.
  112. *Method* Finding your mtdna & y-dna mutations
  113. I-L621, a paleobalkanic haplogroup?
  114. R1a diversity in Balkans
  115. Genomes from Iron Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Britain
  116. Neolithic people were gypsies?
  117. More Hungarians among Hungarians... new partial reaserch.
  118. My paternal aplogroup has been slight change
  119. Sicilians are paternally Balkanites.
  120. Haplogroups in Italy
  121. Y DNA and mtDNA Haplogroup Predictor
  122. Extremely rare Haplogroups
  123. Any info regarding J2a1i (J2a12)
  124. Most common Y-DNA haplogroup by country
  125. Y-DNA haplogroup of your region
  126. RN97's haplogroups!
  127. Ancient Egyptian mtDNA
  128. Myanthro's Official Haplogroups, Wegene results, and first pca plot point
  129. Is Scandinavian R1a the same as Slavic R1a?
  130. J2b2a M241 Iron Age Armenian.
  131. Whose language is euskara?
  132. Population pairwise FST distances of 7 E-V13 STR LOCI among 10 European populations.
  133. Y-DNA in Bulgaria by region.
  134. Hazara with African mtDNA L and African haplogroup B-M60
  135. Nicholas T E S L A was an Indoeuropean too - The R1-a-M458-CTS11962 one.
  136. R1a haplogroup
  137. R1b World Distribution
  138. What Mahnölchen has to do with the Semites???
  139. Question about a maternal sardinian haplogroup in 23andme
  140. Pribałtyka's results...
  141. The Indo European obsession
  142. Y-DNA haplogroup I2a1b3
  143. SUNGIR-man was C1.
  144. Y-DNA R1a spread from Iran
  145. Anyone used dna.jameslick?
  146. Does anyone know the percentages of J2a in South Slavic nations?
  147. Ancient History of the Arbins, Bearers of Haplogroup R1b, from Central Asia to Europe, 16,000 to 150
  148. Why do haplogroups matter?
  149. What's the difference between I and R migrations?
  150. How do haplogroups tell where your family's from?
  151. I do not understand my haplogroups, R-P310 and H5A1
  152. Could Myanthropologies have originated in a different place than most Afghans?
  153. J2a2-PH3085,SK1403: Ancient Altai, modern Uygur and Turkish
  154. Y-DNA chart of 91 Turks (NEW)
  155. Interesting map about Eastern European genetics (also Central European)
  156. Bosnian I2 map
  157. Da Fuq? lol - Maternal Y-DNA predictor?
  158. R1a1a1b1a1b1~2 - L1029 - L388?
  159. J2 in Vietnam?
  160. R1a-M458-L1029*
  161. My SNP markers
  162. Some R1 is really Q?
  163. Eurogenes K13 vs K15
  164. Majority of Afro-American males...
  165. What service can i use to find out my Haplogroups?
  166. Bitch I'm R1a
  167. I-M223
  168. Steppe mtDNA
  169. IJ-men = Euskarabia... Be aware!
  170. Han people related to Mongols?
  171. Bosniensis (Y-DNA) FTDNA results
  172. J2a – Anyone know anything?
  173. From where haplogroup "Q" came in France?
  174. help with my haplo J-M205
  175. Argentina's maternal lineages mainly from local populations
  176. Is This Haplogroup Predictor Reliable?
  177. R-M198, the Sarmatian haplogroup?
  178. Is my Haplogroup Jewish or Other Semite?
  179. Serbo-Croatian speakers: What is this Serb Geneticist saying?
  180. Bosniensis the Slav
  181. Y-DNA maps by Y-Full
  182. Y-DNA of 24 Balkan Turks
  183. Why was haplogroup R1a displaced between Central Asia and Eastern Europe?
  184. Which haplogroup predictor is the most accurate in your opinion?
  185. YHRD-Haplo Search global database
  186. Yfull: Shared SNPs vs Assumed Shared SNPs?
  187. Albania and Tatarstan are bros xD
  188. Haplogroup Q among Turkic peoples
  189. Eupedia map of J2 ..... Y-DNA
  190. G haplogroup and Proto Europid phenotype. Are they related?
  191. Haplogroup of My Ashkenazi Matches
  192. C2-L1373, F1067 subclades 分配 地图
  193. Y-DNA: Kipchak Håkan is a Dagestani-Chechen
  194. Origins of SRY2627?
  195. I'm R2A
  196. J2 haplogroup. Is it Iranic or Greek or Semitic?
  197. Correlation between y-dna haplogroups and established language families
  198. I bet, this Finnish woman is either J1 or J2. What do you think?
  199. Y-dna E-L29, where is this common?
  200. Haplogroups vs. Ethnicities
  201. J1 in Denmark and far North Germany? Where does it come from?
  202. Your possible haplogroup?
  203. haplogroup P
  204. Hellenes, Persians descend from Sumer
  205. What is y-dna E-L677, does it have other names, and where is it common?
  206. Y-dna haplogroup C and the mongoloid phenotype
  207. Turkish R1a1a Ulash.
  208. MorleyDNA.com Y-SNP Subclade Predictor
  209. Ftdna and Haplogroups
  210. West Slavic R1b
  211. Haplogroups R30 and I-M438, what can you tell me about them?
  212. I cannot find any information about my haplogroup R-M129
  213. Is RM417 predominant among the Ashkenazi?
  214. Haplogroup G
  215. Vlatko Vukovic Y12
  216. Haplogroup C-F1756 among Turkic peoples
  217. Elite Avar mtDNA samples from Hungary
  218. Aromanian Haplogroups
  219. I2 M438 in Serbia 6000 B.C.
  220. Question about morely result.
  221. Y-DNA A1b1-M118
  222. We have a 'Viking' haplogroup in the family!
  223. Is this Sephardic Jewish or Gentile Spanish Y-DNA?
  224. G-CTS11463. Where does it come from?
  225. What other haplogroups have you discovered within your broader family tree?
  226. What is the difference between a haplotype and a haplogroup?
  227. Your Haplogroups Compared to your known Ancestry, Do they align or not?
  228. Are Kazakhs indeed Turkified Mongols?
  229. C-F3880 and Han Chinese
  230. Post Country, Haplogroup, Height, Phenotype
  231. Clint Eastwood is I2a
  232. Which one of those is my haplogroup?
  233. The Kusunda language pearl for y-dna D
  234. Haplogroup H1ax
  235. How much is the non-Slavic R1a in Balkans?
  236. Haplogroups of my 23andme Greek matches.
  237. disspointed with ydna results
  238. Niko Kovač (Bayern Coach) is J-PH1602
  239. Max Von Sydow is R1a
  240. Correlationship of blood Gm genes and y-dna and mtdna macrohaplogroups
  241. If Haplogroups were actually a game Characters
  242. Got my Y-DNA results today!
  243. Why do haplogroups matter?
  244. FTDNA Y-67 or YSEQ Superclade Orientation Panel?
  245. STR Match Finder
  246. Y-DNA Haplogroups in Balkans and Turkey
  247. A New SNP Tracker developed by Robin Spencer
  248. Why isn't MT DNA talked as much as Y DNA?
  249. Worth getting an mtdna full sequence test if Wegene already classified me as T?
  250. E1B Serb