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  1. Y chromosomes and surnames in Britain.
  2. What's Your Y-DNA Haplogroup?
  3. Some Historical Evidence Written in Y-Chromosome
  4. Y-DNA Haplogroup Distributions
  5. R1a1a7 - the new R1a clade, and Slavs
  6. Maps of R1a "branches"
  7. Men more evolved? Y chromosome study stirs debate
  8. 2,000-year-old R1a1 west Eurasian dug up in Mongolia
  9. Which Haplogroups Are Aryan?
  10. King Tut’s DNA is a 99.6 percent match with Western European Y Chromosomes
  11. The Balkan ancient branch: the oldest trace of R1a1 haplogroup?
  12. How did Y-DNA haplogroup Q enter Scandinavia?
  13. Higher risks for yDNA-haplogroup I carriers?
  14. Proto-Slavs: I1b
  15. R1b pie charts
  16. Haplogroups of Italy
  17. Haplogroup R1a family
  18. Haplogroup E3b1a2 as a Possible Indicator of Settlement in Roman Britain by Soldiers of Balkan Ori
  19. R1b1b2a1a2f2 and Niall of the Connachta...
  20. Post your Y-DNA, AND your phenotype
  21. Haplogroup J1 in Europe.
  22. Y-DNA of early Acadian settlers
  23. Y-DNA Q frequency in Europe
  24. Tutankhamun's Y-DNA was R1b1a2(R-M269)
  25. R1b-M269--Back to the Drawing Board
  26. Otzi ydna revealted: G2a4
  27. "Norwegian volunteers receive Y-DNA results"
  28. Distribution maps of Y-chromosomal haplogroups in Europe
  29. G2a THE major player for the spread of early Neolithic cultures in the West of Europe
  30. Balkan countries Y-DNA lines
  31. Different types of R1b
  32. Napoleon Bonaparte Belonged To Haplogroup E1b1b1c1* (E-M34*)
  33. Y-DNA Haplogroup G-M201 questions
  34. Haplogroup R1a as the Proto Indo-Europeans and the Legendary Aryans as Witnessed by the DNA of Their
  35. Y-DNA J2 Anatolian?
  36. Y-DNA Haplogroup and Autosomal admixture component correlation.
  37. What other Y-DNA Haplogroups of family/ancestors do you know of?
  38. Expansion of EV13: Dienekes Anthropology Blog
  39. Haplogroup E3b1a2 as a Possible Indicator of Settlement in Roman Britain by Soldiers of Balkan OG
  40. P312 Subclade? Read before voting.
  41. R1b - British And Bashkirs Common Ancestor?
  42. The True P312
  43. A possible clade upstream of L238?
  44. Question about I2a1b
  45. Haplogroup R1a
  46. Haplogroup tree of Y-DNA Haplogroup F subclades.
  47. R1b1a2 & Tutankhamun
  48. Turkic Y-DNA and MtDNA ( Mongoloid, Caucasoid, South Asian DNA)
  49. Haplogroup Q-M25 42.6% of Turkmen Iranian ( Mongoloid or Caucasoid?)
  50. Haplogroup N: Originally Mongoloid or Caucasoid?
  51. Why y-dna R1a1a and I2 are much higher in Greece than southern Italy/Sicily?
  52. Guess Albion's Y haplogroup
  53. Origin of E-V13 - Scandinavia ???
  54. How important is each ydna etc. for your subrace?
  55. R1b1c (R-V88) and R1b1a1 (R-M73) were they spread by Caucasians
  56. Jeni Y-Dna Matches
  57. Is HG I1 the true marker for Scandinavian genes?
  58. Turkish morons claiming Aryans, R1a and 40-70% Russians are Turkic origin
  59. R1a indo-european pastoralists were turkicised(language shift)
  60. Guess MfA's Y haplogroup
  61. Turanid-Scythian (Andronovo/Karasuk/Tagar/Tashtyk-R1a1) occurrence in Eurasia
  62. R1b = True Europeans?
  63. Bill Gates = R1b1a2
  64. R1b-L48 and Flanders, and other interesting things
  65. Haplogroup I2 in the Balkans
  66. R1b S28 and R1b S116 Beast Bronze and Iron age warrior DNA marker
  67. New R1b map
  68. Does anyone have any information about Haplogroup Q (Q1b)?
  69. Why Haplogroup Q frequencies in Mongoloids and even Q in Azkhanazi jews caucasoids
  70. Any other members YDNA Haplogroup Q or specifically Q1b?
  71. Aryan R1a = Turkic ?
  72. R1b L51-L11 Germanic Italo Celts: Rulers and conqueres of Bronze-Iron age west Europe
  73. I2a2b, R1a1a1a L664, and R1b S21/U106 from 3,000 year old German Urnfield culture
  74. Yamna culture source of Indo Iranian and Balto Slavic languages and their R1a
  75. I1 non Nordic, much older, and Paloithic Cro magnon central European
  76. Haplogroup l2b, the Haplogroup that unites Scandinavians, Germans, British, Russians and Greeks
  77. Wtf is uniting Turkic "mtDNA X" with Native American "mtDNA X and Y-Dna R1"?
  78. Eupedia new R1b map of the Old World
  79. Y DNA spread by Indo Europeans (R1a1a1 M417, R1b1a2a1 L51) (R1b1a2a L23?, R1b1a1 M73?, Etc?)
  80. Roman cosmopolitanism.
  81. R1a1a R-M198 SNP Map
  82. The y-DNA haplogroup of Albert Einstein
  83. Associating Y-DNA Haplogroups with Dodecad K12b components.
  84. Y-DNA of Southern Europeans I share with on 23andme - Sicilian, Greek, Italian, Portuguese.
  85. Maternal Haplohroups of Southern Europeans I share with.
  86. J2 haplogroup M172
  87. How did R1a end up so prevalent in both South Asians and Slavs?
  88. R1b1a2a1a2b PF6570/S28/U152
  89. Up-to-date Haplogroup I Tree
  90. Could I be Turkish
  91. Haplotype tree of N1c1a
  92. Where is J-L210 from?
  93. where is haplogroup T from?
  94. Is J2a-L210 Jewish?
  95. Haplogroup e1b1b (and all its subclades)
  96. Indo-European Urheimat in light of the DNA-Genealogy
  97. Confrontation between Iranists (Indo-Europeanists) and Türkists in light of the DNA-Genealogy
  98. Interesting facts regarding DNA testing
  99. Noteworthy Europeans with YDNA Haplogroup E1b1b
  100. Why is I2 M423 in Western Ireland?
  101. Kurdish Y-DNA
  102. Got my Geno 2.0 results....... R1a???
  103. Is Haplogroup I-M170 a white haplogroup
  104. I1 in the (Spanish) Caribbean?
  105. Rearcher? posted at Eupedia La Brana-1 had Y DNA C-V20
  106. Y-DNA By Surname
  107. Y-DNA subclades finder: Is there one?
  108. Kurgan Culture and B blood group allele
  109. Paper: R1b subclades have radiated recently in Europe, resulting in high STR-haplotype resemblance
  110. I2a1b spread in Balkans by Croatian/Serbian royal families?
  111. Upstream Jewish (And Other Eurasian) YDNA Haplogroup Q Now Confirmed As Indo-European (Scythian)
  112. North Swedish Y-DNA distribution
  113. Does labeling Horners caucasoid protect some Whites?
  114. How to Interpret National Genographic Results
  115. R1b1b2a1a2c
  116. Linking Italy and the Balkans. A Y-chromosome perspective from the Arbereshe of Calabria
  117. R1a - news, charts, trees, maps, scientific papers, questions, answers
  118. Origin and Spread of Y-DNA haplogroup J2a
  119. Post your Y-DNA matches maps.
  120. I-M223 Germanic or Slavic?
  121. Nikola Tesla Y-DNA
  122. Do people with R haplogroup have a stronger sense of humor?
  123. Haplogroup Q
  124. Haplogroup R1b – R1b1a2a1a1b4f – Subclade L21 - Kings of Leinster / Diarmait Mac Murchada
  125. YAP in South Indian tribes: ancestral DE-M1* haplotypes?
  126. Stefan's Y-Haplogroup
  127. E1b1b1a2 (E-V13)
  128. Caucasus Y-DNA Haplogroups Correlate Well With Language Groups
  129. R1a in Ashkenazim is Semitic
  130. Balkanites - What is your Y-DNA??
  131. Pretty shocking stuff, the origin of my Haplogroup Part 2
  132. Germanic Y-DNA distribution
  133. Germanic Y-DNA distribution
  134. Vlad Tepes an E-V13?
  135. R1A in Scotland is Norweigan
  136. Calling on all Kavkazians, need info.
  137. Haplogroup J2b1 - M205 ("Balkan cluster")
  138. What is the Y DNA percentages of white Americans?
  139. Is haplogroup E Eurasian in origin?
  140. Earliest Y-DNA Haplogroup In Japan? D2 or C1?
  141. Turkey: Y-DNA in different provinces
  142. R1b-U152-L2
  143. Y-DNA of pre Indo-European Iberians
  144. direct connections with my R1b(U-152) among these people?
  145. Y-DNA of white Americans, Black Americans, Asian American, Hispanic Americans
  146. FTDNA vs 23andMe Y-DNA tests
  148. Not Human Y-DNA among us
  149. Proof: Ainu can never be Caucasian. Haplogroup D2 is related with Adamanese
  150. Origins of J2b - Indian and Balkan cluster
  151. New R1a maps (Underhill et al. 2014)
  152. Y-Chromosome Haplotypes in the Populations of Tatar in Russia
  153. Early European Y-DNA
  154. New study - Alans = G2*
  155. Haplogroup J2b2
  156. Ancient Hungary: Two Neolithic C6 and the oldest J yet.
  157. E1b1b1b2a (M123)
  158. Y-DNA unclear
  159. 23andMe, Geno 2.0 and R-L2
  160. r1b1b2a1a2f*
  161. Is it possible for 23andMe to get haplogroups wrong?
  162. Did R1a and R1b tribes domesticate the horse?
  163. Bell Beakers, Gimbutas and R1b
  164. What's the verdict on I2a2 in the Balkans?
  165. New Study Of Y-DNA Haplogroups Of The Caucasus With A Focus On Georgia
  166. I'm R1b1a2a but there's a question...
  167. Big-Y
  168. Most common haplogroup by country (Europe and surroundings)
  169. Is R-U198 Germanic? and if so tell me more about it!
  170. I2c, origin in the Balkans or Kavkaz
  171. Puzzled by match
  172. Scytho-Turkic Z93 branch Z2125 vs. Indo-Aryan migration theory
  173. R1a1a among Germans
  174. Haplogroup E-V13 is paleolithic european (Eupedia claims)
  175. Karakalpak Y-DNA
  176. Mongolian origins of Sain-Bulat disapproved?
  177. j2 origin
  178. Lemba Y-DNA
  179. R1b1a2a1a* or L11+ (naming terror)
  180. M319 and M410
  181. Neanderthal Y-DNA
  182. Deep-Subclade test?
  183. People with R or I yDNA need to..
  184. Y-DNA haplogroup frequencies within Eastern China
  185. Bakhtiari Y-DNA
  186. Finding a More Exact Subclade?
  187. R1a originated in Africa and was spread across Central Asia by Dravidian speakers?
  188. I1?
  189. Late Bronze Age J2a1 found 1110-1270 B.C. Ludas-Varjú-dűlő, Hungary.
  190. Y-DNA on females
  191. Large-scale recent expansion of European patrilineages
  192. Tesla's & Martin Luther's Y-DNA =I2a1b3a
  193. I'm a girl, how can I know my paternal DNA heritage?
  194. R1a and R1b: Eurasian or European markers?
  195. Baltic Finnic N1c arrival in the Baltic Sea region
  196. How can there be more than one haplogroup in one Y chromosome?
  197. Haplogroup J2a Iron Age Altai
  198. Famous faces linked by Y-DNA haplogorups
  199. R1a and R1b Chit-Chat
  200. Norwegian J2b2 match
  201. R1a in Norway
  202. Where did Haplogroup J1 come from?
  203. I2a Albanians descend from one noble man.
  204. Guess this man
  205. which regions have more J1 highest frequency?
  206. R1b subclades in Slavic countries
  207. Big Y results
  208. E - V13 is the most common E1b1b1 subclade in south Italy?
  209. Was Haplogroup R originally mongoloid?
  210. Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) Y-DNA
  211. R1b1b2a1a in France? Germanic U106 (S21) subclade
  212. What is the proto-germanic haplogroup ? I1 or R-U106 ?
  213. Zmey's Y-DNA
  214. Cohen SNP test results from ftdna
  215. What can people tell me about J1c3, J1-P58, J1e?
  216. Are there any billionaire I2a's in the world??
  217. My map of haplogroup R1a in Germany and Austria
  218. My map of haplogroup R1a in Greece & surroundings
  219. Regarding haplogroup I and J
  220. The "Big Picture" of Y-DNA distribution ca. 8000-5000 BC
  221. Aemilius FTDNA results
  222. King of Netherlands... R1a
  223. Three J2 found at Merovingian burial site
  224. Genghis Khan was R1b-M343?
  225. IJ 2 tribes as 1
  226. Y37 FTDNA Results
  227. Oneeye's ftDNA yDNA test results
  228. Do some Greeks have Syrian, Jewish, and Maghreb paternal lineages?
  229. Haplogroup J2b origins?
  230. Haplogroup R is Indian
  231. Updated Y-DNA Eupedia maps
  232. Pazyryk Scythians Y-Dna: N1b
  233. are there relationship between Arabian peninsula and Greeks and Romans?
  234. Magyar dna?
  235. Where is Y-dna "C2b - L1373" mostly found in?
  236. Origin of R1b-CTS9219+
  237. Origin of J-PH1751 ?
  238. oldest Y haplogroup found in europe: C and CF -- any members who have them?
  239. R1b-M269 subclades in Poland
  240. Italo-Celtic Y-DNA lineages in ancient DNA
  241. I2a/I2a1 once ruled entire Europe - WE WANT IT BACK :D
  242. Haplogroup R Neanderthal origin.
  243. Map of R-L617
  244. J2a1 - M319
  245. Is Genghis Khan C2 or R1b ?
  246. What is modern distribution of these 2 subclades?
  247. Indus Valley Civilization Y-DNA haplogroups
  248. Indigenous Balkan I2a1 in southern Albania
  249. Y-SNP Terminal Subclade Predictor
  250. E in British isles,thoughts please