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  1. Rare white lion cubs born
  2. Big cat kill caught on BBC webcam
  3. The world's most endangered species 2008
  4. Wolves make dog's dinner out of domestication theory
  5. Your pets
  6. The Amazing Intelligence of Crows.
  7. Big massive dead snake. Huge
  8. First Extinct-Animal Clone Created
  9. Magnets Disrupt Crocodile Radar
  10. 'Extinct' bird photographed for the first time ever... then eaten.
  11. Monkey Kills his Cruel Mud Owner with Coconut
  12. Cat appreciation thread
  13. Dogs Can Smell Cancer
  14. Chimps Trade Meat for the Chance of Sex
  15. Horror as two-year-old girl is strangled to death by 8ft pet python
  16. Monkeys Recognize Poor Grammar
  17. Monkeys Appreciate Monkey Music and Metallica
  18. Least favourite farm animal
  19. The various horsebreeds (per region)
  20. 4.5 Million Animals Saved From Toxicity Testing
  21. Moscow Strays
  22. GIANT SNAKE: Alien Species Invading U.S.?
  23. Animal Minds
  24. Singing Alligators
  25. Blue Whale Tragedy
  26. Mulattoes on this forum!
  27. Should pandas be allowed to go extinct?
  28. The Cheetah, my favorite
  29. The powerful Sable Antelope
  30. The Panther
  31. Dog Appreciation Thread
  32. Deaf fox cub picks up sign language to fit in with her owner
  33. How exactly do roosters fertilize eggs?
  34. Super sweet cats thread
  35. Chimps use cleavers and anvils as tools to chop food
  36. Time is Running Out for Tigers
  37. Giant cattle to be bred back from extinction
  38. Oscar the cat 'furry angel of death'
  39. George, the World's Biggest Dog
  40. Weed killer turns male frogs into females
  41. Chickens attack and kill fox
  42. Herman the Rabbit--Is this for real?????
  43. Cat Tries to Saves Owner From Theft
  44. Hero Dogs: Incredible Act of Devotion & Loyalty
  45. Male swans only have eyes for each other
  46. Several fascinating animal species found in Borneo
  47. The cat that had a nail driven through its head - and survived
  48. Chinese pet owners dye pets to look like wild animals in new craze
  49. Snake populations plummeting all over the world
  50. Dogs 'mimic movements of owners'
  51. Bird watching!
  52. The Life of Birds
  53. Four eared kitten in Russia
  54. Did dogs teach us to love?
  55. British Wild Boar
  56. The mighty eagles.
  57. Two forms of world's 'newest' cat, the Sunda leopard
  58. Baby Animals
  59. The bird thread
  60. Classify them
  61. 55 Feet Long Unknown Fish Species Found in China
  62. Domesticated cats are #1 mass-killer of modern nature
  63. Female Leopard cares for baby baboon after killing it's mother.
  64. Turns out Humans are Monkeys
  65. Rat Species Found Making Poison to Defend Against Predators
  66. Are Flying Foxes really Bats?
  67. Anti-ginger racism amongst seals
  68. Prehistoric Dog Found with Mammoth Bone in Mouth
  69. Australia: Land of Parrots
  70. Ancient Species Show Their Resilience, Highlight Need For Conservation
  71. Should gay, endangered penguins be forced to mate?
  72. Western Black Rhino Of Africa Officially Extinct
  73. Giant meat-eating 'Milky Bar' snail stuns hikers
  74. Ravens Use 'Hand' Gestures to Communicate
  75. Baby owls are the new LOLcats
  76. Gay Penguins Really Just Bi?
  77. Elephant's sixth 'toe' discovered
  78. Are Pigeons as Smart as Monkeys?
  79. Interesting palaeolithic dog discovery in Siberia
  80. Tetrapod Evolution [Documentary]
  81. Ancient Domesticated Dog Skull Found in Siberian Cave: 33,000 Years Old
  82. Peaceful Primates
  83. Zebra stripes evolved to keep biting flies at bay
  84. Oldest Animal Discovered—Earliest Ancestor of Us All?
  85. Hounded to Death
  86. ‘immortal worms’ can regenerate indefinitely and stay forever young
  87. Giant "Tree Lobsters" Rediscovered on Rocky Volcanic Island Spire
  88. Chinese kill endangered polar bears
  89. Cattle DNA traced back to single herd of wild ox
  90. Dingoes, devils may be angels in disguise
  91. Who, What, Why: How dangerous are swans?
  92. Bowerbirds do a bit of accidental gardening
  93. Favourite horse
  94. Pictures of Animals, Dinosaur and other creatures :)
  95. Mystery of the Domestication of the Horse Solved: Competing Theories Reconciled
  96. Cutest "dangerous" animal?
  97. 11-Million-Year-Old Giant Panda’s Cousin Found in Spain
  98. Humanity's Best Friend: How Dogs May Have Helped Humans Beat the Neanderthals
  99. Some Mammals Too Slow To Escape Climate Change
  100. Modern dog breeds genetically disconnected from ancient ancestors
  101. New Frog Species Is Bright Yellow
  102. Don't mess with rhinos ...
  103. 'Sexual depravity' of penguins that Antarctic scientist dared not reveal
  104. Albatross
  105. Which country has the best possums
  106. Dogs vs Lions and Tigers
  107. Man and lions ..
  108. Hero cat tries to revive her mate
  109. The Official Beautiful Pussy Thread.
  110. The Wolf Appreciation Thread.
  111. Tiny shrews ‘warm up’ before cold dives
  112. Urban noise 'killing baby house sparrows'
  113. Fornicating flies attract hungry bats
  114. Early rodents add evidence for Earth’s first grasslands
  115. Fossils Suggest Snake Evolution Occurred On Land, Not Sea
  116. Mystery of elephant infrasounds revealed
  117. Epidemic of skin lesions reported in reef fish
  118. Exotic Pets
  119. 'KittyCams' show cats are killers when they're let outdoors, study finds
  120. Sleep deprived birds have more chicks
  121. The Intelligence of Dogs
  122. Huge Burmese python caught in Florida
  123. Record-Breaking Python Found In Florida Everglades With 87 Eggs Inside
  124. What do you feed your dog/cat?
  125. Do Animals Get Depressed?
  126. Cats and eye color
  127. Dog breeds from your country
  128. Cat breeds from your country..
  129. What's your attitud towards animals?
  130. Cats or Dogs - which do you prefer?
  131. Horse breeds from your country/region..
  132. Looking for pictures of farm horse harnesses
  133. Rediscovering The Most-Legged Animal On Earth
  134. Gustave: The giant crocodile of Burundi
  135. Mid-life crisis not just for humans
  136. Clssify beautiful pussy.
  137. Epic Fight
  138. Panda Playground
  139. Three Toed Sloth's
  140. Koko The Gorilla
  141. Pets
  142. the world of owls
  143. Przewalski's Horses, the last remaining breed of wild horses
  144. Liger
  145. Tigon
  146. Man releases trapped mouse into the wild rather than exterminate it… only for hawk to swoop...
  147. What's your favorite type of snake?
  148. Dog evolved 'on the waste dump'
  149. How Owls Spin Their Heads Around
  150. Monkey-mothering 24-hour chore for Colombian woman
  151. Fossil of Oldest-Known Ancestors of Modern Dog Found
  152. Almost half of Africa's lions facing extinction: Report
  153. Rare footage of snow leopard recorded in northwest China – video
  154. Young Adult Prairie Dogs Dig Living In Mom's Basement
  155. Cows really can predict the rain. Scientists prove they are more likely to lie down when the weather
  156. Scientists have unveiled two new species of mouse lemur -- tiny, big-eyed animals
  157. Man is SHOCKED! He thought he bought two poodles!
  158. Squirrel vs Snake Battle
  159. Who looks more typical of these two?
  160. Chinese vessel on Philippine coral reef caught with illegal PANGOLIN meat
  161. Fukushima Mutations [Photos: Animals and Plants]
  162. Meet the world's first glow-in-the-dark sheep
  163. Hornless ‘Frankencow’: Genetic engineers aim to create super-bovine
  164. First Falcons Born in Paris since 19th Century
  165. Human Impacts On Natural World Underestimated
  166. Elephant 'tramples to death suspected poacher'
  167. Polar bear born at Sea World
  168. Dogs and Humans Evolved Together, Study Suggests
  169. Viper's velvet black spots key to camouflage
  170. Why Did Penguins Stop Flying? The Answer Is Evolutionary
  171. Why giant snails are a problem for Florida
  172. Camera Traps Capture Rare and Beautiful Javan Leopards
  173. Amphibian Populations Declining More Rapidly Than Previously Reported
  174. How the white tiger got his coat
  175. Amazing hot pink slugs discovered in Australia
  176. Amazonian Treasure Trove Yields 15 New Bird Species
  177. When did the turtle get its shell?
  178. Weird Hybrid Animals
  179. Speed test for wild cheetahs
  180. The Surprising Realities of Mythical Creatures
  181. Darwin's Frogs Are in Steep Decline
  182. World's Weirdest Animals
  183. The world's only albino gorilla was the result of INCEST
  184. Scientists Plan To Revive Extinct Galapagos Tortoise Species, ‘Lonesome Gorge’ Genes Found
  185. Pets: Do you have a specific gender preference?
  186. See stunning photos from the world's clearest lake
  187. Western black rhino declared extinct
  188. Snails Reveal Ancient Human Migration from France to Ireland
  189. WTF Brazilian Man Got a Dog Face by Plastic Surgery
  190. Who you calling an ugly cow?
  191. Fed up gorilla gives taunting kids at the zoo a scare
  192. Best cat evar!
  193. Your cat is only PRETENDING to ignore you
  194. Conservationists discover new bird species in Cambodia
  195. Two-headed Turtle Hatches at San Antonio Zoo
  196. Tiny Sea Otter Siblings Fight the Odds
  197. Meowing, a feline invention
  198. Yuan Yuan, Panda From China, Delivers Cub In Taiwan
  199. Important: Surabaya Zoo Scandal
  200. Impala escapes hungry predators by jumping into a car full of tourists who let it out once the coast
  201. Hopkins Marine Station study sheds light on shark migrations
  202. Dolphins are so intelligent they have individual NAMES and call for each other just like humans
  203. Wolves have a unique 'singing voice'
  204. When animals attack: Hilarious snaps
  205. 'Zonkey,' Rare Zebra-Donkey Hybrid, Born In Italy (VIDEO)
  206. Newly Discovered Hero Shrew Has Extraordinary Strength
  207. Eye-Tracking Reveals What’s Hot, What’s Not from the Peahen’s Point of View
  208. Do Dogs See In Color? New Study Shows Canines Do Depend On Color Perception
  209. Man Reunites With Gorilla He Raised
  210. Baby bird attempts to swallow carer's
  211. I'm tired of all this monkey business! Baboon
  212. Muscly arms helps roos attract the ladies
  213. Homing Pigeons Use 'Mental Map' to Find Their Way Home
  214. Think you know your cat? Think again
  215. Germany asks Justin Bieber to pay costs of caring for his monkey
  216. Mystery over bizarre behaviour of baboons who have been turning their backs on visitors
  217. Animal acrobatics
  218. Lavasoa Dwarf Lemur: New Species Found on Madagascar
  219. Adorable dogs can't stop running around in circles when their owner sings the animals' dinner song
  220. Horror as Python strangles two boys to death
  221. We all know they're contagious, but yawns can spread from human to DOGS too
  222. Don’t be so fast to judge a cat by its color, study warns
  223. Unusual Mortality Event Declared after Surge of Dolphin Deaths in Mid-Atlantic
  224. Does it surprise you that crocodiles and birds are more closely related than to anything else?
  225. Against Animal Abuse Petitions
  226. Olinguito: 'Overlooked' mammal carnivore is major discovery
  227. Copperhead Snake Bites Itself After Being Decapitated
  228. Donkey appreciation thread
  229. koalas superior to pandas
  230. Why do birds obey speed limits?
  231. Remembering Zanjeer: The Dog Who Saved Thousands
  232. Do I look ugly to you?
  233. Look at Britain's Rare Surprise Baby Turtles
  234. PLEASE HELP: Do dogs usually survive car crashes?
  235. Comparing the human and chimpanzee genomes
  236. A Bay of Actual Pigs
  237. New 'Walking' Shark Species Caught on Video
  238. Favourite Animal
  239. The shocking moment a Kangaroo tried to drown a dog who tried to play with it
  240. Interesting animals from your country?
  241. Earliest Great Ape Had Posture Like Humans, Fossils Suggest
  242. Tiny rainforest frogs hear with their mouths, scientists say
  243. Is city living making animals more intelligent?
  244. 27 Animal Pictures You Need To See Before You Die
  245. Starving dog buries her 11 dead puppies in heartbreaking video after owner left them to die on drive
  246. Echolocation: Genetic Similarities Found between Dolphins, Bats
  247. Meet the real glamour pusses
  248. Odd Cause of Salamander Die-Off Found: Skin-Eating Fungus
  249. Better-Smelling Birds Produce More Offspring
  250. Giraffe gives birth to ‘record’ 18th calf