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  1. The Plants Thread
  2. Plants 'can recognise themselves' and favor their own kind
  3. World's Last Great Forest Under Threat: New Study
  4. Authorities Cut Down 6,000 Trees to Stop Sex in Forest
  5. The Private Life of Plants
  6. X-rays of flowers
  7. Global Tropical Forests Threatened by 2100
  8. One-fifth of world's plants at risk of extinction
  9. Mushrooms
  10. The Silent Scream of Asparagus
  11. The Life of Flowers (Beautiful)
  12. Massive seagrass clones are oldest living things
  13. Man-made noise disrupts the growth of plants and trees
  14. Marijuana a Chronic History
  15. Ancient tree ring records suggest today’s megafires are unusual
  16. Pollutant turns fly-traps veggie
  17. The Oak Tree Appreciation Thread.
  18. Wild edible plants and medicines
  19. Tree-ring study proves that climate was warmer in Roman and Medieval times than it is in the modern
  20. Wild Russia - The secret forest (National Geographic)
  21. Black Forest: Pics and Videos
  22. Deadly fungus prompts ban on ash tree imports
  23. dandelion
  24. Flowers Communicate With Electricity
  25. (AUF DEUTSCH:) Baum des Lebens - Die Kokospalme in Sri Lanka (Doku)
  26. (AUF DEUTSCH:) Tief im Regenwald
  27. (AUF DEUTSCH:) Naturparadiese Afrikas
  28. The largest tree in the world, 2,000 years old
  29. Scientists Finally Pinpoint the Pathogen That Caused the Irish Potato Famine
  30. Freed From a Glacier's Hold, Ancient Moss Grows Again
  31. Green: Vegetation on Our Planet (Tour of Earth)
  32. Plants do math - here's how they do it
  33. Belgians queue to experience 'world's smelliest plant'
  34. The trees have ears: Automating wildlife detection in the tropics
  35. Proteas (flower) [PHOTOS]
  36. Silvertrees/Silver Leaf Tree [PHOTOS]
  37. How Plants Set the Angles of Their Branches
  38. Nature’s Painted Tree: The Rainbow Eucalyptus [PHOTOS]
  39. Top 10 Oldest Living Trees in the World
  40. Foxfire: Luminous Glow-in-the-dark Mushrooms
  41. Red Cedar Trees Rebounded After Clean Air Act
  42. A Giant Swastika Was Hidden In A German Forest
  43. Welwitschia, The plant which lives up to 2000 years
  44. 3.200 Year Old Giant Tree in the Snows: One Photo, 126 Frames, 2 Billion Leaves, 247 Feet
  45. 32,000-Year-Old Plant Brought Back to Life—Oldest Yet
  46. "Are Plants Territorial?"
  47. 'TomTato' tomato and potato plant unveiled in UK
  48. Flowering Plants Evolved 100 Million Years Earlier than Previously Believed, Study Suggests
  49. Experts Discover the Mother of Roman Perfumes On the Mediterranean Coast
  50. New clue that autumn leaf colours are defensive weapon
  51. Gum trees grow gold
  52. Sequencing study lifts veil on wine's microbial terroir
  53. How mushrooms 'make wind' to spread spores
  54. Europe’s rarest butterfly-orchid species found in the Azores
  55. Conglomerate of Cacti and Succulents [PHOTO THREAD]
  56. The Difference Between Moss And Lichen
  57. Surprise! Old growth trees are 'star players' in gobbling greenhouse gas.
  58. Tree roots act as 'Earth's thermostat'
  59. New plant species a microcosm of biodiversity
  60. Cordyceps: attack of the killer fungi
  61. Wild Concrete
  62. Mystery of the tree that came back from the dead
  63. Ancient Moss Revived After Ages on Ice
  64. Newly sequenced tree genome is seven times larger than human genome
  65. Chernobyl Trees Barely Decomposed, Study Finds
  66. This Tree Is So Massive That It’s Never Been Able To Fit Into A Single Photo. Until Now.
  67. After all our wars, nature wins — Trees growing through and around old guns, helmets, and more
  68. Intriguing Lime-Green Blobs Appear In The Andes Mountains. Are They Alive?
  69. Breakthrough Study Solves Plant Sex Mystery
  70. What Plants Talk About
  71. Mind of Plants : Documentary on The Intelligence of Plants
  72. Eucalyptus trees aren't just for hungry koalas, they're biofuel producers as well
  73. Plant and Flower Appreciation Thread
  74. Beautiful Bonsai
  75. National flowers of Slavic countries
  76. Mushroom Appreciation Thread
  77. Hundreds queue to see ‘Titan’s Penis’ giant flower in France
  78. Bad news for vegetarians! Plants can ‘hear’ themselves being eaten
  79. The dead trees and fallen leaves near Chernobyl aren’t decaying
  80. ❀✿ Beautiful Violet, Lilac, Pink, Blue and White Wisteria Trees and Tunnels ❀✿
  81. Tomatoes that don't rot discovered in France
  82. This tree produces 40 different types of fruit
  83. Complex Bread Wheat Genome Cracked
  84. The Double Tree of Casorzo – A Tree Growing on Top of Another Tree
  85. 16 Of The Most Magnificent Trees In The World
  86. Plants and Their Parasites May 'Talk' to One Another with RNA Communication
  87. Hacked photosynthesis could boost crop yields
  88. World's Most Dangerous Garden: Step Inside If You Dare!
  89. The Full Spectrum Of Autumn’s Colors
  90. Amazing Plant Sculptures In Mosaiculture Festival in Montreal, Canada
  91. Charlie the Venus Flytrap
  92. Botanical Spells Displayed as Floral Arrangements
  93. Llanfyllin's 'Lonely Tree' is Wales' tree of the year
  94. Plants Reprogrammed To Survive Droughts
  95. Fern 'Love Child' Provides Insight on Plant Reproduction
  96. Canadian grown non-browning GMO apples
  97. You Haven't Seen Real Magic Until You've Stood Under These 11 Trees
  98. Truman State's Agave americana plant nears end of 50-year life
  99. A Depression-Era Medicinal Plant Map of the United States
  100. European globe flower
  101. World’s Oldest Flowering Plant Came From the Water
  102. 'Alien' plants spreading across the world causing billions in damage, says study
  103. Enigma of the trees that resist wildfires
  104. Extinct Tree Resurrected from Ancient Seeds is now a Dad
  105. The Tree Goats of Morocco
  106. Woe of the Witches – The Elevated Flying Rowan Tree
  107. When Tomatoes Were Blamed For Witchcraft and Werewolves
  108. This tree trunk has been floating upright for 120 years - and no one knows why
  109. 🌿 What is your favorite flower?
  110. World's tallest tropical tree is as high as three blue whales stacked end to end
  111. I Take Photos Of Frozen Flowers
  112. This Bonsai tree is 391 years old and it survived Hiroshima
  113. Top 5: Oldest Bonsai trees
  114. Pioneer Cabin Tree in California felled by storms
  115. Modern tomatoes have lost their flavor -- but scientists have discovered how to change that
  116. DNA reveals how pitcher plants evolved to become flesh-eaters
  117. State Flowers of the United States
  118. 'Oldest plants on Earth' discovered
  119. World is home to '60000 tree species'
  120. 🌸🌾🍀🍁 What Is The National Floral Emblem For Your Nation?🌷🌹🌺
  121. The Missouri Orchid Farmer Who Ditched His Greenhouse for a Cave
  122. These “Galaxy” Flowers Hold Entire Universes On Their Petals
  123. The Language of Flowers – the secret Victorian love code
  124. 9 Fascinating Facts About Bluebells — England’s Favorite Wild Flower
  125. Trail Trees – Native Americans would bend saplings to make living sign posts
  126. The Rose of Hildesheim: A thousand-year rose that’s believed to be the oldest rose in the world
  127. Paulownia: Also known as the ‘princess tree’
  128. The tree where Isaac Newton discovered gravity is still alive and well outside of his childhood home
  129. Regal Flowers
  130. The World's Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens
  131. Swedish ecologists discover a plant never seen before in the Nordics
  132. They slowly grow and they slowly die: A Bristlecone pine found to be an astonishing 5,065 years old
  133. The 400-year-old Angel Oak is one of the most remarkable living things east of the Mississippi
  134. “The tree that owns itself” is a white oak in Athens, GA, which owns its itself and 8 feet of ground
  135. Mother Nature’s amazing tech: Researchers studied dandelions to develop new parachutes, drones
  136. The 3,200-year-old President Tree is so big it has rarely been captured in one photo
  137. The Vine that ate the south: The invasive plant, Kudzu is swallowing the southeast of the US
  138. Reimagining How Plants Began to Take Over the Planet
  139. The bright colors of Gladiolus
  140. An Adorable Algae Ball Mystery Has Been Solved
  141. The Succulent That Looks Like a Stone
  142. A Tropical Plant Last Spotted Over 150 Years Ago
  143. This wild plant could be the next strawberry
  144. The Century-Long Scientific Journey of the Affordable Grocery Store Orchid
  145. The Forest That Blooms Brilliantly for Just a Few Days a Year
  146. Reimagining How Plants Began to Take Over the Planet
  147. One of the World's Oldest and Largest Organisms Is Dying, and It's Mostly Our Fault
  148. Revealed: The secret of the poet's daffodil
  149. How did oaks repopulate Europe?
  150. The Tropical Fruit Tree Americans Forgot: The Pawpaw Tree
  151. "Frost flowers" develop near Mount Rogers
  152. Nation's botanical treasure troves 'under huge threat'
  153. Houseplant with added rabbit DNA could reduce air pollution, study shows
  154. Genetically modified 'shortcut' boosts plant growth by 40%
  155. Rare plant bizarrely brought back to life by driving five-tonne tractor over it
  156. See Dazzling Botanical Imagery Through the Ages
  157. The Diva Who Grew Her Own Exotic Kingdom
  158. Stunning 3-Minute Animation Beautifully Illustrates the Secret Life of Flowers
  159. NASA study on House plants for cleaner air
  160. Black Diamond Apples – The Rare, Dark Fruits You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
  161. European National Flowers
  162. A 2,624-Year-Old Tree Has Just Been Found Growing in a Swamp in America
  163. Plants don't think, they grow: The case against plant consciousness
  164. Plants defend against insects by inducing 'leaky gut syndrome'
  165. Meet the “Extinct Species” That Was Just Rediscovered After 200 Years
  166. Fire Blight Spreads Northward, Threatening Apple Orchards
  167. Secrets of '1,000-year-old trees' unlocked
  168. Scientists Engineer Gorgeous Glowing Plants That Shine Bright Their Entire Life Cycle
  169. Gardening
  170. Forests in the olden days
  171. 5-leaf-clover
  172. Why Do Leaves Have Such Different Shapes?
  173. Fall is the perfect time to put in pollinator-friendly plants, and help the environment
  174. Indole Butyric Acid for Rooting
  175. Botanist Discovers New Species of Potato Orchid in Madagascar
  176. European Tree of the Year 2021
  177. Do you like indoor plants?
  178. New Carnivorous Plant Discovered in North America – Balances Trapping Prey and Being Pollinated
  179. Huge New Study Estimates There Are 9,200 Tree Species on Earth Yet To Be Discovered
  180. US backs rare flower habitat amid Nevada lithium mine fight
  181. Is the world’s oldest tree growing in a ravine in Chile?
  182. 15 Lovely Types of Lilies for Your Garden
  183. This miracle plant was eaten into extinction 2,000 years ago—or was it?
  184. Groups to US: Protect Nevada Flower From Mine or Face Court