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  1. Loki you old devil, you never told me about South-African wine
  2. Carbonated Beverages
  3. Currently drinking ...
  4. Smoothies
  5. Mead brewing.
  6. Addicted to Coca-cola?
  7. The beer thread
  8. Caffeine: How do you have yours?
  9. Brewing Barley Beverages
  10. Do you drink poison?
  11. Your favourite drinks
  12. Orange Juice and Pulp
  13. Coca Cola: A Closer Look
  14. The Coffee Thread
  15. 100-year old Cognac available for purchase
  16. Red wine
  17. Winston Churchill Day: 11 Drinks Inspired by the Prime Minister
  18. Wormwood Tea Benefits
  19. My Favourite Food Thread and Beer
  20. Any fermenters out there?
  21. Do you drink alcohol?
  22. Why Do Bubbles in Guinness Sink?
  23. Which country makes the best wine?
  24. Green Tea?
  25. How many beers until your drunk?
  26. What are you drinking tonight for New Years??
  27. Post your favourite alcohol
  28. How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?
  29. Energy Drinks
  30. What Are the Benefits of Rosemary Tea?
  31. Malt Scotch Whisky
  32. Infographic: Most Consumed Alcoholic Beverage by Country
  33. Is Wine Bullshit?
  34. 2 August - World Beer Day! Enjoy!
  35. What is the difference between English and Irish tea?
  36. 350-Year-Old Recipe for Icy Chocolate Drink Found
  37. Does Wine Drinking Protect Against Depression?
  38. 30 Creative and Unusual Wine Label Designs
  39. Doo-Doo Delicacy: World's Priciest Coffee Put to Test
  40. Raise Your Glass: 10 Intoxicating Beer Facts
  41. LOL wtf milk??!?!?
  42. Why does cow milk taste so fucking good?
  43. Seeking a cure for the hangover? Scientists say, 'Sprite'
  44. Tea time in the Azores
  45. Post your favorite teas
  46. World faces global wine shortage - report
  47. What Alcoholic Drinks Do You Drink?
  48. The Winelands of the Azores
  49. The Wine drink
  50. How much alcohol are you able to consume before throwing up?
  51. Where the world’s biggest tea drinkers are
  52. The liquor map of the world
  53. Milk Drinking Still a Mystery
  54. Scots brewer BrewDog launches Putin beer
  55. Awesome Layered Drinks You've Never Heard Of
  56. Cyprus: Oldest Wine in the World
  57. How do you like your tea?
  58. Formula for the Perfect Pint
  59. Your favourite alcoholic beverage?
  60. 8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately
  61. Prehistoric tipples revealed: Ancient Eurasians drank wines brewed from pine resin and fruit beers
  62. What was the best wine in the Middle Ages?
  63. The Wake and Chill Drink Pot-infused coffee hits the market.
  64. 'Elixir of Long Life' Recreated From 1800s Bottle Unearthed on Bowery
  65. 33 Bizarre Wine Flavors..How many have you tried?
  66. Beer Steins
  67. Why does Stella have the nick name "wife beater" in Britain?
  68. Why You Always Wake Up Early After A Night Of Drinking
  69. People who put milk in their coffee, rather than half' n half
  70. Norwegian brewery pulls 'fart-smelling' beer
  71. Tasting a $500 bottle of wine
  72. Glass of wine with dinner helps you live longer
  73. Beer won’t make you smarter, but a compound found in hops might
  74. How Exactly is Your Mind Altered When Drunk?
  75. An Imported Soda That Comes With Buzz
  76. ‘More Wine, Your Grace?' // Game Of Thrones’ Drinking Supercut
  77. Should women drink?
  78. Your Beer Attracts Fruit Flies on Purpose
  79. Take the quiz: How well do you know the world's beers?
  80. We Tried This Whiskey-Enhancing Stick of Wood So You Don't Have To
  81. "Truth" Steampunk Coffee Bar, Cape Town, South Africa
  82. Lay Off the Artisanal Ice, You Ignorant Hipsters
  83. What is your favourite cocktail?
  84. This winter’s new miracle drink is bone broth
  85. Too Lazy to Exercise? Nestlé 'Exercise in a Bottle' May be Right for You
  86. Human ancestors developed a taste for alcohol 10 million years ago
  87. A Jamaican Task Force Is Cracking Down on Counterfeit Coffee
  88. The Magic of Beer and Magnets
  89. Chartreuse liqueur made with 130 herbs, plants and flowers by Carthusian Monks in France since 1737
  90. Anyone for ant tea? Hangover remedies from around the world
  91. Brewery apology over Gandhi beer can
  92. Funny beer label
  93. Beer Is Making You A Girly Man
  94. Mayan Hot Chocolate
  95. In France, Pesticides Get in Way of Natural Wines
  96. The US Forest Service's Cocktail Construction Chart 
  97. Cheesy, metallic, sweet: 170-year-old champagne is clue to winemaking’s past
  98. HOW TO make a cocktail that looks like outer space
  99. Top Tip: Red Wine
  100. Will Coffee Cure You or Kill You?
  101. Gin and Tonic Tastes Better with Ants
  102. 15 of the Coolest Themed Bars in America
  103. Who invented Vodka?
  104. The World’s Most Expensive Whiskeys
  105. What Happens When you put a Mouse in Mountain Dew for 30 Days?
  106. Truth about fizzy drinks... THIS is what happens to your body ONE HOUR after drinking Coke
  107. Drunk History: The Rise, Fall, and Revival of All-American Whiskey
  108. Vodka nutella
  109. 10 Most Expensive Vodka Brands
  110. Maps: Drunk Twitter tells us what Europeans drink
  111. How much alcohol do you drink during the week?
  112. Who likes drinking rum?
  113. Oldest Beer Brewed from Shipwreck's 220-Year-Old Yeast Microbes
  114. Mortimers on a Austrian/German drinking custome
  115. Craziest Cocktails in the World
  116. Wines
  117. For Sale: Legendary Pre-Ban Absinthe Bottles of the Belle Epoque
  118. There’s a reason some drinks give you worse hangovers than others
  119. Bottled in 350 AD, this is the worlds oldest bottle of wine
  120. Most consumed alcoholic drink in Europe
  121. Do you like absinthe?
  122. Jack and cobra anyone? Whiskey & vodka infused with tarantulas, giant centipedes, snakes & toads
  123. Arnold of Soissons: the patron saint of beer
  124. World’s Oldest Unopened Bottle of Wine Remains Sealed Since the 4th Century
  125. How Wildfire Smoke Affects the Flavor of Wine
  126. Coffee: In the 16th century, not providing your wife with enough coffee was grounds for divorce
  127. What is your favourite soft drink
  128. Cognac or Whisk(e)y?
  129. Tea in Russia
  130. Poll: Have you ever experienced being drunk before?
  131. World’s Oldest Unopened Bottle of Wine Remains Sealed Since the 4th Century
  132. "Gunfire" - A British Army Cocktail
  133. Do you prefer regular or diet soda?
  134. Last of 'King of Pinot Noir's' wine cellar sells for €30 million
  135. What’s the difference between “Liquor” and “Liqueur”?
  136. Which Wine Glass for Which Wine?
  137. Beer or Soda, which do you prefer? |Poll|
  138. How the Desire to Get Drunk Pushed Humanity Forward
  139. Do You Like Ice In Your Drink?
  140. A Traditional Nordic Cup of Coffee
  141. Bhang Lassi (Indian cannabis smoothie)
  142. Hoegaarden vs Guinness? Which beer do you prefer?
  143. Beer statistics of Europe
  144. Raki in your country
  145. Milk, coffee, and alcohol consumption worldwide
  146. Which Milk do you prefer?
  147. The Bubble Tea Craze Across Europe And The US
  148. What is your favourite energy drink?
  149. Understanding Whisk(e)y
  150. Colonial Army Rations: Beer Every Day! - Spruce Beer In Early America
  151. The wine thread / El hilo del vino
  152. Where do you get your drinking water from in your respective countries?
  153. What are your favorite alcoholic drinks?
  154. Understanding a Wine Glass
  155. Do you drink what your ancestors drank? (No inaccurate assumptions plz...)
  156. For some reason I want to buy a bottle of Whiskey
  157. Colonial Army Rations: Beer Every Day! - Spruce Beer In Early America
  158. Early American Ginger Beer - 18th Century Cooking
  159. Early American Whiskey
  160. Sober Sailors - Rum Rations In The Navy: Grog
  161. The Potential Toxins In Whiskey
  162. 18th Century Beer Brewery Walkthrough
  163. The Great Wine Blight
  164. How Limoncello Is Made Using Huge Amalfi Coast Lemons
  165. How Portuguese Port Wine Is Made In The Douro Valley
  166. Why Single Malt Whisky Is So Expensive
  167. How Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is made
  168. What coffee beverages do you like?
  169. Question about Home Winemaking
  170. About the coffee
  171. I learned something very interesting
  172. Which do you prefer: apple juice, orange juice or pineapple juice?