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  1. Italian party to pay for babies named after Mussolini
  2. Names and the way they shape us
  3. What does your name mean?
  4. Is the origin of your first name...
  5. Proper names: to write them as they are or to transcribe them?
  6. Baby names
  7. Origins of ''Theodora'' name
  8. Germanic names in Catalan
  9. Most common person names in your country?
  10. names in the bible
  11. Surname prefixes and suffixes by ethnicity.
  12. Name translations
  13. Do you have a Semitic/Biblical name?
  14. Curious ancestral forenames.
  15. Bitchy personal names
  16. Most popular names in your country?
  17. Naming children of ~mixed~ ethnic background
  18. Names for a new arrival to the English nation.
  19. Ethnonyms as given names
  20. What ethnicity is the surname Jakielo?
  21. Your Latin name
  22. Nordic names meanings
  23. Non-Semitic names in general European culture
  24. What is the origin of your name?
  25. Baby Names - WTF
  26. Baby names
  27. Ayda, Ayla,Aylin,Arda and Azra
  28. what kind of names sound teh best?
  29. rare and old names in your ethnicity
  30. Common Anglicized Portuguese surnames.
  31. Where does this last name originate?
  32. Where does this last name originate?
  33. Origin of this surname, someone please help!
  34. Do you consider these unisex names male or female?
  35. What do you think about Slavic names?
  36. What do you think about romance names?
  37. What is the ethnicity of this last name?
  38. Who, What, Why: Why do some countries regulate baby names?
  39. What's the strangest surname/last name you've come across?
  40. Most common surnames in Europe
  41. Origin of these surnames?
  42. Funniest surnames you have heard.
  43. Surnames beginning in "Mc" and "Mac"... Irish or Scottish?
  44. What is the origin of this surname?
  45. To what languages these names sound to you?
  46. most popular surnames
  47. What is your first names origin?
  48. most interesting names in your country
  49. Greek and Baltic last names sound similar
  50. Croatian surnames Romulić and Romić are of ancient origins
  51. I should have given my children my surname
  52. What origin is that surname
  53. Linguistic origin of surnames in your family!
  54. Italian last name database
  55. Name to the kids?
  56. The 100 most Common Surnames in the Dominican Republic
  57. Surname Question
  58. Origin/Meaning of this surname?
  59. 'Kim-Jong Sexy Beast': world's longest name?
  60. The Origins & Meanings of English Surnames/Top 100 Surnames/Tracing Your Ancestry Through Archives
  61. ♂ ♀ The Most Popular Names For English Males & Females in 1911 and in 2012 ♂ ♀
  62. Viking Nicknames
  63. Most common names in Chile. Do you like them?
  64. Most popular Brazilian names
  65. wich surnames are considered jews in your country?:0
  66. How common/rare is your surname?
  67. Surnames where the prefix and suffix do not match.
  68. Meaning of this Lombard name?
  69. How common is this surname amongst Levantine Arabs?
  70. 11 Unfortunate Name Marriages
  71. It is my Godly Right to name my son Spyridon
  73. Old Norse Boy Names – Alphabetical List and Meanings
  74. Kish
  75. Most common surnames in Europe
  76. Maria or Marie as a male name
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  78. Ladies with floral names
  79. What is your name?
  80. Double-barrelled Name
  81. Slavic names
  82. Is Joseph a strictly jewish name? (Not surname)
  83. Many Americans cant prounounce correctly German surnames
  84. Anglo names are really beautiful
  85. Does the name Beyoncé exist in France?
  86. Sofia is now the most popular girls’ name in EIGHT different countries
  87. Q for American users: do you still have your original family name?
  88. Would you name your baby Wolf nine?
  89. Are some BALTIC names used/popular in your country?
  90. Goodbye Fido, Hello Finn: The Most Popular Dog Names of 2017
  91. Maps of the distribution of family names
  92. Nicknames of Monarchs
  93. What does your name(s) mean?
  94. What are some funny names?
  95. Surname Hayek in Germany?
  96. Your stories about choosing names for children
  97. Václav (Wenzel, Wenceslaus, etc.) around the world
  98. How many middle names do you have?
  99. Q for American users: Do you know the original (real) pronunciation of your lastname?
  100. Which parent's surname should bastard children receive?
  101. what are some last names that always make u laugh?
  102. italian surname in danielle bregoli (cash me ousside/bhad bhabie) family tree
  103. Is Morad an Arab name?
  104. Why does my family spell it Ullrich?
  105. Where does the Turkish name 'Levent' come from?
  106. Is the name Adam used in Israel?
  107. How Shall I Call You? A Furrowing History of How to Address Women
  108. Does anyone know anything about this last name?
  109. Looking for information about last name
  110. Do you think these names sound Alsatian or not, in your opinion?
  111. Meaning of Greek Surname
  112. Typical White, Black, Yellow, Brown American surnames. (2000 Census Bureau analysis)
  113. The Most Common Names in The World
  114. Holowka (surname)
  115. The surname "Slansky", where does it come from and..
  116. What Names Are You Drawn To?
  117. What is the story behind your username
  118. Names that you dislike?
  119. Girl names you like
  120. Boy Names You Like
  121. Names as social indicators
  122. Why english names are the most retarded in the whole IE world? It is unbearable...
  123. Attila as a common name in Hungary and Turkey
  124. Where does the surname Arriaga come from?