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  1. Two children should be limit, says green guru
  2. Outsourcing birth to India.
  3. Extreme Motherhood (No, not Nadya Suleman)
  4. Indigo Children - Fact, Myth, Propaganda or Misunderstood Truth?
  5. Death of the traditional family
  6. Is corporal punishment an acceptable means of disciplining children?
  7. Children tracked by sat nav to stop bad behaviour
  8. what makes a child become a black sheep of the family?
  9. On This Mother's Day...
  10. Middle Class Children Are More Clever.
  11. Getting children when?
  12. How long should you be together before starting a family.
  13. The Childbirth Thread
  14. What do you think of women who Don't want Children..?
  15. Ethical problems surrounding designer children
  16. What should married women call themselves?
  17. When Should a Woman Have Children?
  18. Children Who Get Spanked Have Lower IQs
  19. Working mums have the unhealthiest children, research finds
  20. What kind of family do you have.
  21. "Shouting Is the New Spanking"
  22. Europeans too selfish to have children
  23. Stay Together For The Kids
  24. Children reaching age 3 without being able to say a word, survey finds
  25. Smacked children more successful later in life, study finds
  26. The government has your baby's DNA
  27. Home Birthing
  28. We're happiest at 74
  29. Educating Babies & Young Children
  30. Having children is good for you: But stop at two... any more could be fatal!
  31. Age at marriage
  32. Bilingual children
  33. Mothers 'in charge of baby names'
  34. Too Many Children?
  35. How many children do you want?
  36. Family dynamics
  37. Examples of bad parenting
  38. Lesbian mothers: My two mums
  39. Your inlaws
  40. What would you do/react if a family member was raped?
  41. Early C-Sections to avoid weight???
  42. Should parents allow their kids to drink once before sending them off to college?
  43. Why have children?
  44. Domination, submission and equality...
  45. Children & video games
  46. Would you marry/have kids with someone considerably shorter than you?
  47. would you have children with someone of another race?
  48. UK: Children could be removed from their Family for beeing fat
  49. 1 sperm donor; 150 children
  50. Ladies. Are you above bearing your own children anymore?
  51. Test-tube babies & sperm donation
  52. Europe to destroy traditional family and sexual identity
  53. What age should European women have children?
  54. Sports and child development
  55. Modern day children's issues
  56. Family values
  57. Breastfeeding - for women
  58. Sex-changing treatment for kids: It's on the rise
  59. Busy parents are 'relying on schools to teach their children morals'
  60. Adopted Children More Likely to Abuse Drugs if Biological Parent Did
  61. How would the NAZIS have viewed feminine problems?
  62. Should polygamy be legal?
  63. Your family's progress up or down the social ladder.
  64. Which traits or characteristics would you want/not want to pass on to your children
  65. Why do we allow our children to be so disrespectful to their elders?
  66. Many Babies Healthier in Homes With Dogs
  67. Girls, would you consider having a home birth?
  68. surrogacy and AI
  69. What makes a good parent?
  70. Is the Traditional Family Dead?
  71. The planned destruction of the family
  72. Should a father have just as much say in abortion as a mother?
  73. Whats your attidute towards sperm donation
  74. how multi-ethnic is your family
  75. How many children do you want?
  76. Women, would you want your partner to watch you giving birth?
  77. The babies who nap in sub-zero temperatures
  78. Relationship with Parents..
  79. Should porn actress be banned from having kids?
  80. Looking for a surrogate mother
  81. Should children have best friends?
  82. MUST SEE THIS VIDEO!!!!! Labor Pain Simulation (on two men) as their wives sit nearby Read more at h
  83. would you have a mixed race baby?
  84. do you support gay couples raising children?
  85. World's biggest sperm bank refuses red haired people.
  86. Amazing Facts About Twins
  87. No Airbrushing Allowed: This Is What a Mother’s Body Really Looks Like
  88. [POLL] How many siblings do you have?
  89. how would your family react if you had a mixed race child (mullato, euroasian, mestizo etc.)
  90. Adoption of AIDS/HIV Children
  91. Is 25 the new cut-off point for adulthood?
  92. Adoption
  93. Would you have a geneticaly modified child?
  94. 20 things you should know about children
  95. Is Your Child's Halloween Costume Sending the Wrong Message?
  96. Would you like children?
  97. Stuttering kids do just fine
  98. First-borns are smarter?
  99. Best place to be a woman?
  100. 'Kids React To Gay Marriage' In New Video From The Fine Brothers
  101. Ending up alone?
  102. Faithful mothers have healthier babies
  103. Breastfeeding mothers offered £200 in shop vouchers
  104. Just born twin babies
  105. This is why there's no hope for this civilisation...
  106. Attachment parenting: Peaches Geldof vs Katie Hopkins
  107. I wasted £30,000 trying to have a baby I didn't want
  108. How '50 Shades' is reshaping the world. Sort of...
  109. abortion and male rights
  110. Best gift for Christmas for your child?
  111. Hunter-gatherer ancestors raised happier, more compassionate kids
  112. 'Memories' pass between generations
  113. Father sentenced to 6 months in jail for paying too much child support
  114. MTV Is Not Birth Control
  115. Would you have sexual intercourse with Andamanese women?
  116. Children Learn What They Live
  117. Word Decoding and Phonics
  118. How do you properly raise your teenage daughter?
  119. 9 Reasons Not Having Kids Is the Best Decision I Ever Made
  120. Deadbeat parents
  121. Why do some people over-value marriage?
  122. Your dad might not be your dad, your kid might not be your kid
  123. How old was your dad when he had you?
  124. Warning extreme Material: Birth in Nature, Women accomplishes birth her self without doctors
  125. THIS is Dad of the Year
  126. Male Broodiness
  127. This song made me think...
  128. Spanking your child
  129. The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute
  130. Children born to older fathers are more likely to be ugly
  131. Want to make your toddler happy? Take them SHOPPING
  132. Feminist Fallout: A Roll Call of Regrets by Gavin McInnes April 18, 2014 Please share this articl
  133. This fascinating map shows the most popular boys' names around the world
  134. Tips for the domestically challenged
  135. Big Sisters Are More Ambitious and Do Better
  136. 'Gender disappointment'
  137. Family Portraits With 4 Or More Generations In 1 Photograph
  138. The stay-at-home dad who says he lost his dignity – and his children’s respect
  139. A last wish of a father
  140. Spanking the gray matter out of our kids
  141. Ladies: Natural birth or caesarian section?
  142. MUST SEE!! Daughter makes rude remarks on facebook about her family. Then dad decides to fire back.
  143. Pornstar mums = worst mothers
  144. Would you rather have a gay son or a daughter pregnant with a mulatto child?
  145. Children see,children do.
  146. Parenting as a Gen Xer: We’re the first generation of parents in the age of iEverything
  147. Why French Parents Are Superior
  148. Stop children taking over our museums and galleries
  149. How American parenting is killing the American marriage
  150. Gay son or Pornstar daughter?
  151. My position on abortion on crippled fetuses
  152. Should I be concerned about my brother's promiscuity? Should I tell my mother?
  153. Do older parents have healthier children?
  154. World’s Top 5 Worst Parents
  155. What would you disown your children for?
  156. Share a story of family disowning other family if you have one
  157. How many abortions is too many?
  158. Cuckold Kingdom - Ban of Paternity Tests
  159. Corporal punishment of children - a greater threat to society than thought?
  160. Expectant fathers experience prenatal hormone changes
  161. Should a braindead woman be kept alive until her baby is born?
  162. Is marriage better for men than for women?
  163. Having a son or daughter, which is worse?
  164. Westerners don't have family values
  165. Which of these 2 scenarios is better off?
  166. Breastfeeding 'linked to higher IQ'
  167. The True Chaos Of Being A Parent
  168. Funny family portraits, gift caricatures -50% off
  169. Family with 12 sons finds out soon about No. 13
  170. The Overprotected Kid
  171. Giving back adopted kids: ‘Take back this child’
  172. Children's Bedrooms Are More Different Than You Think Around The World
  173. Are you close to your family members? POLL
  174. 27 Parents Share The Most Inappropriate Thing Their Kids Ever Did
  175. In which countries do your relatives live?
  176. Do you tell your dad you love him enough?
  177. How long would you take this?
  178. How Strict Were/Are Your Parents?
  179. Do you support patriarchy?
  180. Where are your very paternal and very maternal ancestries from?
  181. Mommy blogger's hilarious photos of everyday 'parent problems'
  182. "Pride" for Children - is that legitimate?
  183. Adoption - for or against?
  184. Kids are overrated
  185. Adopting Children from Moldavia - Doubts
  186. Beauty Pageants - Toddlers & Tiaras
  187. Apricity Members - How Many Children Do You Have?
  188. Mother's or Father's side ?
  189. Watch This Baby Who Knows Her Own Mind!
  190. Traditional Family Statues Promoting How Families Should Be Like in Russia
  191. Inside the Growing Movement of Women Who Wish They'd Never Had Kids
  192. Is it right to train babies to sleep?
  193. Spoiled Brats
  194. Kids raised by LGBT oppose gay marriage
  195. Christmas with a Baby
  196. Having children DOESN'T make you happy
  197. Britain's Gypsy Kids: What It's Like Growing Up As A Traveller Where Childhood Is Short
  198. Childlessness is growing in Europe
  199. Should parents smoking pot lose custody of their children?
  200. Twins in the family?
  201. Legal child abuse in the USA - VICE HBO documentary
  202. What makes good parents?
  203. Should gay couples be allowed to adopt or raise children?
  204. Why kids today are out of shape, disrespectful – and in charge
  205. Would you be ok with me adopting a White orphan?
  206. Would you rather have alot of children and not be able to take care of them or no children?
  207. 9 Things You Should Never Forbid Children from Doing
  208. 10 Psychological Problems Caused by Parenting Behavior
  209. Houhouhouhoulis need help!
  210. Kyrgyz President's daughter breastfeeding in public
  211. 99% sure I was raped by a random black stranger at a party (serious replies only please)
  212. Should abortion be banned and punished by right regardless the circumstances?
  213. As a child, were you more likely to bully, or to be bullied in school?
  214. If you leave your kids alone, it’s not predatory strangers who are a risk
  215. Beating your children as a parent?
  216. Is this why French children are better behaved than British? Author shares the four rules all Gallic
  217. How To Stop Domestic Abuse
  218. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Raised Their Kids Tech-Free
  219. European women want Nordic Sperm
  220. Parents reveal why they secretly HATE their own children in shocking confessions
  221. 10 highly intelligent questions to ask your relatives this Thanksgiving… (or not)
  222. One in five women are childless at 45 and they are having fewer offspring than ever, new data reveal
  223. Baby, you changed my life!
  224. How Many Sisters Or/And Brothers Do You Have?
  225. What do you think about "interracial adoption"?
  226. Is anyone of you child of divorced parents?
  227. Happy Mother's Day! ❀¸.•*¨♥✿ 🎶
  228. Should feminists be banned from breeding for the sake of protecting children from extremists?
  229. An Exhausted woman's 'beautiful summary of motherhood'
  230. Would you allow your daughter to take contraception?
  231. Low Birthrate in Europe
  232. Have you seen my childhood?
  233. Cryptocurrency Meltdown
  234. Can a child be created with no orgasm or pleasure?
  235. 10 Cute Lessons That We Should All Consider Teaching Our Children
  236. Adopting orphans
  237. Best advice your parents gave you?
  238. Which is more inappropriate/worse for children to be exposed to in movies/TV - sex or violence?
  239. Should I have a third kid
  240. Origins of Father's Day :-)
  241. Masturbation and raising a Nazi boys
  242. What should you do, if you extremely want to become a parent, but don't see opportunities here?
  243. Does your child cradle their dolls on the left? That's a sign of a strong mind, study suggests
  244. Smartphone orphans: It’s not children who need less screen time – it’s their mums and dads
  245. Do you want to be a single parent?
  246. Do you think it is moral for one man to have many concubines if he supports them financially?
  247. Parents reveal the POSHEST baby names they've overheard at playgroup
  248. 20 Reasons I Did Not Circumcise My Son
  249. What was it like after having kids?
  250. Realtionship to parents