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  1. Gardening boosts men's sex lives, claims study
  2. Homosexuality
  3. Are you circumcised, yes or no, and are you for, or against it as a cultural norm?
  4. It's All About Position!
  5. Sexual Abuse Is Against Men Too
  6. Premarital Sex
  7. The day I decided to stop being gay
  8. Are you a Homosexual? - Yes, No, Don't Know?
  9. The Penis Size Thread
  10. Sexual lifestyles?
  11. Selfish lovers better in bed, study claims
  12. Late Blooming Lesbians
  13. You Are Sexually Attracted to Your Parents, and Yourself
  14. Medical Student Sexuality
  15. Like casual sex? Then so does your mom, says study
  16. People with Very High Sex Drives
  17. Inferior race fetish
  18. What's your favorite sexual perversion?
  19. Ethnic Penis Sizes
  20. What is the difference between Gays and Homosexuals?
  21. Internet pornography destroying men’s ability to perform with real women, finds study
  22. Why guys like lesbian visual stimuli?
  23. Asexuality
  24. Girls, would you like your man to sleep with other girls?
  25. Your MBTI & your Sexual orientation
  26. The Top Five Regrets of the Dying
  27. Your experiences of the 'gay' scene.
  28. MILF Appreciation Thread.
  29. Cougar Appreciation Thread
  30. How do people react to homosexuality?
  31. Are you a Virgin?
  32. For men dating women, is virginity important to you?
  33. Sexual behaviour
  34. Do you find overt displays of heterosexuality distasteful?
  35. Homosexuality is a Choice According to Science
  36. Girls and women how important is sex for you in a relationship?
  37. Why is sex so overhyped?
  38. Heterosexuals who are pro-homosexuality
  39. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
  40. Sex in the Middle Ages: 10 Tittilating Facts
  41. The codpiece
  42. Gelding - when men desire to lose their balls
  43. Sex and the Victorians and Puritans
  44. 7 Important Historical Breakthroughs (in masturbation)
  45. Sexual urban legends that are true!
  46. Do homos find trannies attractive?
  47. Are homosexuals superior?
  48. Japanese Sexless society shows what will happen in the west one day thanks to feminism
  49. Prostitution thread
  50. Sexual deterrants and contraceptives of old
  51. Is sexual orientation fluid? Or fixed?
  52. Which penis looks better?
  53. Global Internet Porn Habits
  54. Does pornography affect peoples sexuality?
  55. Question for teh Men: Milf or 18~20 year old ?
  56. Porn Addiction Is Not Sex Addiction--And Why It Matters
  57. What is your attitude towards homosexuals?
  58. ndian court rules that any couple who have sex are legally married
  59. What's your sexual orientation?
  60. Antisexualism
  61. Should lesbians be allowed to use dildos?
  62. Why do women turn Bisexual and Lesbian easily?
  63. question to gays
  64. Have you ever had an STD?
  65. Gay Pakistan: Where sex is available and relationships are difficult
  66. Lesbians React to Lesbian Porn!
  67. Hope for Homosexuals . com
  68. Why are there more transwomen than transmen?
  69. Transsexual chooses euthanasia after failed operation
  70. 10 Strange Sex Facts From Around The World
  71. The Sexuality sub-section is viewable by the public......
  72. When Prostitution Wasn't a Crime: The Fascinating History of Sex Work in America
  73. A Brief History of Sex Ed: How We Reached Today’s Madness
  74. Easiness of Girls By Country.
  75. Porn stars speak out about the reality of the porn industry
  76. Question to heterosexuals: how would you react if youur gf or bf turned out bisexual?
  77. Female porn stars have higher self-esteem and better quality of life than other women
  78. Japan- Young people dont have sex anymore
  79. Gallup poll: Negroids the most gay, Whites the less.
  80. Our Vulvas, Ourselves
  82. Doctors call for end to state-funded 'designer vaginas' after huge rise in procedures
  83. Do lesbian girls like straight guys?
  84. how would you react if your child was homo?
  85. Heterophobia does it exist?
  86. Addressing Your Questions # 1 – About Escorts, Prostitutes, & Courtesans
  87. ladyboys
  88. Manhattan dominatrix with an MBA reveals the secrets of her dungeon
  89. The Gay Experimental State Of Your Straight State
  90. Teen addiction to pornography a growing problem
  91. Anyone against Transgender (sex change )?
  92. Straight people: Have you EVER been physically attracted to someone of your same sex?
  93. Homosexual Marriage Debate Thread
  94. The Strange Facial Expressions of Japanese Porn Actresses
  95. Question for the Ladies and Homo's(no homo)
  96. Incest: How common do you think it is?
  97. Is homosexuality a non-issue for homophobes due to homosexual couple's inability to reproduce?
  98. Women Are Pervs, Too (video)
  99. Drag Queens! DRAG QUEENS EVERYWHERE!!!!
  100. Anti-Gay Countries Love Gay Porn
  101. War, Sex, and the Kama Sutra
  102. 70 percent of teens with ‘gay’ attraction later say they are exclusively heterosexual: study
  103. The Homosexual couple thread
  104. Would you let your man wear a silky bra? Japanese firm bring out frilly floral lingerie for MEN
  105. Gay Weddings At Grammys?
  106. Homophobes who likes lesbians
  107. LGBT: Gay community fighting to keep adoption rights – Portugal
  108. Sochi mayor: There are no gays here
  109. Internet Porn Addiction: Exposing Misconceptions
  110. Gay EU Parliament member promotes pedophilia
  111. Pedophile & LGBT-Alliance in Germany
  112. Is there something homoerotic about regularly looking at idealized phenotypes of your sex?
  113. Would you fuck Stears for 50 million dollars?
  114. Live and let love, LGBT action to support the russian community
  115. This is why I'll never feel sympathy for faggots....[NFSW]
  116. Gay politician supports pedophilia
  117. Famous LGBT-activists for pedophilia
  118. JAPORN: Porn that makes girls wet.
  119. How I was trafficked into sex slavery
  120. I'm 78, he's 39 but the age gap doesn't affect things in the bedroom!
  121. What is your opinion on Homosexuals?
  122. Bestiality(Homosexuality) -> "As long as it's consenting" (?)
  123. Gay marriage and incest
  124. Western Oragnisation, Amnesty International says Prostitution a Human Right
  125. Bareback Gay Porn Star Mike Dozer Arrested On Charges Of Sexually Assaulting 14-Year-Old Boy
  126. Are you homophobic in any way? (poll)
  127. Intoxicated Sexual Assault Victims Are as Guilty as Their Attackers
  128. How sex changed the modern world-documentary
  129. The science of Lust-documentary.
  130. Sex in the ancient world
  131. Facebook Adds Custom Gender Options for Transgender Members
  132. Ellen Page comes out as gay at Las Vegas conference for LGBT teens
  133. The evolutionary puzzle of homosexuality
  134. Homosexual kindergartener - What do you think about it?
  135. Is sex in cinema getting too real?
  136. Women of TA, run from the pill!
  137. When porn stars become escorts: Lucrative new trend could also be risky
  138. Do you guys care about a girl's sexual past?
  139. No Saudi gays allowed? 'US violates its own principles to please monarchy'
  140. Are you a total slag?
  141. Am I gay when I want to cuddle with boys ?
  142. Why Do Gay Couples Usually Have A More Masculine And More Feminine Looking Partner?
  143. Why and how are people Homosexual
  144. The Scientific Evidence about Homosexuality: The Hoax of a Gay Gene
  145. Where are you in the Kinsey scale?
  146. What is the minimum age for sex consent of younger person if older one is 20+?
  147. Being gay on the Balkans may be dangerous!
  148. Neither male nor female – a great victory for Norrie
  149. Lighter guys more tendency towards gayness?
  150. Thigh Gap?
  151. The 1936 psychiatric test to tell how gay you are
  152. Children of same-sex couples score higher on health and wellbeing
  153. Are kids of LGBT couples more wanted by the parents?
  154. Do you think this guy is gay or straight, from this description?
  155. Why do gay men have more STDs than straight men?
  156. Goddamn f*cking sh*t!!!
  157. Smoking increases chances of child being gay in adulthood
  158. Sex Mechanics, "Stupid Blonde", Evolution, etc.
  159. Alfred Kinsey. father of the sexual revolution. hero of gay liberation. pedophile.
  160. Should anal sex be illegal?
  161. Sexualization of Children Pervasive in Western Society?
  162. Sex in the Middle Ages
  163. The metrosexual is dead. Long live the 'spornosexual'
  164. Are you promiscuous?
  165. Planned Parenthood Staffer Tells 15-Year-Old to be a Dominatrix, Have BDSM Sex
  166. How come women aren't scared of lesbianism in the way that lots of men are scared of homosexuality?
  167. Female Condoms: would you use one?
  168. British girl blows 24 Spanish men for a free drink
  169. When you visit Thailand
  170. How to prove you are not gay lol
  171. Why japanese girls are crying when get laid?
  172. Australian Olympic swimming hero comes out as Gay
  173. Like this
  174. Choose your ideal woman body type in this experiment.
  175. Just how obsessed are you with sex....
  176. Pin-up girls from years gone by
  177. The Myth of Male Power
  178. Girls like latex dress? latex leggings?
  179. Do you buy women (sex)?
  180. Girls and gays, do you like circumsized or not?
  181. Montreal prostitutes from the 1940s
  182. Most homophobes are secretly gay themselves according to research
  183. interracial sex still taboo in porn industry
  184. Homosexuality - Choice or Biological?
  185. Have you ever been paid for sexual services?
  186. The View From a Playboy Centerfold: Then and Now
  187. Why are women more accepting of homosexuality compared to men?
  188. Are your sexual fantasies normal?
  189. Is gay marriage legal in your country?
  190. Being Gay is Unnatural - Is it true?
  191. Woman explains why she hates big dicks
  192. The Ultimate Guide To Being A Woman
  193. To The Gays - Are you a top or a bottom?
  194. Guys who moan
  195. Aphrodisiac food
  196. These People are Actually Women
  197. Can gays become straight?
  198. Can straights become gay?
  199. When a producer launched a women-only TV company: Catfights over handbags and tears in the toilets.
  200. Can you see what's wrong with the guy on the right?
  201. Homosexual men and straight women have the same preferences.
  202. Did homosexuality evolve to help humans bond?
  203. Balloons Turn Me On and I Don't Think There's Anything Wrong with That
  204. WTF??? Minnesota Plans To Eliminate Gender Distinctions For High School Sports
  205. The horrific practice of 'dry sex' African and Indonesian women 'dry' their vaginas with sand
  206. Who is gayer? Stefan Dusan or Longbowman?
  207. Did homosexuality kill off the Dinosaurs?
  208. Ladies: What underwear type do you prefer on men?
  209. Poll: Spanking?
  210. Yes, Mistress - Dominatrices, Dungeons and Maids
  211. Are you homosexual?
  212. West Asian (European) Sexuality- A Contemporary and Historical Survey
  213. Study: women are not sexually attracted to men
  214. When Gay is Normal
  215. Sex and the Industrial Revolution
  216. The Top 10 Greatest Transgender Models
  217. Are you sexually attracted to...
  218. Secrets of men who dress up as rubber dolls revealed in new documentary
  219. Are you still a Virgin if you masturbate?
  220. Missouri Pig Brothel Dismantled During FBI Raid
  221. Ban porn
  222. Is a married man who watches porn cheating on his wife?
  223. Sex with the woman on top is the most dangerous position for men, say scientists
  224. broad shoulders are 80 % more attractive than big phallus and height.
  225. Straight women: How would you respond if a lesbian told you you were attractive?
  226. Why does the battle for gay rights stop at the borders of Islam?
  227. Western Obsession with Gay Marriage
  228. The homosexuality versus lesbianism double standard
  229. Is Kristen Stewart a lesbian?
  230. Where do you fall on the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid?
  231. Sexuality
  232. Jews, Muslims & Christians unite for rally against gay marriage
  233. world's first THREE-WAY fags marriage
  234. What female sexual behaviour do you dislike more?
  235. Homosexuality is genetic?
  236. The 'sex selfie stick' lets you FaceTime the inside of a vagina
  237. LGBT cause low Euro birthrates
  238. the truth about homosexuality disguised as comedy
  239. British Man saw his Wife have Sex with over 2000 Men
  240. How much do you weigh at your fittest?
  241. is homosexuality biological or a life style choice
  242. Female Incel
  243. Russia moves to stop same-sex spouses receiving UN staff benefits
  244. Why men can't wear makeup
  245. standup routine accurately describes homosexuals, liberals flip out
  246. Black on White rape as Revolutionary Violence
  247. Man had sex with a horse needs help
  248. How Feminine Are You?
  249. Rape is a Natural Product of Evolution
  250. Cuckolds and beta providers