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  6. Sardinia: Militarization, Contamination and Cancer in Paradise
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  16. Sardinia: the first in the production of a compressed air car. It will sell from autumn 2014.
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  28. Why Sardinian flag has 4 Africans?
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  30. Ebola: Sardinian nurse cured of disease, leaves hospital
  31. Italy arrests Pakistani man wanted for 2009 Peshawar terrorist attack
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  38. L'indipendenza della Sardegna nella storia
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  41. Sardinian separatist leader dies after two-month-long hunger strike in jail
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  43. Holidaymakers are being fined thousands of euros for taking souvenirs of sand from Sardinian beaches
  44. Ŕ questa la comicitÓ sarda? ..ahah
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  46. Classify theese Sardinians used in my Sardinian Morph
  47. Capo Carbonara, is the Driest place of Sardinia (and Italy)
  48. sardinians and corsicans dont look alike
  49. A Day in the Life of Mrs. Grim Reaper
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  51. Cognome Gaya / Gaya surname
  52. Goodbye Franco!
  53. Canis gherradoris