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  1. Geopolitics and the Conservative Revolution: Interview with Robert Steuckers
  2. The Most Complex International Borders in the World
  3. Eurasian countries by population
  4. Europe and Asia
  5. Central Asia
  6. Top 15 most populous countries by 2050 and 2100
  7. World colour map
  8. Rank the Top 10 Most Powerful Countries
  9. Top 20 Great Powers
  10. Egypt is Middle East or North Africa for you ?
  11. What do you think of the demographic growth by country from 2000 till 2500?
  12. Top 10 countries that will not survive WWIII
  13. Countries that can compete with the West
  14. french cartoon from 80s predicts geopolitical future of planet
  15. Barcelona Vs Milan (the cities not the squads)
  16. Central Asia category?
  17. Middle East vs East Europe
  18. Folks, prepare your Belts the World by 2050 will testify a migration without any precedents!
  19. Why I suspect the Russian ambassador assassination
  20. Azerbadjan
  21. Turkmenistan President 'we are same nation as Turkey,
  22. Chechen Wars
  23. Proof. Germany tried to overthrow Erdogan
  24. Kazakh president says We are only Turkic and nothing else
  25. PAINT: World edition
  26. The world without Arab and Turkish incursions
  27. Croatians & Albanians - GeoPolitical Allies & Friends
  28. Turkey - Erdogan destroyed Ataturk's Republic & Democracy?
  29. Russians and Nato
  30. South Europe vs East Europe
  31. Futur state
  32. Comparison between Italy and New Zealand (and Japan)
  33. Learn more about a random country
  34. Amazigh people
  35. your top score City to live on teleport cities
  36. Normandy group stripped Mikheil Saakashvili of Ukrainian citizenship
  37. Trump pardons London for collecting damaging information on him?
  38. Is Merkel going to win the federal elections owing to Poroshenko?
  39. Russia's Sacred Mission: To Defeat Usury and the Anglo-Jewish corrupt order
  40. India-China military standoff at Doklam. Things heating up
  42. Kim more like Hitler than Stalin
  43. The real map of Spain
  44. China imposes import bans on North Korean iron, coal and seafood
  45. Why the Russians helped the Ottomans.
  46. Could a mediterranean alliance be a solution to "MerkelReich"?
  47. World Life Expectancy - Population Pyramid
  48. Trump is a BOSS
  49. EU, Russia and Turkey Struggle for Balkan Influence
  50. Should Russia return Kuril Islands back to Japan?
  51. POLL: Should USA along with European countries invade North Korea and establish democracy?
  52. India and Myanmar working together to combat terrorist threat
  53. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: chaos prevention is possible
  54. If Serbs & Hungarians never came to europe?!
  55. What is the main reason of the Serbo-Albanian conflict?
  56. Turkmenistan
  57. Should Germany Step Up to Lead the West?
  58. President Duterte talks about Trump, Obama, America, China, Russia, etc
  59. Russia Tips The Grand Chessboard
  60. With Vladimir Putin, the Synagogue of Satan doesn't stand a chance
  61. Trump is an idiot puppet
  62. The Synagogue Of Satan 1878 - 1919
  63. Why Inbreeding is Still Popular in Middle East and South Asia?
  64. Who Will Win In The End?
  65. Who's Pushing For War With North Korea and Iran?
  66. Real map of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  67. Mogadishu truck bomb: 500 casualties
  68. Azerbaijan vs Armenia. Which one do you support? (TA members' votes.)
  69. Should Americas and Antipodes be recolinized?
  70. Kazakhstan wants Kazakh written in Latin, not Cyrillic script
  71. Poland's sanctions against Ukraine on the list of Nalyvaichenko
  72. Passionate Poland threatens the EU existence.
  73. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as capital
  74. Ossetia-Abkhazia. Two abandoned new states
  75. Need some arguments for debating teacher
  76. Archaeologists Discovered Peruns Axe Pedants
  77. The NSDC of Ukraine: the USA is arranging mass protests in Ukraine and Russia
  78. Germans building European Army
  79. Trump is going to sign a big time Tax reform bill.
  80. Poll: Major European Peninsulas
  81. East Asian, or Southeast Asian culture...which culture do you feel more compatible with?
  82. Is it logical that Trump wants to shield the borders? Mexico closed 2017 with 29.168 murders, ETC
  83. 5 divided worlds.
  84. IF "Central" America was settled by AngloSaxons, "Central America" term wouldn't exist?
  85. For all Europeans; if you MUST accept non-euro immigrants, would you demand they're non-muslim?
  86. With Russia's help, Arab states speeding up nuclear arms race
  87. USA is the true winner in ww2.
  88. Odebrecht agrees to pay 184 Million dollar fine to DR.
  89. The politics of the obvious :
  90. [Poll] Who would you support Russia vs USA (in conflict)
  91. A Map Of The Future Turkic Conquest Of The Middle East
  92. POLL: Who would you support in the Republika Srpska 'separation case' from Bosnia & Herzegowina ?
  93. Soros moving office from Hungary to Germany
  94. North Korea's Kim says will stop conducting nuclear, missile tests
  95. What are the most irrelevant countries in the world?
  96. The impact of terrorism on tourism, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia
  97. Cost of illegal immigration in the USA
  98. Trump Town
  99. Bibi's Iran presentation
  100. Five Top ISIS Officials Captured in U.S.-Iraqi Sting
  101. NK to dismantle Nuke Testing site
  102. European people, would you deport all gypsies somewhere outside of Europe? If you could?
  103. Suicide bombers attack churches in Indonesia, at least six dead
  104. Would you agree that Japanese "are Germans" of Asia?
  105. Europeans: Should Israel, Turkey etc kicked out of European Organizations?
  106. EU doesn't plan to incorporate any more west balkan country in a long time.
  107. Russian Stanislav Petrov Saved the World on September 26, 1983
  108. Austria to close 7 mosques, expel imams in crackdown
  109. Did the Armenian genocide actually happen?
  110. Theresa May left speechless
  111. Anglosphere vs Latin America?
  112. Are Blue-eyed and Green-eyed non-Europeans related to Europeans?
  113. Who has higher IQ... Obama or Trump? \Poll\
  114. America creating terrorist groups
  115. Iran diplomat among four arrested over suspected plot against Iranian opposition meeting
  116. China's Next Crazy Claim: Hawaii and Almost the Entire Pacific Ocean?
  117. Did Mongol invasion changed the genetic structure of Central Asia?
  118. Here is why Europeans should forget about morality in making Europe totally European again
  119. Ecuador to hand over Assange to UK
  120. Putin is not the enemy
  121. God King Trump and EU agree to trade deals.
  122. Crystal Night - Justice or Crime?
  123. "What if the Middle East Had Unified?"
  124. Why should Egypt control the Mediterranean.
  125. North European Plain and Central European Highlands
  126. ButlerKing
  127. 50 years to the Prague spring
  128. Guys, when the wars and Political fights in Middle East and Africa cease, the immigrants in Europe..
  129. Turkey's accession to EU.
  130. US lawmakers call for China sanctions over Muslim camps
  131. European Unity VS all those non-europeans who want to divide us
  132. Your Top 5 dictators of the 20th century
  133. France is in War against Italy for the control of the Libian Oil Fields
  134. Do you agree that the EU almost always has been commanded by Germany/France alliance?
  135. Would you want Bobby Martnen as your neighbor?
  136. Salvini vs Macron
  137. How did Russia really manage to keep its present-day "Empire" of around 186 ethnic groups together?
  138. Is Turkey Middle Eastern or European?
  139. Isolationism.
  140. A question about neighbourhood?
  141. Does Australia really exist?
  142. Which the weaker country in the European Union?
  143. Americans and non-Americans: Would you like to see more, or less, US leadership on the world stage?
  144. What would your ideal war prevention mechanism be to maintain peace in the world?
  145. Imam Tawhidi drops some serious knowledge
  146. Why West Asians and South Americans whitewash themselves 24/7?
  147. Picture of the day.
  148. Turkish Crete
  149. Venezuela & Syria: An American Intervention
  150. Central Asian countries
  151. Triest is Slovenian
  152. Is Nigel Farage right about Italy?
  153. Russia writes bill for a Russian internet
  154. Large Global Threats Per Country
  155. Russian empire vs British empire (POLLS)
  156. Heartland and Rimland Theory
  157. Most Developed Slavic Countries (By GDP Per Capita) - 2019
  158. What will be the map of the world in future?
  159. Jamaica is the greatest country in the world
  160. How certain Western and Middle East countries caused the Syrian "Civil War"
  162. The 911 question.
  163. Australia's conservative coalition scores stunning political victory in general election
  164. Borderless (2019) | EMERGENCY BACKUP
  165. East Congo villagers kill Ebola health worker, loot clinic
  166. The Country The World Says Doesn't Exist
  167. The Kalergi plan
  168. [Poll] Conservatives of TA: have you always felt that way?
  169. Is the Earth flat?
  170. The Trump Era opened my eyes to the world around me..
  171. Fun Fact: Most Mass Shooters are NON-WHITE
  172. If Russia never sold Alaska to the USA...
  173. Alexandr Dugin and Bartosz Bekier discuss the future of Poland.
  174. Europe from Lisbon to Vladivastok
  175. Danish experts warns Mette Frederiksen to tread carefully after Trumps cancel to visit
  176. Should Kosovo change it’s name?
  177. Converting to Islam to save your own ass
  178. Donald Trump became a Turk this morning
  179. Probably the best Channel about Current American Politics and Culture
  180. Countries by population 2100
  181. Analytics: New York Times Word Usage Frequency (1970-2018).
  182. Eastern Slavs are the most influential people in the world.
  183. Map showing developed countries for 2019
  184. A Decade in ReVIEW: The 2010s.
  185. Countries with lower HDI/IHDI than Sri Lanka (lol @ Turkey)
  186. Was there more people than is reported?
  187. state of nationalism
  188. Why Latin Africa doesn´t exist? / ¿Por qué no existe el África Latina?
  189. New Hope for Balkans
  190. 2020 Forecast: Asia
  191. 2020 Forecast: Americas
  192. Africa vs Mexico
  193. Brazil vs India
  194. The nucleat secrets-BBC documentry
  195. KOSOVO: Serbia, Albania or Independant?
  196. Are Georgians European?
  197. COVID-19, My message to people around the world; WE WILL PREVAIL!
  198. North Macedonia becomes NATO’s 30th member
  199. How different are the peoples of Indochina ethnically, culturally and linguistically?
  200. Ideal Map of Asia
  201. 'Shoot down and destroy': Donald Trump warns Iran with US Navy action in Twitter threat
  202. Mass migration and global white genocide
  203. Israel vowed to annex 30% of the West Bank
  204. Anti-Communism: Instances in Which the 2020 Rioters Became Even Worse
  205. The October Revolution of 2020
  206. British vs French
  207. Most aggressive countries in the world
  208. Most unfortunately located countries?
  209. U.K. Prime Minister Offers 3 Million Hong Kong Residents Path to British Citizenship
  210. Israel, UAE agree to normalise relations-Prelude to war with Iran
  211. Why isnt Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa part of Iran or Afghanistan
  212. Russia and China joining forces in the Arctic
  213. USA Antifa /BLM riots a Jewish coup ?
  214. Collapse of the nuclear arms control
  215. Feminist trying to graduate with degree in social science in Africa
  216. Which of the following do you envisage becoming independent within the next thirty years?
  217. Post World Wars vengence...
  218. TRUMPISM: Why the hardest anti-jewish people support the most pro-jewish president ever?
  219. Spain is worried about the development of Morocco's army
  220. American hostage rescued in West Africa by SEAL Team 6 in daring raid
  222. USA'21 = Union of Soviet America OR United Sionists of America 2.0
  223. Fuck Amerikkka
  224. Which countries of Europe are most positive about Russia and Russians?
  225. Which do you think is more likely to become independent: Quebec or Puerto Rico?
  226. Is this coming to America?
  227. Were Japanese right (all along) about Chinese as "SICK MEN OF ASIA"?
  228. CommonPass: Digital health passports have arrived
  229. Why don't Finland capture Karelia?
  230. OSINT-Open Source Intelligence.
  231. Spain panics after Morocco's PM claimed Melilla and Ceuta will soon be Moroccan
  232. Is Democratic Party (USA) left or centrist?
  233. Is it true that there are many socialists (marxists) in the Democratic Party of the USA?
  234. How racist is China?
  235. Age of consent and porn in Poland and different countries.
  236. Most Libertarian countries thread
  237. Kazakhstan switching to Latin Alphabet
  238. Hatred between Turks and Arabs?
  239. Have you ever been to East Asia?
  240. Do you have US Military base in your country/city?
  241. Poll: do you agree with Huntington's civilizations map?
  242. Are African-Americans hypocrites?
  243. OECD Economic Outlook, Interim Report March 2021.
  244. Happy Nowruz (Iranic New Year Kurdistan to Kyrgistan)
  245. Slavic infighting
  246. Social democracy should be rather refered to socialism or to liberalism?
  247. Please try to identify my political views by the following description
  248. America now less free than argentina and mongolia
  249. US warns of full scale war
  250. Marxism is reality