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  1. Ant mega colonies linked around globe
  2. Death of the Bees: GMO Crops and the Decline of Bee Colonies in North America
  3. Butterflies and Moths and more
  4. How Spiders Create Silk Threads
  5. Creepy crawlies: Amazing Scanning Electron Microscope pictures of insects and spiders
  6. Worker ants wield power in ant society
  7. First Terrible Hairy Fly since 1948 found in Kenya
  8. Bugs
  9. Rare cave beetle named after Hitler faces extinction
  10. Ancient moths reveal their true colors to researchers
  11. Meet the world's heaviest insect, which weighs three times more than a mouse... and eats carrots New
  12. Wasps Wired to Recognize Each Other's Faces
  13. UK butterfly species' populations over a decade
  14. Bizarre white cobweb found on nuclear waste that could have come from a 'mutant' spider
  15. "Vampire" Parasite Found Entombed in Amber
  16. Flies drink alcohol to medicate themselves against wasp infections
  17. Giant Bloodsuckers! Oldest Fleas Discovered
  18. Thousands of spiders blanket Australian farm after escaping flood
  19. Photographer meets FOOT-WIDE moth in the Himalayas
  20. Web wonders: spiders spin for their lives as floodwaters rise
  21. New Scorpion Species Discovered in California
  22. 'King of Wasps' found in Indonesia: Two-and-a-half inch monster has jaws longer than
  23. Incredible Video: Australian Spider Eats Snake
  24. New Genus of Velvet Spider Named after Lou Reed
  25. Silkmoth Inspires Novel Explosive Detector
  26. Ants in 3D: project begins to image every known species
  27. Swarming Invasive Insect Found In US For 1st Time
  28. Termites explode to defend their colonies
  29. 'Severe abnormalities' found in Fukushima butterflies
  30. Matter of fact, eyeless spider does live in a cave
  31. Fukushima 'caused mutant butterflies' in Japan
  32. New insect discovered via photo-sharing site Flickr
  33. Hook-Legged Spider Found in Oregon Cave
  34. Termites and ants stockpile gold in their mounds, researchers find
  35. Spider discovered that builds its own decoys, makes them move
  36. Monarch butterfly numbers drop by 'ominous' 59%
  37. World's largest insects, bugs and other creepy crawlies [PHOTOS]
  38. Meet the Tarantula as Big as Your Face
  39. Can ants predict an earthquake before it occurs?
  40. Earth without bees?
  41. East Coast readies for colossal numbers of cicadas
  42. Bee Deaths May Have Reached A Crisis Point For Crops
  43. Moth with Ultrasonic Hearing Discovered
  44. Medical scans allow stunning look at live insects
  45. Cockroaches lose ‘sweet tooth’ to evade traps
  46. Smart Spiders Learn Best Way to Snag Prey
  47. Supermarket Without Bees: What Would The Produce Section Look Like Without Pollinators
  48. Ants or humans?
  49. Crickets’ chirps are a sign of a bug with a big ego, study finds
  50. Moths May Confuse Bats By Emitting Loud Ultrasound From Genitals As Defense Mechanism
  51. Microscopic camera captures incredible photographs of insects and plants
  52. World's biggest beetle grows up to seven inches long and can snap a wooden pencil
  53. Why do scorpions glow in the darK? [PHOTOS]
  54. Spiders May Have Personalities, and Some Are Bolder Than Others
  55. Grassland butterflies in rapid decline in Europe
  56. Invasive ants: 'Stowaway' insects spreading around world
  57. Caterpillar does not look where it leaps
  58. Remarkable photographs reveal the complexity - and alien-like appearance - of the humble bee
  59. New Deely-Bopper Beetle Found in Busy Metropolis
  60. Mercenary Ants Protect Farmers With Chemical Weapons
  61. Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears To Get Sodium, Rain Forest Researcher Says
  62. Creature with Interlocking Gears on Legs Discovered
  63. Do you love/like insects?
  64. Flies live in Matrix time: How the insect sees rolled up newspaper moving in slow motion and buzzes
  65. 10 creatures that deliver the most painful stings and bites
  66. Termites use poop to fight biological warfare
  67. This Insect Has The Only Mechanical Gears Ever Found in Nature
  68. Male fruit flies like to have a variety of sexual partners, whereas females prefer to stick with ...
  69. Bugs Change Mating Behavior in Anticipation of Storms
  70. Chaco Castanea And Chaco Costai — Two Enigmatic New Species Of Spider Discovered in Uruguay
  71. Cute Looking Spiders
  72. Entomologists Discover 85 New Species of Jewel-Like Baconia Beetles
  73. Do Insects Have Personalities?
  74. Entomology (Insects Anyone?)
  75. Tick Bite VIDEO Gives Close-Up Look At Parasite's Incredible Bloodsucking Machinery
  76. Insect Appreciation Thread! :)
  77. Wet Insect Photography
  78. Mystery of how fire ants survive floods solved: Insects hook their legs together to form LIFE RAFTS
  79. Found! First Known Predator To Lure Prey By Mimicking Flowers
  80. Spider Appreciation Thread
  81. Stinky-breath caterpillar has healthy addiction to nicotine
  82. Mystery of Bizarre Amazon Web Formations Unraveled
  83. Scientists Discover New Slave-making Ant Species From Eastern US
  84. This Spider Makes Fake Spiders. But Why?
  85. Male Black Widow Spiders “Twerk” to Avoid Being Eaten by Females
  86. How the scorpion's venomous sting evolved
  87. 3D fossil portrait could be the mother of all spiders
  88. Rare Bees Make Flower-Mud "Sandwiches" [PICTURES]
  89. Bumblebees Can Fly Higher Than Mount Everest
  90. Found: New Beetle Collected by Darwin 180 Years Ago
  91. Yearly Monarch Butterfly migrations are beautiful, but makes heads spin
  92. Crazy Ants Dominate Fire Ants By Neutralizing Their Venom
  93. Rafting ants use babies as floating life-preservers during floods
  94. Ants Are Even Stronger Than You Imagine
  95. Rarest insect in the world
  96. Spider Uses Predatory Ants as Protection Against Predatory Spiders
  97. Surreal X-ray movie reveals how a fly beats its wings
  98. Video: Spider freaks out after spotting its reflection in camera lens
  99. Six New Dracula Ants Discovered in Madagascar
  100. Ancient Daddy Longlegs Had Extra Set of Eyes
  101. Researchers Discover Cave Insects With Sex-reversed Genitalia
  102. Mite Paratarsotomus macropalpis is World’s Fastest Terrestrial Animal, Study Says
  103. Acrobatic 'Flic-Flac' Spider Somersaults Across the Sand
  104. Global warming is now fucking Arachnophobes - Spiders are becoming bigger.
  105. Why Spiders Don't Grow to Horrific Size
  106. Newly discovered praying mantis hunts like a tiger
  107. The best of Nature's disssssguises you'll ever see: The caterpillar that looks and even acts like ..
  108. This Spider Camouflages Itself As Bird Poop To Avoid Predators
  109. Spider Venom May Save the Bees: New Bio-Pesticide Could Preserve Honeybee Populations
  110. Spiders know the meaning of web music
  111. Fireflies Are “Cannibals”—And More Surprising Facts About the Summertime Insect
  112. Malaysia swarmed by giant moths
  113. Fish-Eating Spiders Are Lurking Around the World
  114. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water: Scientists discover fish-eating SPIDERS t
  115. Chomping Invaders! Alien Trap-Jaw Ants Spread Along Gulf Coast
  116. New species of beetle discovered in the world's deepest cave
  117. Researchers Find Wasp that Uses Ant Skeletons to Construct Nest
  118. Wild Yellow Jacket Nest
  119. AMNH in New York opens 'Spiders Alive!' exhibit
  120. Intimate Portraits of Bees
  121. The Most Horrifying (And Awesome) Creepy-Crawlies In The World
  122. Paleontologists Recreate Walking Gait of 410-Million-Year-Old Spider
  123. World's Biggest Aquatic Insect Specimen Found in China
  124. Massive Mayfly Emergence From the Mississippi River Caught on Radar
  125. Wildlife Corridors Can Encourage The Spread Of Invasive Species Such As Fire Ants
  126. Post pictures of White wasps.
  127. Swelling Australian cities harbour ever bigger spiders
  128. Giant wasps' nest found growing on single bed in spare bedroom
  129. Honeybee Diets Help Them Resist Deadly Pesticides
  130. Invasive beetles are literally sucking the life out of New York City trees
  131. When Did Insects Evolve?
  132. Amazing Glow Worm Discovered In Peruvian Rainforest [Video]
  133. NYC’s Ants Are Tiny but Wildly Efficient Street Cleaning Crews
  134. Cockroaches have personalities!
  135. Even cockroaches have different personalities, scientists find
  136. New Australian Moth a 'Living Dinosaur'
  137. VIDEO: A praying mantis leaps at 1000 frames per second
  138. 30 never-before-seen species of flies discovered in Los Angeles
  139. Bombardier Beetle: Secret Of Deadly 'Gun' Revealed For First Time (VIDEO)
  140. Unprecedented Decline in Honeybee Populations Shocks U.S. Experts
  141. Do fruit flies get scared?
  142. Millions of tiny spiders rain down on Australian town
  143. An Extraordinary Glimpse into the First 21 Days of a Bee’s Life in 60 Seconds
  144. Oslo builds world's first bumblebee highway
  145. Lazy ants sit around doing nothing while their nest mates work
  146. Massive communal spider webs cover trees in Dallas suburb
  147. How to Hire a Bug as a Contract Killer
  148. An Insane Dude Intentionally Gave Himself The World's 2nd Worst Bug Sting
  149. "Charlotte" the gigantic Huntsman spider
  150. African ant 'supercolony' poised to invade the planet
  151. Ant-like bees among newly discovered desert species
  152. Bola-throwing/net-casting/web-spinning spiders: do genes encode a specific move?
  153. Bumblebee is first bee in continental US to be listed as endangered
  154. Tiny Moth Named for President-Elect Donald Trump
  155. Diabolical Parasite Grows Inside Baby Wasps and Eats Their Brains to Escape
  156. Decline of wild bees and the impact on crops tracked with a map
  157. Millions Of Spiders Fall From The Sky When It Rains Spiders
  158. Spiders Eat Up to 880 Million Tons of Insects Each Year
  159. Deadly spider venom could ward off stroke brain damage, say doctors
  160. Female dragonflies fake sudden death to avoid male advances
  161. Cockroaches are just as good as cats
  162. Aliens Among Us: Almost psychedelic microscopic photography of beetles, mites, spiders and moths
  163. Female Dragonflies Fake Death to Avoid Males Harassing Them for Sex
  164. Artificial Lights Have A Negative Impact On Nighttime Pollination: Study
  165. New interactive map shows where the world’s ants are
  166. Ant jaws snap shut 700 times quicker than a blink of an eye
  167. Insects see in much better resolution than we thought
  168. Five new peacock spider species discovered in Western Australia
  169. 75 Percent Of US At Risk Of Invasion From Disease-Spreading Mosquitoes
  170. DNA confirms amazing Australian isle insect not extinct after all
  171. 7 New Giant Bug Species Are Extremely Aggressive
  172. Preying on the opposite sex: Shocking video reveals female mantis ripping the HEAD off a male suitor
  173. Flies more germ-laden than suspected
  174. New species of marine spider can breathe underwater using air chamber made of silk
  175. Images from German “Caterpillar Calendar” (1837)
  176. Why cockroaches are so hard to kill
  177. New 'exploding ant' species also blocks invaders with its massive head
  178. Bogong moths use the Earth's magnetic field to get their bearings on long distance migrations
  179. Spiders go ballooning on electric fields
  180. New Breed Of Wasp With Exceptionally Large Stinger Discovered In The Amazon
  181. Insects as Food
  182. New colour-generation mechanism discovered in 'rainbow' weevil
  183. Beetle Adapts Chemical Mimicry to Parasitize Bees
  184. Giant spiderweb cloaks land in Aitoliko, Greece
  185. Bye bye bugs? Scientists fear non-pest insects are declining
  186. Microplastics can spread via flying insects, research shows
  187. Praying Mantis Seen Hunting Fish for the First Time
  188. 7 Things You Never Knew About Dragonflies
  189. Some female termites can reproduce without males
  190. Brown widow spider, native to Africa, found in Oregon for first time
  191. Fungus provides powerful medicine in fighting honeybee viruses
  192. Beetle juice turns corpses into cozy nurseries—here's how
  193. The world's weirdest arachnid? Strange harvestman that looks like a spider with the head of a DOG
  194. Study shows pesticide exposure can dramatically impact bees' social behaviors
  195. Moths use acoustic camouflaging fur to evade bats
  196. Sick ants stay away from the kids
  197. Wild Bees Are Dying and Ecosystem Collapse Will Follow—But Nobody’s Taking Notice
  198. Dracula ants possess fastest known animal appendage: The snap-jaw
  199. Microbes hitched to insects provide a rich source of new antibiotics
  200. Spelling bees? No, but they can do arithmetic, say researchers
  201. World's most indestructible creature - the tardigrade - will be alive on Earth until Sun dies
  202. The widow next door: Where is the globally invasive noble false widow settling next?
  203. Scientists discover bizarre tarantula with a soft HORN protruding from the back of its head
  204. World's largest bee, missing for 38 years, found in Indonesia
  205. The World Just Got Closer to a Controversial Mosquito 'Wipe Out' Experiment
  206. Invasive Species
  207. How the bumble bee got its stripes
  208. Never underestimate a wasp -- new study shows they're smarter than we thought
  209. As If Ticks Weren't Terrifying Enough, This Giant Bloodsucker Will Hunt You Down
  210. World Mosquito Day
  211. Jewel beetle’s bright colored shell serves as camouflage from predators
  212. Deadly giant Asian Hornets that can 'kill with one sting' are spreading rapidly throughout Europe
  213. Pirate Spider ?
  214. Spider ID
  215. Spider ID
  216. Orb Weaver ID
  217. Are Insects Going Extinct?
  218. My queen-ant had babies
  219. Researchers create first map of bee species around the globe
  220. How You Can Help Count and Conserve Native Bees
  221. 'Nature Is Under Siege': Scientists Sound Alarm About Insect Apocalypse
  222. Bug experts seeking new name for destructive gypsy moths
  223. Neonicotinoids Harm Bees at Far Below the Label Recommended Dose, Study Finds
  224. Angry Bees Produce Richer, More Protein-Dense Venom, Study Finds
  225. Have you seen a spotted lanternfly? Here’s what you need to know about the risk the invasive pest...