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  1. Swedes cool towards ethnic diversity
  2. What is your blood-type?
  3. Islamic Festival Named as Dutch Tradition
  4. Halal-TV on Swedish SVT
  5. Copenhagen website
  6. Court: Quit saying 'illegal aliens'
  7. European Genocide
  8. Rotterdam picks Dutch Moroccan for mayor
  9. BBC Radio host sacked after call to taxi firm requesting 'non-Asian' driver
  10. Young mother becomes 24th person to kill herself in Bridgend
  11. 2010 ads offend Muslims
  12. The Idyllic Islands..Perhaps Not.....
  13. Fjordman's book "Defeating Eurabia"
  14. Welfare state?
  15. Is European Civil War Inevitable by 2025?
  16. When are non European immigrants acceptable?
  17. The Debilitating Nature of Political Correctness
  18. Is It New, Or As Old As Mankind?
  19. Contraception? the death of our nations?
  20. How Rigid Are You?
  21. Reasons why we don't want them...
  22. The pets hit by the credit crunch
  23. Assisted Suicide Shown on TV
  24. Please sign internet petition to stop Finland's disastrous new immigration law
  25. EU outlaws racism
  26. The Faye-Benoist debate on Multiculturalism
  27. Cartoon on Multiculti
  28. Child abuse and brainwashing, 2008 style
  29. Which Western Nation Will Win the Race to the Bottom?
  30. A hatefull happening
  31. Should The Childless' Pensions Be Cut?
  32. The Results of Importing Black Students into a College Town
  33. Migrant Wave Hits Italy
  34. BBC in race row over In The Night Garden doll that's 'too white'
  35. Jews, huh! What are they good for?
  36. Suicide, and the things around it
  37. Huge areas of Britain have become foreign colonies...
  38. Hero or murderer?
  39. The End of Whiteness
  40. The state of the modern Family.
  41. Ten Things You Can Do To Fight Prejudice and Racism.
  42. Animal immigrants beat two young lads.
  43. The End of White America?
  44. Black women now outstrip whites on pay.
  45. Revealed: the rise of mixed-race Britain
  46. Sheep in human clothing – scientists reveal our flock mentality.
  47. Mother Nature likes Race Mixing
  48. Young Singers Spread Racist Hate
  49. [SPLIT] Utopia - why it does or doesn't work?
  50. An Acadian Woman Fights Back
  51. How Boat People Are Welcomed.............
  52. The Afrolat Association
  53. Social workers hand grankids to gay men for adoption
  54. The faceless and amoral world of cyberspace.
  55. The Coming Demographic Extinction of the West
  56. Germany's Jews cut ties with Vatican
  57. Selfish Adults Damage Childhood
  58. The legal age of consent;
  59. Plans to Intern Illegal Africans Outrage Lampedusans.
  60. How to control a herd of humans
  61. He is angry… Buchanan to Obama on race.
  62. Is Carol Thatcher racist?
  63. 10 Ways To Fight Hate.
  64. Swedish Police in hot water after racist comments.
  65. Do you support Foreigners in your dining habits..?
  66. Benefits mother living with jobless boyfriend is pregnant with triplets... at 17
  67. Srebrenica: Genocide or Major Hoax?
  68. UK : Minister Warns of Inbred Muslims
  69. The Face of Islam in North America: What does it look like in your city/community?
  70. How Britain, the cradle of liberty, is sleepwalking towards cultural suicide.
  71. New British Govt Tactic In The Battle With Extremism
  72. The White Race: Going Gently Into That Good Night
  73. Man Asks Entire Town for Forgiveness for Racism
  74. Europe's Racial Nightmare: The Gypsies
  75. The Way Our World Ends by Patrick J. Buchanan
  76. The Utter Normality Of Ethnonationalism—Except For Whites
  77. Cause of the Racial Tragedy - Cultural Marxism?
  78. Cops Give Black Britons Second-Rate Service
  79. A police crackdown on antisocial behaviour saw 120 children picked up on the streets
  80. The terrible warning of a Holocaust survivor.
  81. One in nine people people living in Britain born overseas.
  82. How Jews are buying Europe
  83. Who supports immigration?
  84. A Conversation About Race.
  85. Minority groups to get extra Government help to protect them from the recession.
  86. Enrichment News
  87. American Colonization Society
  88. The Graying of the Great Powers.
  89. Push to criminalise criticism of Islam
  90. The Fight For Liberty Begins... Is It Too Late?
  91. What would you make of this person
  92. Europid Phenotypic Recognition in the Modern Negroid
  93. Black crime
  94. Are Jews white?
  95. A simple question
  96. Penetration of White European Organizations
  97. "The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion".
  98. 'Too white' towns are labelled unhealthy
  99. How many of you...
  100. What is your Black/Negro comfort level?
  101. What Islam Isn't
  102. Poor families 'can't afford food'
  103. Hating Whites
  104. Look at this anti-white Racism in bus!!!
  105. White Europeans: An endangered species?
  106. Would you help strangers?
  107. Elderly skipping meals to save cash
  108. IQ of Serbian gypsies
  109. opinions on lying
  110. Acceptable amount of non-European admixture in a spouse
  111. Many countries boycot racism conference.
  112. Study: Women less likely to miscegenate
  113. Poll: More than 75% of Jewish Israelis want to join EU
  114. Muslim Demographics - You Tube Video
  115. Memory
  116. "White trash" personified
  117. Rosedale Rape: Victim didn't want to seem racist
  118. The nation that tried to buy
  119. Raped because I'm white
  120. The return of the Ottoman yoke
  121. The Enemy Within
  122. Interesting vid: Pastor Manning about "Black Folk" (he himself is Afro-American).
  123. Migrant warns Africans off ‘misery’ Europe
  124. The Five Rules Of Propaganda
  125. 3051 murders..Genocide???What genocide
  126. The colour of crime.
  127. Age irrelevant, says mum-to-be, 66
  128. Another fine example of our nanny state.
  129. The humbug zoo.
  130. Social workers 'taking black children away from caring white foster families'
  131. We're walking into a demographic timebomb!
  132. Remote pig ownership
  133. Empty societies create empty people
  134. Another Race for A Day...?
  135. Unschooling: Self-Directed Learning is Best
  136. 'They stole my little girl,' says mother judged too stupid to care for her baby
  137. Major manhunt launched as police reveal 16 of the world's most wanted men.
  138. The Modern Racist Paradigm
  139. Colored Power on youtube
  140. 50million invited to europe
  141. Obama's success isn't all good news for black Americans
  142. White Pride
  143. Poll: Do You Think That Gun Ownership Equals An Ambivalance Towards Gun Violence?
  144. Wilders Causes Another Row. Pre Captivity Stockholm Syndrome
  145. Stars Try to Energise Slovak Voters
  146. 10 Quick Arguments for the Existence of Racial Differences in Intelligence
  147. Say It Ain't So, Bill!!
  148. List of "Best Cities to Live In" published; Vancouver #1 on Earth
  149. The Myth of Equality
  150. White Slavery/Human Trafficking in Europe
  151. White Europe: Why It Is Necessary
  152. Civil War at the Royal College of Midwives.
  153. Mixed-race mum last plea for a suitable donor
  154. Romanians in Belfast: Who's REALLY to blame?
  155. Obsession with diversity in the corporate world
  156. Britain’s Bloodless Genocide: 40% of Under 20s in London Are “Ethnic”
  157. The Top 10 Most `Racist` Toys Ever Made
  158. Cost of Illegal Immigration
  159. UK is violent crime capital of Europe
  160. Jews, in relation to European ethnic preservation, are:
  161. The New World Order - In Their Own Words
  162. Asians?
  163. Comparative views on moral issues
  164. Report: 'White flight' causes growing school segregation
  165. Islam Is a Cancer Eating Away at Our Freedoms, Says Nick Griffin
  166. Britons say slack immigration laws wreck life in uk
  167. Race: Just skin color?
  168. BBC?
  169. Our exploding population is the gravest threat Britain faces today
  170. Miss Switzerland 2009
  171. Why Are European Birth Rates Falling?
  172. Obama and the end of racial balance
  173. Story of a Jihad Sheila.
  174. UK elderly fourth poorest in EU
  175. Government Policy Is the Cause of Invasion
  176. Thousands of Muslims Gather in London to Demand a Caliphate
  177. Exclusions for school assaults on teachers and students top 83,000
  178. UK Muslim:Don't Integrate, Non-Muslims are the Enemy
  179. Is Your "Score" Private, Or Is It Public Domain?
  180. A day late and a dollar short for the UK
  181. Muslim Unemployment Rate and Education in the UK
  182. Policewomen Spend Full Day Dressed In Muslim Burkhas In Controversial 'In Your Shoes'
  183. Lily White Daughter, Deep Black Boyfriend: Knowledge as an Infra-Rational Weapon
  184. 1,500 requests a day to 'spy' on public
  185. Over 50 million to move minorities into white towns...
  186. World population projected to reach 7 billion next year
  187. Hillary Clinton and Pine Marten moments
  188. (Britain) The Day After Tomorrow: Something big is about to happen.
  189. Will this be the end of white guilt
  190. Trial under way in black-on-white carjacking murders (Rape, torture, murders)
  191. Are Hungarians Europeans?
  192. From Titans To Lemmings: The Suicide Of The White Race
  193. The High IQ Outsiders
  194. Preservationism vs Racialism
  195. European ethnicities on verge of extinction.
  196. Nihilism As A Means Of Preservation
  197. European Union to willingly flood continent with more non-whites
  198. Newsweeks war on White people
  199. At My Father's Knee...
  200. The Jackal Manifesto
  201. Revenge
  202. Thief made over £150,000 by stealing trousers and claiming refunds
  203. Police pelted with bricks and bottles as London mosque protests turn violent
  204. What should be done with New "Europeans"?
  205. Reconquest of Constantinople
  206. Are the Finns the Mongolians of Europe?
  207. Differences Between Early And Recent Migrations
  208. Recipe for an Islamic State
  209. Face Of Tesco Is An Illegal Immigrant
  210. 'Taqiyya': how Islamic extremists deceive the West
  211. Repeated periodes since 2003..........
  212. Getting ready to be prepared in mind for the new internet......
  213. Would you marry a person of mixed-race ancestry?
  214. [SPLIT] the thread formerly known as:Would you marry a person of mixed-race ancestry?
  215. Society? European only????????????????...........
  216. The Muslim Europe
  217. Alex Kurtagic on Why We Write
  218. Dreaming, and places and societies in dreams........
  219. Race Differences, Immigration, And The Twilight of the European Peoples
  220. Richard Lynn
  221. Saparmurat Turmenbashy the Great (1940-2006)
  222. What do you think about Idi Amin?
  223. Conformity, Media Smears and Nationalism
  224. Michael Bandarik on 'Liberty'
  225. Steven Pinker on the Myth of Violence
  226. WTF is "Racial Fetishism"???
  227. Freedom Of Association OK - Except For “Caucasian Club”
  228. Define Europe
  229. Who are the real racist
  230. Human Overpopulation.
  231. Maturity And Numerical Age: Your Thoughts
  232. Biblical sex row over explicit illustrated Book of Genesis
  233. Wise and Funny Statements
  234. Religion(s) and the state?
  235. Affirmative action regading women in leading positions. Political correctness or a step forward?
  236. 'American' Ethnicity...?
  237. Speaking up for the white minority
  238. Some inspiring articles from Britain about Britain
  239. Marriage between different Europids?
  240. Do you remember Pekka Eric Auvinen?
  241. Europe in 50 years
  242. Tired of this approach
  243. Laissez-faire preservation
  244. The Prevalence of Obesity in Ethnic Admixture Adults
  245. The Racial Tragedy
  246. Split: Population politics and European immigration in Europe / Mod
  247. Noisy sex woman loses appeal bid
  248. The Silent Genocide in South Africa Against White Farmers
  249. Abortion and the Death Penalty: Are the two thought patterns linked?
  250. White Power Rangers