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  1. Arab animals and their slaves
  2. Is this Islamist a jewish shill?
  3. Rare video, Sadat in israel.
  4. ISIS is defeated in its capital
  5. The horrific toll of malnutrition in Yemen: Harrowing images
  6. In Shocking, Viral Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War
  7. In Shocking, Viral Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War
  8. Let's Make a Terror Attack - the truth about terror attacks on the Middle East which manipulate us.
  9. Dirty Secrets of USA in Syria
  10. 'Kingdom Of Dixit': Indian Man Declares Himself King Of Unclaimed Land Between Egypt And Sudan
  11. Abu Dhabi named as the world's safest city
  12. ISIS Uses 'Die Hard' And 'Wonder Woman' To Attract Western Recruits
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  14. Average Azerbaijani Phenotype
  15. Back off Cyprus gas or face confrontation, Egypt warns Turkey
  16. us plans are strategic destabilisation of ME
  17. The Arab-Persian war battle of Qadisiyyah
  18. Anglojew's Middle East Peace Plan
  19. Why did the Crusaders consider Druze to be Muslims, but not the Alawites?
  20. Experts Seek to Educate Young Arabs About the Holocaust to Combat Anti-Semitism
  21. Bahrain has struck black gold.
  22. The Portuguese-Arab war
  23. Mongol conquest of Persia, Iraq and the Levant
  24. Towards a Post-War in the Greater Middle East
  25. The best segment ever done in Mainstream Media.
  26. Who will you support in the inevitable Iranian/Israeli war?
  27. Gaza Violence: Blowback For Jerusalem?
  28. Original Map of the Middle East in the world's first atlas
  29. Understanding the complex WW1 and Arab nations of Africa to present age
  30. Kyrgyzstan dumps dollar & yuan for gold amid growing global trade hostilities
  31. whats group do the arameans and chladeans belong ?
  32. End of Turk/Albanian Egypt myth.
  33. Iranic shift in Iraq is a myth
  34. The Great Ummyad empire
  35. Western Iraq result
  36. Something Just Like This (Ahed Tamimi) - Coldplay & Chainsmokers - Johhny Gat
  37. Trump's Kurds Persecuting Syrian Christians
  38. Never forget
  39. The American Farce - Quintus Sertorius
  40. Peace in the Middle East
  41. Which quasi-Muslim Middle Eastern minority do you find more interesting: Druzes or Alawites?
  42. Middle east relations and pacts throughout the history
  43. Archaeologists discover 7,500-year-old temple city in Kuwait
  44. Your Favorite Middle Eastern Country?
  45. IF Arabs are Semites, then aren't Iranians, pakistanis, Indians, and afghans, Indo-Europeans?
  46. Who do you support Arabs or Jews?
  47. classify average lebanese phenotype
  48. How common is child sexual abuse in the Middle East and North Africa?
  49. Building the Louvre Abu Dhabi | The B1M
  50. Trump says hed win if he ran in Israeli prime ministerial elections
  51. Peoples of Middle East
  52. Are Lebanese Arabs?
  53. The (geo)politics of Jordan
  54. isis propaganda: flames of war 2