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  1. Spoiler tag
  2. Follow Apricity on Twitter!
  3. Chatbox conduct -- please read
  4. Why has my signature image disappeared?
  5. Abuse of negrep function
  6. Insults to Moderators and Administrators
  7. Ignore lists
  8. Harassment
  9. Freedom of expression on Apricity
  10. Towards 1 million posts!
  11. Trolling
  12. The Report Function: All members please read
  13. Oversized signatures
  14. Blogs!
  15. An Apricity Wiki - should we do that?
  16. Sockpuppet accounts NOT allowed. This rule must be followed.
  17. Privacy Policy added
  18. Facebook Connect
  19. NOTICE: Posting of articles should have source included
  20. Gigolo Fanclub theme available
  21. Why has my signature been removed???
  22. Custom User Ranks
  23. Arcade for Apricity?
  24. Thumbs down trolling
  25. New bowling/pinball games added
  26. Over 2 million posts!!
  27. Posting other members' pictures, videos, without permission is AGAINST THE RULES.
  28. Should Apricity block TOR and other proxies?
  29. Chatbox bans
  30. Blogs are not to be misused
  31. New profile field added: Hero
  32. Giving out of members' contact details
  33. Everyone needs to stop with the trolling, spamming, and personal attacks.
  34. Towards 10,000 members
  35. New forum icons: Has anyone noticed?
  36. Sockpuppet accounts are NOT ALLOWED. And they will not be tolerated.
  37. Donations: we have 3 days to reach our goal
  38. Blogs have been disabled (for now)
  39. Irish permission group added
  40. Staff reshuffle coming
  41. Apricity's growth
  42. Chatbox misuse
  43. 3 Million posts for Apricity coming up!!!
  44. Twitter poster is working again now!
  45. IMPORTANT: In the event of insults...
  46. Death wishes against other members are not tolerated.
  47. Apricity's future growth ... and what you can do to help!
  48. Google Custom Search added!
  49. There will be some staff changes
  50. Thread & Forum Ignore System installed
  51. Abusing the thumb-down feature
  52. Apricity has been visited by 8 million people
  53. Fees for services?
  54. IMPORTANT: NO MORE threads about ItalicRoots.
  55. The Apricity's Spring Donation Drive: It helps us!
  56. Network Maintenance for theapricity.com
  57. Donations for this month
  58. NEW!! Sexism Subforum
  59. Mobile style
  60. Announcement: No personal identifying information to be posted with people's 23andme results.
  61. Human Rights to be respected when publishing genetic information
  63. How many of you found The Apricity through the facebook page?
  64. New Google ranking system affects Apricity traffic negatively
  65. New TA favicon!
  66. Huge spike in US traffic
  67. Having some health issues right now, presence temporarily reduced on forum.
  68. Sexual harassment of female users is against the rules,
  69. Server Downtime
  70. Google malware warning
  71. Apricity's relevance as a discussion forum community is increasing by the day
  72. Apricity is back!!
  73. Naughty smilies are back!
  74. Oversized Signatures
  75. A memo to everyone: Lyllo is NOT my sockpuppet account.
  76. Downtime
  77. Moderators can't namechange.
  78. Donations minimum changed to $5
  79. Apricity recovering well after the crash
  80. Notice about double posts and spamming multiple threads.
  81. Some partial downtime on 31/12/16
  82. TEMPORARY BANNING: No more requests for temporary bans
  83. Donations for Apricity
  84. Question About Our Processes
  85. Email registrations working again~~~!!!!
  86. Tapatalk anyone?
  87. Apricity is now on a secure protocol (HTTPS)
  88. Relationship Status in Profile
  89. When Reporting Posts...
  90. On Account Deletion, Ban Requests & Multiple Accounts/Users
  92. We don't accept registrations from proxy servers or tor browser
  93. Member pictures shared on external chat sites -- NOT ALLOWED
  94. Change Srbija to Србија in regional part of forum (VOTE DOWN)
  95. Discord Dramas