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  1. Germanic Origins: A Study in Primitive Culture
  2. Ideas on the Origin of the Germanic People
  3. The origin of the Runes
  4. The Merseburg Incantations
  5. The Volsunga Saga
  6. Loftur the Sorcerer
  7. Gundestrup Cauldron
  8. Valhalla Cartoon
  9. Why Europeans conquered the world?
  10. The Wild Hunt
  11. What comes to mind when you think of these European countries?
  12. Baltic anthems
  13. Extinct Germanic Groups
  14. Pre-Christian Alpine traditions
  15. The Code Duello
  16. Europe as Middle Earth
  17. The West’s Cultural Continuity: Aristotle at Mont Saint-Michel
  18. The Flemings in British, European and World History
  19. I found an interesting spiel...
  20. Opinion on Balts
  21. The Big Question: What is the extent of European royalty?
  22. National Reputations for Finesse et l'Amour
  23. Origins of the Insular Celtic people.
  24. Albanian culture
  25. A Grammar of Proto-Germanic (Online version)
  26. A Fatuous “Parallel Persuader”
  27. What's your favorite national anthem?
  28. A fifth of European Union will be Muslim by 2050
  29. Baptista-Bastos on European ignorance
  30. Origin of Germanic people
  31. What is the West? [split from Stirpes refugee crisis]
  32. a european student run Club
  33. The forgotten Saxon world that is part of Europe's modern heritage
  34. Athens & Jerusalem
  35. Asterix Turns 50
  36. How do you differ from your ethnic/cultural group?
  37. The handshake
  38. Mercians who have changed the world
  39. Buckwheat/Greczka
  40. Slavic- Germanic
  41. Finnic peoples.
  42. Old portraits of Norwegians from the Borgen collection. (Picture heavy thread)
  43. Hávamál recited in rímur style by Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson
  44. Napoleon
  45. Charles Murray's "Human Accomplishment"
  46. The European core, the "Banana" and the Hajnal Line
  47. Portraits of the Sami by John Francis Campbell
  48. Udmurt discussion
  49. Second Verse of the Havamal
  50. Isaac Newton
  51. Old pictures from Tartu, Estonia
  52. Belarusians ?
  53. Tartu, South-East Estonia
  54. Europeans "native" people converted Judaism
  55. Europeans born outside Europe
  56. Vladimir Noskov-Russian wiev from OldGermans epos.
  57. Old pictures from Koeru, Middle-Estonia
  58. Are Jews European?
  59. Old pictures from Saaremaa
  60. Which European city do you consider to be the center of western civilization?
  61. Photos of Russian Empire
  62. EU, NSK and culture
  63. Freydís Eiríksdóttir - a real nordic woman
  64. Old pictures of Norwegian-Americans
  65. Old pictures of Swedes from Värmland and Västra Götaland
  66. Old pictures from Iceland
  67. Funny pictures of III Reich
  68. Pomeranians in Brazil
  69. Skopje in Pictures
  70. Are Silesian really Poles ?
  71. The Destruction of European Culture
  72. Russians in the Wehrmacht
  73. Pictures of (pre-WW2) Swastikas/Fylfots
  74. What is with the obsession with the Nazi salute?
  75. Ingenious European Inventions
  76. How to buy a property in Germany.
  77. European sense of humour
  78. Burgos: Caput Castelae.
  79. 'High Society' opens today (11 Nov)
  80. Intangible Heritage
  81. The Germanic People
  82. Stereotypes of German people
  83. The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
  84. Germanic video resource
  85. The Suebians of Banat (Photos)
  86. Is Germany still a Christian Country ?
  87. Which Southern Race Is Superior, vol. II
  88. Almost Half of French, Germans See Islam as a Threat to National Identity
  89. The Daguerreotypes of Nordiska museet
  90. The Normans
  91. u.k. and rest of europe
  92. Stereotypes of Polish people
  93. the royal families of britain,russia and denmark
  94. Germanic minorities in Italy: Walser and Cimbri
  95. Sexual rites in the Balkans
  96. German town in Venezuela.
  97. What do you consider to be Western Europe?
  98. Are South Slavs Slavic or Haemusan?
  99. Good countries to visit in Europe
  100. Who's more Low Germanic?
  101. Rome vs Athens: Battle of Previously Ancient Civilizations
  102. Romans alwas argue they had built civilzation... and northerners were nothing
  103. French and Italian Temperaments
  104. German vs British manners
  105. Twll din pob Sais!
  106. "Key Guns": Prison Cell Keys That Double as Guns
  107. Historical pictures from Marnardal and Audnedal in Vest-Agder, Norway.
  108. What does comrade mean? And the word brother?
  109. Which Balkan ethnic group has the best culture?
  110. Can it please stop?
  111. Regions: Which is Europe's Most Charming?
  112. Countries: Which is the Heart of Europe?
  113. What does the term "European Preservation" mean to YOU?
  114. Were thou a King/Queen...
  115. How to Preserve Celtic Culture in the British Isles
  116. the major cultural difference between north and south europe?
  117. European regions
  118. Do different European ethnicities find it difficult to get along with each other?
  119. your cultural view of family
  120. turkey and ukraine
  121. Which of these (multi-regional) groups has the strongest group solidarity?
  122. European Heroes
  123. European Villains
  124. The most important Germanic country?
  125. The most important Romanic (Romance) country?
  126. Europe's worst enemy?
  127. What was the "Legio Linteata"
  128. Exhibition (Paris): Meet the Gauls -- minus the dolmens
  129. Which Slavic country is most important to the culture?
  130. Germanic unity
  131. Hottest Temper in Europe
  132. Cultural origins
  133. What do Europeans really think of Australia/Australians
  134. Do you consider Bosniaks european?
  135. Poll: Non-fully Europeans what is your reason for being here?
  136. Alsatians - What do you think of Germany and Baden?
  137. Armenians and Middle East Christians on Apricty...
  138. How would you redraw the European borders?
  139. Do you consider Cypriots to be European?
  140. The Armenians
  141. The most important Slavic country
  142. Your Clan?
  143. Stereotypes of Irish people
  144. [SPLIT] OT from 'Most good looking guys in Europe'
  145. Cnut the Great: Half-Slavic/Half-Germanic
  146. Favoured European Band/Artist by Country
  147. The vikings who lived in Vinland: European or not?
  148. Everything you would like to know about Italy
  149. The 5th season
  150. Would you change your country's flag?
  151. What should be done for European Preservation
  152. What is "southern Europe"?
  153. What's "northern" Europe?
  154. European Geographical Division Markers
  155. How should "East Europe" be defined?
  156. Săo Bento do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
  157. What is "Central Europe"?
  158. The southern balkans..."Slavic"?
  159. Is Turkey part of Europe
  160. What are the cultural characterists of South-West Europeans?
  161. What are the cultural characterists of the slavic countries?
  162. Cheap vs Generous Europeans.
  163. What are the most important values you want preserved?
  164. No pan-Germanic flag - should we design one?
  165. Iberian thinking
  166. Stereotypes!
  167. Serious question to the Bosniaks
  168. Which European nation is the best friend of your European nation?
  169. Which of the following deserve indepedence?
  170. Do you believe there are major cultural divides in the Balkans?
  171. Most hated european nation.
  172. You know you are European when...
  173. Is Germany part of Western Europe ?
  174. Will russia became an agressor again ?
  175. Stereotypes of Greek People
  176. Amnesty International and Muslim Discrimination in Europe
  177. How European are the colonies ?
  178. Which countries would you consider to be Germanic
  179. A question for people from the Balkans
  180. Do you think nazis gave a bad name to "aryan" term?
  181. Why the negative attitude towards Slavs/Poles?
  182. Relationships between countries
  183. Überlingen - amazing town on the Lake Constance shore
  184. SPLIT from "Greeks are immigrating to Turkey" - What do you think of Southern Europe?
  185. Best national anthem in the Balkans
  186. Are Serbs culturally closer to Russians or Bosniaks(Muslims)
  187. Is Albania Eastern European country?
  188. Bewoulf
  189. Typical surnames from your state/region
  190. Why do Europeans try to emulate the American way of life
  191. Where does the name "Europe" come from?
  192. Name Just Ten Countries
  193. Are Ukrainians Russians?
  194. Your definition of "WOGS"
  195. Should Wallonia Be Free from Oppressors?
  196. Pictures of an Old SW-German Agricultural Settlement and the Surrounding Landscape
  197. the upper rhine landscapes
  198. Scandinavian/Nordic History and Culture
  199. England and Scotland or Ireland - what should I visit?
  200. What does it mean to be European?
  201. Southerners the only Authentic Culture of America?
  202. Pictures of Bohemia
  203. Does European Identity or Unity Exist?
  204. Dutch Courage
  205. Origin of The Finger
  206. Of Faith, Folk & Perspective
  207. Miss France encouraging Elsaessers (Alsatians) to speak Elsass dialect
  208. The Official Slavs Thread.
  209. Wich flag is better looking?
  210. A Hungarian utopia map
  211. Is Feta Cheese eaten in your country and what do you call it?
  212. Western Civilization Bites Back
  213. Your flag for Europe
  214. Interesting Israeli documentary about Islam in Europe
  215. Ukrainian influences in northeastern Slovakia?
  216. Ethnic Slurs for your Ethnicity?
  217. [Split from ''About the internal genetic diversity in Iberia''] Italy: more western or eastern?
  218. The EU's Success Story - Poland
  219. would
  220. Most Endangered Ethnic groups..
  221. Headhunting among European peoples
  222. Alsace - Pearl in Europe´s Heart
  223. Celts in Europe [split from "most liked people in your country"]
  224. Turkey: Friend or Foe?
  225. German cities dominate quality of life ranking
  226. Pork Eating and Halal Boycott Against Islam
  227. German inventions
  229. Is Europe dying?
  230. European Longsword vs Japanese Katana the truth
  231. Albanian Supremacy
  232. Does Croatia belong to the Balkans?
  233. Immigrant take overs: what would you do?
  234. Recommend places to visit in your country
  235. North Europe vs South Europe; Who is more European and successful?
  236. Europeans Dog eat dog? vs Help Each other?
  237. British 'export' Culture
  238. Is the EU on too broad a scale?
  239. Should Russians ethnicly be considered in their own slavic group like North slavs?
  240. The most and least friendly countries in Europe?
  241. Why do north europeans fancy eachother while southerners look down on eachother?
  242. Most popular and admired nation in European history?
  243. Once upon a time long ago in the Finno-Ugrian times!
  244. Battle of Vitkov Hill (Bitva na Vítkově). Near Prague, Czech
  245. So tonight I took a long walk around my neighborhood...
  246. Should the Turks leave this Forum?
  247. If u had to choose, what European ethnicity would you like to be born in?
  248. Reasons for "extreme" East European nationalism here on TA and elsewhere
  249. Entroido (Carnival in Galicia)
  250. Question for Finns