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  1. The Works of Arminius
  2. English Folk Church/Anglo Saxon Anglicans
  3. Check Out The Northern Gnostic
  4. What Would You Do To Transform The Church To Save The West?
  5. What Is Your Favorite Bible Translation?
  6. Is religion essential for effective ethno-nationalism?
  7. What are your religious views?
  8. UN passes measure for anti-blasphemy laws
  9. The Most Disgusting Religion Known To Man!
  10. Jul/Christmas Traditions
  11. What is Sophia Perennis?
  12. Who was René Guénon?
  13. Who was Frithjof Schuon?
  14. Taranis, God of Thunder
  15. "bah, Hanukkah"
  16. John Chrysostom: Adversus Judaeos
  17. Martin Luther - amazingly influential European
  18. How the Nazis Stole Christmas
  19. Doppelgänger Effect
  20. The Franks Casket..
  21. Why the New Mass is Invalid
  22. Brahmacharya
  23. The Myth of Progress
  24. Siberian Shamanism
  25. To Find Your Future Mate....
  26. Prayers of the Rosary in Latin
  27. Benedict XVI The Anti-Pope
  28. Irish Soma
  29. Dreams and understanding
  30. Rites Of Passage
  31. Born believers: How your brain creates God
  32. Birthplace of Zeus Possibly Discovered
  33. Religio Romana
  34. Animal Symbolism in Celtic Mythology.
  35. Nova Roma's 11th Birthday
  36. First New Greek Temple Dedicated To The Gods and Goddesses
  37. The Narrow Focus Of Study Of Roman Religion
  38. The Ancestry of Romulus
  39. I'm still searching...
  40. Which Religions are compatible with European preservation?
  41. Proto-Indo-European Religion
  42. Cancer patients of faith.
  43. The battle for Turkey's soul
  44. The Religious Argument
  45. To defame religion is a human right
  46. Intelligent Design in Kansas
  47. PROMETHEIA - The top event of the ancient Greek spirit
  48. Revival of ancient Greek traditions
  49. What Alabamians and Iranians Have in Common
  50. It's official: praying for sick people doesn't help
  51. Which religion do you follow?
  52. A look into your spirit and being...
  53. One nation, seven sins
  54. The Reality of Reincarnation
  55. Should religion change?
  56. Where are you on Richard Dawkins's theism/atheism scale?
  57. Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space.
  58. Buy Your Daughter some shoes!
  59. Major Religions of the World Ranked by Number of Adherents
  60. Druids, Rastafarians and atheists in new religious studies classes
  61. God, He's moody
  62. Civic Nationalism as religion (or replacement thereof)
  63. The book of genesis from a darwinian perspective
  64. What the Hell is "interpretation" anyway?
  65. Zarathushtra's story.
  66. Want to be inspired? "Apologists for evil"
  67. Mythos Vol. 1 - The Shaping of Our Mythic Tradition, by Joseph Campbell
  68. Is there an afterlife?
  69. Hell
  70. [SPLIT]Freedom of choice within one's professed faith
  71. A Platonic Hymn to the Creator.
  72. Three major religions / worldviews?
  73. The Differences Between Religious Paradigms
  74. Proof of the existence of an intelligent Creator+His purpose
  75. Why we are born to believe in God
  76. Blasphemy - your views
  77. Jedi leader banned by Tesco
  78. Man vs. God
  79. Mystical experience
  80. Fae Wicca
  81. Religion, a prerequisite of a united society?
  82. The Baha'i Faith
  83. The Prolegomena to My Little Ponyism: In the Beginning...
  84. Religious Persecution in modern times
  85. My Ideas Regarding Religion
  86. God(s) and Mathematics
  87. Does God Exist?
  88. Bill O'Reilly vs. Richard Dawkins
  89. Richard Dawkins - "What if you're wrong?"
  90. Richard Dawkins vs. FSM
  91. God is not the Creator, claims academic
  92. Witchcraft exonerations
  93. When somebody dies
  94. New Age Thinking and The Holocaust
  95. Primordial Traditions
  96. UK Necromancy
  97. On the Religion of Deism Compared With the Christian Religion (Thomas Paine).
  98. The Our Father, Saxon-style.
  100. My relegation to agnosticism
  101. Religion and children?
  102. Villagers confine rare turtle, say it is God
  103. Tidbits on secular heathenry, FOR Rome & Christianity (even for the race-mixing West)
  104. [SPLIT from Are Spaniards and Portuguese people white?] Christianity and Paganism
  105. The Universal Religion of Zarathushtra.
  106. [TEST] Religion
  107. Reincarnation
  108. The Carbonari
  109. Ted Turner Calls For One World Religion
  110. Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control
  111. Religion and smartness
  112. Was Tolkien a pagan or a Catholic?
  113. "Space Zen" -Will Humans' Brains Change During Space Travel?
  114. Children as young as five to learn about minority faiths
  115. Hilarious religious/historical document
  116. Yezidis
  117. Sacred and Profane Science? [SPLIT from "Are you a Homosexual"]
  118. The debate between religious paradigms
  119. Symbols of an Alien Sky.
  120. Battlestar Galactica (2004)
  121. Religious beliefs are the basis of the origins of Palaeolithic art
  122. U.N. body adopts resolution on religious defamation
  123. Monotheism: The Original Religion of Man.
  124. The non-religious fanatic
  125. Do You Pray - Yes, No, Sometimes?
  126. The Stoic Worldview.
  127. Heraclitus, the Cosmic Fire, and Universal Flux.
  128. Should Christians support Israel?
  129. Irano-Germanic Heathenry
  130. The Zarathushtra Effect.
  131. Will the Mysteries of the Universe Fuel a New Religion?
  132. Seeing the Future: Can Religion Evolve and Survive in a Changing World?
  133. God in the Gaths [of Zoroaster].
  134. Mithraic Mysteries and the Cult of Empire
  135. Dionysian ecstatic cults in early Rome
  136. Seitas, sacred places of the Sámi
  137. Europe in 50 years, more or less religious?
  138. Outrage at 'Noah's Ark' creationist zoo which denies Darwin's theory of evolution
  139. The religion in "The Mists of Avalon" books and movie?
  140. Among the Dervishes
  141. Eat, Pray, Love
  142. Daughters of Frya Priestesses’ Training College
  143. Why are women in general more religious than men?
  144. Feeling the Hate in New York
  145. Bertrand Russell: Why I Am Not A Christian
  146. Israel infomercial to U.S. Christians for $$$+expansion
  147. A tale of two battles
  148. God and Foreign Policy: The Religious Divide Between the U.S. and Europe
  149. Pelagius's Defense of the Free Will
  150. Scientology
  151. Digitized Dead Sea Scrolls to be available online
  152. Spirit Animals?
  153. Split: Christian vs. Pagan heroism
  154. Are we spirits?
  155. TAROT as 11th Century Central European
  156. Is Paganism our only hope against Islam?
  157. The Wagnerian: A Question about Von List's Runes
  158. Slavic Pantheons of Old
  159. One of my favorite parts from Paine's Age of Reason.
  160. Finding faith amid disaster
  161. Religion may become extinct in nine nations, study says
  162. Pat Condell: Andy Choudary rides again
  163. Stoic physics.
  164. Individualism, transmigration and the State.
  165. Primitive Monotheism and the Origin of Polytheism
  166. A Study of Morality
  167. Day of Yahweh
  168. Hector, the real hero of the Iliad?
  169. Hero? My Eye! An Honest Look at Achilles.
  170. US atheists plan 'Rapture' party
  171. Belief-O-Matic
  172. 18,000 Gather at a Cloudy Stonehenge for All-night Summer Solstice Party
  173. Why I Am Not A Christian by Bertrand Russell.
  174. Christianity or Stoicism, which would be better able to teach moral progress in a human being?
  175. Explain your religious ways
  176. A coincidence? I think not!
  177. Do we reincarnate in our descendants?
  178. Spirituality in Estonia - the world's 'least religious' country
  179. Which religious sect has been most detrimental to European preservation?
  180. Which religious sect has been most detrimental to European preservation?
  181. The Black Sun/Schwarzesonne
  182. There is not a shred of evidence that god exists.
  183. Satanism....
  184. Quiz: What's Your Spiritual Type?
  185. In China, tensions rising over Buddhism's quiet resurgence
  186. Why do you practice your religion
  187. Is Scientology the new religion for the European people?
  188. Why is Scandinavia so irreligious?
  189. Fertility Rates & Religiosity
  190. The Nature of Religion
  191. Church of the Holy Fight.....
  192. The creativity religion
  193. Consciousness Beyond Life -- Pim van Lommel
  194. The Soul...
  195. Stoicism in the 21st Century
  196. The Netherlands To Ban Muslim Face Veils In 2013
  197. The Essence Of Agnosticism.
  198. Soulmates in different Race
  199. The veil/head cover in monotheistic religions
  200. Silent world
  201. Boys, would you like you SO to cover?
  202. Why are we here, what's the purpose of existence?
  203. Evolution Vs Creation & MBTI
  204. To what degree you respect or acknowledge other Faiths?
  205. Were the Vanir pre-Indo-European gods?
  206. Do you see reproduction as a sort of immortality?
  207. Hitler was an Angel send from God?
  208. What do you think happens when you die?
  209. Religion
  210. The Official Apology Thread
  211. Existentional Help ( Dedicated to those who go thru rough times.)
  212. Near Death Experience
  213. What is your religion
  214. The Official And Noble Forgivness Thread.
  215. The Mind
  216. The Anger Mangement Thread.
  217. What Kind of Pagan Are You?
  218. The Power of the Black Sun
  219. Training for priestesses
  220. Half-Heartedness in Religion?
  221. What is a soul?
  222. Southerners, which is your Olympian deity?
  223. Survey Shows Balkans Muslims Remain Secular
  224. Bayram in your country
  225. Secret life of modern-day witches
  226. Religious people: are they good people!?
  227. Decisive European victories against Muslim armies - Videos
  228. Thoughts on Pro-White religions?
  229. Cults: The most destructive of them all
  230. The Church of Euthanasia
  231. Is there destiny?
  232. The So-called "Cosmic Consciousness"
  233. The Ten Most Feared Places after Death
  234. The Ten Most Desired Places After Death
  235. Most peace oriented religions?
  236. Ritual Sex in Ancient Egypt
  237. Sacred Sexuality and the Hermetica
  238. The Atomic Kurukshetra
  239. Otto Rahn: Author, poet, Grail seeker, SS Officer
  240. Dialogue with Lord of Death
  241. Defining Ancient Magic: A Brief Historiography and Exploration
  242. Sexuality and the Sacred in Gnostic Literature
  243. Sperm-hunting women prowl Zim highways
  244. Losing Old Gods, Finding Nature
  245. How to Summon a Demon
  246. Tetragrammaton
  247. Eros and the Mysteries of Love: The Metaphysics of Sex
  248. A clash of religiosities
  249. What Is Shamanism? A Unique Perspective
  250. The Gnostic View of the Feminine