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  1. French First Lady is a Negrophiliac
  2. History of the Breton Language.
  3. France responds to economic crisis with General Strike
  4. The Engineer of Diversity.
  5. Le Penn: Strasbourg speech about Europe!
  6. Unmasking the Formidable Myth about Queen Marie Antoinette
  7. Early Medieval Breton Names...
  8. The Eyes of HALDE
  9. The Pink Galaxy
  10. Integrating Nordic Inheritance with French Culture
  11. Brittany's Borders
  12. D-Day On the Agenda
  13. France Would Accept Guantanamo Prisoners
  14. Support for Islamic Finance
  15. Outdoor Prayers in Strasbourg
  16. Ethnomasochism
  17. Anglo-Saxon Gaul - toponymical evidence
  18. Vercingetorix Lyrics
  19. Asatru
  20. Judicial Insanity
  21. France to ban bonuses at state-aided firms
  22. French police take all night to free managers?
  23. French fishing blockade cuts Channel crossings
  24. France arrests ETA military chief
  25. France: Young Couple Killed
  26. France seeks to stop forced marriage, mutilation
  27. France to Declassify Transsexuality as a Mental Illness
  28. French police crack down on migrants in Calais after sex. assault on local mother
  29. French tourist kidnapped in Pakistan
  30. Scientology to face the music in France
  31. France 2012?
  32. EU Elections - The Pro-Sovereignty Parties
  33. Will France Really Be A Muslim Country?
  34. French anti-Zionist party posters concern Jews
  35. French plane lost over Atlantic
  36. Controversial French Euro-candidate in anti-semitism probe
  37. Internet access is a fundamental human right, rules French court
  38. Italy and France 'failing Africa'
  39. Eric Besson vows to clear the Calais migrant camps.
  40. France bans wearing masks in protests
  41. French labelled world's worst tourists
  42. Paris is smiles better? City hits back
  43. Blackout: Violence in France
  44. Muslim woman banned from wearing a 'burkini' in a French pool
  45. Burqinis banned
  46. French birthrate soar -and not just because of immigrants, Muslims birthrate falling!
  47. Normandy 1944 and now.
  48. The French Revolution
  49. French down on their knees to Turks
  50. Somali pirates attack French military flagship
  51. Duke of Vendôme Jean d’Orléans stakes his claim to French throne
  52. Muslim team banned for refusing to play gay team
  53. France to launch national pride campaign
  54. The Germanicness of France [SPLIT from the Trolling thread]
  55. Do you consider the French to be Germanic?
  56. French minister tells Muslims to speak properly
  57. Some 350 cars set on fire in Paris on New Year night
  58. France Will Simply Have to Swallow Anglobalization of Common Language
  59. Air France to charge obese passengers for two seats
  60. French Claim To Be English For Games Cash
  61. Royalists Want Monarchy To Return To France
  62. French patriots protest about Halal only restaurant
  63. 'CIA experiment' sends French village mad
  64. Medieval Child's Brain Found Preserved
  65. Hoi polloi: France Ditches Carbon Tax amid protests, Threaten to shut down the Country
  66. Sarkozy threatened to take France off Euro to get Germany to agree to bailout
  67. Algerian independence film reopens French war wounds
  68. French Muslims lay first stone of Marseille mega-mosque
  69. Negros assault women
  70. French civil servant lifts lid on five-hours-a-week culture
  71. When pigs fly: Israeli millionaire to build mosque in France
  72. Anti-police riots hit French city
  73. "France declares war against al-Qaida"
  74. Sarko wants to disband Gypsy camps, deport offenders
  75. Anger As Sarkozy Wages War On French Gypsies
  76. French Police Caught Doing Their Job
  77. Fall of France
  78. Lovely French people reach out in support of non-French lady sentenced to a stoning in Iran
  79. France expels gypsys just to tackle crime?
  80. Air Guitar World Championship goes to France
  81. UK and France won't share aircraft carriers
  82. Protests against Roma expulsions held in France
  83. France sees more benefits of multicultural enrichment
  84. Goodbye France
  85. France's Gypsy Expulsion Policy Dominates Summit
  86. Caped cyclist caught on speed camera
  87. The French economy really sucks
  88. Hybrid human monkeys escape in Paris, France.
  89. The Mass Man
  90. French Fast Food Chain Now Offering Halal Burgers
  91. French woman on trial for "burqa assault"
  92. Saudis warn of new al-Qaeda threat
  93. Tear gas and burning cars in pension reform protests
  94. French strikers step up pressure on Sarkozy
  95. Religious demands rise in French state schools: study
  96. French still protesting pension reform, but in smaller numbers
  97. Ethnic minority women sacked from cabinet as Sarkozy moves to right
  98. French senator faces trial over call for Israeli boycott
  99. French want to play for Polish national team.
  100. Taser kills rampaging African
  101. Marine Le Pen : growing star in France
  102. King Henri IV's head is genuine
  103. "Apple picking" plagues Paris metro
  104. Sarkozy urges less international reliance on US dollar
  105. Sarkozy acknowledges multiculturalism has failed
  106. Interview with Christian Bouchet
  107. Hackers infiltrate 150 computers at French finance ministry
  108. Interview with Marine Le Pen
  109. Far right's surge sows division within Sarkozy party
  110. Far-right popularity shocks France
  111. Women detained at veil protest in France
  112. France blocks train from Italy in migrant spat
  113. What is English like to French speakers?
  114. France may temporarily suspend open border system [Schengen treaty]
  115. What makes France so attractive to tourists?
  116. Versailles: The Dream of a King
  117. 'Paris Syndrome' strikes Japanese
  118. France eyes more deficit cuts as ratings eyed
  119. The Portuguese Invasion
  120. Napoleon "offend" immigrants
  121. Islam Overtaking Catholicism in France
  122. Normans and Bretons: English and Welsh?
  123. Group: Get rid of 'Jew or Not Jew' app
  124. A Black Man is Running for President in France!
  125. What a Socialist Senate Means for Sarkozy
  126. Paris fire kills Arab Spring refugees
  127. German Central Bankers Suspect French Intrigue (2010 art)
  128. French history erased in new wave of revisionism
  129. Anti bullfighting protest
  130. What is the dispute over Alsace Lorraine?
  131. The leader of a French far-right anti-immigration political party plans to sit down with Ron Paul
  132. Immigration Policy in France
  133. French far-right Christians besiege Jesus excrement play
  134. Satirical French magazine names 'Muhammad' as editor
  135. French court cancels permit for Marseille mega-mosque
  136. French Magazine Releases Gay Muhammad Cover After Firebomb Attack
  137. Apple drops 'Jew or not Jew' iPhone app
  138. France in shock over rape and murder of 13-year old girl
  139. French journalist sexually assaulted in Egyptian capital
  140. France's far-right candidate unveils vision
  141. Man Ordered To Pay Wife For Lack Of Sex
  142. Oscar Wilde tomb in Paris to be protected from kissing fans
  143. French Jews now allowed to reclaim their old surnames
  144. Sarkozy meets French Jewish leaders over Israel support
  145. «We teach 40,000 children a year about the Holocaust»
  146. Is Sarkozy the most conservative western european leader?
  147. French court convicts ex-president Jacques Chirac
  148. The English Kingdom Of Northern France
  149. Turkey threatens France over stance on killing of Armenians by Ottomans
  150. France pledges $6.5m to preserve Auschwitz site
  151. How impressive is French history?
  152. France : Affirmative action and Racial intermarriage Policy
  153. 'France robbed of choice and sovereignty'
  154. French woman acquitted of ‘racial injury’ in case about anti-white racism
  155. France Falls In Line: Genocide Law Put on Hold; Turkey Hails Move As Victory For Freedom of Speech
  156. 'Time travelling' French presidential candidate ridiculed for Normandy claims
  157. The new Jacobin Junta?
  158. French Perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain on trial for 'racist' comments
  159. Chlodia, Founder Merovingian dynasty of France
  160. Sarkozy declares bid for re-election
  161. Why it's non for Mademoiselle: French council bans word for 'Miss' from official documents
  162. The hidden son of Hitler : a french man !
  163. Marseille's Melting Pot
  164. French far right candidate suffers legal defeat
  165. About France.
  166. Number of prisoners in French jails record high: Report
  167. France election: Sarkozy hides in bar amid protest
  168. Sarkozy: France has too many immigrants!
  169. French perfume 'nose' Guerlain in new racism charge
  170. The Gauls of Acy-Romance: Discovering the Remi
  171. France's Hollande battles Sarkozy over "race"
  172. Marine Le Pen finally gets all 500 signatures
  173. Jared Taylor delivers major speech at Paris conference.
  174. Dominique de Villepin admits he needs a 'miracle'
  175. Muslims Voted 95% Socialist in Last French Presidential Elections
  176. Restoring the French Monarchy to restore Christendom
  177. Toulouse shooting: three killed outside Jewish school
  178. Rights groups slam auction of French torture devices
  179. Far right voters have the most sex
  180. Multiculti will help French Socialist Party to win the election
  181. French presidential elections 22 april
  182. Google should stop suggesting 'Jew': French rights groups
  183. Do you consider Corsicans "French"?
  184. Marine Le Pen threatens to sue Madonna
  185. Why no Auschwitz visit for French Euro 2012 team, Jewish leader asks
  186. France's Youngest MP Ever!
  187. 300 000 year old flint tools found in Northern France
  188. French President Meets Lubavitchers
  189. France Riots 2012: Amiens Violence Rocks French District In North
  190. Terror -- Robespierre and the French Revolution
  191. French Nationalists occupy Mosque
  192. French crime
  193. Story of the French Revolution
  194. French muslims in paris
  195. The French have jokes, but do they have a sense of humour?
  196. European Jewish Union meets Marine Le Pen
  197. French Muslim rapist who has abducted girl taken captive in Germany
  198. Pro- and anti-gay protesters clash in Paris
  199. French Jewish leader: ‘Banning circumcision would eliminate presence of Jewish life in Europe’
  200. Anti white racism rising in france/le racisme contre les Blancs en hausse
  201. France steps up struggle against religious radicals
  202. Gallic elite prospered from Roman occupation
  203. Thousands of Parisians supported same-sex marriage
  204. French sperm count 'falls by a third
  205. France cuts immigrant welfare by 83%
  206. France Counts 1,193 Cars Torched on New Year's Eve
  207. France: First baby born in 2013 son of same-sex couple
  208. French court orders Twitter to identify racist and anti-Semitic users
  209. France to deport radical Muslim clerics
  210. French Senator Pushes Museums to Probe Their Collections for Nazi-Looted Art
  211. Frenchman sets himself on fire and dies outside job center L'homme français lui-même met le feu et m
  212. 7 French Paintings Looted by Nazis Should Be Returned To Jewish Owners
  213. How France Got So Lazy
  214. FRANCE: Black Muslim cabinet minister faces jail for electoral fraud
  215. Special investigation Dealers des cites overdose de cash
  216. French Town Honors Arab Murderer Of Israeli Government Minister
  217. Russian News Report: France To Be Muslim In 25 Years
  218. France's Fabius says Europe must drop Syria arms ban
  219. Hollande in Toulouse memorial address: ‘whenever a Jew is insulted, it is an outrage to our entire c
  220. France vows to step up efforts to return WWII stolen art
  221. Christine Lagarde's flat raided by French police
  222. Clockwork Orange: French Book On Crime, Race And Immigration Sparks Both Fury And Support
  223. France says too early to send arms to Syria rebels
  224. France: Muslim breaks 14th-century clock in Catholic cathedral
  225. President François Hollande pleads for France's support
  226. Free abortions come into force in France
  227. France's former budget minister admits lying about secret offshore account
  228. Head of main French Jewish group apologizes for “false news” of “lynching” of Israeli director
  229. Are you brave enough to visit the creepier side of Paris? Vote!
  230. Jews of France flee to the U.K to escape anti Semitic attacks
  231. France: DCRI threatens a sysop to delete a Wikipedia article
  232. France ‘to buy US drones’
  233. France starts troop pullout from Mali after anti-Islamist offensive
  234. France’s chief rabbi refuses to step down amid scandal
  235. France Plans Currency Swap Line with China
  236. Manhunt for French gangster who escaped
  237. Iron Age warriors point to glories of Gaul
  238. France Plans Higher Taxes in 2014
  239. abortions are free now in France
  240. France's opponents of gay marriage fight to the end
  241. French Jews win right to choose their own names
  242. French gay marriage law sparks hateful Twitter hashtag
  243. Netanya College awards honorary degree to Sarkozy
  244. Black and Arab workers banned from meeting Israeli president's train in Paris
  245. Huge support in France for teaching of “secular morals” in state schools
  246. Unemployment numbers soar in Spain, France
  247. France's foreign firepower threatened by budget cuts
  248. Modern Paris and Paris 1940
  249. Ministries named and shamed in racism report
  250. Napoléon Bonaparte Documentary