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  1. "Anti-feminist manifesto"
  2. Is Feminism a sign of an unhealthy society?
  3. Why boys are turning into girls.
  4. Why we need the feminist movement
  5. Bill Maher on feminsim
  6. Swedish feminists defend Assange accuser with #talkaboutit campaign
  7. Will Western-style-Feminism survive the night?
  8. Feminist causes controversy on the BBC
  9. The End of Feminism?
  10. Marxist Roots of Radical Feminism
  11. Reverse Psychology of Radical Feminism
  12. What do you think about feminism?
  13. Saucy ad leads to sexism complaints
  14. Women in the workforce: feminist victory or economic necessity?
  15. Woman Being
  16. Women more priviliged than men?
  17. Is chivalry a form of sexism?
  18. Man whips his penis out at feminist rally
  19. @Feminazis
  20. Modern Day Feminism
  21. Man exposes his penis at a feminist rally
  22. Feminism - your views
  23. Antifeminism Might Become Illegal in the Nordic Countries
  24. lol feminists reached a new low
  25. There is a wrong way to do feminism. And Femen is doing it wrong
  26. Topless Tunisian Femen Protester 'Amina' Threatened With Death By Stoning
  27. Gender Inequality Index
  28. Nazi on feminism
  29. #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen: women of color's issue with digital feminism
  30. Equality on Apricity
  31. I'm a male feminist. No, seriously
  32. Male Feminist See This
  33. Westerners, what is sexism?
  34. Think Sexism Isn't A Problem Worldwide? Just Check Google
  35. IS Feminism a jewish conspiracy?
  36. Femen activists to bring 'sextremism' to the UK
  37. Perception of American Women As Masculine Is Going Mainstream
  38. sexism in the automotive industry
  39. Alain Soral on feminism
  40. Feminists
  41. 5 Ways Society Breeds Vagina-Hate (And How to Combat It)
  42. Sexism is daily reality for girls, says Girlguiding
  43. How do we fight feminism?
  44. Dear Feminists
  45. Blurred Lines [Feminist Parody] "Defined Lines"
  46. Richard Dawkins mad about politics and feminism invading science
  47. Feminism & the illusion of parity
  48. Who needs feminism?
  49. What Feminism can do for men
  50. The War On Men: 10 Ways Masculinity is Under Attack
  51. Feminists attack Argentina cathedral
  52. #Slanegirl And The Delusions Of Radical Feminism Permeating The Mainstream
  53. Insane feminist propaganda video explodes on Facebook
  54. Which of these three widespread gender-based double standards do you hate the most?
  55. Female double standards exposed
  56. UK has 'sexist culture' - UN rapporteur
  57. Feminist Worldview
  58. Britain ravaged by sexism: women know your place!
  60. Feminist Dad Phenomenon
  61. Female infanticide around the world
  62. The Scourge of Feminism
  63. what if men acted like feminists (video)
  64. Women's Bias Against Women
  65. 11 Signs You’re A Men’s Rights Activist
  66. How to make sense of all those "I need feminism because" signs...
  67. Sexism Against Men DOES Exist!
  68. Patriarchy vs. Modern Feminism
  69. Feminist vs. National Socialist
  70. Cultural Marxism/Feminism/Multiculturalism
  71. Feminism being feminism in 2 gifs
  72. 25 Offensive, Racist, And Sexist Vintage Ads
  73. Emma Watson and the 'He For She' Campaign
  74. Mom bakes "Vagina Cookies" for Second Graders; Gets Angry that Teacher Refuses to Serve Them.
  75. Gender labels are now invalid
  76. Powerful Illustrations Show Women How To Fight Gender Prejudices
  77. Feminists teaching their children to cuss, hate men
  78. Feminists make video with little girls, prove once and for all how insane they are
  79. Video: Woman harassed 108 times as she walks around New York
  80. Guys what determines a feminist in your opinion?
  81. The egregious double standards of man/sex-hating feminism
  82. How liberal are gender roles in Great Britain
  83. 10 Ways True Feminism is Under Attack
  84. Has feminism gone out of control on Apricity?
  85. Sexual Harassment Presentation
  86. How do you feel about feminism overall?
  87. opless feminist with words 'God is Woman' written on her body rushed the nativity scene in St Peter'
  88. The Everyday Sexism of Women Waiting in Public Toilet Lines
  89. Feminism and race:
  90. Was my friend's comment sexist? He says no, I say yes.
  91. Berkeley students outraged course reading includes Plato, Aristotle but nothing from transgenders
  92. lesbian feminists....thoughts?
  93. Why do you dislike feminism??
  94. Gender Impressions, Is the Professor Bossy or Brilliant?
  95. Feminism or Islam?
  96. Women & children first (Titanic)
  97. When Feminism attacked My Little Pony
  98. @Feminism
  99. Does anti-racism trump feminism?
  100. Feminists Mute on Muslim Rape Epidemic Sweeping Europe
  101. #KillAllMen
  102. Feminist SJW's are losing the argument, so they retire
  103. Porn Actress attacks feminists for profiting off of rape, supports gamergate
  104. Why Are Feminists Attacking Patricia Arquette?
  105. Should extreme feminism be considered a hate group?
  106. Straight, white, men-----I have sympathy for them
  107. The priorities of modern feminism (A rant.)
  108. List of sexist double standards against men
  109. Black feminists are furious about this all-male, all-white band's racist name
  110. Dick Waving Thread.
  111. slava ukraina and other sexist clips
  112. Funny "I am a feminist because..." photos
  113. How to teach respect to a man/husband/boyfriend
  114. Hilariously True Differences Between Men and Women
  115. Russia Wants to Cut Staff Benefits for Same-Sex Couples in the U.N.
  116. It's time to ban fraternities
  117. 10 Masculine Virtues That Went To The Grave With Our Grandfathers
  118. Least sexist countries for men?
  119. Society Needs A Good Dose Of White Knight Shaming
  120. Women tasting equality for the first time
  121. Social media is protecting men from periods, breast milk and body hair
  122. [CHART] Sexist double standards?
  123. Feminism in mainstream music
  124. 10 Creepy Lessons a Man Learned While Pretending to Be a Woman On the Internet
  125. Is feminism just because of angry fat Ladies?
  126. Tinder experiments show that threats are fine if you're a male model
  127. Slayer potion
  128. UK Labour Party Segregates Women in Meeting This week:
  129. Sean Connery discusses women slapping
  130. Progressives protest at Cornell on May Day
  131. In Praise Of Women Who Give All The F**ks
  132. Woman Privilege?
  133. Dear Future Husband: Feminist Backlash
  134. Ten things an Irish woman could not do in 1970
  135. The entitled north american female co-workers
  136. Why Do We Think Powerful Women Are “Bitches?"
  137. Your opinion on modern women
  138. LGBTQ immigrant activists block road outside trans detention center
  139. Call me Kaitlyn Jenner
  140. Inside the Men's Rights Movement
  141. Should Husbands pay their Stay-At-Home Wives Wages?
  142. I’m a guy and I was raped by a girl
  143. Internet misogynists given chance to meet a woman
  144. Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide
  145. Reinstate Dowry in Western Countries
  146. How 7 things that have nothing to do with rape perfectly illustrate the concept of consent
  147. Embarrassing Differences Between Male & Female
  148. Letting my husband sleep with other women makes me a better men’s rights activist
  149. Pink-coloured 'women only' parking spaces at Frankfurt Airport
  150. Labiaplasty
  151. Percent of students who are virgins by course
  152. Are tanks sexist?
  153. When you agree more with an Islamic theocracy than your home country
  154. Similarities Between Anti-Suffragette Posters and Anti-Feminist Memes
  155. 12 Cruel Anti-Suffragette Cartoons
  156. National hiring experiments reveal 2:1 faculty preference for women on STEM tenure track
  157. Oliver Reed kisses Lesbian Kate Millet
  158. Sexual assault myths: Part 1 & 2
  159. This is how radical Feminists tend to "deal" with us males
  160. Explain this
  161. Women in the workplace: Pinksourcing is the answer!
  162. Girls and the Serial Killer Trope
  163. Which of these girls have you most like?
  164. EndDemand creates fake escort site that sells murdered women to johns
  165. why do people appose feminism?
  166. Ridiculousness process of "proper gender Identification"
  167. Double Standards Our Society Brought Us Up With
  168. Do women feel inferior to men?
  169. Complete List of Tumblr Genders (SO FAR)
  170. admirable women
  171. Should women be allowed to vote in presidential elections?
  172. This is what rad fem Imbeciles thinks of men
  173. Meet ‘Generation Snowflake’ – the hysterical young women who can’t cope with being offended
  174. Is sex change worth it?
  175. is this grossly misogynistic site pure trolling or for real?
  176. Lol article: Women secretly adore communist dictators and serial killers
  177. How to recognize a Homosexual in Appricity
  178. Why we still need feminism.
  179. "Sexism is Bad For Your Mental Health"
  180. Ayaan Hirsi Ali criticizes modern feminists
  181. Patriarchal Societies vs Equalist/Feminist Societies
  182. "Less Than A Third Of The UK's Top Political Advisers Are Women"
  183. Botany and the Forgotten Sexual Revolution
  184. Plastic surgery: are you pro or contra?
  185. U. Penn students remove Shakespeare portrait, replace it with black lesbian feminist poet
  186. Men: The Oppressed Gender?
  187. Young girl criticises Tesco’s 'sexist' clothing selection
  188. KORWIN-MIKKE About Women in Europarlament.
  189. This Man Spent Over $50,000 To Become A ‘Genderless Alien Being’ With No Genitals
  190. do you support feminists?
  191. Women Defend Yourselves
  192. why women should think twince before having children
  193. Marion Le Pen attacks feminist hypocrisy in 3 minute speech
  194. Happy Women's Day!
  195. Sweden. What the actual fuck is going on? Please tell me this is fake news.
  196. Woman lives as a man for a year.... surprising results
  197. Big ‘Pharma Drug Caused Transgenders
  198. 50 Questions for Men
  199. Pence’s unwillingness to be alone with a woman is a symptom of a bigger problem
  200. This is why we have women-only spaces, and why I don't want to hear your complaints
  201. Are men threatened by successful women?
  202. Body Positivity is Killing Women
  203. What is Woman? (de Beauvoir + Metroid) – 8-Bit Philosophy
  204. What Every Girl Needs To Hear
  205. Women more Violent and Controlling than Men
  206. The sorry state of Arab men
  207. Return of the traditional woman...
  208. Propaganda postcards warning men about the dangers of women’s rights (early 1900s)
  209. International Rape Scale's map
  210. The Gibson Girl: The turn of the century’s “ideal” woman, independent and feminine
  211. Women will never love you.
  212. Are White Men becoming marginalized in the West?
  213. I’m a Pediatrician. How Transgender Ideology Has Infiltrated My Field...
  214. Why are there so many men on this forum hating on women?
  215. What do women live for?
  216. the degeneracy of child marriage among non muslims
  217. the disgusting comments about the 16 years old german girl who joined isil
  218. The fantasy vs the reality
  219. when does a woman become a spinster?
  220. Who believes Crazylady is actually Asexual
  221. Do you have marks of war?
  222. The Women Behind the Worst Men in History
  223. Feminism out of control - now cafes charge "Man Tax"
  224. Differences between Men and Women are Vastly Exaggerated
  225. Double Standards In Our Society That You’re Probably Guilty Of
  226. Café charges men 18% 'gender tax' to highlight pay gap
  227. a video for all the assholes who support child marriage
  228. Should Transsexuals Be Required To Disclose Their Status Prior To Dating?
  229. Why Conservatives SHOULD Support Gay Marriage
  230. this is how women should look like
  231. Why women print brows with crayon or rip them out to some weird degree? Facepalm.
  232. I think that feminism should be renamed.
  233. Women's role in ancient Turkic culture
  234. Brazil Ruling That Homosexuality Is Disease to Be Appealed
  235. Do you think wealthy women, gays, poc etc arent part of the minority anymore?
  236. Why are male ego's so fragile?
  237. Transgender Rally Fail
  238. The Banned 1910s Magazine That Started a Feminist Movement in Japan
  239. Sex robot molested, destroyed at electronics show
  240. Mansplaining, Mansplained
  241. Suicide rate for young women highest for 20 years as experts warn of mental health crisis
  242. Why are many women against mankinis, half-thongs and male vanity?
  243. young girls who think marriage with an adult man is wrong
  244. Are The Only 2 Genders?
  245. Women earn less, are more likely to face sexism at German startups: study
  246. Men make better leaders debunked.
  247. Insane feminist goes on national TV to claim “women can do no wrong” and all men are “toxic”
  248. You do realize that gender "equality" ruins societies?
  249. Are females intellectually/cognitively superior to males?
  250. 'Incel': Reddit bans misogynist men's group blaming women for their celibacy