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  1. For the Apricity guys: What part of the womens body turns you on the most?
  2. Which country has the most masculine men?
  3. Post your beard
  4. Which ethnicity has the most Submissive Men?
  5. Facial hair being bred out?
  6. Boxing, mma, kickboxing, etc
  7. 'Badass' phenotypes
  8. Do men ACTUALLY like big butts on women?
  9. Poll: Young men of Apricity, are you eager for war and violence?
  10. How To Develop a Powerful, Manly Voice
  11. Men: What about your daughters?
  12. How Much Can You Bench Press?
  13. How do you feel about women with tattoos?
  14. How common are shaved heads where you live?
  15. Broad-faced men are more aggressive.
  16. How hairy are you?
  17. 37 Conversation Rules for Gentlemen from 1875
  18. GunPorn
  19. Eat like the ancient Warriors
  20. Gentlemen, what chest & abdominal hair patterns do you have?
  21. Your opinions, who of the TA members is a good fighter, street fighter, kicks ass etc.
  22. Top 10: Man Sports
  23. What it's like to have a penis below the international average size
  24. What signals do beards, stubble, and mustaches send to others?
  25. A dream man cave
  26. Men's preference for certain body types has evolutionary roots
  27. Post your badass body scars!
  28. Bros, if you got into a street fight with a group of people which forum users would you...
  29. 19 Facts You Never Knew About Beards
  30. Testosterone Factor [ National Geographic Channel ]
  31. Brown eyed white men are more masculine
  32. Post "Bad-Ass" Looking People Thread
  33. How much did you bench when you first started?
  34. The Ultimate Wet Shave Guide – The Only Resource You’ll Ever Need
  35. A Guide to French Cuffs and Cufflinks
  36. How dude are you?
  37. Why are so many men shaving their private parts?
  38. what your facial hair type?
  39. krav maga
  40. cellars - a remainder of european hunter gatherer tradition?!
  41. True Alpha
  42. Draining Cauliflower Ear (WARNING: Blood)
  43. Chase Money, Not Women
  44. What's the manliest sport from your point of view?
  45. Did you serve in the military?
  46. Mustache master race - what the alpha males can grow
  47. Fighter Kills - 1944 gun cam footage.
  48. Men > Women. Discuss. (TOP SECRET: no women allowed in this thread)
  49. Which picture for LinkedIn?
  50. Swedish politician Anders Borg swings out his johnson and starts to brawl
  51. "It was a privilege..."
  52. Hugh Hefner RIP
  53. Post your fWHR
  54. war speech?
  55. Honorable Gentlemen Society of Bearded (Gods) Members of TA
  56. Bearded male or non-bearded male? Question to TA females
  57. Men of TA...how would you rate your relationship with your father?
  58. What pictures?
  59. survival, bushcraft, hunting
  60. Ass thread
  61. Favorite men's hairstyle
  62. Men, do you see female sexual pleasure as a good thing or a bad thing?
  63. Should a Man serve in war or military?
  64. If you were forced at gunpoint to choose one, which would you remove, your penis or your testicles?
  65. Would you suck another man's dick for money?
  66. A penis is more trouble than it's worth a lot of the times
  67. Do you care what women find attractive?
  68. Your penis
  69. Do you consider yourself to be a "big guy"?
  70. How do you establish your dominance over the women in your life?
  71. Have you ever seen a woman's pair of breasts in real life?
  72. Did your dad go bald?
  73. How many years does a full beard add onto your age?
  74. Would you marry a career woman?
  75. How old were you when your voice changed?
  76. When will I probably be able to grow a beard?
  77. Women, which of these 2 skull shapes would you prefer?
  78. Raspberry Pi 3
  79. BREAKING NEWS: Battle Royale between Dutch and Germans
  80. How often do you comb your beard without snagging even once?
  81. Don't you hate it when you take a bite and snag your moustache?!
  82. Do Southern Italian and Balkanite men kiss each other (on the cheek) sometimes while greeting?
  83. Tits thread
  84. Can we just get along?
  85. Is this fella even greater than GSP and Jon Jones?
  86. Would Greece do economically better if it was Protestant or Catholic?
  87. Armpits Thread
  88. [처음처럼] 하라(Hara) Round 3
  89. Post your bicep size
  90. The most pragmatic Europeans?
  91. Anything ancient ever been found in Mecca?
  92. Map of Europe's wolves and bears
  93. Risk blokes
  94. Alex Jones Shirtless complication
  95. Guys, cant you wait to be 40?
  96. Post the breed of dog that REAL men like!
  97. My minecraft girlfriend
  98. Does this song sound more Baltic, Finnish or Irish to you?
  99. the future of transportation - "Bike walker"
  100. Are women capable of loving their husbands like men love their wives?
  101. Are East Slavs mentally closer to Turks than to Western Europeans?
  102. Why are Balkanites so good in sports?
  103. Between Manny and Floyd, who's the greatest boxer of all time?
  104. Russians, what do you think of Grigori Rasputin? Do you think he was a great man?
  105. Taking a ...
  106. Travel Souvenirs
  107. Biggest TA simp?
  108. Rate Marina Sirtis
  109. Neolithic Farmer Women Thread
  110. This is how you enter the toilet, Slovak style.
  111. Skull shaving.
  112. What do you think about cat calling?
  113. Veterans corner
  114. The most influential nation of all time? Brits or Jews?
  115. "How many men would you believe necessary to win a bared knuckle cage match to the death ...
  116. Meathead Thread
  117. What do you find about sex with women to be gross?
  118. Will Russia ever become a democratic state?
  119. beaver appreciation thread
  120. Place this caveman
  121. Does this song sound more Northern or more Mediterranean to you?
  122. Can Ancestry provide something 23andMe can't?
  123. Place this Caveman #2
  124. Do you appreciate mentally or physically strong women?
  125. Who do you have as the second best player of all time (after Messi), Cristiano Ronaldo or Pele?
  126. Will Lewandowski will the Ballon d'Or this year?
  127. Choose your greatest military strategist (3 options)
  128. The greatest attacking midfielder of all time. Discuss.
  129. Joker or Greek God for NBA MVP, who you got?